The Nordic Race in Britain 1948 – 2015 – An Extermination

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Recent comments by David Cameron, the brunette, Jewish Prime Minister of Britain, make it a pertinent time to discuss the downfall and decay of Great Britain, and the dispossession of its National Peoples, and their newfound irrelevance to the modern discourse.

A group of women give the Nazi salute on the deck of the Wilhelm Gustloff at Tilbury, 10th April 1938. The ship is a floating polling station enabling the 2,500 German citizens resident in Britain to vote in Nazi Germany's 1938 plebiscite.  (Photo by Becker/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

English Girls on holiday in Germany

Great Britain – 1948: The first shipload of Niggers arrives from the West Indies. The British People are told it is to address a ‘labour shortage’ due to the lack of man power after the war. The Niggers, just like all Niggers; go on the dole. The Niggers breed up and are complemented especially from the 1960’s onwards by further boat loads & plane loads. Whole cities are destroyed by black population. Bradford, Birmingham and parts of London are the first to go. Council flat high rises go up all across the country to further accommodate the ever-growing mass of filth.

Money is taken from working Brits tax and given straight to the coloured stagnates as they over breed. The once Great Britain gets herself further and further into debt to pay for the worlds largest ‘welfare state’. Governments sell national assets to pay back the Jewish bankers. The 1970’s and 1980’s are times of extreme poverty for all but the top 10%. Youth who once sought apprenticeships in national industries now join the coloured hordes in the welfare line ups. Even though there is no work for the British Youth, the brown tidal wave of subhumanity continues to grow larger and larger. The excuse ‘labour and skills shortages’ are still being used.

Britain – 2015: British People make up a minority. The English people especially are well below 50% of the total population. Britain is rebranded as a ‘successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy’. The British People is not even acknowledged and new arrival brown subhumans are classed by the government institutions as ‘British’. It seems the British People will soon cease to exist. The archaic excuse of Job & Skills shortages is now not the only reason for the flood of Mongrel Rubbish. Foreigners are now brought in for no other reason than just to combat ‘racism’. Anyone who wants to come to Britain is allowed in, it would be against his ‘human right’ to not allow entry, and against UN laws stating ‘every individual has a right to abide anywhere he wishes’. Any person from any EU Member state is allowed in and any subhuman dog from outside of the EU is allowed in as a ‘refugee’, meaning ‘I want to live in another country otherwise im oppressed’. Newly arrived subhumans are given a ‘job seekers allowance’, even when they are disabled, won’t speak English and incapable of working.


The English People are no longer given a racial designation, and the very obvious notion of the visually distinct Anglo Saxon is seen as a dangerous link to Germanism, that could inflame into mass round ups and gassings of Jews at any time, and instead; instead of the racial characteristics and cultural history of Britain being celebrated, all Peoples who populate the isles are spoken about only as further evidence to prove that Britain has always been a ‘land of immigrants’, and thus justification for further immigrants, although all but the Ancient Britons of immense antiquity have been of one original Nordic origin.


Every urban area is a rape zone for beautiful Anglo-Saxon women. This standard of beauty, once considered and taken for granted as a norm for White People in White Communities is now a highly prized commodity, lusted over by Negro and Paki alike. Multiple Towns and Districts are achieving 60-70% rape statistics for English girls aged 14-22.

Jew Sue Berelowitz says 'Asian gangs targetting White girls is just one of a number of models' and that 'if investigators followed those patterns, victims could fall through the cracks'.

Grotesque mite in ‘human’ form: Jew Sue Berelowitz says ‘Asian gangs targeting White girls is just one of a number of models’ and that ‘if investigators followed those patterns, victims could fall through the cracks’.


Jewish cockroaches unanimously agree this is fine.

The government is dealing with hundreds of thousands of ‘people’, born and raised in Britain that don’t identify with Britain – and feel little or no attachment to the other people. The alienation is felt by foreigner, Briton & Anglo Saxon alike, mean while it is acknowledged by the government that the Jewish community in Britain makes an incredibly important contribution to the country. On the other hand the Britons and the Anglo Saxons are no longer acknowledged, never spoken about except for when it relates to their ‘racism’ towards other groups. The Britons are classed as no more than a ‘racist group’, while the Jews are classed as the Nations contributors, and the Paki’s, Niggers and other subhuman rubbish are classed as ‘protected groups’.

The British & Regional Cultures have been obliterated as ‘racist’ and something everyone can all agree on has come in its place; idiocy and consumerism.

David Cameron and the Jews struggle to keep their subjugated ‘nation’ ‘cohesive’, by promoting ‘integration’, awarding school standards based on how many non-British students they can achieve, fast tracking the generic undeveloped brown ‘diversity’ into all institutions, and setting ever more repressive quotas against the indigenous British. If they can propel every low IQ subhuman into every position of visibility, and induce a large enough feeling of alienation amongst the powerless British people, ‘democracy’ and the ‘multi-racial’ state can be deemed a success. When the last British child of Anglo Saxon ancestry has been born, true social cohesion will have been achieved, even though non of the original population remains.


Anglo Saxon

Instead of showcasing a tall, blonde and magnificent race, Britain must be portrayed to be exactly like the rest of the world, racially mixed and cretinous.


Britain is no longer a nation, but a dumping ground for the worlds bilge, all worthless Peoples, all worthless families, all hoarded onto one crowded island to mongrelise together into a waste product.

The notion of different Peoples, living separate is considered a ‘fascist’ and a ‘hate filled’ proposition, by the parasitic Jews forcibly holding everyone together to undergo extermination.

Looking forward

The admission of inferior foreigners in 1948 was made possible by Britain’s involvement on the wrong side of the Second World War. Had Germany won that war, or had that war never occurred, due to a rejection of the alien Jews in Britain and in America, the Nordic People today would be a united species, well on its path to realisation of an even more complex and highly evolved organism, through sexual selection and the knowledge of the heredity of (a) favourable and degenerate traits, and (b) the knowledge of what traits are coming from a superior Nordic ‘master race’ origin, and what traits are coming from inferior primitive races.


Non of the above unbearable events would have occurred at all, had the Jews been exterminated sometime sooner. Nations would be sovereign, and Peoples would be independent and free. The level of racial mixing (mongrelisation, bastardisation, becoming a lower life form) would be non-existent, as people follow the laws of nature, and only breed with members of their own race, forever expanding and purifying through sexual selection, striping away all of the defects and all of the ill-health that came from all of the rubbish and all of the foreign theories brought to us by the Jews from before the time of their extermination.


Whole Races that couldn’t make it would drop off, the stagnated and failed offshoots of ‘man’ would disappear.

Despite all of the above mentioned negative facts of the last 70 years, the destruction of culture, the taking on of inferior races, the alienation, the welfare state and the gloom of a future of a pathetic, poverty-stricken, mongrelised, enslaved human species; true British People know who they are. They are Germanic. The Germanic People embody a conscious species, the Nordic Race. This species is international. It is a superior species to failed stagnated offshoots of bipedal apes. The only way this superior species is going to survive is by behaving according to its social nature, the nature of National Socialism. The only way the Germanic People can survive is through resettlement to an autonomous National Socialist community.

Coupled with the loss of sovereignty; the more alienation, and the more the present global Jewish system only represents mongrelised hordes, the more complete autonomy, racial separation, and new solutions to that effect finally becomes popular and indeed the only solution and future for our people.


– Aidhan

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44 Responses to The Nordic Race in Britain 1948 – 2015 – An Extermination

  1. Col.Peiper says:

    It’s a pity the fate of western Europeans especially future generations where left in the fate of one man, Winston Churchill.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    It will be interesting to see how Multi Cultural Britain and The Turd World Pile that was once the USA will shake out.

    The thing is the ability to surmount obstacles is really innate. Most Turds just do not have ‘it”, whatever that ‘it’ is. The Nords do; however, we just have to survive and network over borders.

    I tend to dismiss IQ because really it is an instrument concocted by the Jews to reign in the Nords. “Intelligence” is abstract and really does not exist.

    Deeds not concepts. What has any one race outside of the Nords created that has withstood the test of time? Do the Jews REALLY believe the MultiCult is going to work? Of course not. It is just their sociopathic hubris to Destroy The Goy because the Nord Goy did not want the Jews to suck off of them and because they are just filled with ENVY of the Nords. Their race is fugly and their faux intelligence is just their sociopathic manipulation of the environment. The Others follow suit because at the end of the day, they want to be like the Germanics, but are not, and so they gang up on the Nords as well.

    I have no empathy or sympathy for anyone but my own. It is a waste of my precious time. I live in a development at present that has a conglomeration of Indians, Hindus aka Fugly Dotheads. They scowl at me and my kids. I just want to ask these people: “Why the fuck are you here?”

    And really, why the fuck are they here?

    Although my area is majority white, somehow I had the luck of moving in right next to a Caribbean Queen. This woman married an American Black military man. She is miserable. Her kids are miserable. She does not smile and does not say a polite ‘hello’, instead she asks “Are you working yet?” A thought bubble pops into my mind and I say back silently “I work at home for myself and my kids not for you useless fugly people to invade my country.” She always makes a point of mumbling when walking into her house and upon seeing me ‘I have to work”.

    My thought bubble floats up again and I say “If you are so fucking miserable, then why are you here? I did not force you to come to America and marry a Black American Military Man?”

    There are times when I feel like moving, but then I think ‘no”. Nope. I will plant myself stubbornly here and torment the Hindus and Caribbean Afro Queen with my presence because they may have passports that say that they are “American”, but they are in no way like me, and that kills them inside. Hell is a state of mind, as is freedom. I am free wherever I go – It is a cognitive choice. These Turds must live with themselves because in the recesses of their psyches, they know they are not Nords.

    The Masses of Asses Freakbook mentality has infected the psyches of millions across the world. People base their self-worth and value themselves on how they “compare” and “measure up” to others. This is Talmudic Manipulation and Silent Slavery via the cultivating of Covert Covetousness.

    I do not want what my neighbors have. I do not want to look like my neighbors. I like myself. I am proud to be Germanic. I can overcome anything and I am resilient. I did not do a damn thing to these Turd Worlders who bring misery wherever they go because THEIR SLAVERY IS IN THEIR MIND.

    Covetousness kills.

  3. heimdall says:

    We need a solution, practical and implementable.

  4. Schoengarth says:

    Just look at this David Cameron! He looks part gypsy at first glance.

    He looks nothing like the fine and elegant Nordic redheads and blondes in 19th century Academic art or Renaissance paintings.

    And how crazy people are to think that THIS doesn’t matter … that “our” leaders don’t look like us … that “our” leaders biologically aren’t us.

    OF COURSE they act as our enemies, because they simply AREN’T US! Their alien agenda stems from their alien humanity/biology!

    How many people, male or female, were in power in the last 70 years in any European country or North America that actually resembled this humanity?

    • Good comment! David Cameron is not English, or even Scotch which he pretends to be. Remind people that anyone in any position of power is dark haired and swarthy. Not fair and well proportioned. This is Jewish enslavement. They over represent themselves all over the media as well. If people would look at their own race they would find its a blonde Nordic Race, so what are we doing with these foreign leaders.

      I noticed when I was about 12 years old all the experts they brought onto the news were ugly, although they must have had a lot of money so I couldn’t believe why they would look like that. I asked my Grandad why and he said its because they are all Jews.

      Unfortunately with Jews making every area the same ethnically by forcing everyone from everywhere into every area the young wont even recognise they are from a race.

      • Schoengarth says:

        Yes, the now owners of Europe and America now furnish their kingdom with the for them appropriate populace: niggers and arabs! They fit together now, the rulers and their subjects.

        By the way: I would even go so far to say that democracy by its very nature prevents true Nordic people from coming to power and taking leadership positions! Look at true Nords and how they make you feel (the vibe they radiate), and then look at this entire democractic system. Both are mutually exclusive! Democracy is the dictatorship of jews and scoundrels! Democratic parties only attract jews and scoundrels! Democracy is fundamentally alien to the Nordic soul. Or as Hitler said: democray was born in a jewish brain, not a Germanic one.

        And it’s more than just skin or hair color! Angela Merkel may have blonde reddish hair and pale skin, but her face is not German at all! She fits in perfectly with the tribe, which was the main reason for making her head of state of the “modern” democractic Germany. And how wonderfully she is now showing her true colors by shitting millions of nigger refugees into Germany. Oh my god? Who would have guessed she could betray her “own” German people like that?!

        WOE TO THE MAN who does not understand that race and agenda go hand in hand! …

      • Democracy is for subhumans; ‘I’m not allowed to have any power, so your not allowed to either, we all have to be equally powerless’. Its a system for willing slaves.

        People have to be tolerant of other ideas and passive to tolerate a democracy. Why would you accept other ideas? In democracy you know something is being done wrong but as long as the idiot agrees you have go put up with it.

        Also it denies the capacity of an individual. The subhuman knows he is not capable of greatness, so he assumes nobody else is capable either, so he denies authoritative leadership. It shows a contempt for the species. In its instigation it would have to be propagated by one species to level another species, but the masses still think ‘man’ is one species, although races have nothing in common with each other and hate each other.

        Only someone who is inferior themselves would say ‘lets give the idiot a chance, lets see what he has to say’.

        Because i am not a subhuman i would gladly follow an authoritative leader, not some democrat. I don’t believe in equality so I don’t deny some one else’s potential for greatness. And going the other way if I know more than someone that’s not ‘fair’ for the slave.

        I hate non nordic people.

      • Original Germanic says:


        Angela Merkel is Jewish.

      • Schoengarth says:

        So she’s polish and jewish together … Hallelujah! Those two tribes who by nature have the biggest grudge against anything German. And people wonder about anything this bitch is doing …

        By the way Nordic Anti Semite: Democracy is not just the rule of subhumans over the truly capable, it’s even worse than that: Democracy actively destroys Nordic communities and gradually removes Nords from the face of the earth! Whether democracy does this consciously or unconsciously doesn’t matter. The excuses it uses for it don’t matter. What counts is the end result!

        Look at history! What is happening today is nothing new. What became of the ancient Nordic Greeks or Nordic Romans after their empires adopted democractic type systems? Answer: Their complete destruction and removal from the earth, and their replacement with arabs and other inferiors, who now as modern Greeks and Italians imagine themselves to having been the ancients! But higher human civilization is completely gone there now!

        And it will end the same brutal way in Germany, England, the United States etc.

        200 years from now, brown inferiors will march among the ruins of the historic buildings of what was once Germany, England, the United States etc. This will be the sole new populace, and they will also boast about “their” great past achievements and “their” great ancestors. But like the modern Greeks and Italians of today, they then too will mysteriously be uncapable of continuing in this great tradition.

        I hate non-Nordics, too! Most of all the ugly and degenerate art and architecture they produce!

      • OriginalGermanic says:


        200 years from now, brown inferiors will march among the ruins of the historic buildings of what was once Germany, England, the United States etc. This will be the sole new populace, and they will also boast about “their” great past achievements and “their” great ancestors. But like the modern Greeks and Italians of today, they then too will mysteriously be uncapable of continuing in this great tradition.

        That’s the point.
        And history shows it again and again and again.
        We Germans will disappear just as our ancestors are.
        And what will remain …. poor, incompetent individuals only capable of drilling with their toes the sand.

  5. vantablackraven says:

    Thank you for posting this excellent piece, Nordic Anti-Semite. I’m still at the stage of reading with awe as people speak the plain truth in plain but oh-so-expressvive words, e.g., “the first shipload of Niggers,” “mongrelized hordes.” Such music to my long shamed ears. For my mind, heart, and soul are now free of the jew-xian-corporate-left-lib-feminist-bitch thought system that brooks no dissent. FUCKKK THEM ALL! FUCKKK CHRIST! HAIL SSATAN! HEIL HITLER! SIEG HEIL!


  6. ascomanni says:

    Very well written

  7. OriginalGermanic says:

    @Nordic Anti Semite

    “Der Überlebenskampf des nordischen Menschen”

    Translate with guggle-trans.

  8. Jason Vorhees says:

    “although all but the Ancient Britons of immense antiquity have been of one original Nordic origin.”

    I thought that the ancient Britons were of Cro-magnon stock. Is this incorrect?

  9. Logic says:

    I honestly believe this stuff. I’ve lied to myself about race denialism, but race realism is so obviously true, and Nordic folk truly are the master race.

  10. WingedHussar20 says:

    ,,So she’s polish and jewish together … Hallelujah! Those two tribes who by nature have the biggest grudge against anything German. And people wonder about anything this bitch is doing”

    I think u people r a little bit brainwashed about Polish hatred towards Germans.
    Poles have nothing to do with the zionist jewish plan against Germany cause Poland and Poles r indeed also the vicitms of that.
    We r being destroyed economically and Germany is the main reason for it cause their government uses the EU as a tool to destroy the economies of european countries;
    Merkel is anti polish as much as she’s anti german. Some of u have given me the impression of how devilish Polish people are ,omitting the fact how many disgusting things Prussians and Germans did to our nation in the past. Putting a sign of equality between our sins and theirs is ridicilous. Extermination of our elites, germanization of our kids, Drach nach Osten policy,
    I know how many german people were the innocent victims of bombimg the cities like in Drezno but nobody wish to recall what their soldiers and pilots did to the capitol city of Warsaw where every native inhabitant was killed brutally by burning and shooting.
    Sorry to say that but I deeply doubt that a huge number of german people is aware about jewish policy towards Europe as they still kneel on their kness and apologize for something they r not responsible as a new generation.
    If someone thinks that Poles as majority sympathize with Jews and take a part in this plan that means there’s someone who spread a lie in order to divide and agitate these nations(It’s clear who may have benefits by that).
    Both nations should marry with their own people without mixed marriages because Poland has mostly a diifferent bloodline to compare to Germany despite of the fact some Poles have german blood in them and vice versa. Actually,there r some polish-german ,,relationships” nowdays but from what I discovered about 90-95% of them is like: german guy+polish woman so the conlusion is we r more conservative about that.
    I assure that most of us have no prejudices against german people but if somebody tries bitching us about immigration and how we don’t wish to be ,,enriched” by ,,engeener and arrchitects” then there is no mercy for these type of people.

    That’s all for now

  11. Donutdonkey says:

    Interesting site. I myself am more interested in the ancestry of the English than anything else. I found out that about 70%+ of the DNA in England is Nordic (Anglo Saxon, Norse, Scandinavian etc)

    Wales is less Nordic and this can actually be seen in the face at least some of the time. You said that the Celts were of Nordic origin somewhere. I have to admit I did not know this and I was told that the Celts were actually from Spain. Where were the Celts actually from?

    • unknown says:

      This isn’t an answer to your question, i just wanted to comment on the reality of british racial makeup, though i think the celts were from middle/south/eastern europe area, not very precise and i could be completely wrong, i suggest google.

      Yes DNA is commonly thought to be of 70% nordic origin in england, but that in reality does not translate to a population with majority or even half with obvious nordic qualities and features (i.e. blonde hair and blue eyes)

      As the non nordic genes are dominant they supersede the nordic physcial characteristics often, technically one with dark hair could have stronger nordic dna than a blonde person, though normally lighter = more nordic. I am blonde hair blue eyed, my eldest sister black hair and dark brown eyes, 2 other sisters brown hair light brown eyes, another with the same pigmentation as me. 3 of my grandparents are almost purely nordic, but one is not at all, a black haired dark pigmented ‘white’ man, most likely descended from the people who were here before the nordics came, and for this reason my sisters despite having predominately nordic dna look at a glance to be mediterarean types, though despite this dark eye and hair color, they don’t tan, they stay pale.

      So the look of the british people at a glance is we do not appear to be the same as the more obviously nordic northern and north eastern european countries, despite the fact genetically we are more akin to them than anything else, i.e. 70%, they wouldnt consider us the same as them, and this is due to the non nordic blood which has made a huge change to us physically. Only those who have kept their blood majority nordic are likely to display these features (recessive), so the fact that hair color in the english is majority light, i.e. blonde, or light brown, means we truly are genetically nordic, just the smaller percentage non nordic has had a disproportionate effect on the look of the people due to the dominance of its genes.

      But we are less nordic now than ever, due to wars where millions of nordic stock perished, a system which has better quality people reproducing less and less, and worse quality reproducing more and more, in other words we have been in devolution for the last 1000-2000 years, which has been gaining more and more momentum, and its at breaking point now. Also we are becoming even less ‘white’ due to mass paki and wog immigration, mixing with these abominations, so if we become less white, that means less nordic also, logically.

      Bleak, no?

      • WingedHussar20 says:

        This downfall of racial purity has been proceeded for centries in whole Europe , first it has happened to Southern Europeans like Greeks, Italians and Spaniards, then to Slavic people(descendants of Scythians and Sarmatians) like Poles,Czechs and Russians and now zionist jews try to do the same things to nordic countries(Sweden,Norway,Denmark) , Germany, Benelux countires, Great Britain ,Ireland. I personally am Polish from Poland ,got such features like dark blonde hair and blue eyes with quite good skull structure and I’m of medium height(180 cm) but u can meet a Pole from every type of looking literally, as our nation counts about 40 million people I don’t think at least 50% of them have orginal Slavic(Scythian) ancestry from ancient times. The immigration between 12 and 16 century has changed a lot. Most of Europeans r white mongrels which impacts on their intellectual abilities and we should do everything to preserve ,protect and increase a number of Nordic people for the future of European Civilisation.


      • unknown says:

        Yes your right, goes without saying, my only point is that the irish are not nordic, obviously there is no standard irish man, the quality varies man to man, there are a minority there with preserved nordic and/or keltic genes and heritage but they are few and far in between in reality. The irish have a minority of pure nordics, a majority of mongrels, with most likely more non nordic blood than nordic, though it will vary person to person, and another chunk of absolute destitute wastage, who have preserved their inferior genes, these people are are almost literally white skinned negroes, they are the opposite of a nordic, thats why ireland i think has had bad ‘luck’, if it was of the same racial composition to england then why did it fail and england succeed? England is/was a nordic country, the dominant force has always been nordic (until now), the dominant force in ireland has always been the degenerate non nordic force, it is sad but it is true

    • This was in the comments somewhere. Because rubbish comments don’t get published here and only people who know what they are talking about get published, there is accumulated much knowledge from different people brought forward in discussion going back in comments.

      So many people get confused when it comes to cultural terms like Celt. The Celts are an Earlier wave of the same Nordic Race. They were living to the west of the Germanic Tribes. They settled the British Isles in the Bronze Age and when they came over they came over as Nordics. They were the first settlers of Britain after it became an Island. Most (not all) individuals of all Celtic groups all over the world are miscegenated now and bare the traits of other races whilst still calling themselves Celts. This is responsible for a lot of ‘celtic pride’. Many individuals while continuing to call themselves Celts have also been reinvigorated by waves of Germanic Tribes. No Genetic Damage occurs when this happens, as the descent is from the same original master race from prehistory.

      The Romans who never got over the Elbe River into Germany had a lot to do with killing the best of the Celts. Because the Romans never got East of the Elbe the Nordic Race still exists today. Formerly Celtic territories have been reinvigorated by the Nordic Race of the Germanic Wave; Franks into Gaul and Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Norwegians into the British Isles etc.

      On the confusion concerning the Celtic label I have the following passage from The Passing Of The Great Race by Madison Grant, Fourth Revised Edition, Page 62:
      As to the so-called “Celtic race,” the fantastic inapplicability of the term is at once apparent when we consider that those populations on the borders of the Atlantic Ocean, who to-day speak Celtic dialects, are divided into three groups, each one showing in great purity the characters of one of the three entirely distinct human subspecies found in Europe. To class together the Breton peasant with his round Alpine skull; the little, long-skulled, brunet Welshman of Mediterranean race, and the tall, blond, light-eyed Scottish Highlander of pure Nordic blood, in a single group labelled Celtic is obviously impossible. These peoples have neither physical, mental nor cultural characteristics in common. If one be of “Celtic” blood then the other two are clearly of different origin.

      There was once a people who used the original Celtic language and they formed the western vanguard of the Nordic race. This people was spread all over central and western Europe prior to the irruption of the Teutonic tribes and were, no doubt, much mixed with Alpines among the lower classes. The descendants of these Celts must be sought today among those having the characters of the Nordic race and not elsewhere.

      In England the short, dark Mediterranean Welsh man talks about being “Celtic,” quite unconscious that he is the residuum of Pre-Nordic races of immense antiquity. If the Celts are Mediterranean in race then they are absent from central Europe and we must regard as Celts all the Berbers and Egyptians, as well as many Persians and Hindus.

      In France many anthropologists regard the Breton of Alpine blood in the same light and ignore his remote Asiatic origin. If these Alpine Bretons are Celts then there is no substantial trace of their blood, in the British Isles, as round skulls are practically absent there and all the blond elements in England, Scotland and Ireland must be attributed to the historic Teutonic invasions. Furthermore, we must call all the continental Alpines “Celts,” and must also include all Slavs, Armenians and other brachycephs of western Asia within that designation, which would be obviously grotesque. The fact that the original Celts left their speech on the tongues of Mediterraneans in Wales and of Alpines in Brittany must not mislead us, as it indicates nothing more than that Celtic speech antedates the Anglo-Saxons in England and the Romans in France. We must once and for all time discard the name “Celt”- for any existing race whatever and speak only of
      “Celtic” language and culture.

      In Ireland the big, blond Nordic Danes claim the honor of the name of “Celt,” if honor it be, but they are fully as Nordic as the English and the great mass of the Irish are of Danish, Norse and Anglo-Norman blood in addition to earlier and Pre-Nordic elements. We are all familiar with
      the blond and the brunet type of Irishman. These represent precisely the same racial elements as those which enter into the composition of the English, namely, the tall Nordic blond and the little Mediterranean brunet pure or combined with Paleolithic remnants.

      Out of the ‘Breton peasant with his round Alpine skull; the little, long-skulled, brunet Welshman of Mediterranean race, and the tall, blond, light-eyed Scottish Highlander of pure Nordic blood’ remarked on by Madison Grant, the only one that is actually descended from and still embodying original Celtic features is the Scottish Highlander. The Mediterraneans on the British Isles are not Celts but think they are because they took on the Gaelic Speech of the Gaels, a Celtic Tribe that entered the Isles. The Nordic race of the Celtic Tribes on the British Isles was gradually bred out by the earlier swarthy black haired inhabitants to the point where those calling themselves Gaelic or Irish and boast to be Celtic look so distinct from the Nordic Race as the ‘other race’ on the British Isles.

  12. unknown says:

    The hope is not segregation for Nordics instantly, it cannot happen that way, like it or not we need the masses of ‘white’ people on our side for our cause, because it is our cause, not there’s, necessarily, though it would obviously benefit them hugely to the point it is insane they do not see it as a cause to get behind, but they cannot due to their temperamental physce , we need them nonetheless.

    So long as the next movement, the real Nordic national socialist movement is led by nordics or atleast people with some nordic blood that have conquered the destructive side of their physce, then the nordic cause will be delivered, with the aid of all the whites, who in turn will benefit hugely, i.e. will not be subject to extinction

    The ‘Whites’ on their own have nothing to rally behind, you can’t rally behind “whiteness”, even the jews who admit they are destroying europe use the term “whiteness” or “whites”, it is their last deception, they never tell full truths, the “whites” they have already destroyed (not beyond repair perhaps, in some cases), they ARE destroying the nordic race.

    It is a case of us needing the ‘whites’, and the whites needing us though their whole fiber of their being is saying otherwise.
    If nordics segregate, leave all the ‘whites’ to themselves, and form their separate communities, how long until europe is overrun by filth that the whites failed to stop, and these nordic communities are simply drowned out, submerged, how long? In any case, nordic survival needs a land of its own with no threat whatsoever for centuries in order to organically regrow spiritually mentally and physically and expand numbers massively, i.e multiple countries worth of land initially, to then go on and conquer the world easily, which is no doubt the nordics task.

    So the most immediate task, is cleaning europe out, for the whites, and for the nordics, one cannot exist in the future without the other, they are a degraded and accursed version of us, they once were us, it will take nordic leadership to unravel the destructive physce of the whites and turn it fully outwards against all our enemies in europe and that will no doubt include completely rotten liberal/communists who are of similar racial composition to us.

    It will obviously be a pan-european, or one european people call to arms, or maybe a british call to arms in the isles, including welsh, scotts, irish, and the english as one. Under this guise which the whites can get behind, they will be led by the will and the rage and superiority of the nord, the nordic spirit will be the aim, the goal, and the leadership of the movement, though the followers will by majority hold little to average amounts of nordic blood. Through leaders understanding there once people’s physce, they can unravel it against the racial enemies in isles/europe, and the rage and might will be so severe, sheer savagery, that europe will be cleaned out, and a nordic national socialist rule will reign over europe, or atleast the british isles, as thats where i live.

    Once a national socialist rule reigns once more, it will take only one generation of new people (which will rapidly emerge in the wake of a civil war due to men regaining their masculine pride and the women gaining respect for their men again) to be educated with the national socialist Nordic world view and our propaganda to destroy any animosity towards the nordic race which led them out of oblivion, and then full geographical separation for nordics will occur, as the new generation will see it for the uttermost necessity that it is, and the older folks will trust in the leadership that prevented their extinction, and got them back their sense of place in the world.

    From here the possibilities are endless, and i would not give up on the ‘whites’, strict eugenic programs would be put into practice to preserve and grow the nordic physical and personality characteristics back as much as possible within this group, even classes in understanding the nature of a mongrelised physce so they can overcome what holds them back, as it is marxism and anti-truth brainwashing that delivers them to the jewish cause, unadulterated truth from birth will deliver them to ours, and obviously this will never alleviate them to nordic quality, as that comes with the genes and only with the genes, and those with pure or mostly nordic blood will already be relocated to a part of europe where they can regrow, a pure nordic race, and they will be protected by the new ‘whites’ who understand them as a ‘parent’ race, not to be disturbed, as it is then where they can do best by themselves, and that will be understood, by the ‘new whites’ as natures highest task and demand, for evolution, which they made possible for the nordics! And that would be true in many respects.

    Over time, as the nordic numbers swell massively, they will take land only as they need it, eventually one way or the other the nordic race will have predominace over all of europe , it would be a matter of time only, the non nordics will have refined their character and spiritual life and worldview, they will be stronger than the other races of the third world, most likely pushed aside when the nordics need to expand into new territories, but their will always be new land for the ‘whites’ to make their own, and no war would break between nordics and the whites, but as i said, the nordics would dominate europe. And from that point, the whole world.

    only a fool would say it cannot be done

    • Many great points, excellent comment. You are intelligent. You have been reading here.

      But I fail to see your case that we ‘need’ other ‘whites’ or your idea that ‘one cannot exist without the other’. We don’t really need them at all. All they do by and large is whinge, consume and believe the Jews. I don’t see why you want them? Maybe its your point that you think that they will somehow stop our autonomous communities where we live as a tribe which we don’t have yet getting swamped?

      ‘If nordics segregate, leave all the ‘whites’ to themselves, and form their separate communities, how long until europe is overrun by filth that the whites failed to stop, and these nordic communities are simply drowned out, submerged, how long?’

      Europe is already overrun by filth. All this has already happened.

      This is what we intend doing.

      If degraded ‘whites’ want to form their own community they can do so. Its got nothing to do with me as its not my people, and I would be bred out and mongrels made of my children’s children if I lived there.

      Also, have you gone outside and seen how ugly ‘other whites’ are. The good genes are gone. Alpines etc come from Asia, and Jews are still calling them white, as you say ‘you can’t rally behind “whiteness”, even the jews who admit they are destroying europe use the term “whiteness” or “whites”, it is their last deception, they never tell full truths, the “whites” they have already destroyed (not beyond repair perhaps, in some cases), they ARE destroying the nordic race.’

      What are you interested in doing, forming a Nordic community? Or waiting until the magical morning everyone walks outside their houses and starts killing Jews at the same time. Without the project we do ourselves, you can count on our population going down to 0. There is not going to be a call to arms. Most people are absolutely complicit. If they were not complicit the Jews wouldn’t bother controlling all the media. Most of the people alive today are just going to die out. Most already have. If you want something in the future we have to build it.

      • unknown says:

        My point was if we formed Nordic communities, segregated, and that was that, it wouldn’t change the fact that within the next 20/30/40 years foreign races will amass a majority over europe, or atleast western europe, then our communities could not with with-stain the sheer numbers and would be overwhelmed. They wouldnt let us live would they? If it was in their power to decide our fate they would kill us no question.

        Maybe because i am young i am over idealistic in believing the masses of whites can be rallied by us and used to clear europe out? Why couldn’t they? Many nationalist types, and working class young men just need to be pointed in the right direction, much of the ‘white’ population is useless, yes, the effeminate, the stupid, the degenerate, but there are millions of ‘white’ men who can still fight at least and only need to be pointed in the right direction. I see this as a long-term solution, more so then the realistic instant segregation from all non nordics, but if whites were used to clear our enemies out of the british isles, and we could take control of the UK again, we could enforce the segregation then, with no long term racial threat, and make nordic preservation the cornerstone of government policy, even seperating the nordics and non nordics on different islands.

  13. James says:

    Even in Madison Grant’s ‘Passing of the Great Race’ over 100 years ago he identified the fact that men’s hair color was becoming darker in western europe, meaning the ancient non nordic was prevailing over the nordic in the mate selection process. This is a natural process, if the darker prevails there is a reason, and it is quite obvious, and herein lies the reality of the situation, that nordic/european man over millenia has been the target of domestication (liberalization, feminisation, christianisation etc), pacifying his true aggressive instincts, trained to be a good little boy, made into something not lovable by women and so women turn to the older races in which they can still find the qualities they naturally find attractive. To save the nordic european race, nordics need not necessarily become race conscious, knowledge will not save them/us, they need to again become real men, simply become attractive once again to their female counterparts and the women will naturally chose them, as they wish to, but cannot because the pacified european man fails to impress and live up to european women’s wishes, and her wishes are not impossible or unfair as european man scornfully thinks, but simply that you will satisfy her natural desires by being a real man. Hitler said that the other nordic countries had become pacified, and women from that part of the world would do anything to get their claws into a man from his part of the world, it was true then, it is truer now, only now there is no other part of the world where there are free Germanic men. The best we have today is lower than the lowest of that day, and herein lies englands problem. The only white population that has not been pacified completely is the working class population, the middle/upper classes historically containing the higher racial component has completely lost any form of manliness, the best most cultured and highest of racial quality women always have to look downwards to have their needs and wishes met by men, this is why the nordic race is dying, because it became feminized. Look at Sweden, norway, the men there are a laughing stock, a joke, while their country gets raped, then look at russian(slavic) men, real men, beating on migrants in germany with baseball bats who touched their daughter, that is what nordic man lacks and has been trained to lack over millenia and that is why we are in a grave mess. Race mixing propaganda, feminism /liberalism would be no problem and be laughed at if nordic manhood was still in tact, but it is not. It is a complicated situation and one must be intelligent to understand it all but once you do you see the solutions are simple, men most overcome whatever emotional issues they have from their dysfunctional raising as a child and reclaim their position as leader of the herd, their natural and nature ordained right, women care not at all for ideals (most of the time), only emotion, anger, passion, and dominance, that is what nordic man lacks today. The jewish system today of feminism, with mass media, school brainwashing, all of this can be overcome and the selection process swung in the Nordics favor simply by regaining the LOST traits of manhood.

    • All true. I’ve been meaning to post this comment after I edit one part out of it on the computer. I haven’t been on the computer so I will edit out the ‘need not necessarily becoming race conscious’ bit in the future. The origins of the various racial features and physically recognising and liking your own tribe can be developed a lot by discussing the differences between them with children.

  14. I am from India, and like you, brahamnist (racially, indo-european, actually). During my stay in Edinburgh, I hardly got any real anglo saxon person.

    The only place where I saw them was in high lands, happily farming lands and grazing cattles.

  15. NSoc says:

    Dear National Socialists,

    learn how to redpill other white people with the power of you spoken word –

    After you witnessed some interest in them, recommend them websites that want to save the white race (like this one).

    use this leaflet:

    Good luck! Our Race needs us!

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