Jerry’s Writings

Jerry is a friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Sometimes when we meet he has produced an informative. I will edit and write up some of the informatives on this site, for the good of the folk everywhere.

The Jewish Curse 1

Informative: Philosophy



Jerry’s Writing on Palestine 10/8/2014

Devolution and going against nature and GODS laws

The Sins of the Jews – By Jerry

The Problem with Jewish Domination of this Earth

Jerry’s Writing 3/12/2014

Jerry’s Writing 15/12/2014

Jerry’s Writing 7/1/2015

Jerry’s Writing 19/3/2015

Conversations With Jerry

Transcripts of conversations with Jerry

A Conversation With Jerry I

A Conversation With Jerry II

A Conversation With Jerry III

A Conversation With Jerry IV

10 Responses to Jerry’s Writings

  1. Iohan says:

    Hi, I think your ideas are very good! Although not only the jews are the cause of the fall of the nordic race, also the black, chinese, latin and middle east people are the cause of its destruction.
    I am half italian and half armenian. That means that I am not nordic but I have natural blonde air, a small nose, pale white skin and light brown eyes. My brothers have green and blue eyes. And the three meassure 1.87 meters
    I know I am not nordic but I wold love to help and preserve the white race.
    How can I help?
    Does it matter that I am not nordic?
    Am I a nordic person just by being white and having light hair?

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  5. “Hermann der Cherusker fought a bloody war against the Romans. If the Nordic German Tribes had not been victorious, modern Germany would be more like France or Italy! ” ….. IT IS RIGHT ..GERMANIC TRIBES have been Always great people. ANYWAY…. IF.. Hermman der Cherusker was winning his battle we were living today in a big continent named like Germania or Germany (Deutschland) and not “Europe”. Hermann’s will/project was uniting all Germanic tribes (nordic pagan tribes) in one Naiton only. He’s got killed by traitors. This is a theory.

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