The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race

This is a simple, introductory scientific article for those people who are of high enough quality to notice that humanity is unequal, and that the world would be better, if the majority of the world’s populace today was non-existent.

This article shows Politics, Morality and Values, to be merely the eternal battle between Human and Subhuman; human with ideas of uniqueness and subhuman with the complaining of equality. All ideas from sub humans and people who are different from you can be disregarded; their complaints against you can be put down to admissions of inferiority.

This article presents exactly why different people disagree with each other and why you can never ever coexist with people who are not like you. The earliest racial origins and their polar opposites, the primal Nordic Race and the subhuman Jew and their interactions throughout history are shown to be responsible for politics and values today, to produce a case for racial separation, for the sake of the superior race.

kirsten dunst 2


In the last few hundred years, two completely opposing views have come to a head. Master and Slave Morality. These two opposing moral valuations and subsequent political systems arising out of them have forever sprung from two starkly opposing races. These polar moral valuations are responsible for all variety in the political spectrum.

These two races at their absolute origin are the Nordic Race propounding Master Morality, and the Jews who have forever propounded Slave Morality. The Jewish Slave Morality re-evaluates everything Nordic Master Morality Values. While Master Morality has discerned what is good for a particular group, Slave Morality re-evaluates this into how it affects others.

The Jewish Slave Morality has recently in the last two centuries given birth to the Political Ideology of Marxism, which is merely an expression of the inferior’s contempt for the superior, embodied in Slave Morality.

The entire spectrum of politics, the entire spectrum of ideology, is nothing more but the conflict between these two contrary primal moral valuations.

These polar moral valuations can and must be seen from a biological point of view, the battle between superior and inferior, the battle between race and race, species and species. Today, since the great Biological & Eugenical movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and National Socialist government in Germany biological knowledge for us supersedes politics. Genetic drives of inferior people doing things to increase their competitiveness, in the war for speciation (who will be the humanity of the future), is the explanation for everything in politics that is left of the ‘far right wing’. Politics is an illusion, that covers up the war between races.

This is why people’s that think differently, must be separate. It is only in the superior’s will to do so, against a levelling force (democratic politics).

A realisation of the absolute origin of all variety of thought, whether it be in the Nordic Race or the Jewish Race, will end all argument between competing belief systems.

Nordicism, and the belief in inherent Nordic racial superiority of the Nordic group, and the consequent will for racial separation is innate to surviving members of the Nordic Race, who the Jews have decimated. All other Peoples find this offensive.

The Nordic Master Morality has been present in the Nordic Race right through its history, from Paleo hunter gatherers, in the spread of the pre Germanic Nordic tribes, the settling down of the Nordic Race into farmsteaders and the spread of the Germanic Tribes. Master morality is particularly famously embodied strongly in popular conceptions of the Viking ages, it is embodied in particular in the German Nation and then pushed by the opposing forces of the Jews to give rise to National Socialism, the natural self-aware exclusive Germanic self-government, and the most hated political system by Jews and inferiors. For example instead of the euthanisation of the heredity ill, something we have done since the beginning being inherently a good thing under Master Morality because of the final consequence, it becomes bad under Slave Morality because we all have to look at it from the ill persons perspective. Instead of the physical removal of the Jews being a good thing for the Germanic Race, it becomes a bad thing because people are being treated ‘unequally’. Master Morality is also the fundament of Aristocratic Principals, which exist to this day in wanting to be separate from ones lessers, to preserve uniqueness that only the Aristocrat is able to see.

Master Morality can be thought of in terms of strength and Slave Morality in terms of weakness. Strong People hate Weak People and Weak People hate Strong People. Each sees each other as irreconcilably immoral and worthy of death. Although it is only in the strongs interests to admit this, to which the weak can reply, accusations of evil.

It can also be thought of in terms of useful vs useless and superior vs inferior and in its biological essence highly evolved/highly specialised vs lowly evolved/base.  Both would like to see the death of the other, although it is only in the strongs interest to admit this. At extreme ends of the spectrum the Nordic Race represents strength and the Jews represent weakness.

This is the eternal conflict of human vs sub-human.

Altdorf bei Nürnberg 3

Discriminatory Germanic Society


The future with degenerated Mongrels

As long as there have been men on the earth, the struggle between man and the subhuman will be the historic rule; the Jewish-led struggle against the mankind, as far back as we can look, is part of  the natural course of life on our planet. One can be convinced with full certainty that this struggle for life and death is just as much a law of nature as is the struggle of an infection to corrupt a healthy body.”

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler 1935

The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race – The most profound chasm in so-called ‘humanity’.

Unbeknownst to the often unaware and naive superior race, the multitude of inferior subhuman hordes are working day and night to submerge your superior genes forever and predominate over the planet. The inferior and undeveloped wish to submerge the evolutionary life force.

Not all of those, who appear human are in fact so. Woe to him who forgets it! Every great creation, idea, and artistic expression on this planet were brought forth by real man. It was this true man that thought to invent and create.
– Der Untermensch, Nordland Verlag, 1942

The Mechanism works as follows:

The inferior, lowly developed races genes are dominant over the highly developed superior races genes. It is evident then that these inferior people have a psychology which enables them to breed out their genetic competition. They can absorb anything, so proclamations of superiority aren’t necessary as they are with the recessive superior race with the genes to preserve.

Instead he can just cry about ‘racism’, say he ‘doesn’t care about race’, and that ‘we are all equal’ or ‘all human’. This way he does not lose anything. This is innate and it is inbuilt. The psyche of the mongrel. He does not even have to say he hates his enemy. He can just complain he is not being treated with ‘equality’.

This can be seen in this week’s recent Adam Goodes scandal in Australia. It can be seen in anything the homosexualist movement ever says, and anything anyone propounding any form of ‘equality’ ever says.

They are not really tolerant; they just want to appear better than you because they are biologically inferior.

What the inferior really wants is to be able to live in a society with the superior in order to breed him out. He hates the most the idea of the superior race being on his own. This is why the inferior will almost always support ‘multiculturalism’, ‘pluralism’, ‘equal rights’, ‘free speech’. He can say ‘discrimination is wrong on all counts’, and that it is wrong to be prejudiced (meaning have an opinion) because he does not have to be. If he succeeds in living in a society with superior people for long enough he wins, he makes it, and he predominates.

This is where all this ‘compassion’ and all this ‘acceptance’ come from. The untermensch, the subhuman.

This is why the Jews want all Peoples to live under ‘one government’, with ‘equal rights’.

charles schumer jew

The Jew, the Destroyer

We do not tolerate the weak, the stupid, the unfit or the defective. We do not accept those not like us. We judge. This is seen as ‘evil’ for those who would be judged badly. These inferior people however still have a Will to Power, and still want to survive at all costs. This is why they refuse to leave or get out of the way. They will do absolutely all that they are allowed to do, and go where they are allowed. They will exterminate the superior through outbreeding as soon as they are able. They do not have to discriminate, or say one thing is better than another for their survival. It wouldn’t be in their interests. It is rather in their interests to do the opposite. To talk about ‘acceptance’ ‘humanity’ and ‘compassion’ and such things. Their true victory comes in their number of births, through being accepted.

But why would the superior be tolerant?

There is nothing really good about ‘tolerance’, ‘sensitivity’ or ‘diversity’, or ‘inclusion’. There are no benefits to tolerating things around you, having sensitivity to other people’s feelings, or including people for their sake. These values are just essentials for the inferior.

As an Aristocratic Principal, the others are for them to worry about. This goes against modern political principles that find their origin in the Jewish race such as ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ and ‘pluralism’, which is inherent in a democracy.

Who would suggest tolerance? Only an inferior bastard.

The superior instead would preach hatred, exclusion and segregation. These are the mark of the higher race. He knows the definition of ‘human’ does not go far enough.

If this simple outline makes sense to you, then continue to read this site. Read the other articles on and read the great Eugenicists of the 19th and 20th Century. Men like Madison Grant & Hans F.K. Günther. Read the books of the real objective scientists that the Jews could not contradict because they are wrong, but because they are not nice. Read and learn from the great minds of the Nordic Race.

Commit yourself to the Nordic Cause that is as old as the Nordic Race itself. This is a war between  mankind’s true image and the forces of decay that will end mankind as a failed species.


– Aidhan

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68 Responses to The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race

  1. conoryoung says:

    Yesterday on the Daily Stormer I remarked in response to someone who made to retarded suggestion that all white nationalists aught to all move to one small country and take it over democratically that not all Europeans are of equal racial purity, and used Slavs and Iberians as examples of whites inferior to Nordics due to foreign admixture. Cue butthurt and accusations of being a Jewish agent provocateur from American white nationalists. I was really surprised at how much they sounded like leftists, defending the noble Slavs from my perceived slight (they didn’t seem to care about Iberians as much, though).

    • Every time.. They love to take credit for our achievements though when they talk about the ‘white race’. What have the others actually done? Nothing.

      They always love to say your a Jew trying to ‘divide and conquer’. We are not ‘dividing’, the slavs already are irreconcilable, we are two different peoples, thats why we think differently. If we were the same race we would already agree. They want to breed us out.

      ‘White nationalism’ is only going to save a mongrel white who looks like an arab by the time they are done with it, all ‘whites’ must be included. ‘White’ is not even a race. They will never achieve anything anyway because they are not very intelligent. All they can do is write on the internet and they admit themselves they are too scared to go out in real life.

      When they make retarded statements like that, they show their infantile character as nobody is actually going to do it. They cant even all agree with each other and this is testament to the fact that they are not a true group. Its all a big joke to them, and what do you expect when you have inferior races involved.

      You would be very surprised, or perhaps might not be, to see what those people look like in real life.

      You would hate them.

    • Jason Vorhees says:

      I believe that was me that made that “retarded suggestion.” Strangely, i don’t remember seeing your reply to it (or the replies of any of the others) The site’s been down for like 3 days now, I’ll try to check out those comments when it comes back up. BTW, I did not mean to imply that all the sub-races should mix together in this one nation

  2. George Gillon says:

    What a lovely and insightful post, thank you. I truly wish that there were more reinforcing posts such as this one, perhaps there are, but I can’t seem to find them. I look forward to following this site for into the future – Our Future! 😀

  3. markalpha says:

    I know what the mind-inferiority ( we can notice it by single person and folk-collective behaviour) is something around mongrels if we talk generally. It’s not important if they have White skin, mulato halt white or black skin. Pigmentation has nothing to do with brain (muscle). Nothing to do with our mind. This problem could relate to mongrels mainly.

    MIXING genetic groups… mixing Genes… means altering something natural. When you alter the Nature you make pollution. Mongrels are pollution out come. They are pollution’s sons. Grey area.

  4. markalpha says:

    “Zogs need of having nordics. When they’ll don’t need any nordic man they’ll exterminate all nordic people existing at this earth. They’ll find the right and fake justification to do that.

  5. tauron2015 says:

    I have a question. I am Slavic white male with blue eyes. I was born in Czech Republic. But both my parents are Ukrainians. Both Ukraine and Czech Republic are Slavic nations.
    I consider myself Czech. I do not particulary care about Ukraine at all. I don’t even remeber visiting it. my mentality is similar to people here. I love everything about this country. I want to help this country, by becoming egineer or scientist. But can I consider myself Czech without having Czech parents?

    • Thats up to the Czechs, i doubt they stand up much for themselves now, they are in the EU, i know it wasn’t their choice. They can speak for themselves but its not like any real Czech is today going to have any say in his country. Many Czechs and Ukranians I’m sure have no difference and are the same bloodline just in different geographical areas. I don’t know what you look like and I’m not Czech to judge. Jews are in control of everywhere so if you want your group to survive you will really have to insist on if and force it and make a new Czech tribalism with only the interested because you will decompose with the globalism while most of your country does not notice or care. So why bother helping your present country, you have a jewish population and open borders. It won’t last, do something about it. Fight for your race no matter what nation they live in, whatever you identify as a group, or there is no future.

      • tauron2015 says:

        Not true. Czech are quite vocal about current immigration nonsense and so is the rest of the East. We Slavic are standing up to Jews It may not be enough, but it surely is step foward. With Russia in forefront. Funy, the country that was controlled by them, is now their main enemy.
        We’re all under threat, but I think Nordics have it worse.
        But I’ll take genetic test, just in case there was something different with me.

      • GottMittUns says:

        Exactly. The big problem is what the 90% of european and american people are fashoned and they don’t want as giving up their forign friends as their new world life style. The 99% of them are very much lazy and brainwashed. Aboveall people declaring themselves to be a comrade. Many of them are only clowns thinking about the appearances and easy ways.

    • VRIL_ThePureNordicCivilizationEnergy says:

      You’re talking about nationalities… look your traits and oldest ancestors.

      • tauron2015 says:

        I do not think i have away to look up my oldest ancestors. At best my grand, grand father. And what traists you means? Skull and genetics?

      • tauron2015 says:

        From information i can gather, this is what my ancestors were.
        I ahve blue eyes, white skin, light brown hair and typical europoid skull. My brother has the same.
        Ancestors from my fathers side were allpure white, blue eyes, brown haired Ukrainians, and
        papreantly, I am have most similar to his parents.
        My mother side is slightly more complicated. Her father’s ancestors were blue eyes, blonde haired. Her mother’s side was slightly different, btu also had light eyes and brown hair. Except grandmother from mother’s side who had brown hair and brown eyes. But my mother appereantly gained more from her light haired, blue eyes father, so I should be fine.

  6. VRIL_ThePureNordicCivilizationEnergy says:

    Tauron2015 europeoid skull doesn’t exist. When I talk about traits I mean the Nordic face feautures. Checkbones, eyes, nose, forehead ( small forehead is not belinging to the Nordic race. If you’ve not a devolped big forehead you couldn’t be Nordic.), eyes, mouth, skull form, …eyes and hairs colors….we have to focus ourselves about different factors.

    If you give me any address we can talk about.

    I’m german-germanic blood living in Europe. Where are you living now?


    I’m NOT Aidhan.

  7. Germanisches_Reich_Deutscher_Nation says:

    I forgot ….slavics have very devolped cheekbones…. check it.

    Great Germanic Empire GermanNation.

  8. VRIL-YA says:

    Sorry but why are you following to say “we slavics” if you don’t know your real roots?? You don’t know about your traits and ancestry …and you call you “slavic” ??? Before study about yourself and further you can name yourself slavic or germanic….I can help you. Don’t fix yourself with your passport and culture, birthplace….

    Give me your email or skipe.


    …from a Germanic european land.

  9. Proud to be Helenic says:

    knock knock, GREEKS Alowed in here?

  10. Proud to be Helenic says:

    You say you white but Greek People white too

    • Greek=Dago says:

      You’re White skined too…THEN??? You’re talking only about skin color. No race. You’re fixed with skin color only because you’re mongrel. Skin color is mot all. There are different several races and mongrels with white skin. No only one. Skin color is just a racial factor. It’s not a race. If you take into consideration only skin color you’re mot talking about a race. It’s like if you talk about arm, lag, hairs etcc. A race is made by several important genetic component. No skin color only.

    • Greek_is_Dago says:

      You’re White skined too…THEN??? You’re talking only about skin color. No race. You’re fixed with skin color only because you’re mongrel. Skin color is mot all. There are different several races and mongrels with white skin. No only one. Skin color is just a racial factor. It’s not a race. If you take into consideration only skin color you’re mot talking about a race. It’s like if you talk about arm, lag, hairs etcc. A race is made by several important genetic component. No skin color only.

      • Proud to be Helenic says:

        How can you be white skinned and mongrels?

      • Because all you did was inherit white skin, and its not even. Your fixated on skin colour because your a mongrel. Why do you care how Nordics perceive you, you don’t even like Nordics. You want to save a corrupted and adulterated ‘white race’ which is more similar to the foreign races you are crossed with, with non of the original characteristics of the race and culture you claim to be bearer of.

  11. Proud to be Helenic says:

    We GREEKS don’t like Nordic people. When you come to GREECE we have fun of you. You have no culture your women are whores and drunk. GREEKS have culture. We know to cook. You don’t. WE HATE NORDICS AND ALBANIANS. Long live SERBIA and RUSSIA. WE HATE TURKEY TOO. You say we are not the ancient GREEKS well fuck you. We are NOT DARK. We are beautiful not like you with no pigment.

    • Aryan_sun says:

      So why are you writing to this web if you don’t like Nordics?? Are you trolling??? ..We don’t have culture,??????????? Are you fuked stupid retarded big ignorant or a fuking drunk???????? ,you’re very ignorant. Go to study stupid latin mongrel. Shit dark haired. You dago Sandokan.

      • Proud to be Helenic says:

        I read every web for white people, but this site ………got on my nerves. How can you call me dark??? I know what you did to my people in Germany “No greeks and dogs allowed” in every fucking restaurant. Eat the Syrians now blond boy. Maybe you will like them more.

    • You say you don’t like Nordic people but from your other comment you like to think of a ‘white race’ that includes Greeks and Nordics.

      It is thus obviously not a ‘white race’, so it doesn’t matter if we are both coloured white, or some of you are.

      Why come here. Why ask Greeks allowed, Greeks allowed and then say later that you don’t even like Nordic People.

      • peterparker123 says:

        Of course, greeks won’t like. The origin of greek is something else.

        Nordic people, indo-europeans,indo-aryans,vikings, they belong to same antiquity.

        In our country, India, indo-europid race is almost extinct, and in the future, there will be none.

    • peterparker123 says:

      // We know to cook.//

      Lords don’t cook, actually.

      • WingedHussar20 says:

        That indo-europid race in India is the offspring of slavic people as almost all of Braminis and Bants have R1a gen.

      • peterparker123 says:

        //That indo-europid race in India is the offspring of slavic people as almost all of Braminis and Bants have R1a gen.//

        Not even denying it. I am very well aware that brahmans are not of Indian origin,100 years back, it was clearly visible that they don’t belong to india. There are references where it is clear that they have migrated from balkan,caucasus ,armenia,anatolia etc.

        Now, everything is on the verge of extinction.

      • peterparker123 says:


        BTW, you are wrong. The aryans have been clubbed as indo-europeans, ancient persians and nordic people.

      • WingedHussar20 says:

        Slavic people r also indoeuropeans, in fact many of them r descendants of Scythians.
        For me everyone who have such traits like blonde hair or blue eyes have some nordic ancestry running through their veins in spite of the fact many of them r not pure breds and lost their racial purity by mongrelizing with other races.
        About Slavis once more: check the similarities between slavic ,baltic languages and sanscrit and u will understand what I’m writing about.

      • peterparker123 says:

        I have understood. I know that armenians, balkans used to stay in some parts of today’s India.

        There was no India first of all.

  12. VrilGotBack says:

    Ireland is aryan land? Of corse. All north Europe, north America and north Russia are aryan lands. Vikings are aryans? Of corse. Vikings are a nordic folk born in a norwegian fjord … Vik fjord. Irish are aryans? It does depend by each irish. All nordics are aryans. Nationality and names are not important.

    • peterparker123 says:

      Vikings were aryans, the vedic ones.

      From certain lands of India, set of races migrated. These migrations happened long long time back. At that time, there was no India, actually.

      • VRIL YA says:

        VIKINGS BELONG TO THE NORDIC RACE THEN THEY ARE ARYANS. Vikings was a warriors / traveler traders folk born in Vik fjord. Norway.

      • peterparker123 says:

        That was their work, but, racially?

      • VRIL YA says:

        NORDIC RACE DIDN’T COME FROM INDIA OR ANY OTHER FUKED EASTERN LAND. Nordic race (the only one aryan race) came from Scandinavia only. Scandinavia was part of Thule’s territory.

      • peterparker123 says:

        There was no India. I never said nordic race came from India. But nordic race did not even come from scandinavia.

        Nordic people, as a race, migrated to various parts of world. This is how it should be seen

    • peterparker123 says:

      It is actually ayre land, now pronounced as ireland.

      ayre = =aryans

  13. Warlord says:

    I agree with Julie Mitchell..There is maybe 400 or 500 pure Nordic Aryans left in the Northern mountains in small villages etc..many articles on net about this…The Ancient Nordics got killed off or race mixed out of existence and just look and open you eyes..all these little bown men running around in India..and they hate pure Nordic Europeans…Yeah just like Hellen and Choas the Euroasians were created like the Huns and Turko Mongolians etc..the Mongols would kill all the males and then rape the females left..this created the Euroasian mixes..Maybe a few thousand years ago India was Nordic…but not now…

    • peterparker123 says:

      It was indeed nordic. There was no India. There were regions like kashmir, gharwal etc. Even today, those nordic and central asian aryans are living, but in penury.

      Some nordic aryans along with warrior indo-aryans migrated, and tried to create kingdoms.

      There was a king named shashanka, who started bengali era. Even bengal is language of indo-european ancestry.

      It is all over now, for us.

  14. peterparker123 says:

    //For me everyone who have such traits like blonde hair or blue eyes have some nordic ancestry running through their veins in spite of the fact //

    many isrealis have same eyes, like jesus christ. Do they have nordic ancestry?

    Isreal was under roman rule, and I think, those latinos had such features.

  15. Warlord says:

    peterparker123 or whoeveer you are..ITS NOT OVER FOR US…..ANYWAY..ARE YOU HALF hindu/…..Wonder why some threads of mine and germanicslave were removed? Nothing that we posted was anti Nordic…..

  16. Hussien W. Qattan says:

    Im a semitic Arab from Iraq, does that mean i’m inferior? But i’m against multiculturism or Tolerance, also i like the western civilization i think it’s greater than the others Civilizations , also i like the Germanic race so is that mean i’m inferior?
    do you have any books about these subjects? And can the someone who is inferior become superior?

  17. Timothy Broadbent says:


  18. Timothy Broadbent says:

    Filipino Women specialize on gold digging, they are very fond of marrying some old man in order to get out of their shetty islands. Then, as expected, they divorce him and take half his earnings. Some women want to get a foreign husband just to interbreed, because they instinctively know how very much superior every other race is (Including nigers).
    The Filipino people feel at ease knowing that everyone raped them and everyone invaded their pathetic little islands that they call home. Somehow, some of them escaped their shetty rat infested islands to live in a more civilized place like California, Australia and UK, where they go there, they buy a shetty ricer, put some shetty amps and roll on the streets acting like they’re some gay gangster, they live a sad and a pathetic life, which is totally lulzy just watching them try hard to get socially accepted, talk about inferiority complex. Which in turn means they end up sukcing off every fukcing dirty black person they know or just becoming an hero. Filipino women also smell so bad.

  19. Timothy Broadbent says:

    Filipinos are a hopeless people. Filipinos will not succeed in life without any foreign blood in them. Just look at the rich and politically-powerful dynasties that rule the Philippines: Marcoses, Aquino, Ayala, Lopez, Sy, Gokongwei, etc., all of them have Chinese and/or Spanish and/or any other foreign blood in them, that is what makes them superior to the natives. The native Filipinos look like “katulongs” (maids/domestic helpers), and they will never be as rich and successful as the people with foreign blood in them.

  20. Timothy Broadbent says:

    Filipinos cannot govern themselves. They belong to races who look like monkeys similar to Negritos, Native Americans, Papua New Guineans, Australian aborigines, tribes in the Amazon and others. God has planned that Filipinos are destined to be the white man’s burden. Filipinos are so ugly.
    Filipinas are little brown fukcing machines. The only hope for Filipinos is for the Filipina women to get impregnated by foreigners, so that they can slowly get rid of their inferior genetic qualities. We all know that Filipina women who let a pen is belonging to a man of a superior race into her vagina are more successful in life because they can have half-breed sons and daughters who do not look like a katulong, even though she looks like one. They can then let their half-breed children enter Philippine showbusiness or politics to make money for their families. Look at successful individuals such as Bea Alonzo, Julia Montes, Anne Curtis, or sportsmen such as Marc Pingris, Sonny Jaworski, etc. They are all half-breed offsprings of Filipinas who let a foreigner belonging to a superior race impregnate them. Now, their families are rich, they live in big houses and have nice things. My God, look at the mother of Anne Curtis, she is so ugly.

  21. Timothy Broadbent says:

    White people are the superior race among all the other races in the world. Filipinos people are lazy, they lounge around the house, drinking beer all day, and rape their own relatives. Have you ever looked closely at a native Filipino’s face? Flat nose? Black skin? Nappy hair? Thick lips? It is so ugly. Look at the world, everywhere you look white people are in a position of power and wealth compared to Filipinos, black people or other races. White people are simply superior compared to other races. It’s true that Filipinos people smell bad and look ugly; small, flat nose, thick lips, curly hair, black skin. However, Filipinos are still lucky compared to black people. For black people, their saving grace is that they are big-boned and muscular, and so make very good slaves. They can also do sports except swimming and winter sports. They are not intelligent and so make their living using their bodies instead of their brains. I am just saying the truth. Black people are big and muscular and can make a living doing sports, so they don’t have to do well in school.

  22. Timothy Broadbent says:

    The Philippine Islands (AKA Philipenis Islands) were discovered in 1521 by Portugese/Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who was taking his yacht on history’s first round-the-world cruise. After dropping anchor near a scenic beach on the main island and going ashore for a look around, Magellan and his crew were surprised not to find any other humans. There were, however, great numbers of a curious and friendly ape species, which followed the explorers in their sight-seeing tour around the island. By the end of the first day, when Magellan and his men established a campsite and prepared for bed, quite a few of the female apes indicated a desire to cuddle under the covers with the men.
    Naturally, these advances met with a mixed reception. In four years of hard sailing, most of the Spaniards were confirmed bachelors, and the notion of physical contact with females of any species was somewhat terrifying. Some of the men, however, still abide by the letter and spirit of Imperial Rome’s ancient motto, “Quicumque Permoveo” (“Anything that Moves”), and since the female apes looked a bit better than some of the negresses they had seen in Africa, they were willing to give these little brown monkeys a hard time. In due course, after only a few weeks gestation, the female apes gave birth to a new, hybrid species of Filipino ape-human.
    Other Spanish explorers followed. In 1898, however, the United States claimed the islands, since they were at war with Spain about an entirely different topic, Cuba, on the other side of the world, and realized that claiming the Philippines would completely baffle and confuse the Spaniards. When World War 2 came along, it was Japan’s turn to invade and totally freak out the USA, first by forcing all the US soldiers to jog around the Bataan High School track 100 times in full gear (this is jokingly remembered on the History Channel as the “Bataan Death March”), and then by kicking their stupid rectums in an archery competition. The Philippines evokes bitter memories indeed for the US military, which can be considered extremely lulzy.
    Not wanting to dwell on the past, the United States granted the Philippines a status somewhat like Puerto Rico in 1946.
    Four hundred years of successful interbreeding with Spaniards, Chinese merchants, US military personnel and Japanese sex tourists has led to a race that is generally presentable in the human society but can not be considered attractive by any means. There are, as well, quite a few characteristics of Filipino culture that remind intelligent observers of their origins.

  23. Timothy Broadbent says:

    Filipinos – an inferior and corrupted race that is purely intended to be employees who will work for companies owned by foreigners, rely on foreign investments, and the rest work as household slaves in the modern era. This is the legacy of our elders.

  24. Joe Mortis says:

    Sad that there is this kind of division and in-fighting among Europeans. No I don’t believe the Euro subraces should just blindly mix into some pan-european mess, the Nordic blonde hair and light colored eyes traits should be preserved of course because these are an exclusively European trait (this is coming from someone who’s brown haired & brown eyed), but we should stick together in these times as EUROPEAN comrades. European countries all over are being invaded and destroyed by non-Europeans, deal with them first then settle the differences instead of the retarded infighting, that’s exactly what THEY want…

    • No, I will deal with my people. Your people – your responsibility.

    • Europa Redux says:

      There are Nordic people with dark hair and eyes, and Irish and Poles with blond hair and blue eyes. The point is it is about phenotypes. A pure Aryan is always blond and blue, and a pure mutt is always brown and swarthy.

      I know a girl who is of pure Anglo-Saxon ancestry, who is well over 6 feet tall with a very long skull and face and platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. She looks nothing like any mongrel I know of. There is no reason why we should mix, we are not the same race. Just because there is admixture doesn’t make us the same.

      I have a cousin who is almost 60 who looks like a 30 year old, also pure Nordic. Yet most white people when they hit 40 their face gets deformed and they get progressively worse until they look like goblins. I do not find non-Nordic women attractive and will never mate with one. If you think we should mix then you are my enemy and I hope you go fuck yourself.

    • Europa Redux says:

      Basically we just want you to go away. All outstanding and generous people are Nordic and most of us find you just as repulsive as a nigger.

    • Europa Redux says:

      And you’re not my comrade if you don’t want to keep the Nordic race pure. A world without Nordic people is not worth living in.

  25. Joe Mortis says:

    Regardless if you’re Nordid, Mediterranid, Alpinid, a mutt, or whatever, Europeans world wide are under attack.

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