Freedom Vs Existence

Failure to belong to a group induces alienation, identity crisis and oblivion. To have an individual identity you must first have a group identity. Within the group are definitive mental, psychological and behavioural standards, that define the character, culture, makeup and values. Without these standards and an affirmation of these group characteristics the individual can have no idea who, or what he is, or how good he is.

group identity

The existence of a particular type of individual is dependent on the existence of a particular group. To save an individual you must save the group. The individual does not matter as he is made up of genetic information from a group. The individual’s existence is dependent on the groups existence. Without the group there is no individual. The individuals lifespan is predetermined, he exists to serve one purpose, the continuation of the group which he is born of. Without a realisation of group characteristics the existence of that individual is severely and fatally crippled. Thus the values of an individual must not be individualistic but for the group, for he would be an individual either way. Otherwise he enters a terminal state of existence that brings about his own non-existence, and the non-existence of any further individuals. His own group that formed him ceases to be and thus, he ceases to be, and all future individuals cease to be.

We are the Nordic Race.

We are the Nordic Race.

The Jew knows that by making the goyim think as individuals and not as groups, he can set about our non-existence. This is called causing mental harm to members of the group, inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, and imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group. The parasitic Jew can come into our societies as an alien and say any values necessary to preserve a group are oppressive against an individuals ‘freedom’. This is conducted after the required denial of existence of such group.

Uncontrolled freedom is irrelevant and destructive. The freedom for any individual to be uncooperative, the freedom of expression, the freedom to deliberately express lies, the freedom to do what is wrong, the freedom to destroy, the freedom to have no values.

Who needs that freedom?

nuremberg rally

Not us.

Under the Jews we do not even have the freedom to say what things are wrong, or to enforce our own group standards. We really have a choice between the freedom to die, to cease to be, to go extinct and never remember we even existed and the choice to exist, with certain values that contradict certain Jewish ideas of ‘freedom’. It is freedom vs existence, there is no middle ground.

There are certain natural laws any organism needs to live under or else it will perish and be extinct, either immediately through a loss of reproductive ability (women contradicting men, wanting to compete with men, be independent and not have children) or become completely uncompetitive against its neighbours (racial and genetic decline through  enforced equality) for a slower but equally permanent extinction.

A people who is extinct will not complain when they are extinct. It will be as if they never existed. The individual in a terminal state of existence is often unaware that he is behaving in a way that will ensure his own non-existence when he is propped up monetarily and materialistically by a Jewish parasite, rewarding an enslaved people for servitude. This extinction and non-existence is the future for the Nordic Race and any humanoid group/individual with any positive hereditary traits, as a prerequisite demand for freedom is ‘equality for everything’, inside one society, one ‘free world’.

Failure to put group existence above individual freedom results in non-existence. As every individual is a product of a group and the group defines exactly the traits, character, nature and behaviour of the individual. Failure to maintain ones group results in a decline and eventual extinction of the individual.

Individual Freedom results in Group Death and thus Individual Death. Uncontrolled individual freedom destroys the group, thus destroying the existence of the individual.

Before we were

Before we were

We are presently an enslaved people, we are enslaved like cattle under ‘equality’. This is because enforcing uncontrolled freedom and equality has been seen as the function of any institution or state. Freedom cannot and does not ever exist. This is because power vacuums do not exist. The concept of ‘no right and wrong’, or ‘do what you want’, ‘express yourself’, ‘be who you want to be’, cannot exist, only temporarily when a society has been overcome by an alien that hates the people and so thinks it fine that they should behave in a way that contributes to and ensures their own demise. Only a foreigner would think this fine.

In today’s ‘free world’, any notion of ‘right and wrong’ is considered an affront against ‘freedom’ where it is considered every individual is allowed to do whatever he chooses to do, although these degenerate choices are wholly encouraged by the Jews that have a vested interest in promoting lifestyles that lead to the extinction of the hated Nordic Race.

This so-called ‘free world’ refers to the Jewish dominated world. The world Jews can dominate financially with their globalism. Any independent, self-sufficient and autonomous People is considered not part of the ‘free world’, and thus not ‘free’. They are not ‘free’ because they are not free to do absolutely whatever they want as destructive individuals. People must be constructive, not destructive. The freedom to destroy is considered necessary ‘freedom’ by Jews, as they persecute all groups and individuals not committed to complete ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’ and complete ‘equality’ for everyone. Uncontrolled freedom is good for the Jews, as it destroys the Goyim. Allowing the goy to do whatever they want destroys the conditions that enabled them to live in the first place; strict adherence to certain laws of nature ie discriminating, ostracising, standards, values, evaluation of good and bad traits, punishment for being different, punishment for being destructive to the group.

ss mann frau und kind 2

We should be able to kill what we hate so that we can exist as a group.

If I see value in a group, and I want this group to survive, at all costs, by doing anything necessary, is this normal?

Or is it normal to negate everything that you are and bring about your own disappearance.

Is freedom the natural state of society? Is it something that even matters?


When freedom destroys order, the yearning for order will destroy freedom. And that is when we cease to be enslaved from self annihilating, Jew induced ‘freedom’.


– Aidhan

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Racial And Cultural Autonomy


“Der germanische Geist ist der Geist der Freiheit”
The Germanic Spirit is the Spirit of Freedom”
– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The homosexual flag is a rainbow flag. This is supposed to represent tolerance, diversity inclusiveness and acceptance of everyone. However this diversity can only really be maintained through intolerance, as inclusiveness destroys every single group that makes something diverse.

I called into a system radio show years ago when they were discussing multiculturalism, and tried to get across the important point that multiculturalism destroys every culture, and that this is the reason for its instigation, and that as it destroys all culture, it is not really multiculture, but no culture at all. Multiculturalism is forced extermination of culture. True multiculturalism can only be maintained by autonomous groups having autonomy over themselves, not living and competing with one another in the same environment, and we had this before multiculturalism, when the world still accepted National Sovereignty  and Self Determination of Peoples.

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 1943. Marinlotta

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 1943. Marinlotta

Everyone who is not a Jew who believes in ‘multiculturalism’, thinks its being done in the name of culture, in allowing people to live in peace and harmony, to continue their cultures. In reality anyone found practicing culture and the necessary exclusions needed to maintain it is accused of not being ‘tolerant’ or ‘inclusive’.


Not diverse enough, everybody needs to be brown

We had culture before multiculturalism, we had our own ethnic cultures, and they coexisted splendidly through mutual respect and an independent spirit that held the individual of any ethnic nation to proclaim his culture was the best. He knew his culture was the best for him, he didn’t decry his neighbouring countries culture as he knew that those people were a different ethnicity to him, and so did things differently, valued different things and found different things important.


Today, everyone thinks they have rights to intrude on those who think differently, so that race, ethnicity, culture and all difference is erased completely. This intrusion, this ethnic tension, this bigotry was what our enemies told us multiculturalism was supposedly forced into place to eradicate.



love not h8 degenerate love me protest


The higher is distinct and unique, it should not be lowered to the mob. People with differences cannot and should not coexist. In denying differences that the superior see’s as obvious, the inferior drags the world down to his level.


This was ‘tyranny’ for absolutely everybody else even though it happened in another country and didn’t affect them.

Some differences between people:

Labour – Conservative, Democrat – Republican. Marxist, Socialist, Liberal, Monarchist, Libertarian & National Socialist. If people think differently surely they don’t want to live with people who don’t share their views.

  • Non gun owners think gun owners should have their guns taken off them, while gun owners feel their guns protect them against those that would try and take their guns.
  • Feminists want to destroy the family everywhere and have an artificial society maintained from the top down of independent childless women and emasculated men, the denaturing of the sexes, all brought to fruition by the forcible insertion of women into jobs they really are no good at (to work for no reason but sake of working) and the welfare state (state fulfilling role of husband), while other people have family values and believe family is the most important thing in life, the womans job being to raise the children and make a nice homelife, and the mans job is to work for the family.
  • Jews and Marxists say there are no biological differences between the sexes, and so persecute at school any displaying of feminine traits by females and masculine traits of males, while other people believe masculine males and feminine females are mutually desirable for one another.
  • Homosexuals (Jews and dysgenic undesirables) demand ‘acceptance’ and also want your children to ‘choose their sexual preference’, while by evolution you know that there is only one ‘sexual preference’, and the idea of homosexuals pretending that your children could turn out ‘gay’ inflames you to the point of violence.
  • Working people do not believe they should pay taxes to prop up bilge, while non working people believe they are entitled to somebody elses money so that they can do nothing.
  • Some people don’t acknowledge the leadership qualities of those the others hold to represent them.
  • ‘Disabled’ people, freaks, those with genetical illness and bad heredity demand absolute equality and representation, to be portrayed positively etc, while those with good heredity, absolutely resent the cursed life they bring into the people.
  • Asians think it’s perfectly fine to eat dogs. To Nordic man a dog is a most faithful friend.
  • Negroes don’t want to be segregated but make themselves unwelcome among White People. White people do not like the outright decay of the neighbourhoods this creates.
  • Slavs want to immigrate into Germanic Countries. Germanic people maintain themselves culturally superior to anything Slavs can offer them.
  • Negroes, Turks, Arabs, Asians, Paki’s and Indians want to immigrate into Europe. Europeans want to go on being Europeans.
  • Southern Europeans don’t acknowledge the significance of a Nordic Race, and the Nordic Race proclaims Southern Europeans mongrels.
  • The Nordic Race defines standards of beauty on how Nordic you are, other races find this ‘oppressive’.
  • Some people believe every individual of any race is completely and absolutely equal, while others consider many people, and even whole races worthless.
  • Lesser races demand their rights to have sex with, rape, marry & have children with higher races. Higher races would never think about breeding with other races.
  • Some people believe in the ‘holocaust’ and believe that the Jews need ‘protections’. Germanic people know it was a Jewish lie designed  to give moral grounds to those that fought Germany and justify the extermination ‘a true holocaust’, of the Nordic and Germanic people and that the Jew is a bastard.
  • Some people believe the Jews are chosen by god, some people believe the Jews are a plague on the planet, follow the Talmud; not any Christian book and are a destructive force.
  • Jews of course demand lordship over everyone otherwise its anti-Semitic. Nobody really wants to share a country with Jews and anybody who is not a Jew who knows anything about the Jews is ‘anti-Semitic’.

I am sure that you, the reader can think of many more instances in which you have had a disagreement with someone, and you would surely not want to make the world in their image.

We fought against this rubbish before.

We fought against this rubbish before.

All those different and opposing people cannot ‘coexist’ without many of them dying. Thus a separation is necessary. ‘Equality’ before the law is rubbish, to each who views himself unique his own law.

People have their own versions of history, people have their own worldviews. Germanic People are proud of their people’s history and want to continue on Germanic. They know ‘homosexuals’ have no argument for defining attitudes of non-homosexuals, because they know the number of homosexuals is proportional to the amount of homosexual propaganda.

Today everybody wants a piece of what everybody else has. Everybody wants to be involved in everybody elses business.  Everybody wants to spread their opinions onto the next unassimilable person. Everybody thinks differently and nobody has anywhere to run.

Demonstrators gather to protest a controversial religious freedom bill in Indianapolis

Scum – ‘You view me as inferior, that is why I am more moral than you, im going to deny the existence of and kill your people because I don’t discriminate.’ Discrimination is actually being able to tell two different things apart.

If all of ‘mankind’ did ‘assimilate’, it wouldn’t be to anyones benefit. Everything that any divergent group has ever held dear and sacred would have to be gotten rid of. Every standard of beauty would have to be ruined and debased into a brown mess of ugliness, that will make ‘everybody happy’. Every different group, who had their own ideals, their own natural state and their own potential future would have to be quelled. In place you would have an international Jewish force imposing ‘equality’ over the whole planet, labelling those with different beliefs ‘terrorists’, and ‘extremists’.

Governments going against their people – Homosexuality as example

First the governments decriminalised homosexuality, at that stage it was both legal to identify as such, or be against homosexuality, but homosexuals were busy agitating for laws against whoever does not like them, and now opposing homosexuality is instead criminalised. It has gone from homosexuality illegal, to homosexuality legal, to homosexuality preferred – anti homosexual criminalised. The homosexual argument is that they need their propaganda or they feel ‘alienated’ and commit suicide. But no propaganda means no faggots. This invented group can then be driven at real groups, accusing real groups of ‘oppressing’ them as Jews know its in the instincts of all organic Peoples to hate whats unnatural. They create something abominable and Marxism, the political expression of the Talmud is there; you oppressive, them virtuous. For ‘equalities’ sake homosexuals must be raised to prominence in all areas of life, in a country that wasnt theirs. The homosexuals never thought for a second, that they should go and start their own country, they wanted to spread it to everyone. They had no respect for your Self Determination, and no respect for your National Sovereignty.

latvia faggot protest tumblr_inline_nq97q2POEd1tuvmur_540

Your nations represent them now

The same goes for the races. If different races did not live in the same country, there would be no racial conflict, there would be no ‘racism’, there would be no racial problems. If nobody accepted refugees, there would be no refugee’s leaving their home countries, no millions of refugees waiting for ‘asylum’. They are only coming, because there is no respect for Self Determination and National Sovereignty.

Your nations represent them now

Your nations represent them now

Your country being representative of you, Self Determination and National Sovereignty effectively ended for the Peoples of Europe at the Treaty of Versailles. A plundered and dismantled Germany acted as the canary in the coal mine that the rest of the Peoples should have noticed. In this world where Jews have forced so many opposing views and opposing Peoples together, to compete socially and economically, only the ideals of an intolerant People are going to make it into the future. Self Determination of Peoples and National Sovereignty is not respected by anyone but your own.

It is at this time one view vs another for the domination of mankind, to become absolute and the consequence is destruction of everything. In a global society with same conditions imposed on everyone when the enemy say ‘argue with us’, argue with us about ‘gay rights’, argue with us about ‘immigration’, argue with us about ‘refugees’, they mean… let us win, let us destroy you, let us replace you with something else. You cannot argue with someone who does not acknowledge the significance or autonomy of your people.

A ‘pluralistic society’, an ‘inclusive’ society, a ‘tolerant’ society is no good. ‘Pluralism’ produces decomposition of both poles, poles that could have been separate societies. Instead it should be a multitude of exclusive societies, and its up to the People who feel the most exclusive to found the first one.


We fought for something that really mattered!

Our ‘nations’ today, are representative of nobody. This is displayed by constant protesting, people voting 50/50 in elections, and the majority of the people unhappy at any time. A group that detests homosexuals and does not have it in its breed characteristics is not defended against a group that believes your children need to be educated to choose a ‘sexual preference’. A People who would produce no homosexuals in their own nation, is told that incase their own children turn out ‘gay’, they must be taught to ’embrace’ it. They are told homosexuals need ‘representation’ in their society. A People who is Nordic, and who would remain Nordic is taught that it can’t live or work around its own kind, or this would be ‘discriminatory’ against somebody else. They are told other races need ‘representation’ in their society. A People with one religion, is taught it has to be ‘tolerant’, and its children must be taught about ‘all religions’ in the system school system. A youth that should be learning about its own history, is instead taught the history of somebody elses youth.


Our Youth

All those who nurse a sense of difference, should split off, separate and go their own way. Those with the most difference, are those who are accused of being the least ‘tolerant’.

madison grant present distribution

Map shows very strongly the history of cooperation and sympathies. Difference today: Most Alpine Race bastardised, everyone everywhere, Nordic minority in all places, but colour shows the Peoples that can get on.

After a separation things will go back along the same lines they have always divided on, racial lines, ensuring true diversity, otherwise the future, even the future for little Jamal, will not be bright. It will be one of Down syndrome – Cerebral Palsy homosexual Niggers.

– Aidhan

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American Oblivion

I do not much care about ‘current affairs’. They will happen regardless, whether one follows them or not. Unless your race has sovereignty you can be assured they will always be of bad consequence.

It is far more important that people realise that the Jewish Media Machine will continually spin current affairs, until our race is dead, or until they become irrelevant to us by our own sovereignty, and consequently our re-establishment of control over ourselves.

es lebe der fuhrer es lebe deutshland

For our folk and its identity

What has happened lately in America regarding Dylann Roof was bound to happen. This is a consequence of Jews forcing races together, then claiming racial integration the only solution to the racial hatred produced when you put different races together.

They are now using the example of Dylann Roof shooting 9 negroes as a further example for further racial integration.

Yesterday Barack Obama, who was only elected because he was put up by Jews, and voted in by the necessary margin only because of Negroes, did a radio show in a Jews basement. Why and what would the President of the United States be doing presenting obscure radio shows in people’s basements?

I would posit that the Jewish Radio Host probably has more power over America than Obama himself. Obama is simply a puppet, the mouthpiece. A succesful black and white mongrel to portray the future America the Jews planned since before stepping foot on America’s shores. Barack Obama is able to exert policies over white people because Jews conspired to racially integrate America, which was originally a White, Nordic Country. America lost its Nordic Majority because of Jews agitating for immigration of other Peoples.

Obama should not even be a president over white people. Negroes and Whites should live in their own separate countries.

Obama will always meet with Jews, this is nothing new. And Jews will always remain out of the spotlight, no matter how much they are to blame for the present state of America.

Of course on the system Jewish media matrix they did not say anything about the Radio Host, Marc Maron, being a Jew. They presented him as a ‘radio comedian’. Jews like to stay out of the spotlight. Somehow they have been able to remain out of the spotlight since the 1890’s when the immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe put America on this ruinous path to racial oblivion.

Obama spoke about America’s history and how we can’t just get rid of it overnight, it takes time to change a society. They claim, the racism of 200, 300 years ago is still present. It is now time for the Jews to take the Confederate Flag down from the South Carolina State House, a symbol of ‘segregation’ and ‘hate’ used by white supremacists like Dylann Roof, the gunman who shot the 9.

What is wrong with segregation? Segregation would end the racism.

The will to be separate

Sometimes its the only thing a Nigger understands

But instead; to the Jews and the Negroes, Racism ends when the White Race ends.

The Jew Noel Ignatiev

The Jew Noel Ignatiev

Racial Segregation is the answer to all racial problems, but it is a scientific fact that only the superior race desires separation. That superior race is America’s original and founding race, the Nordic Race.


The Nordic Race would have a Nordic country, Negroes would have a Negro land/place to go (country is not a Negro concept) and Jews would be blamed for what they have done and forcibly exterminated for their guilt. This is why the Jew seeks to end the Nordic Race.

Black Lives Don't Matter To Us

Black Lives Don’t Matter To Us

And White lives don’t matter to Blacks.

00.10 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen night of Christmas Day Mads Schøllhammer received a major blow to the head with a glass bottle that splintered. Then the four Somali's push Nanna Skovmand to the ground and beats her ‘several’ times in the head with the chain lock. The Somali's laughed and were high-fiving throughout the court preceidings

00.10 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen night of Christmas Day Mads Schøllhammer received a major blow to the head with a glass bottle that splintered. Then the four Somali’s push Nanna Skovmand to the ground and beats her ‘several’ times in the head with the chain lock. The Somali’s laughed and were high-fiving throughout the court proceedings.





Nigger Mass Shootings of Whites



White Lives Don’t Matter To Blacks

‘There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?

In a modern history class it is always emphasized that, when talking about “bad” things Whites have done in history, they were White. But when we learn about the numerous, almost countless wonderful things Whites have done, it is never pointed out that these people were White. Yet when we learn about anything important done by a black person in history, it is always pointed out repeatedly that they were black. For example when we learn about how George Washington carver was the first nigger smart enough to open a peanut.’
– Dylann Roof

– Aidhan

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Greece to Scandinavia Mongrel Madness

As stated before, many of the comments received at are anti-comments. Feeble-minded and retarded comments will not be published. Comments from those that use lies as a substitute for truth will not be published. If something is not constructive and instead destructive it will not get published. This is not a site where any manipulations of the Jews and those that agree with them will be given any time of day, for people to observe and believe. This site is not for idiots. Idiots make up the majority of todays so-called ‘humanity’. We seek to separate from these idiots, and to continue along our Nordic path, free from influence of unintelligent masses, dregs and bilge.


There is no equality in nature

Up until recently, the majority of people who exist today would have been classified ‘idiots’, ‘imbiciles’, ‘morons’ or ‘Feeble-minded’. It is only lately that these walking oxygen thieves have been able to achieve equality of opinion through ‘free speech’ for everyone.

All through history intelligent people from intelligent family lines have seeked to stay away from the less intelligent. This is harder today than ever because of a base culture, mind numbing technology and entertainment media that makes it harder to ascertain psychological differences between people. Especially in cities where everything is done for everyone, by a Jewish system of dependence with its goal of exterminating all good traits in man.

You can tell, but this requires discrimination. And this discrimination the Jews have tried very hard over the last few centuries to label as ‘impolite’, and today to ban it all together.

Today, any sick person and any insane viewpoint can be entertained.


The people in that generation did not do a very good job at upholding civilisation

Only today with the Jewish system ‘educating’ unteachables, with the liberal-jewish view that anything that comes from heredity can be altered through ‘education’ by lowering standards, the universal propping up of everyone, the extension of school years, real intellect and inborn faculties for wisdom passed off as ‘bigotry’ or ‘prejudice’ , and teaching the stupid things they can parrot that they will never really understand or be able to teach for themselves does it appear any more than a few percent have anything to contribute. Most of ‘humanity’ today is in a state of emulation. Most of ‘humanity’ has no breeding, and on their own they can achieve no culture. They are spiritually void, often medicated, and physically weaker than most African simians. They are a mad rabble, a mad mob of dogs.


One race that can be identified physically does not want to participate in the decline of man.

After Jews who are pretending not to be Jews telling me racism is wrong and bad the next most common comments received at are those written by authors who don’t believe the Nordic Race should live alone or do not believe that the Nordic Race should be allowed to live alone.

As if it was upto them! Nordicantisemite is pursuing its nordicist model. Below are some screenshots of a couple of comments from this week. The theme ‘everything came from the south’, and so presumably, you don’t have a right to exist is echoed in similar comments I receive every week.

The proponents of this viewpoint are very vocal, and so it is necessary they are addressed. Many are so-called ‘whites’ of the Southern European mongrelised variety.

The mongrelised so-called ‘whites’ think that all ‘whites’ should or need to unite. They resent the idea of a Nordic Race seeing the value of the Nordic Race and saving itself.

They understandably want to be free themselves, but they don’t want the Nordic Race to be free on its own. They wouldn’t mind if the Nordic Race died out and the so-called ‘white race’ survived.

Need anyone need reminding that all non-Nordic traits in an individual, come from a non-white origin. They would not be saving the white race, they would be saving a mongrel race. These so-called ‘whites’ that are not Nordic, have only been able to keep above a certain level because of invigoration by Nordic Blood. In the future, with an absence of the Nordic Race (we are now a minority in all areas, not enough of us to have any effect on the mongrels without disappearing), if all these people mixed together, the primitive genes would come out, any influence from the Nordic Race would gradually drain away, and they would in not long resemble arabs. This is the truth of the matter that only the Nordic Race sees.

The comment screenshots below:

For starters, beauty actually is an accomplishment. It takes a lot of work to remain beautiful. You have to fight against a numerically superior multitude of mixed racial types and foreign races teeming at your borders. All demanding to mix and not understanding why we would not mix with them.

You have to deal with their conspiracies, their vindictiveness and their animal urge to get for themselves genetic upgrades, which only results in a reduction of the higher race.

You have also got to practice racial maintenance and hygiene in every generation in resisting weakness and those within your own race who would not see the consequences of their individual actions. You have to stop the strong from mixing with the weak, the lower segments mixing with the higher segments. You have to continually resist that which is lower, continually discriminate and continue striving for the perfect person. You have to continually recognise beauty and fight for it, so that beauty which came from prehistory does not become wasted and reproduce someone elses ugliness from foreign lust.

We have to continue resisting slave morality (the weak trying to define morality by what is nice, not what is useful) and have to resist complaints of intolerance and being hard. We must never feel sympathy or compassion for someone less than us who thinks he should be included, and that it is us that are ‘evil’ for not accepting him, not him for having a negative consequence for us as his goal.

We have to continually reassert our differences and merit from other Peoples and persons, so that this is recognised and revered in every subsequent generation, against inferior foreigners who would come to us and maintain ‘we are all equal’.

You have got to be strong enough to resist everything. A racemixed people is a subjugated people.

There is not just a constant competition between races that makes a superior race beautiful, but also competition between individuals. The Nordic Race is the least tolerant, and from paleolithic times we maintain our abruptness, our dislike of pettiness, laziness, stupidity and all degenerative traits. We keep these traits away and vigorously detest them. We don’t like homosexuals, we don’t like liars, we don’t like weak men, we don’t like un-feminine or unformed women. We use language to discriminate other people that other races would like to see banned.


We managed to keep our race beautiful because we did not mongrelise. Ugliness comes from racial mixing (bastardisation). Pure races are evolved to desirable standards. They are selected for. A racial crossing is a bastard and undesirable, as good genes were not selected for. Only the Nordic Race has continued to select for only favourable characteristics over the millenia. It is the same person who says ‘ beauty is no accomplishment’, that does not know what it is like to be Nordic, conserving purity for a time in the future where our new nation comes to fruition, with its expression as beautiful as we are.


Skull of Cro Magnon

In the Nordic Race we see not only beauty, but a properly fused more better proportioned skull, and all the high traits that get replaced by regressive ones in any cross breeding. There is a cranial reduction in any racial cross breeding. There is an infantilisation of features that occurs as the world around us turns into generic brown monsters. Contained within the Nordic Race is mans original and undefiled image. We see the race that built the world.

If the Nordic Race is not superior, why are we the most fanatically racist race, the race that stayed pure, and why do we feel sickened by the image of many other races? Why do other races shrink when they stand next to us, and why do other races want to miscegenate with us. If a southern European is equally racist, for one why is he mixed, and why does he not respect the racial separatism of other races.

On the so-called ‘most succesful empire in world history’, obviously Rome, and our ancestors being hunter gatherers: Exactly what is wrong with being hunter gatherers? Hunter gatherers do not pay taxes. Hunter Gatherers are in control of themselves. Hunter Gatherers are also self-employed. Hunter Gatherers have no risk of becoming weak, dependent or slaves.

Rome was squalid and decadent. This was a subjugated people. They lived in townhouses, they paid taxes. These people grew weak and lazy. It’s not true that the Nordic Race at this time was ‘uncivilised’. The Nordic man at this stage was a free farmer, and a warrior always ready to defend his people and his Peoples living space. The space we demanded where the Nordic man would not be packed in but have space to live with nature and to develop self-sufficient, self-reliant Nordic families. The Roman Empire represented the ‘system’ of that era, just as the international policies of the United States, the UN and the worldwide Jewish-Marxist-Globalist media and establishment does today. They (Roman Empire) herded masses of people into cities, worked them and taxed them. They call this ‘civilised’. The Roman Empire was against the self-determination of Peoples and they fought wars to bring ‘barbarians’ under rule of law.

For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities appear throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, fair hair, and huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. (Tacitus – “Germania”, IV).

While the Roman Empire declined, miscegenated and the south of Europe turned brown, the Nordic Race has retained its strong, vigorous, muscular and athletic physique from the hunter gatherer times. This fate of racial catastrophe would have befell the whole of Europe had the Germanic Tribes not fought fanatically against Rome. From this superior physical form we designed the worlds most advanced technologies, the worlds most advanced science and the worlds most advanced philosophy. It’s not brains vs brawn, the Nordic Race has both.

Hermann der Cherusker fought a bloody war against the Romans. If the Nordic German Tribes had not been victorious, modern Germany would be more like France or Italy. Instead of a German language a Romance language would be spoken, and instead of a German Race, the racemixing that afflicted southern Europe at the dissolution of Rome would have ruined the whole of Europe. In 9 – 17 AD the racially Nordic German tribes saved Europe and ensured the future of independent races in Europe. By the Nordic Race, Europe was saved.


The Hermann Monument -Hermannsdenkmal in Teutoburger Wald, Germany

The Nordic Race does not take anything from Southern Europe, and the argument that we do is simply a lie and the cornerstone of their attempt at saying the Nordic Race does not deserve to exist as a race in its own right. Why is it these Southern Europeans cannot bear an independent Nordic Race? It is because they cannot do anything for themselves. Instead of us ‘taking’ from them, the opposite is true. The mongrelised Southern Europeans take credit for our achievements. The Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists were Nordic, and nothing like your average mongrel ‘wog’ in Greece or Italy today.

Italians today live among ruins

Italians today live among ruins

Marble head of Aristotle

Marble head of Aristotle

Ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were not ahead of their time. The thoughtful/scientific flame is the Nordic flame!

‘One word which by itself alone represents an important assertion about the racial nature of the Greek: the word “iris” for the iris of the eyes. Iris means in fact a rainbow; a folk with dark, brown or black-brown eyes would never have compared the eye-colouring with a rainbow. Only bright eyes, the blue, blue-green or grey of the Nordic race, and greenish and brightly-mixed coloured eyes of people with Nordic weft, could explain a word like “iris.” This word could only have been chosen by a people of a preponderantly bright-eyed stock.’
– Hans F.K. Gunther

From the black pupil outwards, you cannot get a rainbow from a brown coloured eye. A brown-eyed people would never compare the iris of the eye to a rainbow.

The end of the Greek classical era was the end of the Nordic Races dominance in Greece.

The Italians responsible for the Renaissance were Nordic aswell. In the last few hundred years, Southern Europe has been flat, corresponding with their loss of the Nordic Race.


Leonardo de Vinci was Nordic

On Scandinavians not being good at anything except for being ‘liberal’; the indigenous Northern Germanic Peoples of Scandinavia have got no say in it. The Jewish parasite is firmly latched onto these people, and for good reason. Here is the best blood and so the biggest threat. The Scandinavian People have no control over their media, their government, their television or films, the destruction of their culture or what their youth are exposed to. Feminism, a Jewish population reduction strategy was institutionalised in Scandinavian education, to ensure the Nordic Race dwindles and never again reproduces its Nordic Race.

scum destroying nordic society

Its not Nordic people destroying Nordic society

In the Third Reich, Denmark turned itself over willingly to the legitimate German State, the Jewish Norwegian state was dissolved and the Norwegian People were freed, and an independent Sweden mirrored National Socialist Policies. The Nordic Peoples, the volkdeutsch (German Race abroad, or Nordic Race in other countries) embraced their liberation and Nordic kinship with the German people and went back on their path of culture from former times without Jewish cosmopolitan interference. In contrast, many Southern European people saw the Third Reich as an enemy and rebelled.

natural warrior

Who is really onboard with our racial cause?

In the hunter gatherer times, as the temperature warmed up and we entered our present interglacial period, our Nordic Ancestors followed the big game North. In Scandinavia they remained, and here contained the purest blood cores of the Nordic Race, where inferior foreign genes from the South could not touch it, where it remained until the ‘free movement of peoples’ EU period. The whole of Southern Europe was once Nordic.

Some Scandinavian Inventions:

Adjustable Spanner – Johan Petter Johansson 1853 – 1943
Plumber Wrench (Pipe Wrench) – Johan Petter Johansson 1853 – 1943
Blowtorch – Carl Richard Nyberg 1858 – 1939
Loudspeaker – Peter L. Jensen 1886 – 1962
Dynamite (and other blasting substances) – Alfred Nobel 1833 – 1896
High Pressure Steam Boilers – Fredrik Ljungström 1975 – 1964 & Birger Ljungström 1872–1948
Milk-Cream Separator – Gustaf de Laval 1845–1913
Gas Absorbtion Refrigerator – Carl Georg Munters 1897 – 1989
Cheese Slicer – Thor Bjørklund 1889 – 1975
Safety Match – Gustaf Erik Pasch 1788 – 1862

Numerous contributions to Steam Engines, Steam Turbines, Diesel/Electric transfer, Trains & Locomotives including the first turbine powered locomotive, Civil Engineering, Heavy Industry, Solar Technology

One reason for Germany’s head in industry and technical prowess compared to the comparative lag-behindedness of Scandinavia when it comes to inventions is the icy cold. Germany enjoys mild and often warm summers, while Scandinavia is colder all the year round. This ensures a racially identical people, has to spend more time surviving. When lots of life’s time gets spent trying to stay warm there is less time to invent.

Classical music while yes, there are many great Italian composers the Italian nation has every right to be proud of, this was the Nordic Race in Italy, just as it was the Nordic Race in Germany producing classical music.

circa 1800:  Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827), German composer, generally considered to be one of the greatest composers in the Western tradition.  (Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images)

Beethoven – German

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi – Italian

What does Nordic accomplishments have to do with Southern Races, and what have they got to do with us? Absolutely nothing. Just as Greece in times gone by was a great culture like Germany, today the Jews are filling Germany and Scandinavia up with sub-human waste.

Actually, the Africans of Europe are those with the most African DNA. These are the Peoples who have mixed with Africans. Portuguese, Spaniards, French, Italians and Greeks all have African in the ethnic makeup of the majority of their people. The Nordic Peoples however, are no longer Nordic when they no longer resemble Nordic.

If the above mentioned study in the screenshot is even real it is not being performed with a decent core sample. Testing the people of Britain today would be far different to testing them in 1900 or even 1950 as the Nordic Race in Britain does not survive cross breeding. Taking a sample in the 2010’s and assuming Britain has always been like that is unscientific. Nordic People came to Britain in the Bronze Age, and they came again through the Germanic Tribes; Angles, Saxons and Jutes, later Danes, Norwegians in Scotland and Ireland and then Normans. England gets its name from the Angles. If somebody is not predominately Nordic they are not the race which produced England. These were racially similar groups. We must also keep in mind that Celts are an earlier wave of the same Nordic Race, now largely miscegenated. Celts have a Nordic Origin.

They are able to say the Nordic Race did not ‘contribute until recently’ because they want to believe that the same people in those countries now have always been there. If the Nordic Race ceased to breed in Germany, in 100 years the African-Arabic-Turkic-Jewish mongrels would think that Germany has always been like that. If the Nordic Race survived somewhere else, they would again claim that ‘your Nordic Race has not done anything until now, German contributions are our contributions’, just as today they say the same about Greek contributions.

‘Mankind owes its greatest accomplishments to the creative strength of the Nordic race. As soon as the carriers of this culture disappeared, decay was unavoidable. In recent
centuries the process of de-Nordicization took on ever-greater forms.

In place of the de-Nordicization must come a conscious re-Nordicization. Biological insight demands a clear separation of the races. The disadvantages of race-mixing are
known to us.
– (SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines, Glauben und Kampfen)

I do not disparage individuals or families in Greece and southern countries if they have preserved their racial type. They are Nordic as I am. There are some that have. If they have the strength to realise that their ancestors that made the country great, and gave it its history was Nordic and don’t resort to lies about abilities of brown people that can only be spread because the same brown people that bred out the founding race happens to be there now, then the Nordic blood from everywhere can be salvaged.

It is simply realisation that high cultures are Nordic cultures, and shattering the fantasy that Mongrels have ever done anything.

– Aidhan

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The Order Illuminati, Protocols of Zion, Rothschild’s, Karl Marx, Communism – The Massive Conspiracy Against The Nordic Race

The below is the actual text in the English Language of what the Jew Karl Marx originally published in Germany when he famously told the German Woman to abandon their men and do what they wanted to do. This caused the women to stop working in the armaments factories causing the German soldiers of the First World War to run out of ammunition. This was one reason, possibly the deciding factor, for Germany’s loss of that war, leading to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany’s loss of sovereignty and the partitioning of Germany, causing the conditions making the Second World War unavoidable. Jews won this war, accused Germans of ‘murdering the Jews’, leading to the present position today of Jews labeling ‘racism’ evil and leading to ‘persecution of Jews’ and more ‘holocausts’.

Jews have been a wedge since the very beginning.


This was the beginning of modern Feminism, which was taken up by Jews both male and female in the subsequent years. This Karl Marx, or real name Chaim Hirschel Mordechai was the same destructive Jew who famously penned Marxism, the ideology behind all modern political parties (anything not inline with Marxism is classed as evil), a theory that denies biology (as its purpose is to destroy it), is designed to destroy everything good in a race by labeling it ‘oppressive’ and institutes repossession of everything from that group to the inferiors to bring about ‘equality’.


The privelege of citizenship is a big thing for Jews, and once attained they open it up for the entire underworld.

Marxism states that all of mankind is inherently ‘equal’, and any differences between people or Peoples can thus only be due to ‘inequalities’ due to ‘oppression’. Of course the Jews can then claim everything non Jewish that is in power is ‘oppressive’ as the organic people do not have the instincts to destroy themselves.

Jews are the only group that finds ‘equality’ desirable as it defiles their hated hosts and as it goes against the innate instincts of every organic people in the world the Jews can then claim every individual and every movement opposed to Marxism as ‘evil’.

They can thus murder the race and replace them with groups dependent on the Jews, the parasite.

max horkheimer

And so we find this ugly race in all positions of power

For example: Homosexuals = invented group. The host naturally resents homosexuality within its society. Jews claim those resisting it evil giving the Jews the excuse to destroy that group.


Women and Men being classed as different with different roles. The Jew claims through Marxism absolute equality between male and woman, no biological difference, and denaturing of both sexes to bring about ‘equality’. Those that detest feminism accused of ‘hating women’.

Jews drive groups against the organic structure.

The organic structure is Nordic.

hj and parents at camp

Our Nordic Youth

In either example, if the Jews win, the non Jewish society and members of are absolutely destroyed. The only way out is to blame Jews, target Jews as a group and drive them out. This results in anti-Semitism and the gullible idiots defend Jews. This can happen because the premise ‘equality’ is already believed leading to the view ‘Jews cant possibly be doing this as a group as we deny group differences’.

hitler flowers

The Jew has always denied any discussion of race, as the denial of any significant differences between people is the foundation of his intrusion into Western European Society – Adolf Hitler

Marxism is pure antagonism towards evolution and a Jewish parasitic survival strategy. Jews always weaken the host and collateral damage incurred on Jews through ‘anti-Semitism’ throughout the ages has honed and made better survivors of the Jews, the eternal enemy of man.

Karl Marx is the hero behind the ‘left’ (the Jewish wing of politics) and the hero of both the British and Australian Labour Parties. Marxism is only the penned political expression of a forever Jewish drive to level the nations under the Jews and destroy the goyim.

Marxism is genetic, as in, it comes from Jews. No organic race would seek to aid weakness, drive ugliness against beauty or destroy its elite.

Karl Marx’s Proclamation On Women: In His Last Paper, Köln, Germany

I always kept to women, for men I didn’t have much interest in them. To you, you beautiful women I turn to you with this bunch of roses and thorns, from my deepest heart and soul. The roses are for you, the thistles for your men. Odd men they are. Just look at them, what happens to them? Big states men they claim to be. Not even little children get frightened. For every famous scientist, not any dog can get frightened by them. Get rid of them? Yes you women, give them the good bye, they aren’t worth a shot of powder. Who wants to hug a camel? At the last Berlin and Frankfurt meetings if you had been there, things would have been different, laughing you would have shaken your ambrosic locks of your beautiful heads and made any Adonis the new Kaiser. After three days you would have chopped his head off and from his blood red roses would have grown. Flowers of love of the republic. You women are chosen to deal fair. Let your old men go. Take new revolutionary men —- Viola Tout.

Translated from German History Books.

Karl Marx, the founder of Communism; he ‘always kept to women, for men he didn’t have much interest’ he claims. That means one thing, that he didn’t have enough testosterone, not enough male hormones. That was his big trouble. All Semitic Races carry this feminine trait. Hence the creation of the humanitarian bilge, equality of the races, human rights laws. Women with more rights than man, although she lives in a man-made world. With the devoid of substance Jewish word use, Marx had some success among women. While his ‘Flowers of love for the republic’ comes across laughable and a load of emotive rubbish, this had some success in influencing women. From this we can see the sheer faculty of deception and manipulation the Jew has. While concealing his true hatred for the entire Germanic and Nordic Race, the Jew has only one goal, the complete erasure of our people from the planet.


Can you imagine, an alien Asiatic Jew in Germany, claiming the entire German state, of which he is a foreigner living in, illegitimate, calling for the beheading of the Kaiser, and the bringing in of a new Jewish republic to suppress the German people. It is no wonder that when hearing of this working up of the women against men, the Kaiser kicked him out. Aided by the Rothschild’s, Marx finally found residence in England, where he wrote his book Das Kapital. The Jews finally succeeded in this goal of their ‘republic’ at the end of the war in 1918. Germany was not in the hands of Germans again until 1933, when it was bombed back to submission in just over 12 years.


From The Premeditated Murder Of A Race

Marxism, a destructive levelling theory developed by Jews, fought for by subhumans against noble and pure races, which is now the philosophy of every political party both left and right, is essentially the destruction of everything good by labelling it oppressive. Governments are functioning to decompose their people. Marxism conflicts with every natural thought of every healthy people. Karl Marx the Jew did not consider biology in his Marxist theories. Marxism is to make ‘moral’ the decay of mankind. Marxism is a destructive theory. Marxism is the forced mongrelising of every people, to form one mass. Every tie to family, creed, clan and tribe must be abolished; all differences between people, groups and even sexes must be eliminated. It is the comprehensive denaturing of the whole of humanity, under the guise of ‘equality’. Strong people forever have always fought lower levelling tendencies, and hundreds of millions of brave fighters have been murdered so far.


Karl Marx the Jewish author, from which the name Marxism comes from only made into words thousands of years of Jewish thought. His book outlines the repossession of everything from everyone and given to Jews, who would enforce Marxism, in the name of equality. Marx’s work as an individual seen through the lenses as a ‘political theory’ takes pressure away from the eternal decomposing Jew. Jewish behaviour throughout the ages has amounted to nothing less than a Murder Plot against humanity.

The road was paved for Karl Marx, 100 years previous by Weishaupt, the most diabolical Jew that ever lived. The profoundest conspirator, he succeeded in control of many people. On the 1st of May 1776, the Jew Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit professor at Ingolstadt University, founded the Order Illuminati. As stated by Weishaupt, one of the Jewish aims of world government is to kill maleness and condone feminism. He said ‘they (the women) will work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so, for they will be indulging their own desire of personal admiration (vanity).

The Jews are masters of intrigue. They spread certain ideas, while covering their real goal. That is how they are still with us to this day. To ’emancipate’ women and cause them to work for the Jew, and in doing so indulge their own personal desire for personal admiration.

the jew world order

– Aidhan

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A Conversation With Jerry III


Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Some of Jerry’s Writings are on this site.

Jerry and I discuss the anti-Jewish movement as it struggles against a Jewish media monopoly to show that Jews are responsible for exporting primitive races all over the world to displace and outbreed independent peoples, and how times like these when the Jew feels comfortable are times when Jewish actions against non-Jews make the call to exterminate Jews more palatable. When Jewish actions have only negative consequences for non-Jews, any soft approach is not only wasting time but not using the opportunities Jews constantly give us through their actions to generate the necessary hate to get them out.

We talk about a new Greenland proposal for the Nordic Race, and homosexuals and how they are a Jewish invention and do not actually exist and how the bastardisation of life on this planet, is the end of life on this planet, and the guilt lies solely on the Jewish Race.

– Aidhan

kapitulieren nein

Jerry – Jews are very cunning; they cut out anything that is connected to an anti-Jewish movement.

Aidhan – There will be an anti-Jewish movement as long as Jews live within their host peoples. We would like to see the disappearance of the Jewish race and build a future for more productive species. An extermination of Jewry is common sense. It will ensure of perseverance of independent cultures and worldviews. The Jew is the germ within every nation. If we did not have Jews, we would not have racial tensions, as races would be firmly separated by independent minded differing races. There would be no resentment; it would all be enforced by those that want to preserve their own blood, without an alien telling them they have to make accommodations for others.

Jerry – They are now bringing in thousands and thousands of Niggers into Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. When these niggers get into every community and into every school alongside our Nordic people, the young generation will accept it, they have no choice, and that will be the end of the white race. It is not natural for them to be coming, nobody wants them except for the UN, and the UN is all Jews. They say it is a global responsibility. We should say no. It is against the will of the people, but publicised opinions are always all for it.

I don’t know why Australians are so against anything when it has their own nation concerned. Nationality. They don’t like that, they like plurality, a mixture, and mongrelisation. The Jews have got so much influence, no matter what they do the people believe that, and they want to push perpetually for the humanitarian bilge. The people have got no education; they don’t know what to think. When these refugees and immigrants come into your country and your country absorbs all of that shit, they outbreed you. That is what is happening, in Australia. We are being outbred by the Asians and all of the third world boat people coming in. The labour party and the media are claiming Tony Abbot is ruining the country by stopping the boats. Australians are underdog minded. In the country they are more national, in the towns they are poisoned, their minds are gone with the humanitarian shit.

Lampedusa migration

It is the Jews fault. They keep showing the pictures of Auschwitz, nobody wants to be a ‘Nazi’. Netanyahu tells Angela Merkel that she has got to help the Jews. What about your own country and what about your own people, the smart intelligent people that don’t care for the sufferings of foreign idiots? Humanity is doomed. The Jews are asking for the disappearance of the white race. The Jew sat out to bastardise the white population. The majority of the world population is black. The Jews celebrate Sarina Williams the tennis player, she is winning continuously. She is like a gorilla. She is made for jungle living, big teeth, big lips, big arse, even the women. These are jungle types. You can see how they originated.

And the women today, if we have women commentating on things and these things presented as viable thoughts, all we will have is constant agreement with current government policy. Women will not stand up against anybody; she likes everything to be suppressed.

Aidhan – Women will not say anything about the Jews, they will not say anything that is unpopular.

Jerry – Karl Marx started that, he told women not to listen to your husband. The Kaiser found out about this and chucked him out. The poms took him on and that’s where he wrote his books.

Aidhan – Look how the Jews dress themselves up to go in Public today. Look how they go out to get any Nordic Girls and the Girls go with them. The girls go with the Jew and if you do anything she feels like she has to defend the weaker one.

Jerry – For women it’s all about feeling. If he is nice to me, if he buys me things I don’t care. That’s all that matters to her.

Aidhan – Look in Mein Kampf, where Hitler was writing about the black haired Jewish Youth. They want to poison the blood of the host people by breeding with the German Girls, getting a genetic upgrade for himself and defiling the folk body, by stealing the German blood and turning it Jewish, because the cross between the Jew and anything is a Jew. The Jew picks the best German girl, breeds with her and thus dragging her to his level, and produces more Jews, destroying the German Race by taking the best females from it. And this is done consciously

Jerry – What can you do, women has a glass ceiling. She accepts anything. If she gets presents, she doesn’t mind. She thinks he is a person.

Aidhan – If you assert yourself and defend your race they get you for assault. They have all the laws, set up for the weak to prevail against the strong. This has grave implications for every generation. Eventually, through negative breading, nobody will have these instincts, and it will all be over. There will be no strength, no beauty, and no organic race, nothing left to defend.


Jerry – That is why it is important. You will never make it, if you do not act out against the Jews we will be ousted by the Jews. They will blame us and put curses on us, they will say ‘they are the Nazi’s coming back again. Nobody will ever succeed if they go by the old lines.

Aidhan – It’s not the elites, it’s not the leftists. They are all the Jews working with a Jewish psychology for their final goal of Talmudic law over the planet. Whether you blame the Jews or blame the ‘elites’ the Jews still want to kill you. You can’t get out of this. They will continue to increase refuge quotas, continually make it easier for citizenship. You have got to blame the Jews.

Jerry – That is the truth, that is the trouble. The Jews will supress anything, ‘here comes an old Nazi again’. The Jew is so determined, if something is very popular, before it gets too big, eliminate it, present a different point of view.

Aidhan – With a hard-line stance you do not lose any followers. It is only a caving in to media pressure. People think the media will not pressure them so much if they are not hard-line against the Jews. But the media will hate you anyway; you have got to just tell the truth about the Jews.

Jerry – The Jew occupies and owns everything. Even the white race, he keeps the money short to any government that will not go along with every Jewish policy. He sits in America. America consists of Blacks and Chinks, migrants, hardly any whites, only a few. The few whites that are left identify as American, they are styled the wrong way against all the rest of the white race. Their culture is Jewish determined, they are subjugated and they can’t wake up. The Jews have an easy game, they own everything, and they print their own money. They control the whole world from there. The same-sex marriage they are trying to bring in every country that is the Jews invention. It is always the same thing that happens, in every country. It is all for a bastardised race of people, equality. There is no equality in nature.


Aidhan – They have been celebrating that American idiot Bruce Jenner who decided he didn’t want to be a man anymore he wanted to be a woman. He was a celebrity; he changed his mind and wanted to be a woman. Now he is not a woman, only a man that looks like a woman.

Jerry – It is a Jewish invention, to show the population how easy it is you can be bastardised. They let the Jews go right over their head. In Germany we knew all about the Jews, Hitler knew about the Jews. Everybody else was already Jewified. Chamberlain when he came over he sympathised. All the bastardised idiots, all the French, the half Jews that they are went against us. It is a pity, the way we have planned it to be being stifled like that, our races future being stopped. On SBS (international film channel) they had some films from Sweden. They had some beautiful girls. White blonde hair, fair, not coloured. Reality.


Carolina Kluft

Aidhan – The properly formed Nordic Race is beautiful isn’t it? We should have that, not the other races.

Jerry – I have not seen any Americans as beautiful as that as I have the real Swedish. We had beautiful girls like that in the BDM. They were always beautiful and blonde. They were not for sale. It is not only a sexual drive. It is natural. You take them as they are, that is our race. Don’t sell it and market it and make it a minority.

Karolina Kluft

Carolina Kluft

Aidhan – That is what the Jews do. The Jews commodify it. They try to monopolise sex and turn it into a porno culture. They make whores out of their portrayals and turn it into a monopoly for all the perverts out there.

Jerry – The Jew is the evil. They are that sinister, that sly, and that cunning. They know exactly what to look for, who is next coming up and they call them a ‘Nazi’ and slander them back down again.

Aidhan – And all the people who don’t know about the Jews, the Jews keep bringing up stories about persecution to get more protection for himself. If you don’t know about the Jews the Jew says ‘look he is targeting me lock him up’; and the Jew gets sympathy from everyone and more protection.

Jerry – He puts on a tear show, his family members of holocaust survivors, my uncle, my mother in the concentration camps. The average person does not know how to react to it. The people believe that, because the Jews tell a lie.

Aidhan – That is what preserves them, the sympathy stories. Who cares if somebody suffers, if somebody suffers it is because of their own wrong doings. One does not just suffer unnecessarily.

Jerry – Why can’t anybody check on the supposed 6,000,000 that were killed?

Aidhan – 273,000 Jews died from Typhus, Cholera and starvation.

Jerry – They put the blame on the National Socialists. They tell everybody that they were gassed.

Aidhan – That was to kill the lice that carried Typhus. If we wanted to kill the Jews we would have used bullets, because Zyklon B is a pesticide against lice. We tried to help the Jews and they accuse us of killing them so we should have killed the Jews because they accuse us of it anyway.

Jerry – The Jew is a born liar, he lies all the time. Look at what the Jew writes in the newspapers its nonsense its rubbish. There is no education for anybody.

Aidhan – Australia has every 1 minute and 21 seconds a new immigrant. New infrastructure costs for this immigrant have been estimated at $200,000, because that’s how much these scum cost. Everything has to be done for them. And this money is found through Jew bank loans that we have to pay back forever. Every time a darky comes in they need their hospital they need their welfare. We have refuge visas, and they come by plane. We are signatories to the UN Convention on Refuge’s. If they want to come we have got to take them. The guide lines say if people are fleeing war or persecution, you cannot send them back to their home countries, you have got to accept them. If you do not the media writes up bad things about the individual, party, government or nation. Since NATO destroyed Libya and took out Gaddafi, Niggers from all over Africa, the Congo, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, have all been swarming into Libya to get across the Mediterranean Sea. They are claiming they left their own countries, went to Libya, got persecuted in Libya and that’s why they have to leave Libya and go to Europe. But they knew they could get into Europe and that is why they came to Libya. It makes you think that NATO got rid of Gaddafi deliberately, so that they could use it as a place to put refuges across the sea to Europe.

Jerry – The problem is the Semitic ‘Human Rights Laws’. These ‘humanitarian’ laws were put in place to make eligibility for sub humans to move into new places. People can’t see this. Why is it somebody can just leave his country? We never had these laws before. People were born into their own countries and they flourished. Africa had a lower population. The worst thing you can do is to let an African go anywhere.

Aidhan – Somebody who would leave their country, a nation with his own bloods character, and go to another one is obviously not a capable person. It seems like the Nordic Race is the only race that will create a positive identity and a positive environment. Quite simply, an individual of an inferior race will go wherever he is able to go. It is your job not to let him. They are just like an animal in a paddock. If the gate is left open, the animal will stray. Would you let a cross breed in with your stud cattle? For the preservation of the stud that gate has to be shut.

Jerry – It was a good thing for Germany to go into Eastern Europe and remove all of that communist rubble, to create a buffer and separate blood from blood.


Aidhan – Now Greece might exit the EU and behind it other Balkan and southern countries. After the free movement of people damage has been done. The EU was never viable, but it has done its damage. If its construct disintegrates now it will have done its job. Germany has forked out billions to prop up non-productive peoples.

Jerry – When invaders come into Europe they have got to be fed and clothed. The Jews make all of the money. It does not matter if they work, they have to spend money. If the governments have to pay it does not matter, they just get some more loans. It says in the Bible money is the root of all evil and it is. Jews can destroy everything with money.

Aidhan – Like I said before $200,000 for every immigrant. That is a far cry from the self-sufficient Germanic peoples. Imagine if Germanic people owned farmsteads and were self-reliant for everything. The Jews would not make any money. That would be good for us, good for the environment, good for the locality, but bad for the Jews.

Jerry – In National Socialist times there were houses for us to buy very cheap. Half a percentage interest, everybody could own a home. We bought one. This is the wrong government we are living under, the Jewish one. How did the Jews manage to get in? They came in from the South and the East First they destroyed the Sumerians. There are two kinds of Jews, a mixture of Mongols and Turks, they originated at the South Caspian Sea. Some of them they joined Jews down south, through Egypt, North Africa and Spain. Others stopped in Russia. A lot of these Russian Jews went as migrants to America before the First World War. Every Jew made money in America, he made banks and made interest. Then he used his money for evil and brought in ‘humanitarian’ peoples from all over the world to replace the Native Americans.

Jews don’t want any nationally minded people; it would be death for the Jews. The Jews don’t even want to live in their own country. In Roman Times they were looking always for greener pastures. They fight like rats in Israel. They have always been somewhere else. They find a gullible country that accepts them.

Aidhan – Greenland has only 56,000 people. You could go there onto your own lands as a Nordic Race, become the majority, and reincorporate Greenland as a Nordic State. It is such a large place with such a low population. It is an independent overseas territory of Denmark. If you took 56,000 people to Greenland you could dictate and determine the future of Greenland.



Jerry – In the past Greenlanders have been concerned with survival, not politics. They had to work and they had to survive because of the situation of where they were and the conditions of the country. It is only in a few spots where they live now where there is no ice where they grow a bit of food. They whale and eat raw food.

Aidhan – If you got enough interested people you could start a new society in Greenland and take it over. You could have big indoor longhouses with solar roofs through long hours of sunshine in the summer time. They enjoy a lot of daylight.

Jerry – The sun is not so intense there; the sun is very low and it circles, it comes above the horizon and shines at an angle. There is light and a bit of warmth. Even a glass house would not be much help. The climatic change, when the oceans get warmer and the ice melts and the warm water comes along Greenland, the air will warm up too.

Aidhan – In the future there will a vast freshwater lake, where the icecap has compressed the land, and there will be a forest the size of Sweden. Everything that grows on the Canadian West Coast and everything that grows in Scandinavia will grow in Greenland. All in all there should be 44 species of European vegetation that will be viable there. Many species will grow there now but they have to be imported, and they have to be planted as it takes thousands of years for them to naturally spread. There are a few species already there that have been planted.



Jerry – At the moment 90% is covered in ice and snow. In the next 100 years the land area will increase.

Jerry – What is this fanaticism when it comes to same sex marriage. Why do they want to pursue it so much. It is something with the mind. Why is normal marriage not good enough for them. There is no sexual instinct for procreation between members of the same sex. What do they want it for? They get it from the newspapers. The newspapers say it must happen.

Aidhan – It started in Germany with Jews like Magnus Hirschfeld. They made it a legitimate sexual preference. Hirschfeld coined the term sexual preference and set his invented ‘preferences’ in stone. The next theorist came out and said gender was fluid and people are not necessarily just one and there is a spectrum. Even though these two self-professed scientists completely contradicted themselves in their alleged theories that were taken on as proof for such deviant actions the Jews themselves through use of media and politics have continued to lobby for these imagined and fictitious groups. Even though nobody was actually homosexual and it was only ever Jews pretending. People feel compelled to support them because they believe they are actual. They will destroy everything that is natural by labelling it oppressive.

Now people who don’t even identify as such still lobby and support what they are calling LGBT. This is the biggest problem. The apathy. People do not even know that it is an invention. If only they did. Jews and Jewesses continue to pretend to be gays and lesbians as they have since the 19th century. Many women come out as Lesbian or Bisexual only because they think they are pleasing men, because of the porno culture, not knowing they are aiding the Jew in the promulgation of their fictitious invention. That was able to begin because nobody wants to see a penis in porn. Nobody thinks about the fact that these girls are only actresses aiming to please men. Many actresses who have come out as ‘bi’ or ‘lesbian’ have actually gone on to marry men and produce children. Many ‘bi’s’ are slandered by the Jewish newspaper writers for being more into men, ending up with men and thus delegitimising their position. This just proves that they are pretending and as celebrities set the cultural values of America the Jews employ these people to come out and make these statements. The fact that they don’t really feel a sexual pull towards their own sex does not matter to them if it will make them popular and fashionable. It is still no proof that homosexuals actually exist.

Non-Jews, the hideous protesting individuals you see, not the porno actresses, but the disfigured multitude they make up to agitate and protest, those that might even live with someone of their own sex, those who think they are lesbian and gay actually are not. What they are is just inferiors and they have no sexual instinct because they are not designed to breed so they would mistake a friendship for a relationship as they have nothing to compare it to. You can always identify them physically as they look malformed. All these people go against the continuance of the species.

It is all part of a Jewish plot where the Jews are able to say that gender does not actually exist, it is fluid, and if you disagree you are part of the problem and oppressing the faggots. Case closed with that one.

Jerry – These people that identify as ‘gay’ know they have no chance with a woman, they are ugly, there is something wrong with them. It is psychosomatic, an underdog mentality. They have got no brains.

Aidhan – You can always pick them physically because they look disfigured.

Jerry – They are abusing love. They have taken that word, they have heard us use it and they use it for themselves. Why should the government listen to this nonsense? In Ireland in the vote they get this result and everyone in the world feels sympathy, the Jew claps his hands and everybody feels this is right. Only a woman can be a biological mother. Only a man can be a biological father. Love finds its origin between beautiful and beautiful. Nordic and Nordic. If a ‘gay couple’ is allowed to adopt, they adopt mongrels, and they increase the population of mongrels. That is not love, that is bastardisation. Look at Elton John, he adopted children and the media help them along. It is all the media, people want to be trendy, it is something new. If there are no Nordic Men, and no Nordic Females for them to be attracted to, what do you expect will happen with the rest of the bilge. They will be exploited. And when the young population grow up they are told they can be ‘gay’, they can get married. It is trendiness, and trendiness is mindlessness. It is just stupid idiots playing around, and it is encouraged by ‘humanitarian’ societies, and they are getting inspiration by the Jews in the papers.

Jerry – Why is there no initiative against the Jews. People get scared. There should be people who know about the Jew, what he is and what he has done. But they don’t speak up. The Jews have the lawyers, they have the racial vilification laws. Where is the strength! Nobody speaks up. In Australia they should be speaking up for their own race. It doesn’t matter what another one thinks.

Aidhan – Other races can do what they want to. That is up to them. So far all they have said to us is that they want ‘inclusion’ and ‘unity’. That is parasitic. They don’t want to live on their own, but we do, and that is up to us.


Jerry – I have no pity for them, if you think your race should succeed. What inspired you that you think your race should succeed and the Jew is a bastard.

Aidhan – I was just born this way. You just have an instinct. I just always hated foreigners. I hate people that don’t look like me, ive always been able to recognise my own race and ive never liked people who aren’t. I just hate them.

Jerry – Different race, different looks. There are very subjugated people nowadays who accept anything and anyone.

Aidhan – I think my race should predominate and I have got no sympathy for any other race because they are stupid.


Jerry – Why should we overpopulate the world and make the world filthy? Everybody should look after their own kind and be tribal. The Jew is tribal.

Aidhan – If we can release ourselves by killing the Jews, what is wrong with that? Jews don’t want to release us.

Jerry – For example is one insance, before Hitler came to Memel, the Jews were leaving for three days strait, all night they were leaving. The Jews were still taking it easy. When they found in three days Hiter is going to come, they didn’t stop, 24 hours a day they were clearing up. They went into the Baltic States and were beaten up by the Lithuanians and Estonians. Now they call themselves holocaust survivors. There were still free Jews all through the Reich years. Big Jews, Lass & Company, big department stores, they had the biggest shops in the towns. The Jews were being chucked out, and they were putting in new owners and changing the names of the shops. The Waffen SS, Lithuanians, Lativans and Estonians had their own SS, and they bet up all the Jews. They were joining the German Army strait away. The Jews went to the neutral countries, they were burdened by them. At the end of the war the Jews blamed all the Germans, and they swarmed back to Germany. Today the blonde German newsreaders have been replaced by Jews and half blacks. How long can this go on. When you get that hand over the Jews, you can release yourselves. Look at FIFA today, the corruption. People cannot work out; this is what happens when you have Jews in Europe.

Aidhan – If you have Jews you are going to have corruption. Sepp Blatter in his tenure has done a lot of things to combat anti-Semitism. Security Cameras at games to look at the crowd to look at Neo Nazi’s and exclude them and ban them for life. He wants to be able to record people in the stands and ban them for life for racism. They keep importing these Nigger Players. Niggers are imported into European Clubs from training clubs set up with FIFA money in Africa. Big Clubs like Bayern Munich will have a training club set up in an African country, then they have quotas to bring in the Nigger players. No wonder there is racism at matches. The racists should not be recorded and banned; the Jews should be forced out of Europe. They are unwelcome, we don’t like them.

The Captain of the German Football Team Bastian Schweinsteiger is the best football player in the world.


Bastian Schweinsteiger

Jerry – The Germans are the best. The Jews want to handicap them and not have Germans exclusively so that nobody notices.

Aidhan – Like in the World Cup in Brazil. The Media had it all planned for Brazil to win. They wanted Brazil to win so they could have a big celebration. Because Germany won, they acknowledged that Germany won and then that was it, they shut up about it and no more celebrating. Can you imagine if Brazil had won, they would be talking about it and celebrating for weeks and weeks.

Jerry – That is how the world is. They cannot stand an intelligent race. Even in Motorsport F1. Hamilton is a Black half caste bastard from England. He is a good driver but the Mercedes they have is the best car. Vettel drives Massarati’s now, they will not have all German Drivers in German Cars. The Jews also sabotage the cars. Hamilton and Ricardo they only put in to make something of these mongrels. Schumacher, Vettel and Rosberg are the best drivers. Rosberg is a bit young and makes a few mistakes. But a lot depends on the orders they get from the top, they tell them to pull in and have a check. Then they can’t catch up. It is all set up so the Germans don’t win all the time.


Sebastian Vettel

Aidhan – That is just like in the Olympic Boxing. Johan Linde from Adelaide, Estonian German would have won the heavyweight boxing in London. The referee stopped the fight and said it was unsafe to continue and gave it to the ching chong. You don’t even have to be knocked out, they rig it. The referee can just say it is unsafe to continue. He came back with his guard up and everything. Johan Linde was the best fighter, he should have won that. But the Jews do not want a Nordic person to win or it makes us look good.

Jerry – Germans have invented everything. Bauer invented the Submarine. Australia will not buy German Submarines because Australians want the best submarines for the lowest possible price.

Aidhan – And this is why Australia will end up with rubbish again. This is Australian mentality. Germans don’t think like this at all. We can see a mongrelisation of Australian industry and the Australian public as they cannot even think of a final outcome, they just want cheap, and so they will end up with crap.

Jerry – On the U-boats in the war, we could even see the lights of New York. The allies didn’t mind how many people died on the seas, they were just fodder. We were prohibited to pick up survivors. We gave them supplies and told them which way to go to find land. We were not to take them. Anything so the Jews could win that war. They would not surrender.

Until 1945 we had a chance against the Jews. But a human being is insulted when he is confronted by a stronger man. Good looking, strong and intelligent. The bastard will stand in front of you and shrink. He will not like it. That is why everybody opposed Germany. Because we were strong and a good race for a good reason. The Germanic Tribe left with our unjewified culture, going for our natural laws, survival of the fittest. It was too horrible for the others. It was out of this world. It was too good. Nobody stopped to think what we were actually doing. When I look at a Slovakian or an Italian or a Moroccan, they all look awful. The world didn’t want to believe it; they had to cut us down. We made them look inferior.


Aidhan – The superior should not be held back by complaints of others; it should just go forward on its own.

Jerry – The superior is accepted only within his own tribe. He has to fight a hard life against the whole world. The majority of the world is bastardised, and they will fight anyone who claims to be superior to them. The superior race is too small. The Jews have the money. Instead of the Jews we should have the money.

Aidhan – We have every natural advantage, sexual selection, the beautiful and the strong. We should be outbreeding the other races but for some reason we are not, we are not breeding at all. But we are the most beautiful we are the most desirable, we are the most useful. We should be self-reliant, feeding our massive families right over the top of everyone.

German soldiers Lenin monument Novgorod, August 1941.

Jerry – That is the right idea. When we went into Russia and the Ukraine, there was plenty of land, oil and recourses for the German people, this superrace to spread there. Step by step we would have got stronger. But by then the rest of the world opposed that. They murdered us and killed us and did everything possible so that we would not succeed. We have a hard job to fight. The Jews have got bigger and bigger and bigger, like every cancer does. What will happen now in this universe, there are a lot of worlds, and other life. It is the wrong people here now to succeed. If it does not succeed it will die out. It will have to succeed somewhere else. This overpopulation and mongrelisation that the Jew has done is a sure end sign that we are going to die out, everything is going to be flat. There is nowhere to go. No intelligence left, it’s over. Life will have to try again somewhere else. It is a great pity. Maybe we tried too soon. From the 1st world war Germany was hacked up and everybody took a part of Germany. Sudetenland, Silesia, Memel, Danzig, Ostpreußen, Pommern. This was already a reason for fighting England. The allies had thought already, we are going to kill the Germans. This was too soon but how else were we going to do it, what else could we have done. We must overcome the power of the money and the propaganda. The Jew is in possession of the Media, the Money and Manipulations. How can you kill them now? The Jews are throughout the whole world now. How are you going to get rid of them? You have got to kill the majority of the world’s bastardised population.

Aidhan –I wouldn’t mind, I hate them

Jerry – How will you get rid of them?

Aidhan – All you can do is separate a segment of your people, and when you immediately do better on your own, we will be so genetically superior. The world will be so sick and racially mixed, in the future it will be easy, it will be just like taking Australia from the Abo’s. They will be so stupid and weak because humanity is going down through the unrestrained dysgenic propagation of undesirable characteristics in a few years it will be that easy just to come right back in again, as the quality of people is going steeply down. If you get yourself separate now, in 100 years it will be like conquering wildlife. Can you imagine what so called humanity is going to look like in 100 years if they keep going the way they are going now? If you become separate now, and go someplace different the future is yours. You will be able to build right back over the top of the degenerated filth, and push anything aside.

Jerry- They will flood us, they will squeeze us out. Our race will not have any room to exist at all. Look at what the Jews are doing now sending all the black shits into Europe. Europe should be clean. Yet they put them in.

Aidhan – The Jews have really brought this to a head. If you resist it they call you evil. We know it is wrong, we know Niggers shouldn’t exist. Only the Jews speak for them.

Jerry – The world is fucked, the world is finished. You have got to be a genius to get out of this! I have been thinking it through and through. They will put you in a hole. It’s a Jewish deathgrip. They will put you in prison or kill you, call you ‘a danger to society’ if you do anything that will stop the decomposition. Carry our idea forever on.


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Nordic Race Preserves True Diversity Against Jews And The Underworld


We all know that diversity is a code word for white genocide. This phrase finds its origin in the website Mixing races is not diversity but the opposite. Jews, especially Journalists and Jews in political and governmental positions unitedly maintain that an area is not diverse enough until it contains no white people. If it contains white people it is not diverse enough and it needs more diversity. When it is filled with other races, it can then be called ‘integrated and diverse’, even though what is resulting is often largely just a brown mess.


‘Brunette’, Blonde or Redhead, this is the Nordic Race, an independent species

Through that website and others we point out that this is a fact and we write it for all of our people who have so far only heard the word diversity and thought it benign, and those of our people who have only heard what the Jews have to say on things through their media monopoly, and for all of our people who are too busy working, to notice the destructive effects of the Jew. Diversity is seen as a goal, a goal that can only be achieved when there are no white people left anywhere. Diversity will destroy the White Peoples and substitute it with inferior bipedal monsters, who have done nothing and who have no history, for all creative products are exclusively the invention of only one race.

We point it out through the invention of slogans, phrases, paragraphs and illustrations, the leasing of billboards and public displays with such including the central tenets of the diversity is white genocide message, and the repetition of these slogans, phrases and paragraphs in the writing of essays and articles that include these central phrases and paragraphs for our people to read. We make stickers, posters and cards for our people who are so far not decidedly on the white side against the Jew.

Some examples from the site are :

That’s exactly why we say “anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White. In academia, only White things can be “racist”. They may not say such things publicly, but the anti-Whites in academia do honestly believe that to be “anti-racist” you must be against White people.

White neighborhood = “racist!” neighborhood. White city = “racist!” city. White country = “racist!” country.

That is how these anti-White idiots think.


There are many excuses put out by these anti-Whites, but the bottom line is: if it’s a White country, it must have open borders.

Without open borders (and a high rate of non-White immigrants) it is hard for anti-Whites to “diversify” all those nasty majority White areas.

Anti-Whites believe that “diversity” means no area can be “too White”, but if that’s the case, then “diversity” is actually just a code word for White genocide.

They are written and the important messages are compounded again and again and again. Distribution is intended for broader appeal amongst our people to wake up those that don’t know already and arent awake to the fact that ‘diversity is chasing down the last white person’.

Here are some posters and some flyers:

Jew = Communist Terror, Forced Equality and Extermination of Independent Groups

Jew = Communist Terror, Forced Equality and Extermination of Independent Groups

Meanwhile the Jews are taking what we say and saying it is true but that they have reached a point where they feel safe enough inside their host people and their eternal goal of white genocide is seen as legitimate. A Jewess by the name of Emily Goldstein has come out and yet again as the Jews always do has parasitically used our reaction to what they do as a reason for why they are doing what they are doing, just like us blaming Jews for destroying our race and eliminating them from public life to save our race is their justification for flooding Germany today with ‘refuges’. The Jew has again used an example of our race asserting itself or blaming the Jews for what they are guilty of to advance the Jewish cause. This Jew has basically said:

‘yes, diversity is white genocide, it always has been, this is not new, if you tell people this it doesn’t matter because although you think it is a bad thing, we think it is a good thing. And now we will use this as an opportunity for us to say why it is a good thing.’

The Jew is trying to offset the effects and make the people not care that diversity is about white genocide. The Jew reveals its genocidal hand.  The Jew essentially says through justifying Jewish thought against our reaction

‘nobody cares whitey, we will do to you as we please. Nobody cares but you. We admit to everything we do. Why would diversity not be about getting rid of white people, of course it is, and the world agrees.’

We see the Jew happily proclaiming guilt for white genocide and using it as an opportunity to state why in fact it is good. In the words on the Jew Noel Ignatiev “The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.”

noel ignatiev jude

The subhuman, malformed & disfigured Jew

Anybody who is not a white supremacist is justifying the terminal devolution of mankind, and the genocide of mans true form.

There is nothing good about the diversity the Jews are trying to impose on the world.  True diversity occurs only in pure races. We already had diversity. Higher racial specialities are recessive and primitive genes come out in any cross. The results of cross breeding is not ‘diversity’ but a destruction of higher forms and a regression to the most inferior genetic level, into a generic mass.

We already had true diversity when Peoples were separated and held differences from other Peoples, and proudly expressed them within their own national borders. What goes on within these different nations is of no business to the next nation. One nation has nothing to say over how another people should live or organise itself. These different nations and different Peoples with their different ideals and different cultures could have been indefinitely preserved through mutual understanding if it were not for the Jewish mongreliser. A race has nothing to gain from interference by another race. Every race has its own native culture and its own environment it will create for itself. In the past this was all enforced by the Nordic Race as this race had nothing to gain from mixing with inferiors.


He kept things sensible and separate. He allowed differences to flourish.


The Nordic Race fought off inferior bastards to secure its continued existence as a superior race. The beauty and racism of this race should preserve it into the future. We do not want to mix with the other races. We do not want to live with the other races. We have something better in mind. The society that we desire to live in is our matter only and is our business, not the business of a parasitic international agent of decomposition or other races.


The existence of a highly developed Nordic Race ensures true diversity. We protect unadulterated humanity without its mongrelisation and negative selection leading to ugliness, pettiness, stupidity, weakness, uselessness of other races and the eventual poverty, unsustainability and suffering of these backward races with undesirable characteristics.

Without the Nordic Race, humanity consists only of failed offshoots and their degenerative cross breeds.

Mixing the races only increases sameness and creates a generic mass of worthless subhuman rubbish.

As the highest evolved race, we really are the safekeepers of diversity against the inferior mongrel.


Why do Jews use the term diversity when they know they are destroying it?

The Jews know that any non-Jew should react strongly against genetical decline of their people, and so they enforced it. They claimed we needed more diversity, and then as the racial aliens they are they labelled us evil for being against this diversity they demanded of us as they flood it in to destroy our valuable genetics forever. In this way the Jews think they can exterminate us.

What the Jew Emily Goldstein actually did write is below.

In essence White People = Racism

Racism is a word invented only 88 years ago


Real name Lev Bronstein

From the Jewess Emily Goldstein:


“One of the more common memes that I’ve seen white supremacists spread around recently has been “diversity is a code word for white genocide”. The concept here is that diversity is only promoted in white nations, and that the end goal is to eliminate white people altogether by flooding all white countries with non-white people until there are no white people left. Well, guess what, white supremacists? That’s exactly right. Diversity IS about getting rid of white people, and that’s a good thing.”

“First off, I am a white person myself, so allow me to get that out of the way. I’m extremely glad that the white race is dying, and you should be too. White people do not have a right to exist. Period. That may sound like a bold statement, but it’s entirely true. Any white person with even the faintest knowledge of history should curse themselves every single day for being white. Throughout all of recorded history, whites have engaged in oppression, genocide, colonialism, imperialism, and just plain evil on a massive scale. White people have denied every other race the right to exist, and have – at some point in history – oppressed every single race on the planet.”

“Why, then, should whites now be allowed to live in peace when whites have historically been the world’s #1 source of conflict and oppression? Whiteness is racism. Period. Whiteness is the source of all oppression in the world. Whiteness is racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and heteropatriarchal capitalism. Eliminate whiteness and you eliminate every single form of oppression that the world currently faces. No white people means no oppression. White people are like a cancer and oppression is a symptom of the cancer. Cut out the cancer altogether – with the cancer being white people – and you get rid of all of the oppression which white people cause.”

“I have dedicated my life to fighting racism, and I have determined – based on all available evidence – that the only way to really eliminate racism is to eliminate whiteness. Whiteness is the ocean from which racism flows. Get rid of whiteness and you get rid of racism. Despite what white supremacists often claim, white people do not have a “culture”. White “culture” consists of nothing more than oppression, genocide, and the disenfranchisement of minorities. White “culture” is racism and nothing more. When white supremacists talk about “white culture”, what they’re really talking about is racism. Over the course of history, white people have built a massive empire based entirely on the hard work of oppressed and disenfranchised minority groups. But guess what, white people? That empire is finally coming to an end now, and its demise is music to my hears. To quote the great anti-racist activist Tim Wise: “Do you hear it? The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.”

Descendants of Holocaust survivors can personally attest to the evil that white people are capable of when they hold the reins of power. Thankfully, whites won’t be holding the reins of power for much longer. When white people die out, so will racism, sexism, queerphobia, and all other forms of oppression. The only way to eliminate racism, white privilege, and white supremacy is to eliminate whiteness altogether. When I teach my students about human rights, critical race theory, and the role of whites in worldwide oppression, my white students often ask me how they can “atone” for the evils of whiteness and how they can make up for centuries of white oppression. And I tell them: you can do that by not having any children and ensuring that the white race does not live to oppress anyone ever again in the future.”

“Thankfully, white birthrates are indeed very low, while the birthrates of minorities are much, MUCH higher. Within our lifetimes, whites will be a minority in a significant number of formerly white countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, to name just a few. To white supremacists yearning for the days when whites could rape and pillage the world with impunity, this is incredibly frightening. To people on the right side of history, however, this looks like progress. Whites are finally getting their just desserts – and it’s about time. I sincerely hope that, when the white power structure finally comes crashing down, whites will receive no mercy from the minority groups that whites have spent centuries oppressing. We certainly don’t deserve any mercy or kindness, as we have given nothing of the sort to others.”

Whites should also know that, when they do become a minority in formerly white countries, they will NOT be receiving affirmative action or any of the other benefits meant to assist the minorities that whites have historically oppressed. Why? Because whites don’t deserve those benefits. It’s as simple as that. One can look to South Africa, where whites are only about 8.4% of the population, but blacks continue to receive affirmative action because blacks in South Africa have historically been disenfranchised by whites. The same thing will happen when whites become a minority in North America, Europe, and Oceania, because whites have historically oppressed minorities in all three of those continents. Not to mention, why should whites receive any kind of benefits when the ultimate goal is to get rid of whites altogether? Finally, laws against hate speech will serve to prevent whites from complaining about this, as any white person who complains will be arrested, given a long prison sentence, and made an example of for the rest of the remaining white population. Speech that attempts to justify the white power structure and perpetuate white oppression of minorities is not freedom of speech, and it has absolutely no place in modern society.”

As white people, we all need to recognize that we no longer have a place in the world. This world now belongs to the minorities that us whites have spent centuries oppressing, and there is absolutely nothing that any pathetic white supremacists can do about it. In order for a better world to be created, white people need to be exterminated. Period. It’s as simple as that. We should simply be thankful that our death will be accomplished through mass immigration and declining birthrates. When whites have exterminated other races, it wasn’t nearly so peaceful – it was done through violent genocide. But other races are not as evil as whites are, and it’s important to remember that. The world belongs to minorities now, and they will make a much better, more peaceful world with what they’re given. Only when white people have ceased to exist will a peaceful and progressive society – free of racism and hatred – be possible. The only way to eliminate white privilege, white oppression, white racism, and the oppressive white power structure is to eliminate white people altogether.

“So, yes, white supremacists: diversity is indeed white genocide. And white genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.


The Jew shows its guilt. In a life fighting ‘racism’, the Jewess, like every other Jew that ever lived, means a life fighting white people, the white race/races & the unadulterated strain of which, the Nordic Race.



kalegri 2

Every Jew

Every Jew

This is the Jews genocidal mind, it is present in every Jew. Jews have had this plan for us since the beginning, and execute it as soon as they are able.

What the Jew means by oppression is simply pointing out all instances in which the White Peoples do better than the savages and citing all disparities as proof as some kind of oppression, of coarse omitting the fact that racial difference has everything to do with it, as in Talmudic Law there is to be no divisions amongst the goyim.

Can you imagine, ‘affirmative action’ helping unevolved mongrels specifically because they are inferior, words like ‘ableism’ describing somebody who thinks that an able-bodied person is better than a weakling and words such as ‘transphobia’ describing anyone that desires to preserve the two real biological sexes against Jewish inventions. Jews are true antagonists towards life and the Jews are defiling the entire world.

From Jews rabidly claiming they are the ‘chosen people’ and thus have a right to live in dispersal in every nation on earth, to the Jews economic swindle forcing economies of independent races to compete with one another and thus become dependent on one another, to Jews saying that race does not exist, although they cannot disprove racial scientists only label them ‘evil’ and thus somehow illegitimate, to their ‘humanitarian’ feeding and breeding up of the stagnated races to their position as leader as the underworld against the white race claiming it is ‘racist’, to the Jewish multicultural policies forcing all races to live together. It is no wonder that many people believe that the Jew has no right to life and should be exterminated in a holocaust of fire.

– Aidhan

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