Lobethal Bakery – The Jewish Net Casts Over German Town In South Australia

Last week the front page of the local newspaper here, The Courier, featured the faggot flag. The woman columnist announced that faggot flags are going up at various locations in two local Council Areas. The Council’s are proud to celebrate ‘gay and lesbian culture’.

latvia faggot protest tumblr_inline_nq97q2POEd1tuvmur_540

As if they have one, they are an invented group. (Generic Photo)

The area already had a culture which the paper now ignores.




This week in the editorial there was a letter from the owner of a Bakery. She is no longer going to have the newspaper in her bakery anymore, as she is disgusted by the pro faggot stance of the newspaper.


How many people have noticed, the drive for ‘gay marriage’ acceptance, has been entirely led by the media? Shouldnt this make the people not support it at all! It is a system manipulation, not something organic that came from the people. Ruth Trinkle noticed.

Her bakery is now being boycotted and is apparently in danger of closure.


The Lobethal Bakery



The support page for goyim that does not affect anything in the real world.


The boycott page that the Adelaide Advertiser encourages people to join in to. This page is crawling with Jews that won’t admit their Jewishness.



What the inferior hate the most is ‘discrimination’.

However I visited the bakery today and the assertion that the Lobethal Bakery is in danger of closing is absolutely laughable. The bakery was as busy as ever, and possibly even busier. Faggot activists were surprisingly absent. This turns out to be just another example of Jews manipulating the public. While Jews over represent their sick ideas online, ideas about the faggots possibly being able to starve the business of trade turn out to be hot air.

Bottom Feeders.

Bottom Feeders.

Its the 21st Century, there is no room for tradition, culture, identity or different Peoples. Everything must be mashed together and the scum must prevail.

It’s the 21st Century; there is no room for tradition, culture, identity or different Peoples. Everything must be mashed together and the scum must prevail.

The Courier

Only a few short years ago this newspaper was a farmers paper. The paper was genuinely a local paper, with its knowledge of local history and local culture. It was not hostile towards the British identity and feel of the area, and was able to bring input from real locals both of British and German descent. The area was homogenous, and the paper brought stories of the people who lived here. The picture pages were full of Nordic families and individuals with blonde and red hair.

But now the paper is a Jewish paper. It has got nothing to do with the local area, but portrays the area to be just one part of a ‘global community’ that needs undermining. The paper within a few years has turned into just another arm of Jewry, with its mission socially engineering the people. Its perspective is no longer a local one but an international Jewish one with a focus on ‘diversity’. It’s as if these detached people view the area from afar and are busy bullying its inhabitants. No longer do they talk about farmers, the projects of village people or represent the identity of the area. Now the paper is occupied ‘driving’ the area. They are busy changing the area into something different. They have already declared the area not ‘diverse’ enough and agitated for the replacement of all the locals with brown stagnants and refugee’s. The readership have turned into the papers enemy and this readership must be condemned and destroyed at any cost. But for this to occur it is vital that they continue reading the paper.

With all the talk on ‘refugee’s’, ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, ‘social change’ and even the ‘holocaust’, the self-proclaimed local paper has taken its side. Against the people and for the Jews. I have been following the decay of the newspaper, and I can proclaim as expected that it proceeds at a rate proportional to the disfigurement of the faces of the journalists.

They were in full support of the Refugee’s and their rights when they were housed by the government in former Defence Housing. The ‘refugee’ children were bussed to a local school where they terrorised local children. This local paper ignored what the real people thought and was in full support of children in this ‘Anglo enclave’ being able to ‘have exposure’ to ‘other cultures’. As soon as the area received its first Nigger in the form of a husband for a fat welfare bludger living in social housing, the paper was there to photograph him as if he were anyone else. For a few years the paper has not ceased in portraying Jews and their ‘art’ in exhibits nobody but Jews travel up to from the city. The paper was in full support of an ‘international sculpture symposium’, where Jewish and ‘Eastern European’ sculptors were allowed to vandalise parks and streetscapes with horrible alienating ‘art’. The newspaper is in full support of the urbanisation of the area, and often contains articles detailing how ‘urbanisation’ and ‘growth’ can be achieved ‘sustainably’. The paper is of the opinion we need more local ‘jobs’ and more local ‘infrastructure’, meaning, we need more people, more houses, more business, and higher population density for everyone. This paper has not represented the local area for a few years now.

Despite having an overt, extreme Semitic agenda for decomposition of the Nordic People, and promotion of everything that will result in the genocide of the Nordic Race. Editor Ian Osterman disputed the fact that the paper is running a homosexuality campaign, despite the paper being all for homosexualism and calling opponents ‘bigots’.

The Newspaper has already come out against racism and thus come out against the existence of races, and is thus murderous towards anyone of any pedigree.

Unfortunately, those supporting the bakery are unaware that this is all the Jews. They are blaming ‘do-gooders’, ‘liberals’ and ‘bleeding hearts’. They are unaware most of these ‘people’ are Jews.

Jews - The germ behind the decomposition of man.

Jews – The germ behind the decomposition of man.

It is the Jews that invent opinions contrary to your instincts. It is the Jews that destroy the world. Not ‘do-gooders’ and ‘bleeding hearts’.

The Newspaper does not just have a ‘homosexual agenda’, but a Jewish Talmudic agenda. The Nordic Race is at stake and the people must be polarised. They must know what emanates from the rank Jewish Serpent and what comes from the Nordic Race. Only then can the faggots and all other groups invented by Jews be made innocuous to the survival of our people.

If you support homosexualism you support the forced mingling of different groups, the persecution of those with different ideals and the extinction of true groups.

We fight against all ideas of ‘equality’ and all inferior people that desire it.


No homosexuals in this group.

For more information on ‘what is homosexuality‘ click the link, and read the true facts that it is just an invented victims group for Marxism with no actual historical basis for existing, in which they are virtuous and others are ‘evil’. Homosexuals are driven at the real group until that group is destroyed. This destruction is justified because that group ‘oppressed’ homosexuals. Even though homosexuals do not even exist, only different categories of people who pretend to be, think they are or speak for them.

I have been going to the Lobethal Bakery for years. Their Pretzel Bread is second to none. Support this Bakery, Support the Nordic Race and death to the Jews!

– Aidhan

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8 Responses to Lobethal Bakery – The Jewish Net Casts Over German Town In South Australia

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I find this story interesting because having lived in America now for 3 decades, I have seen the same patterns here occur time and time again.

    I move to a small village or town center that has a distinct character. The town has or had its family run shops, cafes, and restaurants that reflect distinctness of that community. In time; however, the things that made that community unique were dismantled by the NWO. This dismantling usually occurs by a sort of mini invasion of members of the MultiCult. These members may include Jews, Groids, and/or LGBT people. They move to a small community such as Adelaide for example because they like the small town feel and its character and because it is safe from where they came; however, instead of just ‘going with the flow’ and letting themselves and their uniqueness being accepted over time, they FORCE ACCEPTANCE and hence stir opposition.

    The thing is, Adelaide probably would not care if there were Jews, Gays, etc in its midst if they just minded their own business, but they cannot because the Jew’s business is culture destruction to set up their own business.

    This is always how the MultiCult works. The irony is that it takes its conflicts with it wherever it goes because the MultiCult and its members – Jews, Blacks, Latinos, LGBT, and other shades – cannot accept DieVersity in Opinion.

    This coffee shop would have accepted DieVersity and LGBT people just fine if they did not make DIFFERENCE an issue. Everyone has opinions and we are allowed to have them and voice them, but that does not give others the right to try and bankrupt a small business because that place and its owners do not agree with a certain lifestyle choice.

    If DieVersity does not like areas that are not “DieVerse”, don’t go there. If DieVersity does not like shops that do not kiss Jew, LGBT, Groid, etc arce, don’t go there.

    It really is that simple, if you are not greedy and you do not have to have your way all the time.

    This MultiCult and its appendaged weapon of Gay Marriage Legalization is really just a smokescreen for the Jews and their efforts and try to dominate the world by running small family owned businesses out of business. They pick a small town area and dismantle the community via “acceptance of DieVersity” campaign and create problems where there are none. In this process, the community falls apart and degenerates, and the Jews pick up the pieces and sell them or repackage that distinct community’s recipes, formulas, inventions and sell them as part of some metroplex built there as part of ‘gentrification”. Some Starbucks or some NWO “McPlace” will probably put up in this coffee house’s place.

    There is no morality behind DieVersity, just nation busting, ethnicity trashing, small town destruction, in an effort to supplant the unique and individual with DieVersity, which ironically, is not about the acceptance about divergence at all.

    DieVersity = New World Order = Communism

  2. Flanders says:

    I wish the bakery owners the best, and they have the respect of a great number of people from all parts of the world, I’m sure, and more if those people only had the ways to know it. If the owners were to have a website somewhere other than Facebook, I would certainly let them know.

    It is difficult for White people as individuals to compete with an extensive network of cooperating international jews who have the full media and deep pockets money already behind them, thanks to their international jewish bankers. Also, those fine bakery people have their story told only by places which may have less than 10,000 hits in total combined, while a jewish MSM source tells the jewish side of their fabricated stories to multiple millions of eager, but dumb swallowers, in one daily session.

    You may want to see this next link, if you are not already aware about it.


  3. Flanders says:

    Viking Bitch, You must have moved to the US (formerly the USA, home of real Americans) about the time that the jews began implementing their system. The jews have their favored minorities move into White areas in sufficient numbers to make the Whites move, the jews follow with their fast food outlets, convenience stores and coffee shops. They then import more negroes into that new area by hiring the minorities, and then cause Section 8 government housing to be built, saturating the newly populated area with the lowest of scum minorities. This causes the Whites to move again. The jews then buy the properties at much reduced prices, and the cycle continues to repeat until there are no longer areas left where White people can be with their own kind and remain undisturbed. Often the jews pass laws which go unnoticed until they are implemented ten to twenty years after which give special privileges to those minorities, and they call that “affirmative” action. It is an affirmative scam in the war against White people.

  4. OriginalGermanic says:

    Off topic, must see!

    Refugee Camp in Dresden … Planet of the Apes

    • VRIL_ThePureNordicCivilizationEnergy says:

      In Europe the politic administrations prefer helping refugees then own citizens. We’re managed by fuked radical chic parasites.

      • Jews who want to populate the world with the most worthless bastards who could not make it on their own. Genetic sewerage. Good for the Jews, less ‘anti semitism’ then as they can’t be a parasite among people of one type from
        one origin, they would get noticed as they did before Heil Hitler!

      • Adastra says:

        I have a forum to show you, based on the beliefs of Varg Vikernes… you may be familiar with him. http://odalist.boards.net/ If you will join, let me know what you think. If you won’t, delete this comment and accept my apologies for unexpectedly spamming your site.

      • raintree667 says:

        It is the same in America. We are over run by Hispanics and negroes. Now, they are bringing in the much hated Muslims. These migrants, blacks and spics get preferential treatment over whites. It’s way past time to revolt.

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