Racial And Cultural Autonomy


“Der germanische Geist ist der Geist der Freiheit”
The Germanic Spirit is the Spirit of Freedom”
– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The homosexual flag is a rainbow flag. This is supposed to represent tolerance, diversity inclusiveness and acceptance of everyone. However this diversity can only really be maintained through intolerance, as inclusiveness destroys every single group that makes something diverse.

I called into a system radio show years ago when they were discussing multiculturalism, and tried to get across the important point that multiculturalism destroys every culture, and that this is the reason for its instigation, and that as it destroys all culture, it is not really multiculture, but no culture at all. Multiculturalism is forced extermination of culture. True multiculturalism can only be maintained by autonomous groups having autonomy over themselves, not living and competing with one another in the same environment, and we had this before multiculturalism, when the world still accepted National Sovereignty  and Self Determination of Peoples.

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 1943. Marinlotta

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 1943. Marinlotta

Everyone who is not a Jew who believes in ‘multiculturalism’, thinks its being done in the name of culture, in allowing people to live in peace and harmony, to continue their cultures. In reality anyone found practicing culture and the necessary exclusions needed to maintain it is accused of not being ‘tolerant’ or ‘inclusive’.


Not diverse enough, everybody needs to be brown

We had culture before multiculturalism, we had our own ethnic cultures, and they coexisted splendidly through mutual respect and an independent spirit that held the individual of any ethnic nation to proclaim his culture was the best. He knew his culture was the best for him, he didn’t decry his neighbouring countries culture as he knew that those people were a different ethnicity to him, and so did things differently, valued different things and found different things important.


Today, everyone thinks they have rights to intrude on those who think differently, so that race, ethnicity, culture and all difference is erased completely. This intrusion, this ethnic tension, this bigotry was what our enemies told us multiculturalism was supposedly forced into place to eradicate.



love not h8 degenerate love me protest


The higher is distinct and unique, it should not be lowered to the mob. People with differences cannot and should not coexist. In denying differences that the superior see’s as obvious, the inferior drags the world down to his level.


This was ‘tyranny’ for absolutely everybody else even though it happened in another country and didn’t affect them.

Some differences between people:

Labour – Conservative, Democrat – Republican. Marxist, Socialist, Liberal, Monarchist, Libertarian & National Socialist. If people think differently surely they don’t want to live with people who don’t share their views.

  • Non gun owners think gun owners should have their guns taken off them, while gun owners feel their guns protect them against those that would try and take their guns.
  • Feminists want to destroy the family everywhere and have an artificial society maintained from the top down of independent childless women and emasculated men, the denaturing of the sexes, all brought to fruition by the forcible insertion of women into jobs they really are no good at (to work for no reason but sake of working) and the welfare state (state fulfilling role of husband), while other people have family values and believe family is the most important thing in life, the womans job being to raise the children and make a nice homelife, and the mans job is to work for the family.
  • Jews and Marxists say there are no biological differences between the sexes, and so persecute at school any displaying of feminine traits by females and masculine traits of males, while other people believe masculine males and feminine females are mutually desirable for one another.
  • Homosexuals (Jews and dysgenic undesirables) demand ‘acceptance’ and also want your children to ‘choose their sexual preference’, while by evolution you know that there is only one ‘sexual preference’, and the idea of homosexuals pretending that your children could turn out ‘gay’ inflames you to the point of violence.
  • Working people do not believe they should pay taxes to prop up bilge, while non working people believe they are entitled to somebody elses money so that they can do nothing.
  • Some people don’t acknowledge the leadership qualities of those the others hold to represent them.
  • ‘Disabled’ people, freaks, those with genetical illness and bad heredity demand absolute equality and representation, to be portrayed positively etc, while those with good heredity, absolutely resent the cursed life they bring into the people.
  • Asians think it’s perfectly fine to eat dogs. To Nordic man a dog is a most faithful friend.
  • Negroes don’t want to be segregated but make themselves unwelcome among White People. White people do not like the outright decay of the neighbourhoods this creates.
  • Slavs want to immigrate into Germanic Countries. Germanic people maintain themselves culturally superior to anything Slavs can offer them.
  • Negroes, Turks, Arabs, Asians, Paki’s and Indians want to immigrate into Europe. Europeans want to go on being Europeans.
  • Southern Europeans don’t acknowledge the significance of a Nordic Race, and the Nordic Race proclaims Southern Europeans mongrels.
  • The Nordic Race defines standards of beauty on how Nordic you are, other races find this ‘oppressive’.
  • Some people believe every individual of any race is completely and absolutely equal, while others consider many people, and even whole races worthless.
  • Lesser races demand their rights to have sex with, rape, marry & have children with higher races. Higher races would never think about breeding with other races.
  • Some people believe in the ‘holocaust’ and believe that the Jews need ‘protections’. Germanic people know it was a Jewish lie designed  to give moral grounds to those that fought Germany and justify the extermination ‘a true holocaust’, of the Nordic and Germanic people and that the Jew is a bastard.
  • Some people believe the Jews are chosen by god, some people believe the Jews are a plague on the planet, follow the Talmud; not any Christian book and are a destructive force.
  • Jews of course demand lordship over everyone otherwise its anti-Semitic. Nobody really wants to share a country with Jews and anybody who is not a Jew who knows anything about the Jews is ‘anti-Semitic’.

I am sure that you, the reader can think of many more instances in which you have had a disagreement with someone, and you would surely not want to make the world in their image.

We fought against this rubbish before.

We fought against this rubbish before.

All those different and opposing people cannot ‘coexist’ without many of them dying. Thus a separation is necessary. ‘Equality’ before the law is rubbish, to each who views himself unique his own law.

People have their own versions of history, people have their own worldviews. Germanic People are proud of their people’s history and want to continue on Germanic. They know ‘homosexuals’ have no argument for defining attitudes of non-homosexuals, because they know the number of homosexuals is proportional to the amount of homosexual propaganda.

Today everybody wants a piece of what everybody else has. Everybody wants to be involved in everybody elses business.  Everybody wants to spread their opinions onto the next unassimilable person. Everybody thinks differently and nobody has anywhere to run.

Demonstrators gather to protest a controversial religious freedom bill in Indianapolis

Scum – ‘You view me as inferior, that is why I am more moral than you, im going to deny the existence of and kill your people because I don’t discriminate.’ Discrimination is actually being able to tell two different things apart.

If all of ‘mankind’ did ‘assimilate’, it wouldn’t be to anyones benefit. Everything that any divergent group has ever held dear and sacred would have to be gotten rid of. Every standard of beauty would have to be ruined and debased into a brown mess of ugliness, that will make ‘everybody happy’. Every different group, who had their own ideals, their own natural state and their own potential future would have to be quelled. In place you would have an international Jewish force imposing ‘equality’ over the whole planet, labelling those with different beliefs ‘terrorists’, and ‘extremists’.

Governments going against their people – Homosexuality as example

First the governments decriminalised homosexuality, at that stage it was both legal to identify as such, or be against homosexuality, but homosexuals were busy agitating for laws against whoever does not like them, and now opposing homosexuality is instead criminalised. It has gone from homosexuality illegal, to homosexuality legal, to homosexuality preferred – anti homosexual criminalised. The homosexual argument is that they need their propaganda or they feel ‘alienated’ and commit suicide. But no propaganda means no faggots. This invented group can then be driven at real groups, accusing real groups of ‘oppressing’ them as Jews know its in the instincts of all organic Peoples to hate whats unnatural. They create something abominable and Marxism, the political expression of the Talmud is there; you oppressive, them virtuous. For ‘equalities’ sake homosexuals must be raised to prominence in all areas of life, in a country that wasnt theirs. The homosexuals never thought for a second, that they should go and start their own country, they wanted to spread it to everyone. They had no respect for your Self Determination, and no respect for your National Sovereignty.

latvia faggot protest tumblr_inline_nq97q2POEd1tuvmur_540

Your nations represent them now

The same goes for the races. If different races did not live in the same country, there would be no racial conflict, there would be no ‘racism’, there would be no racial problems. If nobody accepted refugees, there would be no refugee’s leaving their home countries, no millions of refugees waiting for ‘asylum’. They are only coming, because there is no respect for Self Determination and National Sovereignty.

Your nations represent them now

Your nations represent them now

Your country being representative of you, Self Determination and National Sovereignty effectively ended for the Peoples of Europe at the Treaty of Versailles. A plundered and dismantled Germany acted as the canary in the coal mine that the rest of the Peoples should have noticed. In this world where Jews have forced so many opposing views and opposing Peoples together, to compete socially and economically, only the ideals of an intolerant People are going to make it into the future. Self Determination of Peoples and National Sovereignty is not respected by anyone but your own.

It is at this time one view vs another for the domination of mankind, to become absolute and the consequence is destruction of everything. In a global society with same conditions imposed on everyone when the enemy say ‘argue with us’, argue with us about ‘gay rights’, argue with us about ‘immigration’, argue with us about ‘refugees’, they mean… let us win, let us destroy you, let us replace you with something else. You cannot argue with someone who does not acknowledge the significance or autonomy of your people.

A ‘pluralistic society’, an ‘inclusive’ society, a ‘tolerant’ society is no good. ‘Pluralism’ produces decomposition of both poles, poles that could have been separate societies. Instead it should be a multitude of exclusive societies, and its up to the People who feel the most exclusive to found the first one.


We fought for something that really mattered!

Our ‘nations’ today, are representative of nobody. This is displayed by constant protesting, people voting 50/50 in elections, and the majority of the people unhappy at any time. A group that detests homosexuals and does not have it in its breed characteristics is not defended against a group that believes your children need to be educated to choose a ‘sexual preference’. A People who would produce no homosexuals in their own nation, is told that incase their own children turn out ‘gay’, they must be taught to ’embrace’ it. They are told homosexuals need ‘representation’ in their society. A People who is Nordic, and who would remain Nordic is taught that it can’t live or work around its own kind, or this would be ‘discriminatory’ against somebody else. They are told other races need ‘representation’ in their society. A People with one religion, is taught it has to be ‘tolerant’, and its children must be taught about ‘all religions’ in the system school system. A youth that should be learning about its own history, is instead taught the history of somebody elses youth.


Our Youth

All those who nurse a sense of difference, should split off, separate and go their own way. Those with the most difference, are those who are accused of being the least ‘tolerant’.

madison grant present distribution

Map shows very strongly the history of cooperation and sympathies. Difference today: Most Alpine Race bastardised, everyone everywhere, Nordic minority in all places, but colour shows the Peoples that can get on.

After a separation things will go back along the same lines they have always divided on, racial lines, ensuring true diversity, otherwise the future, even the future for little Jamal, will not be bright. It will be one of Down syndrome – Cerebral Palsy homosexual Niggers.

– Aidhan

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28 Responses to Racial And Cultural Autonomy

  1. Europa Redux says:

    Excellent article, totally on point.

    It’s all about freedom of association, freedom to choose your own lifestyle and community. They’ve taken that away from us. I actually had to go to secondary school built in honor of fallen soldiers of WW1 and argue with multiple Jew professors that Islam is not a religion of peace, etc. and watch “Raisin in the Sun” for university education. I had to leave, the faggots and niggers and Jews literally owned the place and it was just in your face everywhere. Might go back if I get the stomach. Still, I don’t get why I have to put up with that just to get an education. They will chase us down to the last corner of the Earth, and they’ve said as much.

  2. Flanders says:

    Great article, Aidhan, Europa Redux is correct in his opinion of your work. Europa is right, too, in that the media will chase our people down so long as it remains intact, functioning against us, and turning those who should be our people against us – “to the ends of the earth”. My subject below is from one of the contributors to your artworks, and deals primarily with cultural Marxism, which includes a link and comment from his post. My remarks are a combination of comments (which accounts somewhat for their length) which are stated from the perspective of an American White man, but the techniques discussed are universal in their use against all Whites [and whites (which includes even those who reject their racial peoples], except of course, for the subversive jews). The earliest proponents of cultural Marxism were jewish in their origin and remain largely their progeny today, along with their control over the mass MSM vehicles, and other avenues used for it’s mass distribution to our mostly unaware public.

    Today, too many people try only to enjoy – and miss the importance of what life is truly about, because they have been taught by a long process of jewish-MSM methods, and by cultural Marxist [falsely-altruistic] slogans – which have been ingrained into them over long periods of time. They have been tricked into thinking that it is their individual enjoyment which is paramount. They have either become hostile to traditional American civic values, or they compensate for their inadequacy at being truly White American people by shirking their civic responsibilities onto the shoulders of others – while there are simply – too few “others” – too few White people.

    All true Americans are losing all of their Independence, even while white shirkers now follow willingly Marxist induced routines criticizing against the interests of America and Whites, and are soon to be celebrating their failure – as being “just another” Independence Day. The white shirkers may have arrived at their indoctrinations in ways that they could not have forseen, but they are required to become aware and change. Racial and national treason is no longer allowable in America.

    The application of methods leading to Repressive Tolerance, and other techniques of Cultural Marxism, have been accomplished by utilizing a progressively leftward sliding scale through generations of time, supported all along with jewish-controlled television and media, and accompanied with repeated Marxist “feel good” slogans intentionally placed to emanate throughout key portions of society. These methods have induced into the minds of many young whites the inclination to have positive feelings about queerdom. It is a “stealth” process whose methods are carried out in public in front of our faces, and we must be aware of the methods. It is a type of conditioning which may work against you, or against your own kids, and it probably already has to some extent, if the truth were actually told about your own changed levels of “tolerance”.

    At the same time, cultural Marxism has infused into the thoughts of young “activist” whites an unhealthy and “un-American” intolerance for the values our people once held, and to the morals still held reverent in substantial degrees by normal society.
    This is well explained by Smash Cultural Marxism:

    “Cultural Marxists use what is called Repressive Tolerance to attack opposition and this is what you can see in this video.

    Repressive Tolerance was the brainchild of Herbert Marcuse who said:

    “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word.”

    • Please let’s stop to talk about “Europe”. Let’s stop to use that term. Europe is just a continent. It’s not any race or culture. It’s a continent having inside itself different several races (blood-lines, genetic groups) and cultures. Let’s start to talk about folks, genetic groups, cultures…with their own precise names. Germanic folk (nordic folk, aryan folk), mediterranean subrace, slavic subrace…etc.

  3. antisemitenordicist says:

    You should check out my latest article man. nordicwisdom.com . By the way, the Nordics are the master race. Blue eyes and blonde hair are all that matters. The rest of the shit is raciall sewrige.

    • … AND WE MUST REMEMBER WHAT… the term “germanic” and “german” meant the samething sometime ago. Todays mass give them two different meaning. About term of “german” the mass identify only the Germany’s citizens while about term of “germanic” they think it’s a Language, culture only. Someone understand it is soemthing more then culture only. GERMANIC and GERMAN are the same one…they really have the same meaning. Germanic and German (if we follow the real meaning) are all nordic type of people descending mainly by nordic tribes (Longobards, Bajuwaren, Saxons, Goths, Wiligoths, Burgundians, Normanns, Vikings, Alemanni, Arii etc.). So we can affirm what you are German if you are germanic but you cannnot being germanic if you are german Citizen without germanic roots. IF YOU ARE GERMANIC BLOOD LINE YOU ARE DEUTSCHES FOLK….YOU ARE .. DEUTSCHER.

  4. Flanders says:

    I will check out your article, ASN. I don’t agree that the Nordic features are all that matter, although I fit into your categories. White IS White, and artificial divisions do not help anyone. The problem is with those who have abandoned our peoples to join with the categories, because of a persuasive system set up by jewry, who oppose us. Those “whites” include many Nordic featured leftist traitors.

    • Europa Redux says:

      Nordic is not everything, but Aryan is everything, the Nordic race being part of this along with Roman (bastardized now) and some others, including even some remnants alive today in Central Asia. The indigenous pre-Aryan people of Europe, present in all countries but especially typified by Basque, some Irish, English Chavs, and generally brachycephalic dark people in every white country; are not superior to any other race, and in fact are inferior to many. The label “Aryan” means noble, Nietzsche though he was slightly insane had as good a grasp on the nuances of Europe’s racial issues as anyone who came before or after. He laid the blame for the degeneration of European culture to the mixing of lower and upper classes across Europe around the time of the Enlightenment, meaning the mixing of Aryan and pre-Aryan, resulting in a conflicted individual. I myself can attest to this, my mother being Anglo-Saxon and my father a Breton type, I have many conflicting instincts, and it can be a nuisance.

      It’s important to preserve both, because Aryans/Nords are meant to rule, and when they spend too long in a nation around only each other, you get kind of an all chiefs/no Indians situation and the aggressive genes die out, like in Sweden. Both races coexisted in a mutually beneficial role for ages, until the Jew came along and destroyed the class distinctions, as they are doing today with race distinctions. But I agree, there are unfortunately many traitors even among Germanic people, and sadly many feel it is to their advantage to join the Jewish conspiracy.

      I like watching videos of Rhodesia, a great example of a fully mature Anglo-Ulster culture, ruling over a nation of blacks to everyones benefit, with no Jewish influence. Really an idyllic nation, and it’s not out of reach if we extirpate the bad influences.

    • “Those “whites” include many Nordic featured leftist traitors.” WHITES ?? ARE YOU A DERMATOLOGIST ??? LOL .. Why are you so fixated with skin color (PIGMENTATION) ??? …why are you caring only about skin ?? Do you have any genetic and cultural and individual identity or you have only the skin color like the only one physical factor who divide you genetically by Others ?? White race existance is just a pure marxist lie created by sionistes. It does not exist any White race cause you can NOT distinguish/recognize/classify/determine any genetic Group (race, blood line) by skin color only. There are Others different several important elemenst/factors. There are different several races, subraces and mixedblood having White skin color. About the “traitors”… they have no race, no flag or religion today. It’s actual pervert stupid asleep world mass’es fault.

  5. Flanders says:

    Interesting views expressed here and I think that we all remain on the same page generally. There is much discrepancy between regions on various meanings and terms. My view remains that White is White, so long as the individual lives it and honors themselves, their heritage and their race. You may be interested in reading this older 1922 US Supreme Court decision, which places the matter into practical terms, and bases the decision on then current popular knowledge, which seems complete enough in a legal sense.


    You may also find this next tract interesting, Dr. Martin quotes B. F. Jackson, author of “The Mystery of the Serpent”, but understand that when Israel is mentioned it refers generally to White mankind, the Adamic peoples, and is written from the standpoint of Dual Seedline Christian Identity (DSLCI), which I will not explain here, other than to say it is almost a complete opposite of British Israelism, despite having similar terminology.

    “Yahweh put in man a certain genealogical power to cause the marrow of the bones to generate BLOOD for the flesh (Leviticus 17:11). Jewry lacks that power. He steals it form man, however, in mongrelization. The Satanic dead vampire is manifest in what we have believed was Jewry’s white blood corpuscles. In man, they are round, yet shaped differently for each race. That is one reason Yahweh established The Divine Law forbidding all humanity to mongrelize with the Devil’s Serpent race, because the children will in turn, be vampire and totally cut off from Yahweh.” [And, the next is further down, about 3/4.].
    “On the other hand, however, Satan was totally displaced from Yahweh, and when he transposed himself into the dimension of the material of the 3rd dimension physical, he was contrary to Divine Law, AND IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO GO BACK INTO THE DIMENSION OF SPIRIT because, Yahweh’s Spiritual Energy was not the composition of the counterfeit substance going in to make the microcosmic order of his body, or the state of being material. F[ro]m that TWICE DEAD BEAST mongrelizing with human women sprang the people we know as Jews, whose god for all ages has been the current Devil which is proven by Genesis 4; John 8:44; and Matthew 23:35 proves that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for all bloodshed in our Adamic-Israelite Household.”


  6. Flanders says:

    Another link and the video which it shows deserves to be spread widely among our people, regardless of their philosophies.

    “The disgusting and vain homo-erotic bodybuilding sub-culture does not belong among our ranks. Discipline and determination is a must.

    The homosexual Hebrew freak-show known as “Bodybuilding” is not a sport nor a competition. It is a beauty pageant for grown men with oiled up shaved hairless feminine bodies and spray tan. The homophilic unpractical superficial nature of it, along with the obvious materialistic Jewish Capitalist theme, must be completely rejected.

    Stay natural and let nature work for you.


    • Europa Redux says:

      Hah, yea, ALOT of the guys my age in my area were into bodybuilding, fucking faggots, they looked like retards, I was only ever into powerlifting, I didn’t see the point of lifting but to get stronger, even then I stopped, it gives you slave muscles, the body of a laborer; slow and ineffective in a fight. Normal exercise along with some push ups is much better anyway.

      See I’m of two minds on Christianity. On the one hand, I feel as though it’s deadened our natural insticts; killed the “splendid blond beast”, the Aryans are the People of the Sun, inherently pagan, delighting in natural beauty, and not a superstitious race. I feel like it also had a hand in the downfall of the Romans, IMO the greatest, toughest race that ever was. But then Christianity galvanized Europe against multiple Semitic incursions, and the Bible clearly identifies the Jews as the line of Cain, the wanderer, right up to “avenged sevenfold”, which the Germans found out. And also I can’t help but draw similarities with the line about “bound for a thousand years” which they were, in ghettoes, until Weishaupt and Rothschild sprung them loose. But at the same time I feel like there is a lot of silly superstition in it, I feel more drawn to things naturally Aryan; Wagner, Von Stuck, tales of Ancient Sparta etc. I can’t help but feel as though the Jews won a spiritual victory when Christianity entered Europe.

    • vikingbitch says:

      I just did a piece on my site re: your article on going barefoot.

      Weightlifting as a “sport” involves a lot of steroid use as well, which by the way, shrinks the male penis.

      So here you have all these puffed up live He-man dolls with no penis. No thanks.

  7. Flanders says:

    I’m aware ER, of the conflicted nature of our people about organized religions, and I would say that White men have always in the past been capable of existing and prospering among each other regardless of the nature of their beliefs or disbeliefs. Regardless of what is taught by mainstreamer Marxists and other jewish spokesmen for today, the White man’s religion has always been based on the similar philosophy, if not the exact doctrine, held by Dual Seedline CI.

    White people’s own beliefs naturally vary over time, and I have in my own life wavered in ranges between atheism and satanistic Christian-Zionism before finally finding CI to be truth and compatible with my nature. It is not until the slimy white-skinned Orientalist-minded jew enters, slitheringly pretending to be White, that discord and division of a material nature among our people ensues.

    The “Christian”-Zionists are better to be considered as being Zionist-Socialists from what they are taught and believe. They are not for our biblically described White peoples (most are not even aware of them) and they are not for our God. The CZ, “Christian-Satanists”, are spiritually, civilly and racially similar to Viking Bitch’s description of the “puffed-bar-bellers”, – “So here you have all these puffred up live He-man dolls with no penis. No thanks.”

    • Europa Redux says:

      See I was raised Catholic, and had the same experience of it conflicting with my nature, and to be honest I find Aryan paganism to be more inline with my soul. Monotheism is universalism, and it seems to fit in with the Jewish ideology; One God, One World, One Race etc. When they speak of “false gods”, they mean the traditions, culture, of other peoples. Mercury/Odin was the God of the Germans, Zeus/Jupiter for the Greco-Romans, then Christianity came in by force, by way of Saul a reformed Jew (LOL!) and wiped all that out. I think there’s more to it than one book written by Jews, and I think the Old Testament lays out the Jewish plan for humanity. The New Testament is better but the pacifistic stuff, I don’t know.

      And another thing Aidhan often speaks of here, is a lot of WNs want a white homeland, but refuse to support autonomy for Nordic people, and they sound a hell of a lot like antis sometimes in their reasoning, “we’re all the same” etc. The Nordic race is it’s own separate entity, marked by haplogroup I: I1a, being Northmen/Varangians, I2a, being Saxons/Teutons, and I2b being Goths/Vandals/Croats/Dorians. They are clearly different in many ways, and have a beautiful culture, why shouldn’t they be allowed to have a place for themselves? I know damn well I wouldn’t be Nordic enough, but I still support it 100%, how could we allow that to die?

    • Europa Redux says:

      But on the other hand I wonder sometimes why the Jews hate Christianity so much, there must be something to that? You should check out the Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview if you haven’t already, supposedly a hoax, but they said that about the Protocols too.

      And yeah I agree, the CZ’s are walking caricatures, wailing about the End Times, but can’t see the devil right under their noses!

    • Europa Redux says:

      The Jews can’t take anything seriously, they like to tear everything down, that’s why they are always comedians, pornographers etc. I watched a movie not long ago, “Grand Budapest Hotel”, and it was entertaining, but without even looking I knew it was Jewish, because of the way it caricatured European culture. They can’t create anything by themselves, so they want to tear down everyone else’s “false gods”. Jew Ludwig Wittgenstein, Hitler’s classmate, understood this.

      “Even the greatest of Jewish thinkers is no more than talented… my thoughts are 100% Hebraic”
      “Freud has very intelligent reasons for saying what he says, great imagination and colossal prejudice, prejudice which is very likely to mislead people”
      “Humor is not a mood but a way of looking at the world. So if we say that humor was stamped out in Nazi Germany, that does not mean that people were not in good spirits, or anything of that sort, but something much deeper.”

      They want to turn everything into a joke, ha ha funny. And they have, everything is ironic, anyone who strives for greatness is mocked. Everything is infantilized, Judaized.

    • ????? <> Your affirmation is typical inside marxist politic, views. why are you caring only about skin ?? White race existance is just a pure marxist lie created by sionistes. It does not exist any White race cause you can NOT distinguish/recognize/classify/determine any genetic Group (race, blood line) by skin color only. There are Others different several important elemenst/factors. There are different several races, subraces and mixedblood having White skin color. Sionistes have invented the lie of White race existance cause they wanna destroy all races so they wanna mix all them between. It’s easiest to mix different races having same skin color. White is just a color and at this case only skin color. Nothing else. You are being marxist right now.

      • ‘Sionistes have invented the lie of White race existance cause they wanna destroy all races so they wanna mix all them between. It’s easiest to mix different races having same skin color.’

        Superb scrutiny.

        Yes, the Jews will only speak of a ‘white race’ because in doing so they can group those races with the positive traits and the negative traits into one, to get a race that contains none of the original traits of the true white race, the Nordic Race. This idea took off in America because they had the contrast of the Negro, and now the Americans try to push this onto the rest of the world.

        First the Jews had to destroy Nordic predominance of the White Race, now the Marxists talk about the ‘white race’ and ‘white privilege’ etc, but it’s only the Nordic Race they really care about. Exterminating the White Race is the only way they can achieve exterminating the Nordic Race, because if they admitted existence of a Nordic Race, the Nordic Resistance would make sure not to cooperate with what really is foreign races and would not be burdened by the uncompetitiveness & instability of non-Nordic mixed people, who are formed by equality anyway, and are thus already under the Jew.

        Most non Nordic ‘whites’ are offended by ‘racism’ anyway and join team subhuman so whatever the Marxists have to say about the broad ‘white race’ relating to ‘oppression’ and other such admissions of their own inferiority, would not even be a relevant charge for many of those who are not Nordic. But they would not admit this or we would not have today the push against forced equality going down a ‘white’ inclusive path.

        Even though IQ tests are designed to omit many of the more important differences between Peoples, when we include the entire fictitious ‘white race’ into IQ distribution, ‘white IQ’ falls below East Asian level.

      • ” because in doing so they can group those races with the positive traits and the negative traits into one” .. Yes or just because they wanna destroy the nordic race, (germanic race) with his holy spirit and life style. The closest folk to the God’s teaching. “of the original traits of the true white race, the Nordic Race” well …I don’t udnerstand what you mean with “White” race cause it’s just a color…so it’s difficult to name a race with a color name. Chineses and coreans for exemple are White skined too… but many of them belong to the mongolian race.. while soemone else to another eastern races and subraces, subgroups. Sionist Jews have used area 88 to get down with niggers and nordics. The both. They have their one world one nation projects and they don’t want any pure race. Today there are still few pure races: Nordic race, nigger race – negroid – souther african aborigenal tribes’es descendantes. Why this ??? because sionist jews are mixedblood and they want what the Whole all world is made on his identity level.

  8. Flanders says:

    I was at the wedding, ER, and haven’t had time to respond. You must have lost your invitation, because I didn’t see you there. And, believe it or not – I don’t think I saw one black at the wedding of James Rothschild and Nicky Hilton, except possibly Chelsea.


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  11. Hi, Aidhan. Delurking from a link I had followed from Viking Bitch’s blog to say that while I don’t agree with everything you say, your writing is stimulating and thought-provoking.

    I thought I would add my own $.002 worth. Is anyone else as fascinated as I am with how much Marxists like to use absolutely upside down, totally inverted Orwellian terminology when trying to implement their insanity?

    Why don’t TPTB admit that what they actually want is a globalist MONOCULTURALISM to replace all the ethno-nationalities out there? You see, even in a “nation of immigrants” like the United States has always been purported to be, we had ethnic enclaves where a couple of blocks contained Little Italy. Another few blocks was the Irish section, and down the street there was the German quarter.

    Since English was the unifying tongue, everyone communicated well with each other and went to school and worked together, but then they went back to their separate areas to unwind with their own family and close friends and just exhale a little bit.

    Occasionally one ethnic group would celebrate its heritage by having a block party like the Italians on Columbus Day and everyone would show up to celebrate and then go home. True multiculturalism actually works if people have their own inviolable space.

    But that is not only not the case with monoculturalism, but TPTB, in their effort to come up with a one-size-fits-all approach has to cut everything down to the lowest common denominator. That’s why today’s service is shoddy, our education is subpar, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    I don’t necessarily believe in the concept of superiority; I think every one has their own strengths and weaknesses to the table. But shouldn’t there be a system in place that brings out everybody’s strengths and discourages any weakness?

    It’s like that European joke about heaven and hell:

    Heaven Is Where:
    The French are the chefs
    The Italians are the lovers
    The British are the police
    The Germans are the mechanics
    And the Swiss make everything run on time

    Hell is Where:
    The British are the chefs
    The Swiss are the lovers
    The French are the mechanics
    The Italians make everything run on time
    And the Germans are the police

  12. “and the idea of homosexuals pretending that your children could turn out ‘gay’ inflames you to the point of violence.”

    They don’t pretend. They know how to recruit/convert. They are very dangerous.

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