These philosophical articles are listed newest at the top, to oldest at the bottom. Many articles written on this site that are not just exclusively of temporary interest, a reaction to a recent occurrence, about a specific event, scandalous, written about things that Jews have done recently or news article commentary fall into this category. They began their life on and are mainly written by the site author, Aidhan.

The best way to view ALL non recent articles on this site is through the monthly archives, by clicking at the monthly tabs at the side of the site under the heading Archives. There are well over 100 articles, essays, philosophicals, primers and news/scandal analysis.

* Denotes Core Concepts

  1. The Trouble With Jews

  2. The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race

  3. Freedom Vs Existence

  4. Racial And Cultural Autonomy

  5. Greece to Scandinavia Mongrel Madness

  6. The Order Illuminati, Protocols of Zion, Rothschild’s, Karl Marx, Communism – The Massive Conspiracy Against The Nordic Race

  7. Nordic Race Preserves True Diversity Against Jews And The Underworld

  8. Jews Are Not Welcome – By Order Of Superior Race

  9. 70 Years On: Jews Feign Suffering To Murder The Whole Of Europe

  10. Tidal Wave of Colour

  11. Oskar Gröning

  12. The Demise of Europe’s Daughters

  13. Beauty Is A Nordic Concept

  14. What Is Homosexuality II

  15. What Is Homosexuality I

  16. Truth Is Hate To The Inferior Race *

  17. The Push Against The Grain *

  18. The Premeditated Murder Of A Race *

  19. A Goy Populace Fallen Into Media Induced Fantasy Reality

  20. By Order Of the Creators Race ~ Enforced Racial Segregation *

  21. For The Love Of Purity – A Primer On Nordic Racial Policy *

  22. Reply To A Mongrel

  23. Australia Day A Reminder For The Nordic Race

  24. Making New History *

  25. Smashing the French Event with Germanic Honesty

  26. Statement Regarding Jews Using Nordic People to Fuel Hate Against Nordic Survival

  27. Modern Liars

  28. Realising Where We Are In The World

  29. Jews Exterminate Every People of the Planet to Leave Nothing Alive

  30. Racist Rants and Jewish Protection of the Inferiors

  31. How Jews maintain power 16/10/2014 *

  32. Jews guilt Nordic Race Out Of Existence

  33. Jewish Groups Lead Extermination of Nordic Race *

  34. The Jewish Attack on our Families. Overlooked Points About Feminism, The Jewish Genocidal Strategy

  35. Continuance Against the Jew for Pure Germanic Culture

  36. ‘Too White, Needs More Diversity’ It has happened to me

  37. The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew *

  38. Your Defence is the Jews ‘Persecution’ *

  39. Negro Pest in the German Club, the Writing is on the Wall

  40. Discrimination is the Individuals Role in Evolution

  41. The Generations

  42. Towards a Healthier Folk

  43. Important happenings in Australia

  44. The Jews and Internet Subversion

  45. Jewish murder and bloodlust in Palestine, remind people about Jews now

  46. Jews International Globalist ‘Forums’ Vow to Destroy the Family

  47. Jewish cover-up of Decisive German World Cup Victory

  48. Racial Mongrelisation, the Destruction of Everything We Love

  49. The Defective Jew

  50. Short Pub Philosophy 6/7/2014

  51. Unnamed

  52. Philosophical 29/6/2014

  53. Philosophical 10th of June 2014



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