Jews – The Devolutionary Ferment

The Jews history among the nations is one of murder. They are the most fanatical preservers of their own blood. To preserve their blood, they vigorously pursue every independent people to the death. Jews will as soon as their host people let them, impose conditions on the organic People that demand nothing but their complete extinction.

They will move onto the next host, claiming they did nothing, when in fact, they have done everything.

Their survival strategy, which they were smart enough to make their religion is based on undermining, denying the existence of, bastardising and subjugating, eventually exterminating every other group until they can rule over the ashes of nothing, all to secure their survival, in a world they contributed nothing towards.

If you don’t want to live under their tyranny they call you an extremist.

If you think your race is something worth preserving they call you a racist.

The Jew is the parasite of humanity.

If the Jew is so bad why is he still alive?

The mechanism by which the Jew preserves himself amongst the nations is a mechanism of actions against the Peoples causing the Peoples to hate him, and then accusing the Peoples of hate when they do so. The more harm the Jew does, the more sympathy he can attain. He constantly uses examples of Peoples rising up against him righteously as examples to attain more protection and power for himself. He systematically exterminates or makes undesirable all those strong and intelligent enough to recognise him as destructive as ‘anti-semitic’ as he levels and destroys humanity.

When it comes to the Jew, if you keep him he destroys your culture, says you don’t exist and kills you & if you get rid of him he says you are evil and kills you.

Here is but one recent example of the latter: Germans try to preserve the Nordic Race & get accused of holocaust. Jews wage a war to destroy Germany’s leadership, inherit Europe and fill Europe up with sub-humans, justify it by claiming citizenship based on race and ‘racism’ (acknowledgement of racial differences) inevitably leads to ‘holocausts’, while they murder not just an entire race but all races in the world. They claim any leadership but their own ‘anti-Semitic’.

This introductory series of articles compiled and completed on the 13th of March 2015 go to show the parasitic and very unnecessary relationship the subhuman Jews have with superior hosts, and how we can live free as a Nordic Race forever.

Truth Is Hate To The Inferior Race published 13th of March 2015

Your Defence is the Jews Persecution published 28th of August 2014

The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew published 2nd of September 2014

Jewish Groups Lead Extermination of Nordic Race published 24th of September 2014

How Jews Maintain Power published 16th of October  2014

Realising Where We Are In The World published 1st of November 2014

– Aidhan

5 Responses to Jews – The Devolutionary Ferment

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Jews have made the lives of Northwestern Europeans throughout the West a living hell. Simply looking Germanic seems to equate with being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ not only in the eyes of the Third World Mud Masses, but in the eyes of the many so-labeled “Whites”. It is interesting how I will get acknowledgement of being distinct as a Nordic looking person from a number of blacks on a day to day basis, yet if I try to be separate or express my Nordic viewpoint among so called compatriot Whites, I get slammed.

    American WN is not so much pro White as it is Anti Germanic and Anti Nord. It has been turned inside out by cloaked Jews and Jew thinkers who have turned virtually all people of European descent against the Germanics and Germanic people scattered about the world.

    The fair-haired look and blue eyes native to Germanics has been vilified as Viking looking women are splattered all throughout porn. As an insightful commenter noted recently at The West Darkest Hour, America takes its best women and defiles them.

    America and The West has turned its back on its Northwestern European and/or Germanic roots and has criminalized Germanic men – Chechar talks much of Anti Nordicism. For decades in the USA, the Lone Wolf Serial Killer Stereotype was foisted upon the psyche of dumb, unquestioning Americans as being some hillbilly ‘white guy’ while NAPAs (North American Pavement Apes) went about their covert business of raping and killing hundreds of thousands of American women of the fair-haired variety from the late 80’s onward.

    The Jew is a virus and it has infected many ‘Whites”. Yes, the Mud Masses are the problem, but they were simply allowed entrance to our countries not only by Jews but by Jew Think Elite Whites who wished to remake the West in an image different from its Germanic roots.

    The result we have today is a “White” populace that is devolving rapidly via race mixing and other negative, self-destructive behaviors. Sad to say that many so-called “whites’ shook the hand of the Jew because the Jew was Anti Germanic and these Whites, out of envy or covetousness or just plain stupidity, were more than happy to join in on the bullying of Northwestern Europeans.

    Oh well, karma is a bitch.

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  4. “A nation is created by families, a religion, a tradition: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children.” RELIGIONS ARE THE OPIUM OF THE MASSES. Mind slavery.

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