A Conversation With Jerry IV

Hitler Youth

Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Some of Jerry’s Writings are on this site.

It is most interesting and moving today in 2015, to read these words, reacting to today’s events,  as Jerry lived in a time when preservation of the race was the cornerstone of the governments reason for existence, which today seems a world a way as we live in a world absolutely saturated with Jews, in which all governments primary objective is to safeguard the Jewish people, and thus is for integration and destroying the idea of racism or any difference between peoples. Jerry has lived and breathed National Socialism since his childhood, and in 2016 he continues to go against the Jews and any and all racial mixture.

Jerry and I talk about the rising power of the Jews and their non stop ‘humanitarian’ wailing. The continual wailing to ‘help the underdog, help the underdog’, until we are all mixed and the Jew as a parasite is safe. We talk how democracy is ridiculous as it entertains and tolerates every viewpoint and every idiots opinion and how it is with all its opposing views and different parties unnecessary in a tribal society that favours one race, one way of life, one culture and one idea. A society with true unity, and true community. A blood community, with one origin, one decent and thus the same traits, the same nature and thus the same values, who understand each other, pulling together. A group of like people that can relate, and pull the same way.

It is up to other Peoples to do the same. If they can’t make it, tough. That is nature.


Ethiopian Stagnates.

Invaders arrive at Munich main station

Nature does not desire Syrians either.

We talk about the Jews history of trading and their amassing of money as they are able to cheat and do things that negatively affect the tribe (our folk), as they are not part of the nation/race they live with, but are hostile to it. This enables them to amass wealth and subsequently media control not through hard work for the race, which never earns as much as criminality, but through profiteering to its detriment. Criminality is however destructive to the race and the race which practices it on its own would soon go extinct. The race on its own could not afford to be criminal for members of a blood community need to help each other to survive. They must work hard or else be outdone by competing species, just as in all of nature.

Jews practice criminality among foreign peoples, amongst the world. The Jews profiteering, controlling things for their own benefit, driving down profit margins, driving everybody else out of business is called ‘economic opportunity’ and ‘free market’, and the excuses that’s just ‘free enterprise’, ‘competitiveness’ and ‘you can’t stop progress’ are given but the loss of folkishness, the destruction for profit motive, the consequences of the Jewish profiteering are worn by the host race. They become unfree and not in control of themselves, they become destitute, they become ruined. The Jews have destroyed a formerly self reliant society. The Jew however has grown rich.

 – Aidhan

The talk begins over a coffee…

Jerry: Unity. Why, and for what purpose? We are not all equal, if we were we would all be, and look exactly the same. There would be no black, white, asian. There would be no racial difference, it would be all one race. Why isn’t it like that? It is not like that. ‘We are one but we are many, we are many but we are one’, this is a stupid song they have invented here in Australia (referring to the subversive 1987 song ‘I am Australian’ which is taught in Primary Schools and drummed into children’s heads along side the National Anthem). Every nation now, is proud to host newcomers from all over the world? Why should one be proud? That is bastardisation.

Aidhan: And ‘from all the lands on earth we come, we share a dream and sing with one voice’ so the song goes. What dream is that? Racial mongrelisation. I certainly don’t have a dream for future generations to be mixed with foreign races. What identity do you have if you incorporate everyone? You don’t have one, you can’t have one. Because you have everyone all mixed and mongrelised together. That is why the Jew is innately hostile to all the Peoples identity.

Jerry: In the beginning in my time the Jew did not have so much influence, not so much opportunity for speech. Now he has freehand everywhere. He is spreading that humanitarian rubbish everywhere. It is all we hear, when I turn the radio on in the morning the first word I hear is refugee. He has got all of the money. He controls the media. He wants to exterminate our race. This is what Hitler fought against, and Hitler was right. The mingling of people, the inferior one coming to predominate. Keep your blood pure. The Jews are spreading this bilge all around the world. And why is the Jew so humanitarian? Because he can’t deal with the strong. He hates a strong race. And how has the Jew got all the money? The poms let him have all the money.

Aidhan: The Poms during the colonisation when they went out to get the mineral wealth.

Jerry: That is right the Poms started it off, they let the Jews have all the power. That is where the Smithsonian Capitalism started, in England. Give the Jews the money and let them rule the world, make the laws and everything. Free reign.

Aidhan: And now we have to all live in democratic pluralistic societies, with every race. You can’t exclude certain races, you have to have them all. Your not allowed to discriminate and say that this nation is for one particular race, they want the racial mixture, and they condone all races living together. They call you a racist and they say that its not democracy if you don’t have all races living in your country. For instance South Africa; the Jews now claim that before Apartheid ended it was not a democracy, it was not democratic because Niggers couldn’t vote. So Jews say that the whole world has to work towards democracy, and its not democracy until all races are living in all nations under equal rights. Otherwise they say there is no freedom. That is rubbish! They are forcing the mixing of the races! Why can’t you have a tribal nation existing for the self determination and preservation of only one race.

Jerry: That is what we originally went out to do. We should keep our genes in the tribe. We should be tribal.

Aidhan: You do what is good for that particular group.

Jerry: Don’t mix it up with foreigners. That is bastardisation. You mix them up with a Black and the White man loses his advantage, and the Black picks up some intelligence. He can then almost talk properly, but still you have lost your advantage, and science and whatever capacity is gone. Their genes are dominant, they are primitive. Recently evolved traits have obviously been selected for. You should hold onto them. They are within the race, they are carried in the blood. They are more beautiful.


A superior advanced cranium.

Aidhan: You have lost the selection. You have lost the selection for the highly evolved and Nordic Race. You have a mongrel.

Jerry: What the couples select for now is for the money, if you are looking for looks and racial traits in a spouse they say you are a ‘snob’, that you ‘think you are better’, people will not want to know you. It is terrible that they are so ignorant. In politics the Liberals (equivalent party of UK Conservatives, USA Republican) here are for the money, and the Labour (equivalent party of UK Labour, USA Democrat) is for the poor, the idiots, the arseholes, the bludgers.

Aidhan: And non of them care about genes, they just want a society dependent on the government.

Jerry: If we left it with nature, how we were originally, 2,000 years ago there were no Jews in Europe, and then the Romans bought them in from Jerusalem, Palestine and Egypt, through their colonisation. They took the Jews because they were rebelling, and doing exactly what they are doing today. They took 500,000 and sent them through Europe. They dispersed them. That is when Europe got the Jews. 4,000 years ago there was no Jews in Europe. The Romans brought them in and they started off collecting junk and making money. Trading and cheating. You give him money, he gives you goods that he hasn’t produced himself but stolen, he helps the idiot and makes it easy for him, he provides, he gets in, and you have had it. He is an unnecessary parasite, but he helps the stupid one. And who made the Jews shine big? It was England. 1,000 years ago when the Jews went to England, with the Normans, then they had the Rothschild’s and they went colonising the world. They needed money and they got it from the Jews. Heaps and heaps of it. America is ruled by the Jews, that is why they put a Nigger in there, and they put a woman in Germany. They cannot resist the Jews, they are weak characters. Obama is driven by his preference for the Blacks, the inferior one. He is driven by the drive to get even. Merkel as a woman by charity and wanting to please the people around her, also by ethnic hatred against the German race.

Aidhan: The Jew has always lived around foreign people in foreign countries. He started off trading. He has always lived in foreign nations amongst foreign people. He knows how to fleece them. The Jews never had a country of their own. They always studied the other people. They know how to do well trading and peddling. Not just peddling goods but peddling foreign ideas, out talking, manipulating. He had to for his survival, that is how they evolved.

Jerry: They live like rats if you leave them on their own. They suck each other dry. They are not intelligent. We should use the universal powers, not the power of money and being a crook. Getting money easily. You never get enough money through hard work, you have got to be a crook. You have got to be a cheat. And that makes the people crook. They become dishonest. If only Hitler had some other countries who stood by. You have got to have a lot of power to win a war, and this is natures law, you have got to have the strength and the power, if you want your People’s way to prevail. But most of the nations were infested with Jewish vermin, and the Jews made the people feel sorry for them, they were ‘persecuted by the nazi’s’, they (citizens of the nations) didn’t understand, they were uneducated, they were cheated, and this is the Jewish way. Cheating. You have got to be just and the Jews do not understand that. Mongrelising the people is not just. Living parasitically in host nations is not just, destroying host nations is not just. And now Europe is being submerged by black filth, and the people get what they deserve, especially the poms. They did the Jews bidding, you become a slave, slaves do not live a long time. You have got to be free, like Germany was under Hitler. It is survival of the fittest, and the Jew is not the fittest, we can rise again if we react to the Jew properly. If for what he does to us, we react to it, and we kill him, we will win.

Aidhan: The Jew can be a crook, he can cheat, he can use money to get ahead because he destroys the society around him. It does not matter to him as he lives as a foreigner within the nation. Cheating is not good for the community, but the Jew profiteers of everyone so he can do that. He lives distinct, separate, as a germ within the nations. In a Germanic community you can’t do that because it would be bad for the community and bad for the tribe, but the Jew does not mind doing things that are bad for our tribe, because he hates us.

Jerry: The people have got to look out now, they have got to wake up. There is a lot of rhetoric going around that the Jew has been mistreated, slaughtered, gassed, persecuted, and the people still listen to the Jews.

Aidhan: If he suffered so he should, he deserves to die. Only Jews say any holocaust against them is terrible, why is it terrible? Jews say that Jews were targeted in Germany, Jews say they were targeted in many places. They never say why Jews were targeted or unwelcome. They always pretend Hitler was mad or crazy, but there is a good reason for dislodging a parasite.


Jerry: Hitler knew about the Jews. Darwinism, survival of the fittest. Nietzsche, 100 years before Hitler, he was a follower of survival of the fittest. Adolf listened to these thinkers, he read the greatest minds in history, he went straight to what the great scientists and philosophers have said. They compare their thinking and they know what is wrong and what is right. And Adolf, when he got out of prison, went from there, following the intelligent thinkers, not the idiot. Those that agree with this, should not be forced to live with the bastard idiots who think this is unfair. We should not have to include them. Those that can’t make it, those that need assistance, those that need help, they should die out. They should not live with us. They will, and the people who talk for them, the Jews, will destroy humanity. We had a Nordic Race that followed these principles, survival of the fittest. We wouldn’t include anybody else, and we were the best race. The intelligent people already agreed on this years and years ago, and if you want to learn something you must always choose a teacher higher than yourself. If you want to pick something up you must go from the man who is already there. That way you can get higher, and over the generations attain the knowledge, and have a great culture. Where does knowledge get you, these are the laws of the universe, life, to create and enlarge life, to build, to climb higher. There is an intelligent mind behind the creation of the universe. This is righteousness, to follow him, to understand and live by the laws of the universe. He created the laws, we have evolution, sexual selection, the sexual impulse, it’s all there. There are two sexes, competition in everything. A multitude of differences between people. He is striving to create something better, he is living through us. There are certain people who have already stated that the Jews are wrong. They (the Jews) are a sick people. ‘Equality’, and equal rights, the things they insist on, its rubbish, it only helps the beggar. It destroys us. This world is meant for intelligent beings only. The strong should not mix with the weak, we should be tribal. If you do not agree with us, piss off. Don’t let the Jews level the planet.

Aidhan: People with different ways, and different values, what this is actually is different natures, should not be forced to coexist.

Jerry: The idiot will not understand when someone is more intelligent than him. That is why the Jew has a big snout. He says a load of outdated, antiquated, humanitarian rubbish.  The idiot gets sucked in by this. Everything they can come up with has already been contradicted by somebody smarter, these smart people already decided the Jew is no good, he should be disposed of. He should live on his own and keep his big snout out of human evolution.

Superior Musculature

Superior Musculature.

Aidhan: The Jew has developed a collection of words he uses to stifle intelligent thought. He thinks he can prevail over the more intelligent thinkers if he just calls them names like ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘evil’ or ‘insane’. He has developed more words lately like denier, for if you deny one of his bullshit concepts. The Jew will just say something is sick or harrowing, or extreme, extreme is one of their favourite ones. He will say you are anti- something. He named his own concepts ‘progressive’ without stating why they are good. And the idiot goes along with this. The intelligent people already thought for example anti-Semitic, well what is Semitism? Semitism is  preference for Semites, a Semitic world view. If I don’t want that, or I am not one, if I don’t want Semitic intrusions of course I am! Why must I like Jews? To have an ethnic nation is anti-Semitic, as Jews demand to live everywhere. To not have Jews in your country is anti-Semitic, and the nation exists for the preservation of the race. Why should Jews be able to force a whole other race to like them and tolerate them. But I guess a lot of people can’t think like this.

Jerry: The Jews they keep the people dumb, while proclaiming to be intellectuals. They need the people to be dumb so that they believe their bullshit. He produces entertainment for the people, the television and radio stations are filled up with sport. First thing in the morning they start up with cricket, they go all day. It’s boring how can you listen to that. The people should be interested in the laws of the universe. They don’t realise there is something to life. We are here for a purpose. When I was young I wanted to fly, I built a glider. Nature has produced laws that allow us to fly. We were learning to fly in Germany. We did that, we studied it, we designed them. We enjoyed it, not sitting around watching sports. What Jew has ever done that? They just stupify us with sport and then tell us what is right and what is wrong, if you rise up, you are anti-Semitic. They stop our progress. Otto Lilienthal was the first man to fly, he built some wings, and eventually killed himself, and to this day what has a Nigger done in Africa? Nothing. I was flying because I was interested in it. I built some models, bigger ones and bigger ones. In the Hitler Jugend on the big gliders we were catapulted, three boys on either side, and a big rubber band. We had to fly 15 metres, then the second test we had to do an S curve, left then right, then land, then for the C test we were taken up by a motor flight and had to stay in the air for half an hour. That is what we did as Germans. When the Russians came they destroyed everything. Now today the youth don’t do anything. We had a good time without the Jews (laughs). The trouble is the Jew. We had an example of who the next ruler should be. He should not be afraid of the Jew, he must have big knowledge, he must ridicule the Jews. They are ridiculous, the way they circumcise. The way they want to manage this planet it is ridiculous, they kill all the animals, the races die out. The way they kosher slaughter, and let the animal bleed out, while it is living. They make it die slowly in a lot of pain. Everything about the Jews, it is insidious. We should not have to put up with them.


Aidhan: The Jews in Israel staged a conference, with representatives in attendance from various EU ‘member states’. The conference was on what Israel wants for Europe, and what Israel wants the European future to be. Integration, get rid of all the nations, merge it all together.. The Jew is saying this is the way we want Europe to be, this is the way we expect Europe to be. ‘Transforming it into vibrant democracies’. Democracies – this is tyranny, because they have got all the power.

Jerry: Democracy is an outdated outlived fashion. It is rubbish, to live together with each other.

Aidhan: They said that if member states ever vote in ‘anti-Semitic’ or nationalist government, when they have the European Parliament, there is an article in the European Constitution stating that they can suspend voting rights. Any anti Jew in the European Parliament they can just suspend their voting rights, saying it goes against democratic principles that us Jews uphold, so you cant vote anymore. Just like how Hitler the man elected by the highest democratic margin ever, is called by the Jews a dictator. So it is democratic tyranny, ruled over by the Jews.

Jerry: What is Democracy?

Aidhan: Rule by the Jews.

Jerry: Democracy is acceptance of the shit you have amongst yourselves, more or less, it is acceptance.

Aidhan: Acceptance of sickening opinions.

Jerry: The opinion and the character of your enemy, the one who opposes you, the one who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Equal rights for everyone, for every idiot and every bastard. If you are tribal you don’t need a democracy. You love your ways.

Aidhan: You live by your innate nature, everyone agrees. Democracy is bringing divergent idiots together, to destroy a natural society.

Jerry: You love your ways, you love your kind, you love your traditions. You don’t need to subside before and accepts somebody elses ways. You don’t have to. It is wrong if you accept other people’s ways of living. You have progress only when you continue on from the great minds, in one historical tradition. We take on board what the great minds of one generation said, and the culture, the level of understanding climbs higher. If we merge or have our thinking tampered with or deconstructed or we have to live with, accept or tolerate somebody else, we never get anywhere. In a democracy we have got to accept the views and the policies of people who are not our race. In a democracy there is no difference, between a good idea and a bad idea, it is of no consequence because they have lost the idea of a tribe.  If policies are bad and go against natural law, it doesn’t matter they can just bring in some new immigrants or some refugees and replace the people affected. The old tribe that has been forced to live under this democracy dies out. In tribalism you have one people pulling together. You don’t have this multi party rubbish.

Aidhan: You should never accept foreign viewpoints ever. Simply because they are foreign. They are the nature of somebody else. That is why we have distinct ethnicities and nations. Ethnicities that the Jew will never respect the existence of. If we are German, and we think German, the Jew will not admit that there is a racial difference there. National Socialism is most suitable for us. Why should it be anybody elses business.

Jerry: You should not be tolerant, you should insist on your ways and on your race. That is nature. There is no progress if everything is ‘inclusive’ as they say. If we have only one globalist way, if everyone insists on doing things the same way, breeding the same race, the same idiots, doing the same things again and again. That is Jewish profiteering off of the people. Each ethnicity has its own identity and its own mission. It is its own humanity, it is speciation, to create higher forms, not black stupid Niggers.


True Nordic.

Aidhan: Jews always say that democracy is ‘progressive’, but they have bombed to oblivion everyone with any better ways. Adolf Hitler freed the German people from the death grip, regained sovereignty, made Germany a national home for the Nordic Race. The Jews say he excluded the Jews, the Jews got the world to bomb them. Everything always goes back to idiots all the time. Jews say that you have got to have pluralism and equal rights for everyone. Jews say otherwise there is ‘discrimination’ and minorities are oppressed, excluded etc. They use themselves as the example. Now they tell us democracy is the best form of government. We still have  a Jewish problem, we are not free, we have to tolerate everything. You should do what is good for a particular group. You should have a preference for that group. That is the function of the nation. Not unite and force different people who think different things together, and keep them together for ‘cohesion’ and ‘harmony’. National Socialism was right for the German people, it was voted in by 98%. The Jews are very cunning, if we have self-government, they say we are not including other people, they say they are suffering. This is genocide.



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19 Responses to A Conversation With Jerry IV

  1. Adastra says:

    Speaking as an Irish lad with brunette hair and eyes, I am fortunate that my closest (albeit blonder) female relatives resemble the first Nordic woman on this post. My cousin looks approximately like the 3rd one from the top… but luckiky, hers and my brother’s young sons are caricatures of the beautiful ultra-Nordic girl second from the top. Race hygiene works – however, I advise everybody to ensure the non-blonde Europeans you breed with have something else Nordic or superior to contribute genetically. Do not give Jews another chance.

    The conversation with a Hitler Jugend member speaks volumes more than any 21st century nationalist ever could. I will read this again soon.

  2. vikingbitch says:


    The US Government, which has been hijacked by foreign interests, is fostering a genocide against “Small Town Whites.” Young people that resemble those in these pictures are dying in record numbers.

    • heimdall says:

      Hey, VB you are back!

      What do you think is the cure? I think they need a community that cares about them.

      VB, you need to write all your wisdoms in a book, so that your children can improve amd learn from your experiences.

      Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.

  3. Phil says:

    a) Great interview!
    b) Hitler was right!

  4. heimdall says:

    We need violence, very bad bloody, revolution-like violence. We need to gather our Hooligans, criminals and call their instinctive call for a love of motherland and race, and exterminate all biological contaminants.

  5. Anselm Schmidt says:

  6. Anselm Schmidt says:

  7. Anselm Schmidt says:

    There a video about the refugee crisis in Germany.

    How some investors make money with them, because they use our taxes for paying all. Since last year, the whole crisis costs the taxpayer 50 000 000 000 Euro http://www.dw.com/en/the-costs-of-the-refugee-crisis/a-19016394 50 000 000 000 Euro.

    Some other videos from the same guy, if you´re interested in

    Sorry for bad English, I can read the most but have problems to build it… bye..

  8. Rikstinget says:

    I can recommend the webpage of a Norwegian man (born in 1945) that address many of the topics that are discussed on nordicantisemite.com. He is the son of a parents who held ns-views during the war and who were punished by the government after the so called “liberation”.

    You find it here:)


  9. madeline says:

    you need to find someone to “infiltrate” this camp.

  10. Amalia says:

    What to do against White Genocide? – Get peacefully active of course!

    Identitarian Movement Actions – Get Inspired 1:

    Identitarian Movement Actions – Get Inspired 2

    Throw snippets to RedPill the people

    Wake up your neighbors with leaflets:

    Make your own Stickers:

    Wallpaper, where it is allowed:

    Stencils, where it is allowed:

    Wallwriting, where it is allowed:

    Tired of Enemy Propaganda – Funny Comic:

    For a good Inspiration on what to do to wake up the masses by peacefull means, read this short booklet:


    Here as audio:

    “We Must Secure The Existence Of Our PEOPLE And A Future For White Children.”

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