The Jews brought the world to war in 1939. Since winning that war they have been in control of the world. The worst part about this is that they deny this, and try to create dependant groups e.g. faggots, feminists (the movement to turn the entire female sex into a victim group). They create a dependant society.

The Nordid (Nordic) Volk is being systematically exterminated by the Jews and they continually deny this and prevent any Nordid (Nordic) self-determination by calling it ‘Racism’. The only real Racism going on is on the part of the Jews EXTERMINATING every native race in the world. This is called Multiculturalism.

Social Engineering and Media Manipulation has picked away at Volk Identity and Volk Cohesiveness for the last 200 years. Public Opinion is manipulated by International Jewry. Nordids (Nordics) are shamelesly made to feel that they have a say in what is going on. Editorials etc.

Racial Awareness is at such a low that they can now lie about RACES NOT EVEN EXISTING!

Races are distinguished by physical, intellectual and moral traits. These traits have existed since man was in its pre-civilised state. The type of Civilisation produced, is an expression of the racial nature of the race that created it. The races of England, Deutschland, The Nederlands, Danemark, Sweden, Norway and France that spread and created the institutions of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and Kenya have been adulterated by inferior races.

The original races of these nations, the Nordid (Nordic), the Germanic Peoples must be preserved.

After the Soldiers returned home the Jewish Masters sat in the background and allowed a state of normality to re-occur. Their children however would be subverted by created subcultures, to destroy class, to destroy national values and destroy the culture of the nation’s so with no base to existence they could be exterminated by massive immigration of less intelligent humanoids. Many political parties and movements have been formed since, the majority of which preached a taking back of the nation.

I can be reached on Skype, my address is aidhan.c

The best way to view the non recent articles on this site is through the monthly archives, by clicking at the monthly tabs at the side of the site under the heading Archives.


27 Responses to About

  1. BDL1983 says:

    Much better looking site man!

  2. Bipedal_Primate says:

    This is a very good summary of the whole situation. Would be even better without the typos, perhaps? (Writing “Nordid” instead of “Nordic”, for example.) Other than that: Great.

    • BDL1983 says:

      Believe it or not man, Nordid isn’t actually a typo…… but yeah I’d use Nordic instead of Nordid… makes better sense to me too….
      1488 bipedal primate! rather poetic hey!

  3. Bernard Weckmann says:

    Placed a link to your site on http://www.thechosenites.wordpress.com You’ll find it in the post IN CONCLUSION.

    • Thankyou very much. In your conclusion post I agree, we can take back our sovereignty at any time. This is why i believe so strongly in a Nordic Autonomous Community. Soceity does not represent us, its simple, we leave.
      We are embarking on something now with some members that I will be writing about in the future that you are very welcome to add me on skype aidhan.c and discuss.

  4. Bernard Weckmann says:

    Thanks for the response. I do not know anything about this Skype thing. I’d be happier if we could use email as a contact method.
    Here is mine: bewe@live.com.au


  5. Ymir says:

    Very well-written site. Keep it up!

    Best regards from Nordfjord, Norway.

  6. Iohan says:

    Hi! I have read your ideas and ways of thinking, and agree in most of your points of view but the jews are not the main cause of the nordic destruction, also there are muslims, black people, latins and chinese people.
    I just wanted to know how can I help. Does it matter that I don´t have blue eyes or very light blonde hair?
    I am 50 % italian 45 % armenian and 15 % german. I am tall, I have light brown eyes, dark blond hair and very fair skin. My brothers look just the same although they have blue and green eyes. We also have small up right noses.
    Do I count as a nordic person by my descrption?
    How can I help?
    Does the fact that I have brown eyes matter?

  7. Michael Smith says:

    This site is interesting. I have just signed up to follow its discussions. There is, however, one line of thinking that is necessary yet seemingly absent. As much as we can exalt Nordic achievements, we also need to recognize and candidly discuss the prevailing weakness of the Nordic/Germanic people. It is not a physical weakness. It is not a scientific weakness. It is a psychological weakness. The fact is that Nordic/Germanic people are PECULIARLY susceptible to racial guilt feelings. This stems from our related PECULIAR psychological tendency towards rather extreme empathy. We are also very gullible in a way that Orientals and Slavs are not.

    Is it not astonishing, in fact, that, even after many decades living under COMMUNISM, neither the Chinese nor the Russian masses EVER fell prey to racial guilt or the siren song of racial equality? The mindset of forced racial equality, i.e., racial communism, actually failed in the (communist) East, yet it has largely succeeded in the (capitalist) West. Is that not paradoxical? How, then, can we explain this obvious paradox?

    The answer to this riddle lies in recognizing that Slavs, for instance, naturally have a much stronger sense of racial consciousness than do Nordic/Germanic peoples. We, in other words, are less hardy psychologically when it comes to preserving the psychological mindset necessary to preserve our kind.

    The only solution to this problem is to recognize our own weakness and work to countervail its catastrophic effects on our racial morale. Look at the Russians, the Poles, or the Ukrainians. They are the most naturally RACIALIST of all branches of the Aryan race. In order to match their racial consciousness, we shall have to work very hard indeed!

    • I do not think that we do have a natural tendency toward racial guilt feeling. Im certainly not going to use this site to encourage it. I would say its more the people do not know there is racial inequality, nobody has told them, they think if there was somebody would have done something or would have said something, even though we have all along. They think this would not have been allowed to happen if it was a bad thing. They think ‘everything just works out in the end’.

      I haven’t worked out from where yet this rumour that we have a natural psychological weakness came from yet, but i think maybe a Jew started it.

      And on Slavs, they cannot be particularly racially proud when all they want to do is rape a German girl every chance they get and whine about how they are such underdogs.

      I also think that any problems in the white race that lead it to be not racist enough to defend itself come from the inferior elements, certainly not the Nordic people.

      We are also the most fanatical nationalists from the strata in any country. All the other races have Jews speaking for them at various points throughout their history. Nobody has ever helped the Nordic Race.

      I would say if you want to find the proudest race, look for the purest race, the race that has proven its passion through remaining unmixed. Who is that undefiled superior humanity? The Nordic Race.

      • Jason Vorhees says:

        I’m torn on this myself, we definitely see the “multiculturalism” ideals catching on more in the nordic countries and the “ethno-nationalist” ideals catching on in the more slavic countries. We don’t particularly see it among people of the alpine type but more among the “nordish” neo-danubian and east-baltic racial types in nations such as Poland, Russia, and the baltic countries. I think the acceptance of multiculturalism among purer nordics is largely due to their naivety, coupled with their altruism. However, I have begun to notice that blonde men are more receptive of racialist ideas. Perhaps their naivety allows them to be easily swayed either way?

      • Jacob S says:

        Dr Kevin Macdonald, from the Occidental Observer, an evolutionary psychologist, said that perhaps the reason Nords tend to be less racially conscious is that we didn’t evolve to have to be racially conscious. Obviously we strived to bring the best of our race, but we never had to deal with invasions like other races (slavs, semites, etc) had to deal with. Also, some of those of our race likely have evolved more altruistic traits than other races. With the jew programming us to feel bad for all the other races it’s no wonder we’re having issues with racial awareness

      • Is that what you believe?

        If that is the case why are we so racially conscious?

        Why were the Germanic Tribes so successful?

        Why are we repulsed by the face of a Non-Nordic individual?

        If we are not very racially conscious why do we exist as a pure Nordic Race?

        Why is it only the young ones who were alienated from their ethnicity by Jews who ever accept less than their own race?

        Why is it that our very word Bastard, comes from the Barstarnae, a Germanic tribe on the east that bastardised itself. This name meaning mongrel, its origin being a tribe that became mongrelised, has survived until now and expresses our contempt for those that are not Nordic.

        We have been plagued by Slavs for many years, and we all hate Slavs. Why did we fight the most fanatical war in history if we are not very racially conscious?


      • VRIL-YA says:

        White race doesn’t exist. It’s a sionist marxist lie. This is the reason it’s tolerated by zionist system. The othe name of this lie is indoeuropean race ….and… caucasian race. With this lie you cand mix aryans (Nordics) with slavics and latons who are mongrels with white skin.

    • This belongs on a post, not the about page. It is not a good look. Maybe you would like to re-comment this onto an article, otherwise it will have to be deleted here.

      • I agree with you Aidhan. Let me answer about your questions to Jacob. 1) NORDIC Race is a primordial ancient race. The older genetic Group of this earth. “Primordial” means aboveall what it does not come by a mixture / weaves of Others genetic groups. Nordic genetic Group comes from Nordic genetic Group. It is the older race on this earth by “alternative” studies. Ufficial studies talk about Adam and Eve or monkeys. Germanic culture has been first traditions, feith, and means of communication (Runes etc.) of this world. 2) Why no-nordics hate us ? because Nordic folk is the salt of the earth. A mix of envy, arrogance and wickedness by world’s parasites. We are able to respect and love this world while someone are just able to destroy it. We’re against individualism.. while they have born just to cfare abouyt themselves only. They are parasites, we are part of Nature. 3) Germanic tribes were the best cause their genes and culture… for sure. Actual fashioned and asleep ignorant robotic world mass think what building the big constructions is a value. So they get more consideration to Rome, egyptians etc etc. I believe the contrary. Respecting the ecosystem… losing big rock-cement- constructions is the real value. Germanic tribes didn’t live in biggest villages…no big bridges… they live so natural as they were so natural respecting the Whole all environment. It does NOT mean they were/are stupid. Think over…today the best engineers, researchers and makers have nordic blood. Many of them have english or german surname. Someone from North America Others from Europe and Australia.

  8. This ‘Nordic naivety’ myth is an absolute load of rubbish. If I were you i would stop spreading it. You do the Jews work for them. The Jews would love for this to be true, they try so hard. We are the most racist or else we wouldn’t have survived as a pure race until now. This supposed higher level of ethno nationalism of slavic countries compared to us is completely unfounded, they are being flooded too, but immigrant scum prefer to go to good countries not slavic ones, plus we just don’t hear as much from these countries. I really ought to delete these comments because it makes us look like we deserve to die. I just wanted to give you the courtesy of a reply so you know why.

  9. Morgan Wilhelmsson says:

    great page!

  10. tony says:

    Nordic anti Semite you spot on everything but is like talking to the blind and ignorants. I follow david duke and mike stathis on finance and economy and both of them have been spot on many things is crazy. Even us in Balkans feel the thread of the Jews as we been manipulated for their biding.We all should collaborate in silence against them.Even the turkish idiots even if they are asian will become just their pawns and than they will trash them and Russia putin has warned erdogan. But many forget without if you guys foll we fall to we all Europeans and we leading ashtrays.

  11. Karl says:

    Your site is amazing. It contains some of the most moving images of our people I have every seen. I am so proud to be a Nordic. One day, comrade, we will cleanse the earth of the racial filth. Then we will have a happy life. Sieg Heil!

  12. Karl says:

    Sorry for typos in previous post. Please use this one. Your site is amazing. It contains some of the most moving images of our people I have ever seen. I am so proud to be a Nordic. One day, comrade, we will cleanse the earth of racial filth. Then we will have a happy life. Sieg Heil!

  13. Karl says:

    Trump is becoming popular in the USA. Some people are surprised. How can we explain the support for Trump? He is a Jew-loving casino-building associate of known Mafia scum. But, he wants to build a wall and keep out the brown Mexican subhuman filth. So he is popular among many racially-conscious whites. I do not like or trust him. But I am so happy that someone wants to keep America white! So I forgive him the Jew-loving and Mafia aspects of his life. At least he is pure white, unlike Jeb who is a race traitor with mongrel children. Of course Hillary is just a Marxist. So what choice do we have? Actually, we do have a choice. RACE WAR! Perhaps Dylan Roof’s sacrifice was not in vain. Forward Comrades. The Banner flies over us. Onward to racial victory. I do not look to democracy any more. We fight for racial survival in the USA and Europe. RAHOWA seems to be the only solution. The final solution, if I may use that term.

  14. Furistan says:

    Spaniard here (blonde hair and brown eyes btw)
    I agree with your perspective about the so called ‘white race’ and the true europeans (nordics), I that the nordics never gets mogrelized, they don’t deserve that, anyone deserves it.
    If all the germanic mens could realize this the world would be a different place, sadly they are cucked nowadays but when Im sure that they will awake, see the sun and get out of the marxist kosher cave where they are confined.

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