Nordic Nationhood

My 7 important points for a new racial nation are:

The Jew is a parasite; he will never let the Nordic Race be free.

The Nordic Race should be free, we evolved free and we seek to remain free.

Anti-Semitism and racism are natural, what is required is no Jews amongst us and racial separation.

Jews will never let this happen; they forcibly mix the races to kill everyone.

The Nordic Race has a parallel origin, and is defiled on any cross. Racial Mixing is Racial Defilement and the Recessive nature of Nordic Genetics proves we are a pure race, undergoing damage, devolving from our purity. We want to stop and reverse this damage.

The gullible sheep will always believe the Jew. We don’t want to live under the Jew.

To get away from the Jew and the Gullible Sheep we as members of the Nordic Race seek to establish a New Nordic Nation

– Aidhan

LINK Nordic Nationhood 25th September 2014

4 Responses to Nordic Nationhood

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  2. Aaron Fitzgerald says:

    Wow I love the site, very good read. I’m from Australia of a Nordic German background :)blonde hair blue eyes, I wish I could find a gorgeous Nordic girl,I want to have some kids 😁 few in Australia all taken I think I come find one in Scandinavia

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