Freedom Vs Existence

Failure to belong to a group induces alienation, identity crisis and oblivion. To have an individual identity you must first have a group identity. Within the group are definitive mental, psychological and behavioural standards, that define the character, culture, makeup and values. Without these standards and an affirmation of these group characteristics the individual can have no idea who, or what he is, or how good he is.

group identity

The existence of a particular type of individual is dependent on the existence of a particular group. To save an individual you must save the group. The individual does not matter as he is made up of genetic information from a group. The individual’s existence is dependent on the groups existence. Without the group there is no individual. The individuals lifespan is predetermined, he exists to serve one purpose, the continuation of the group which he is born of. Without a realisation of group characteristics the existence of that individual is severely and fatally crippled. Thus the values of an individual must not be individualistic but for the group, for he would be an individual either way. Otherwise he enters a terminal state of existence that brings about his own non-existence, and the non-existence of any further individuals. His own group that formed him ceases to be and thus, he ceases to be, and all future individuals cease to be.

We are the Nordic Race.

We are the Nordic Race.

The Jew knows that by making the goyim think as individuals and not as groups, he can set about our non-existence. This is called causing mental harm to members of the group, inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, and imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group. The parasitic Jew can come into our societies as an alien and say any values necessary to preserve a group are oppressive against an individuals ‘freedom’. This is conducted after the required denial of existence of such group.

Uncontrolled freedom is irrelevant and destructive. The freedom for any individual to be uncooperative, the freedom of expression, the freedom to deliberately express lies, the freedom to do what is wrong, the freedom to destroy, the freedom to have no values.

Who needs that freedom?

nuremberg rally

Not us.

Under the Jews we do not even have the freedom to say what things are wrong, or to enforce our own group standards. We really have a choice between the freedom to die, to cease to be, to go extinct and never remember we even existed and the choice to exist, with certain values that contradict certain Jewish ideas of ‘freedom’. It is freedom vs existence, there is no middle ground.

There are certain natural laws any organism needs to live under or else it will perish and be extinct, either immediately through a loss of reproductive ability (women contradicting men, wanting to compete with men, be independent and not have children) or become completely uncompetitive against its neighbours (racial and genetic decline through  enforced equality) for a slower but equally permanent extinction.

A people who is extinct will not complain when they are extinct. It will be as if they never existed. The individual in a terminal state of existence is often unaware that he is behaving in a way that will ensure his own non-existence when he is propped up monetarily and materialistically by a Jewish parasite, rewarding an enslaved people for servitude. This extinction and non-existence is the future for the Nordic Race and any humanoid group/individual with any positive hereditary traits, as a prerequisite demand for freedom is ‘equality for everything’, inside one society, one ‘free world’.

Failure to put group existence above individual freedom results in non-existence. As every individual is a product of a group and the group defines exactly the traits, character, nature and behaviour of the individual. Failure to maintain ones group results in a decline and eventual extinction of the individual.

Individual Freedom results in Group Death and thus Individual Death. Uncontrolled individual freedom destroys the group, thus destroying the existence of the individual.

Before we were

Before we were

We are presently an enslaved people, we are enslaved like cattle under ‘equality’. This is because enforcing uncontrolled freedom and equality has been seen as the function of any institution or state. Freedom cannot and does not ever exist. This is because power vacuums do not exist. The concept of ‘no right and wrong’, or ‘do what you want’, ‘express yourself’, ‘be who you want to be’, cannot exist, only temporarily when a society has been overcome by an alien that hates the people and so thinks it fine that they should behave in a way that contributes to and ensures their own demise. Only a foreigner would think this fine.

In today’s ‘free world’, any notion of ‘right and wrong’ is considered an affront against ‘freedom’ where it is considered every individual is allowed to do whatever he chooses to do, although these degenerate choices are wholly encouraged by the Jews that have a vested interest in promoting lifestyles that lead to the extinction of the hated Nordic Race.

This so-called ‘free world’ refers to the Jewish dominated world. The world Jews can dominate financially with their globalism. Any independent, self-sufficient and autonomous People is considered not part of the ‘free world’, and thus not ‘free’. They are not ‘free’ because they are not free to do absolutely whatever they want as destructive individuals. People must be constructive, not destructive. The freedom to destroy is considered necessary ‘freedom’ by Jews, as they persecute all groups and individuals not committed to complete ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’ and complete ‘equality’ for everyone. Uncontrolled freedom is good for the Jews, as it destroys the Goyim. Allowing the goy to do whatever they want destroys the conditions that enabled them to live in the first place; strict adherence to certain laws of nature ie discriminating, ostracising, standards, values, evaluation of good and bad traits, punishment for being different, punishment for being destructive to the group.

ss mann frau und kind 2

We should be able to kill what we hate so that we can exist as a group.

If I see value in a group, and I want this group to survive, at all costs, by doing anything necessary, is this normal?

Or is it normal to negate everything that you are and bring about your own disappearance.

Is freedom the natural state of society? Is it something that even matters?


When freedom destroys order, the yearning for order will destroy freedom. And that is when we cease to be enslaved from self annihilating, Jew induced ‘freedom’.


– Aidhan

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15 Responses to Freedom Vs Existence

  1. Europa Redux says:

    Now is the Law of the Jungle – as old and true as the sky
    And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die
    As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the Law runneth forward and back
    For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack

    -Rudyard Kipling

  2. Europa Redux says:

    And, I might add, that piece was a stroke of philosophical genius. You should write a book.

    • Have to read all the books first, like the Führer Adolf Hitler did. Leave being a Charlatan to the Jews.

    • I’m not sure you’d like a “Nordic anti semite” book’s if you keep with you poor and no sense marxist and shit latin way of Nick name “Europa redux”. Change it with “Nordic race restored”. Wake up and do not follow any stupid marxist sionist Lie like the invention of the “White race” … “indoeuropean race” and Others bullshit. Think over. Thanks.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Freedom to Nords. Germanics, etc. includes boundaries that enable one to mind his or her business.

    Freedom to the Mongrel Masses includes overriding boundaries and getting into everybody’s business.

    Germanics can handle true freedom as we just want to be left the hell alone. The Others cannot handle true freedom as to them, freedom involves the subjugation of others.

    I am going to write a piece about having a Germanic identity and living among the MultiCult Masses of the West. It is hard, but it is possible. I for one have done it for decades without realizing it till I was able to articulate that I am in fact Germanic, something that is becoming unfashionable in Amurkistan.

    I do not give a damn, as I have been a Lone Wolf my whole life, so it has been easier to carve out and maintain my Germanic identity while living in Multi Cult Hell.

    The mind your own business attitude stems from the NW Europeans – it is natural for us. We were the ones that had our own farms, homesteads, etc. So we just do the same again within and the under the radar of Multiculturalism. We in fact possess a psychological advantage as we will maintain our identity while the other Muds and Mongrels mash into oblivion and lose all sense of themselves.

  4. Original Germanic says:

    I fled from the MultiCult Masses out of the big city into a small, beautiful town in Lower Bavaria (Germany). Today I’m just caught up with it. Nowadays they flood our nice little villages with – so called – refugees. Mostly young, strong Negro men.

    What happened right now is disgusting and unbearable. It’s seems there will be no place for us to go, soon.

    And the madness is. The mayor of our village put twelve refugees in a 90 m² (four room) apartment in an apartment house and he gives a shit, if the other residents agree or not.

    The objections of the tenants were completely ignored. They say there is no alternative regarding to refugees.

    We live in an insane asylum and be governed by complete insane people.

    Honestly, I do not even want to think about how it will end.

  5. Europa Redux says:

    Hey Aidhan, I have question for you, do you know where to find old materials on race and culture from the Third Reich? I feel like there’s a whole world of knowledge and ancient wisdom being hidden by the Jews, what wasn’t destroyed at Alexandria is likely hidden in the Vatican catacombs. The SS, along with Wagner and Nietzsche, really did a superb job of bringing back this lost knowledge of the Aryan race; who we are, where we came from. And of course the Jews had to destroy all that research after the war; what they could at least. Anyway if you any links or anything like that would be greatly appreciated. I can’t find much.

  6. Flanders says:

    The plans that jews have for all White countries is similar, if not identical, to that which was expressed by their beloved; “Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying [White] Ukraine and Russia”. It is obvious that similar plans and strategies are being conducted against all our White countries. Remember, the US has incorporated that Rabbi and his teachings into US law.

    Another article which should be read there is: “CIA, SIS and ISIS Beheading Fraud…”, for it’s information about more current events.
    And, this next will illustrate one big organization, the CFR, which has similar plans for controlling Europe. Soros is Rothschilds big implementer.

  7. Flanders says:

    When I state “the US has…”, above, I don’t mean the American people. Most Americans are not aware that they are placed under jewish Noachide Law, since 1991, and wouldn’t know the difference between Schneerson and a rat’s ass. It is the government of jewry behind the US government, which is no longer the USA of the American people, which implements these measures.

    • Like any other country with Jews in it, it serves Jewish purposes, and people should know that as Jews follow Talmudic law this makes the people enslaved. When Jews are not in control enslaving the people this is called ‘holocaust’.

  8. Flanders says:

    “When Jews are not in control enslaving the people this is called ‘holocaust’.” – Nordic Antisemite
    Very much true – and well stated.

  9. Jacob S says:

    Never thought about it from this perspective. This is a very well thought out piece. It’s no wonder you have the Jews convincing all the white “conservatives” to give blind faith to their freedoms, self indulgences, and personal me-first goals

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