Nordicism – Why White is not good enough

The following two articles of mine are important reading for those wanting to understand the pure psychological racism of Nordicism as opposed to the modern reactionary ‘white nationalism’ (a reaction to the Jewish destruction of Europe), which is the idea that a new racial nation has to be formed (although do you ever see white nationalists making this happen?). Much of this movement has quickly been consumed by those barely whites while they condemn true whites, Nordics as being divisive. This is a psychological phenomenon that Nordicists understand as multikulti for white people or the infection of Marxism applying only above a certain level. To preserve the ‘white race’, the Nordic race must be preserved, as the Nordic Race is the true unadulterated white race.

Why White is not Good Enough


Marxism on the White Side: A Subhuman Infiltration into European Future

34 Responses to Nordicism – Why White is not good enough

  1. Lilly says:

    This is impossible to argue. I was a Nordist from childhood, it was an innate and visceral instinct.

    • Kevin Spiegel says:

      Me too! I knew when I was just a few years old.

      • 17 year old aryan male says:

        me too. i only wanted to be surrounded with people who i could relate to. i was raised in a household that valued our own culture but sadly also pushed multiculturalism which at first i thought was “true equality.” that was until i met colored children (they were the majority of who i was surrounded by) and only got constant cruelty and hatred.

  2. anon says:

    the northern Germanic is the purest of the aryans, you only find pre migration snp’s/haplogroups in Northern germanics, northern germanics also have the most unique words in the aryan language beach, with more words that don’t exist in other “indo” european languages, more evidence of their progenitor status as the purest aryans. they have the tallest average height of any ethnic group and the highest average IQ, (jews don’t tell u that though, they don’t do that, instead they lump Nords in with Italians and spics and Eastern Europeans and thus the white IQ becomes 100 instead of 107 for Nords, 86 for spics etc, jews want to pretend they are the master race, they aren’t Sephardic jews have the same IQ as Spaniards because that is who they mixed with, Ashkenazi Levine jews(who do carry r1a the aryan haplogroup) have an iq 2 points lower than Nords. jews call themselves a race so they can pretend that they are the smartest race and ethnic group when in reality they are a poor imitation, a hijacker of genes.

    • All very true!

      Intelligence runs in families, and some Nordic families will all score above 120. The Nordic Race was originally the most intelligent, with a very great and clear divide between us and any other race. Through union with subhumans it can appear, with Jewish suggestion that there is more of a spectrum than a clearly definable and homogenous race. I would have thought the Nordic Average IQ would be higher than 107. Modern IQ tests such as the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scales Jews are going to score a lot better on because the test is all about memory and copying. Jews make tests that Ofcoarse they will score well on.

      Original IQ tests such as Stanford-Binet might be more accurate. Many forms of intelligence are not on IQ tests, some important ones such as the intelligence for noticing what Jews do, making judgements on people etc.

      These so called ‘east asians’ only do so well against us is because as you say ‘whites’ are being tested as a group and the average ‘white’ is a complete mongrel.

      • Exactly…. Today the (ZOG) does talk only about a White race existance (they get the the world mass believing only about skin color – pigmentation). When Nordics will be mixed with Others White skined people, they’ll (Zogs) say what arabs are brothers because they also are not niggers.. “They have only a little big darker skin but they keep being whites” So the new Area 88’s generations will include arabs. Someone of them are already include them talking about iranians like aryans. They play with the terms “iranian” – “Aryan” but if we wanna play correctly I affirm what the term of “aryan” came from the germanic tribe of “ARII – Aries”. ….. It will be created a new (dark) “folk” of White skined and sallow White skined… full mongrels 100%. After that step the Zog’s agents-provocateurs will say what the half White skined (mulattos) people were white sometime ago but later mixed so they could be included too… and so on. Don’t forget what their first project is: “one world – one nation”. You can’t block it by passport but recognizing the truth about our identity.

    • markalpha says:

      “the northern Germanic is the purest of the aryans” It does enough if you say/write “germanic”. Germanics are the only one nordics. germanic folk is synonimous of Nordic. Germanics no-nordics have never existed. Germanic means Nordic. They are not the purest aryans..THEY ARE THE ONLY ONE ARYANS. The term of aryan did come from one germanic old tribe “Arii, aries”. “have the most unique words in the aryan language beach, with more words that don’t exist in other “indo” european languages” ,,, Aryan Language (germanic Language , nordic Language) is NOT indoeuropean cause germanics/nordics are not from Indoeuropa. They have born genetically only in Scandinavia and North Germany. You also are talking about “North italians, spaniards, ” but you are talking only about nationality and generalizing with the term of “eastern europeans”. These places have as nordics, latins, slavics and Others races.

      • Mick says:


        I am sort of a mixed breed, although on DNA tests I come up as 97% northern European. I look identical to a german really from all of the studying I have done, but I am actually mostly British with a bit of Irish in there somewhere and perhaps a spaniard from long ago (I am 1% something southern European). I honestly can’t tell if I’m a mongrel or not although I know I’m wholly European and non-Jewish. I doubt there are many purer psychological makeups than mine, I always seem to compare to the top. I am probably close to the perfection mark so I do consider myself to be Aryan, but still possibly a mongrel nontheless! I say mongrel because like an Aryan does, I am honest. Cheers

    • Fight the Marxism. says:

      Germanics are not the purest aryans… germanics ARE the aryans. Slavics, latins, iranians … etc etc are NOT aryans. The term aryan came from the germanic tribe of Arii Ares.

      • Yes the pure descendants of the Germanic tribes as long as they are not adulterated by foreign inferior blood, from all Germanic countries. Most prior waves of our people are miscegenated, but there are a few celts who are not from the Germanic wave but are survivors, and they are our people too. Germanic is the highest expression and the ideal.

        There was a long time ago many other branches of the Nordic Race that were bearers of the same style of culture with different names, but they are died out thanks mainly to the Jew. Mainly only our latest wave remains, descendants of Germans, Anglo Saxons, Normans, Danes, Norwegians, Finns etc. Germanic survivors of an ancient Nordic origin.

  3. Jacob Strauss says:

    I don’t think you can deny the intelligence of many E. Asians, particularly the Japanese. But Nordics have a special intelligence regarding creativity which is not seen in any other races. There is a reason why Nordics have invented almost everything regarding modern day advancement in science, philosophy, mathematics, engineering, etc. This creativity however can cause a typical Nordic to get bored and become uninterested in a modern day occupation that may even take high level thinking/understanding, such as computer programming. This why Asians may excel relative to Nordics in some of these fields. Also I have yet to come across a standardized test which elicits any really innovative thinking.

  4. What can I say about ?? … You are RIGHT. Ignorant mass and full mixedblood egoist people don’t wanna understand it. They don’t wanna follow the truth but what they need for themselves only. “everyone pulls water to his mill”. They can be everything and everyone… but they shouldn’t refuse the truth also if it is going against them. Truth is not made to be liked. We have to digest it and stop. I was defending germanic folk also if i was nigger, chinese or an alien from another planet. LOVE THE TRUTH.

  5. James says:

    Long time follower, first time poster. I just want to say thanks and I’m glad this stuff is being taken seriously as the europeans are becoming more fractional. I recently had my DNA tested, which was no surprise of the results. I’m about 99.5% northern european (mainly british and irish) but I am concerned they found a hair of ashkenazi. 0.6% standard interpretation, 0% conservative. It could be slightly more, or possibly nothing, but according to most geneticists it often means something. Somewhere between 1/128th and 1/512th I gather. I am about as Aryan looking as you can get though. They have a kind of don’t ask, don’t tell policy on stormfront about these fractions of other races, and the leaders abide by the one drop policy. I certainly have never identified as anything other than white, but this possible 1/200th or whatever is not ideal. In a good tough measure, am I the real deal? With a one drop policy, almost everyone is tainted if you go back far enough. I don’t like the one drop, but I do believe we need strict and rigid standards of purity. We can’t be thinking someone who is 1/8th african is white ffs. Am I a compromised Aryan, or am I a real Aryan? Over on stormfront they think that if someone is Aryan in spirit that it’s also good enough, which is not good since race is the issue. Either someone is Aryan or they aren’t and I don’t agree with a one drop policy. Thanks, let me know.

    • Most people when they get these tests get a . something of Ashkenazi. This does not mean they necessarily have Ashkenazi. All it means is that the test sample they took for Ashkenazi had some non-Ashkenazi markers in it that is shared by other people.

      Speak to other people, they will say the same. I have spoken to many kameraden and even worked with one, a German Dane of a Danish racial type who did a 23andme? or and got the same . something minuscule of Ashkenazi. He can trace his family tree back on all sides to 1700s most recent and has family photos to the end of the 19th century and all show family members as Nordic as he is, including doppelgangers.

      I have never had a DNA test.


      • Die Rechte_Deutschland says:

        Besides… actual DNA test can’t let you understand if you are nordic or not. Every parameter is built to recognize the (zionist propaganda) lie of the caucasian “race”. Todays tests are tared to supporting this marxist lie. Even if there’s some test talking about Nordic race affiliation…did you believe it ?? ..we’re living inside the David’s Star world system..and 99% of things have been built by their agents….

      • Mav says:

        The term “White” is extremely wrong cause it’s identifying skin color only. It’s not any race. If we name the Nordic race like “White race” we did make the biggest mistake of all time. White is just a color….and it could mean several different races and mongrels. If you say me “White race” I understand several different races…. It’s the same if you same me “haired race” … “legs race” … “head race”… skin color is just a racial component. It’s just a body component’s. Many donkey place enormous emphasis to the skin color only. They are fixed only with pigmentation. Why? They are mongrels… Others pure ignorant and zionist minded living forms. They have only that genetic component for distinguish them genetically by Others. They are full mixed-blood ..they are full mongrels … but they don’t want to recognize that one. Many of them wanna feel themselves aryans…they dont wanna recognize they are genetic mixture. Grey area. This is the reason they grasp at straws … they wanna believe about the marxist race where the importance is only the skin color.

    • Sun_Will_Rise_Again says:

      Yooo man! .. did you need doing test to understand if you’re Nordic one ??? come on! ..look yourself at the mirrow…look your face feauturing…think about your life style and temperament. Think about yor target…mentality… look your head bone structure..

  6. James says:

    Hey man I really love your website. I hope this stuff catches on in people’s minds. I am trying to get a sense of what people think of the nuremburg law. Let me know. Thanks.

    • Not strict enough and that is probably what you are thinking right? A half Jew or a quarter Jew, Mischling 1st and 2nd degrees are all Jews as far as i am concerned. Allowing them to do certain things and even making it legal that a Mischling 2nd degree marries into the German populace is a deviation from what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, that the Jewish blood can never be bred out.

      Better than these laws on what Jews can and cant do was making it absolutely inhospitable for Jews, to force their emigration from Germany.

      In my view any degree of Jewish blood in a future population is absolutely undesirable. Jewish blood should be completely eliminated from world population in time. It would be an absolute disaster to allow the Jews to have any stain at all on the race of the future.

      This Semitic intrusion in the bloodstream is probably one reason why some people are so tolerant and lacking ethnic instinct today, as psychological makeup can be defiled through racial bastardisation long before physical degradation is apparent, as per Mein Kampf.


      • Mav says:

        … FIGHT IT!

  7. Alfred_XY says:

    ” We will create a great Nordic empire. All the Germanic type of peoples (only Nordic type of people) will be included in it. It will begin in Norway and extend to northern Italy.”

    On April 9, 1940, as Germany invaded Denmark and Norway in Operation Weserübung, Hitler announced the establishment of the Germanic Reich.

  8. Kevin Spiegel says:

    About the Irish. Are they really part of the Aryan/Nordic bloodline? They say they are closely related to Basques from northern Spain, and that their origins are mixed, mysterious and unique. I see a race apart with a good number of them, others I do see the Aryan. They used to be called Irish-Iberian and were thought to have come from Africa, what happened with that? To me they look and are a bit different, and frankly history has not been kind about them. They’ve been considered the niggers of Europe for ages. Why Aryan?

    • MaurSweden says:

      Irish is just one nationality. There you find as nordics as slavics or latins and any others blood lines.

    • Yes, that is true what you say. Some are bastards but some are good. They contain all the racial types of the British Isles, but in different frequencies. Some of those ancient people there are absolute unthinking idiots. If you are Nordic and from a Nordic family in Ireland then you are Nordic. Lots of Norwegians, Danes, Normans and Anglo Saxons went there. It depends what they retained in their families. If you have good physical and mental traits inherited from prehistory no matter the birthplace you are alright.

      Think of many people as transiting in Ireland, their race existed before Ireland. Like how if someone lived in America for 5 generations and then relocated to a Nordicist state. Americanism would have just been the culture that coloured him for that time. His children would not be American. America would just have been somewhere they have been. They did not develop their traits in America.

      But you are right, some are a race apart and some you do see the ‘aryan’. That is how i feel about this too. Some are absolutely worthless but there is some good blood there. We can salvage it from wherever. Just watch them.

      • ElektronVril says:

        I think what many guys todays confuse the nationality and language with the blood line and DNA. They think those words mean the samething.

      • There is very often more difference in two people in one country than two people from two different countries, although there may be 1500 years since a common ancestor, if they kept their blood pure and Germanic.

  9. A Field. says:

    Hi can I send you a face pic so you can do a racial analysis? Always wanted to hear what someone who is educated would think. Thanks!

  10. Jason M. says:

    Do you think we will survive? I am sad to say there won’t be a “white revolution” like some white nationalists believe. How do you stay sane? How do you stay calm without feeling the horror?

  11. Ty says:

    Very interesting article. Makes a lot of sense. I know they classify Europe into categories, the Nordics, Alpine and Mediterranean.
    Out of all white peoples. The Nords are by far the best looking with the best features.
    I myself am a mixed white guy I think? . My beard has a full range of colors. Ginger,brown, white, blond, black. You can see all the differences in the different types of whites.
    In ancient times there must have existed separate euro groups to do with hair color. And other traits. Then through wars etc, started amalgamating. Interesting stuff.

  12. Blue-Eyed-Blonde-Haired Nord says:

    Aidhan,did you know that the original Slavs were Nordic, today’s “Slavs” are not even the original Slavs.What happened to the original Nordic Slavs was that they were exterminated by the subhuman Mongolians by race mixing.The Indo-Europeans which are the Indo-Irainians ,Hindus,Italics(Romans),Slavs,Scythians,Germanic,Tocharians,Greeks,Celts and other Indo-Europeans tribes were all Nordic.But all of these Indo European tribes except the Germanics miscegenated. The last remaining Nordics are the Germanics. Aidhan please correct me If I am wrong.

  13. Blue Eyed Blonde says:

    Aidhan,what happened to the original Nordic Slavs? and are today’s Slavs even Slavs at all?
    Because we definitely know that all of Europe was racially Nordic.

  14. Erik says:

    I’m intrigued by all of this. I must ask if being Irish/German constitutes being nordic/germanic in your opinion? My last name was given to Vikings that settled in Ireland. My mother, grandmother and grandpa all are blonde and blue eyed. I have light brown hair and blue/green eyes. My facial features are nordic I would say. I am just interested where my lineage falls into all of this? My family ancestry is very well documented and we care much about what comes into it. Do I qualify or would I be considered sub-human for being a nordic looking person with Irish/German ancestry? When you say nordic I think of the Scandinavian countries, which my viking ancestors came from. Last name is Doyle btw.

  15. Tony says:

    The reality of it all is that …….. ONLY Germans , yes all GERMANS and only Germans are
    Really Aryan !!!!!!!!!…. All other Europeans are non-Aryan ….. non-German… A bunch of Jewish
    anything “ish” . That includes black “jews”, Asian “jews” , White European “jews” !!!!!!
    Germany faught the war alone with ONLY Japan on its side !!!!!!!! NO one BUT Germans and ONLY Germans are Aryans. NOT the Irish, French, Spanish, Italians, Greeks or Slavs……
    NONE of you are ARYAN !!!!!!!!!! Sorry !!!!….. GERMAN NORDIC POWER !!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaahhhh Yes ….. and we are NOT HUMANS , we are ALIENS to this planet !!!! all others are HUMAN or SUB-HUMANS. I know because UNLIKE you all …. i AM 100% GERMAN !!!!
    Thanks and goodbye !!!!!

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