Greece to Scandinavia Mongrel Madness

As stated before, many of the comments received at are anti-comments. Feeble-minded and retarded comments will not be published. Comments from those that use lies as a substitute for truth will not be published. If something is not constructive and instead destructive it will not get published. This is not a site where any manipulations of the Jews and those that agree with them will be given any time of day, for people to observe and believe. This site is not for idiots. Idiots make up the majority of todays so-called ‘humanity’. We seek to separate from these idiots, and to continue along our Nordic path, free from influence of unintelligent masses, dregs and bilge.


There is no equality in nature

Up until recently, the majority of people who exist today would have been classified ‘idiots’, ‘imbiciles’, ‘morons’ or ‘Feeble-minded’. It is only lately that these walking oxygen thieves have been able to achieve equality of opinion through ‘free speech’ for everyone.

All through history intelligent people from intelligent family lines have seeked to stay away from the less intelligent. This is harder today than ever because of a base culture, mind numbing technology and entertainment media that makes it harder to ascertain psychological differences between people. Especially in cities where everything is done for everyone, by a Jewish system of dependence with its goal of exterminating all good traits in man.

You can tell, but this requires discrimination. And this discrimination the Jews have tried very hard over the last few centuries to label as ‘impolite’, and today to ban it all together.

Today, any sick person and any insane viewpoint can be entertained.


The people in that generation did not do a very good job at upholding civilisation

Only today with the Jewish system ‘educating’ unteachables, with the liberal-jewish view that anything that comes from heredity can be altered through ‘education’ by lowering standards, the universal propping up of everyone, the extension of school years, real intellect and inborn faculties for wisdom passed off as ‘bigotry’ or ‘prejudice’ , and teaching the stupid things they can parrot that they will never really understand or be able to teach for themselves does it appear any more than a few percent have anything to contribute. Most of ‘humanity’ today is in a state of emulation. Most of ‘humanity’ has no breeding, and on their own they can achieve no culture. They are spiritually void, often medicated, and physically weaker than most African simians. They are a mad rabble, a mad mob of dogs.


One race that can be identified physically does not want to participate in the decline of man.

After Jews who are pretending not to be Jews telling me racism is wrong and bad the next most common comments received at are those written by authors who don’t believe the Nordic Race should live alone or do not believe that the Nordic Race should be allowed to live alone.

As if it was upto them! Nordicantisemite is pursuing its nordicist model. Below are some screenshots of a couple of comments from this week. The theme ‘everything came from the south’, and so presumably, you don’t have a right to exist is echoed in similar comments I receive every week.

The proponents of this viewpoint are very vocal, and so it is necessary they are addressed. Many are so-called ‘whites’ of the Southern European mongrelised variety.

The mongrelised so-called ‘whites’ think that all ‘whites’ should or need to unite. They resent the idea of a Nordic Race seeing the value of the Nordic Race and saving itself.

They understandably want to be free themselves, but they don’t want the Nordic Race to be free on its own. They wouldn’t mind if the Nordic Race died out and the so-called ‘white race’ survived.

Need anyone need reminding that all non-Nordic traits in an individual, come from a non-white origin. They would not be saving the white race, they would be saving a mongrel race. These so-called ‘whites’ that are not Nordic, have only been able to keep above a certain level because of invigoration by Nordic Blood. In the future, with an absence of the Nordic Race (we are now a minority in all areas, not enough of us to have any effect on the mongrels without disappearing), if all these people mixed together, the primitive genes would come out, any influence from the Nordic Race would gradually drain away, and they would in not long resemble arabs. This is the truth of the matter that only the Nordic Race sees.

The comment screenshots below:

For starters, beauty actually is an accomplishment. It takes a lot of work to remain beautiful. You have to fight against a numerically superior multitude of mixed racial types and foreign races teeming at your borders. All demanding to mix and not understanding why we would not mix with them.

You have to deal with their conspiracies, their vindictiveness and their animal urge to get for themselves genetic upgrades, which only results in a reduction of the higher race.

You have also got to practice racial maintenance and hygiene in every generation in resisting weakness and those within your own race who would not see the consequences of their individual actions. You have to stop the strong from mixing with the weak, the lower segments mixing with the higher segments. You have to continually resist that which is lower, continually discriminate and continue striving for the perfect person. You have to continually recognise beauty and fight for it, so that beauty which came from prehistory does not become wasted and reproduce someone elses ugliness from foreign lust.

We have to continue resisting slave morality (the weak trying to define morality by what is nice, not what is useful) and have to resist complaints of intolerance and being hard. We must never feel sympathy or compassion for someone less than us who thinks he should be included, and that it is us that are ‘evil’ for not accepting him, not him for having a negative consequence for us as his goal.

We have to continually reassert our differences and merit from other Peoples and persons, so that this is recognised and revered in every subsequent generation, against inferior foreigners who would come to us and maintain ‘we are all equal’.

You have got to be strong enough to resist everything. A racemixed people is a subjugated people.

There is not just a constant competition between races that makes a superior race beautiful, but also competition between individuals. The Nordic Race is the least tolerant, and from paleolithic times we maintain our abruptness, our dislike of pettiness, laziness, stupidity and all degenerative traits. We keep these traits away and vigorously detest them. We don’t like homosexuals, we don’t like liars, we don’t like weak men, we don’t like un-feminine or unformed women. We use language to discriminate other people that other races would like to see banned.


We managed to keep our race beautiful because we did not mongrelise. Ugliness comes from racial mixing (bastardisation). Pure races are evolved to desirable standards. They are selected for. A racial crossing is a bastard and undesirable, as good genes were not selected for. Only the Nordic Race has continued to select for only favourable characteristics over the millenia. It is the same person who says ‘ beauty is no accomplishment’, that does not know what it is like to be Nordic, conserving purity for a time in the future where our new nation comes to fruition, with its expression as beautiful as we are.


Skull of Cro Magnon

In the Nordic Race we see not only beauty, but a properly fused more better proportioned skull, and all the high traits that get replaced by regressive ones in any cross breeding. There is a cranial reduction in any racial cross breeding. There is an infantilisation of features that occurs as the world around us turns into generic brown monsters. Contained within the Nordic Race is mans original and undefiled image. We see the race that built the world.

If the Nordic Race is not superior, why are we the most fanatically racist race, the race that stayed pure, and why do we feel sickened by the image of many other races? Why do other races shrink when they stand next to us, and why do other races want to miscegenate with us. If a southern European is equally racist, for one why is he mixed, and why does he not respect the racial separatism of other races.

On the so-called ‘most succesful empire in world history’, obviously Rome, and our ancestors being hunter gatherers: Exactly what is wrong with being hunter gatherers? Hunter gatherers do not pay taxes. Hunter Gatherers are in control of themselves. Hunter Gatherers are also self-employed. Hunter Gatherers have no risk of becoming weak, dependent or slaves.

Rome was squalid and decadent. This was a subjugated people. They lived in townhouses, they paid taxes. These people grew weak and lazy. It’s not true that the Nordic Race at this time was ‘uncivilised’. The Nordic man at this stage was a free farmer, and a warrior always ready to defend his people and his Peoples living space. The space we demanded where the Nordic man would not be packed in but have space to live with nature and to develop self-sufficient, self-reliant Nordic families. The Roman Empire represented the ‘system’ of that era, just as the international policies of the United States, the UN and the worldwide Jewish-Marxist-Globalist media and establishment does today. They (Roman Empire) herded masses of people into cities, worked them and taxed them. They call this ‘civilised’. The Roman Empire was against the self-determination of Peoples and they fought wars to bring ‘barbarians’ under rule of law.

For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities appear throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, fair hair, and huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. (Tacitus – “Germania”, IV).

While the Roman Empire declined, miscegenated and the south of Europe turned brown, the Nordic Race has retained its strong, vigorous, muscular and athletic physique from the hunter gatherer times. This fate of racial catastrophe would have befell the whole of Europe had the Germanic Tribes not fought fanatically against Rome. From this superior physical form we designed the worlds most advanced technologies, the worlds most advanced science and the worlds most advanced philosophy. It’s not brains vs brawn, the Nordic Race has both.

Hermann der Cherusker fought a bloody war against the Romans. If the Nordic German Tribes had not been victorious, modern Germany would be more like France or Italy. Instead of a German language a Romance language would be spoken, and instead of a German Race, the racemixing that afflicted southern Europe at the dissolution of Rome would have ruined the whole of Europe. In 9 – 17 AD the racially Nordic German tribes saved Europe and ensured the future of independent races in Europe. By the Nordic Race, Europe was saved.


The Hermann Monument -Hermannsdenkmal in Teutoburger Wald, Germany

The Nordic Race does not take anything from Southern Europe, and the argument that we do is simply a lie and the cornerstone of their attempt at saying the Nordic Race does not deserve to exist as a race in its own right. Why is it these Southern Europeans cannot bear an independent Nordic Race? It is because they cannot do anything for themselves. Instead of us ‘taking’ from them, the opposite is true. The mongrelised Southern Europeans take credit for our achievements. The Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists were Nordic, and nothing like your average mongrel ‘wog’ in Greece or Italy today.

Italians today live among ruins

Italians today live among ruins

Marble head of Aristotle

Marble head of Aristotle

Ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were not ahead of their time. The thoughtful/scientific flame is the Nordic flame!

‘One word which by itself alone represents an important assertion about the racial nature of the Greek: the word “iris” for the iris of the eyes. Iris means in fact a rainbow; a folk with dark, brown or black-brown eyes would never have compared the eye-colouring with a rainbow. Only bright eyes, the blue, blue-green or grey of the Nordic race, and greenish and brightly-mixed coloured eyes of people with Nordic weft, could explain a word like “iris.” This word could only have been chosen by a people of a preponderantly bright-eyed stock.’
– Hans F.K. Gunther

From the black pupil outwards, you cannot get a rainbow from a brown coloured eye. A brown-eyed people would never compare the iris of the eye to a rainbow.

The end of the Greek classical era was the end of the Nordic Races dominance in Greece.

The Italians responsible for the Renaissance were Nordic aswell. In the last few hundred years, Southern Europe has been flat, corresponding with their loss of the Nordic Race.


Leonardo de Vinci was Nordic

On Scandinavians not being good at anything except for being ‘liberal’; the indigenous Northern Germanic Peoples of Scandinavia have got no say in it. The Jewish parasite is firmly latched onto these people, and for good reason. Here is the best blood and so the biggest threat. The Scandinavian People have no control over their media, their government, their television or films, the destruction of their culture or what their youth are exposed to. Feminism, a Jewish population reduction strategy was institutionalised in Scandinavian education, to ensure the Nordic Race dwindles and never again reproduces its Nordic Race.

scum destroying nordic society

Its not Nordic people destroying Nordic society

In the Third Reich, Denmark turned itself over willingly to the legitimate German State, the Jewish Norwegian state was dissolved and the Norwegian People were freed, and an independent Sweden mirrored National Socialist Policies. The Nordic Peoples, the volkdeutsch (German Race abroad, or Nordic Race in other countries) embraced their liberation and Nordic kinship with the German people and went back on their path of culture from former times without Jewish cosmopolitan interference. In contrast, many Southern European people saw the Third Reich as an enemy and rebelled.

natural warrior

Who is really onboard with our racial cause?

In the hunter gatherer times, as the temperature warmed up and we entered our present interglacial period, our Nordic Ancestors followed the big game North. In Scandinavia they remained, and here contained the purest blood cores of the Nordic Race, where inferior foreign genes from the South could not touch it, where it remained until the ‘free movement of peoples’ EU period. The whole of Southern Europe was once Nordic.

Some Scandinavian Inventions:

Adjustable Spanner – Johan Petter Johansson 1853 – 1943
Plumber Wrench (Pipe Wrench) – Johan Petter Johansson 1853 – 1943
Blowtorch – Carl Richard Nyberg 1858 – 1939
Loudspeaker – Peter L. Jensen 1886 – 1962
Dynamite (and other blasting substances) – Alfred Nobel 1833 – 1896
High Pressure Steam Boilers – Fredrik Ljungström 1975 – 1964 & Birger Ljungström 1872–1948
Milk-Cream Separator – Gustaf de Laval 1845–1913
Gas Absorbtion Refrigerator – Carl Georg Munters 1897 – 1989
Cheese Slicer – Thor Bjørklund 1889 – 1975
Safety Match – Gustaf Erik Pasch 1788 – 1862

Numerous contributions to Steam Engines, Steam Turbines, Diesel/Electric transfer, Trains & Locomotives including the first turbine powered locomotive, Civil Engineering, Heavy Industry, Solar Technology

One reason for Germany’s head in industry and technical prowess compared to the comparative lag-behindedness of Scandinavia when it comes to inventions is the icy cold. Germany enjoys mild and often warm summers, while Scandinavia is colder all the year round. This ensures a racially identical people, has to spend more time surviving. When lots of life’s time gets spent trying to stay warm there is less time to invent.

Classical music while yes, there are many great Italian composers the Italian nation has every right to be proud of, this was the Nordic Race in Italy, just as it was the Nordic Race in Germany producing classical music.

circa 1800:  Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827), German composer, generally considered to be one of the greatest composers in the Western tradition.  (Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images)

Beethoven – German

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi – Italian

What does Nordic accomplishments have to do with Southern Races, and what have they got to do with us? Absolutely nothing. Just as Greece in times gone by was a great culture like Germany, today the Jews are filling Germany and Scandinavia up with sub-human waste.

Actually, the Africans of Europe are those with the most African DNA. These are the Peoples who have mixed with Africans. Portuguese, Spaniards, French, Italians and Greeks all have African in the ethnic makeup of the majority of their people. The Nordic Peoples however, are no longer Nordic when they no longer resemble Nordic.

If the above mentioned study in the screenshot is even real it is not being performed with a decent core sample. Testing the people of Britain today would be far different to testing them in 1900 or even 1950 as the Nordic Race in Britain does not survive cross breeding. Taking a sample in the 2010’s and assuming Britain has always been like that is unscientific. Nordic People came to Britain in the Bronze Age, and they came again through the Germanic Tribes; Angles, Saxons and Jutes, later Danes, Norwegians in Scotland and Ireland and then Normans. England gets its name from the Angles. If somebody is not predominately Nordic they are not the race which produced England. These were racially similar groups. We must also keep in mind that Celts are an earlier wave of the same Nordic Race, now largely miscegenated. Celts have a Nordic Origin.

They are able to say the Nordic Race did not ‘contribute until recently’ because they want to believe that the same people in those countries now have always been there. If the Nordic Race ceased to breed in Germany, in 100 years the African-Arabic-Turkic-Jewish mongrels would think that Germany has always been like that. If the Nordic Race survived somewhere else, they would again claim that ‘your Nordic Race has not done anything until now, German contributions are our contributions’, just as today they say the same about Greek contributions.

‘Mankind owes its greatest accomplishments to the creative strength of the Nordic race. As soon as the carriers of this culture disappeared, decay was unavoidable. In recent
centuries the process of de-Nordicization took on ever-greater forms.

In place of the de-Nordicization must come a conscious re-Nordicization. Biological insight demands a clear separation of the races. The disadvantages of race-mixing are
known to us.
– (SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines, Glauben und Kampfen)

I do not disparage individuals or families in Greece and southern countries if they have preserved their racial type. They are Nordic as I am. There are some that have. If they have the strength to realise that their ancestors that made the country great, and gave it its history was Nordic and don’t resort to lies about abilities of brown people that can only be spread because the same brown people that bred out the founding race happens to be there now, then the Nordic blood from everywhere can be salvaged.

It is simply realisation that high cultures are Nordic cultures, and shattering the fantasy that Mongrels have ever done anything.

– Aidhan

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49 Responses to Greece to Scandinavia Mongrel Madness

  1. Against Karl Earlson’s “Nordic Hellas”
    by Dienekes Pontikos

    100% Delusional Nordic supremacist , first of all, the Nordics are not a “race” , they are represented by various racial phenotypes within the wider Caucasian race,

    Giuseppe Verdi is not a Nordic, that is not a Nordic nose at all. Leonardo de Vinci was Atlantid/slight dinaric influence Atlanto meds/Atlantids have a similar skull structure compared to Nordics. Lots painting of Leonardo

    Germany is not even Germanic/Nordic, at least 20-30% of Germany today is non-Nordic.

    You are also wrong about Southern Europeans being mixed. Multiple admixture analysis from multiple genetic studies proves they are Caucasian.

    You can keep it up with your pseudo scientific nonsense, mixing with other Caucasian racial types does not make you less racially pure, it is only if a Caucasian has black or Asiatic ancestry that makes them less racially pure.

    Skin color has nothing to do with race. All Caucasians have the gene that creates fair skin, the difference is, Caucasians who have that gene in humid climates is not dominant like it is with Caucasians who have had ancestors in colder climates for 5000+ years. The reason why some southern Europeans are dark is because of the climate, not race mixing.

    All Europeans except Russians and Finns are 97-100% Caucasian genetically, depending on the person

    All North Africans except South Morrocans are 80-90% Caucasian genetically

    All Middle Eastern people are 90-95% Caucasian genetically

    About 25-30% of the entire Indian Sub-continent ranges from 70-80% Caucasian, mostly in the range of 75-70%

    You can keep denying facts and the facts prove many non-Europeans are still mostly Caucasian like Europeans.

    • You are deficient. Im only posting your comment because it just proves to my people your kind keeps arguing. It is a genetical problem. Your kind cannot back down, if you cannot back down we will force you to back down you inferior mongrel dog.

      You are just making excuses for yourselves. You are not my people, you are not my race. If you were we would agree.

      You are a bastardised mongrel. Your output will be mongrel children. You are a foreign race and this is why you disagree. Any facts presented and anything concluded you will still disagree with because this is your genetic disposition. We are not about arguing with those we can’t reconcile with. You form your own society; you’re not included in ours. As explained in the article the problem with you is you don’t want to do this and instead you want to be included in Nordic societies.

      All you do is molest the women until we are living in ruins again.

      Why should you be included on our journey? You argue just like a woman, completely based on emotional reality and not fact. Your race is known for its effeminateness. Lying to get your way was a trait of the Phoenician and Levantine market traders that plundered Greece.

      You say that Nordic is not a race but a set of phenotypes within a ‘Caucasian’ race, then you say that you have discredited me because a certain study proves we are all Caucasian. Caucasian as a term was thrown out by serious anthropologists at the beginning of the 20th century. A race is a race if it is a group of people that resembles each other sharing common traits distinct from other races. Race is hence a group of life forms which distinguishes itself by the common possession of certain hereditary features. It always produces only its own kind. Caucasian is not a race, but a mistaken term for a group of people who were thought to have left the Caucuses years ago, who all now look completely different from each other.

      The parents of one race will breed children of the same race. What happens if a Nordic breeds with a brown Greek? The children are brown Greeks. If it was one race the children would resemble the parents. If Nordic was not a race but just a set of phenotypes how come if there is not a Nordic ancestry the phenotypes can never harmonically appear again. Nordic traits are recessive and as they dilute they lose out to the inferior race with the more primitive (dominant) traits. Wogs produce Wogs, Nordics produce Nordics, kind after kind, different races, different species.

      De Vinci had a dinaricised nose yes, so what. He is Nordic with dinaricisation.

      Your people constantly argue against anything Nordics say proving again, different races.

      – Aidhan

      • I agree with you Nordic A. S.

      • patbona says:

        I’m Italian from top most north of Italy (Trentino) and out of curiosity I tested my DNA and the result from both parents was Celtic/Germanic 100% and (I remember my maternal grand father fought with the Germans). Now anything not in Northern Italy is 100% crap and mongrels, and worse than that THEY ARE INBRED to a state that hinders their intellectual abilities

        Here is the proof :
        You can see that below Tuscany, they are inbred and this surely is the reason southern Italy is such a mongrel mess. I think the problem Italy had is that it became Christian… After all is not Christianity a tool created by jews to destroy Gentiles? I prefer by far the original European Gods

    • YOU ARE FULL WRONG and I don’t understand why “Nordic Anti Semitic” didn’t remove your fake comment.

    • Really! I’ve never met so much ignorant donkey like you. Perhaps you’re Zog agent trolling or just a big donkey. THE NORDIC RACE DOES EXIST and it has been the only one genetic Group “borning” in the european continent. It was from the Northern side. Mediterranean subrace (mongrels) and slavic subrace (mongrels) were comming from Caucaso. Right. Leonardo da Vinci was Nordic. He’s right. Look his face feautures. Nordic traits.

      ” All Europeans except Russians and Finns are 97-100% Caucasian genetically, depending on the person ”

      WTF ???! Sorry man ! you smoke crack ?
      1) Europe is just a contiunent where you can find several different races with White skin. Pigmentation is not all. It’s just a genetic component.
      2) Many Russians are Nordics cause we could thanks the vikings if Russia exists today.
      The name Russia came from old norse Language. It does mean “Beyond the river”. It was aimed about the Volga River. Then…right… many of them are Nordics… so they are NOT caucasian. Caucasian are only slavic and mediterranean type of people. You did find also caucasian slavic and latin type of men in Russia. No nordics only. Right.
      3) In Finnland there are many NORDICS. Maybe you’re talking about his Language… what came from east. Right ??

      ” 100% Delusional Nordic supremacist first of all, the Nordics are not a “race” , they are represented by various racial phenotypes within the wider Caucasian race ”

      :-O … change you pusher plz. Crack is fucking destroying your little brain. I understand you’re mongrel but plz dont write those bullshit.
      It’s not any delusional stuff….. It’s just respect, passion, and defence about our roots. Our roots are Nordics and we’re proud of that. Any problem sweety ??

      ” Germany is not even Germanic/Nordic, at least 20-30% of Germany today is non-Nordic.”

      Are you living in Germany since years and studying about it through any right and concrete way ?

      ” Skin color has nothing to do with race ”

      :-O WTF ??????????? Naaaah !!! Man it’s a joke! tell me! come on.
      Pigmentation has nothing to do with a race ? do you really know what’s the race ??
      Skin …. is one racial component. Of course it’s not all…but it’s a component. You’re still fixed about caucasian.

      AND …many Southern european are very mixed…they are real mongrels. Southern italians have very much arabian dna…at the same one of spanish. (Example). East european side ?? all slavics… and slavics = mongrels with White skin…comming from Caucaso yes. Sorry man but you know nothing about race.

    • Z says:

      “100% Delusional Nordic supremacist , first of all, the Nordics are not a “race” , they are represented by various racial phenotypes within the wider Caucasian race”, is incorrect.

      One of The biggest secrets about european history is that not all whites are caucasians and not all caucasians are white. The real Europeans are what is known as cro-magnons and these people pre-existed in europe before caucasians arrived. They can be identified by a flat wall like forehead and staight or ski jump nose. Neanderthals had a sloping forehead from the brow ridge and hooked nose. You can periodically see vestiges of these people in the street. I once saw a person with a forehead about an inch high. Pure neanderthal. One of hitlers subhumans for sure.

      Today most Europeans are Cro-Magnon/neanderthal hybrids.The east and south has a higher concentration of neanderthal because of the barbarian invasions which did not touch the north or west so there is a higher concentration of cro-mags there. See Bradleys iceman inheritance and esaus empire: chosen people from the caucasus. he maintains these caucasians being neanderthal descended have a genetic drive to destroy all others not like themselves which means cro-mags are going to be chased down wherever they are on earth to be rape-mated with. The neanderthal concentration is highest in middle easterners, Turks etc and above all jews – like MaximusBellus says. Who is doing rape mating with islamic rape jihad? Arabs, North Africans and Turks. where are they doing it? in lands with the highest concentration of Cro-mags.

      Russian scientists have proven untainted europeans did not come out of africa there is no genetic relationship. Establishment genetic tests today prove the desired narrative because there are hardly any pure populations left and they don’t look for them so they can prove the opposite of the narrative. Who do you think set up and own all those science journals?

      This is why you have evolutionary traits which are counter intuitive i.e middle easterners and Southern european are the hairiest. In a hot desert climate it should be the opposite and vice versa for nordics. Colder climate should equal more hair not no hair. Easily explained by cromag/neanderthal dichotomy. Nordics should really look like apes and middle easterners should have skin like islanders, smooth.Not the other way around.

      I have never accepted that the entire human population came from only one hominid. It is obvious to see when you actually observe with a critical faculty still intact. That was just more jewish science forced on the world by UNESCO.

      I personally think nordics came from hyperborea like their mythology says, which is now under the arctic. You can see what it looked like before it was covered in ice on one of mercators maps from the 1500s. Another secret obscured by judeo-masonry.

  2. Masterpiece!Very well-said!!!

    All these freaking Mediterraneanists say that Nordicists are the same as Afrocentrists when in fact it’s them who duplicate a similar retarded logic.
    Afrocentrists:Egypt is in Africa,thus Ancient Egyptians were black!!
    Mediterraneanists:Greece and Rome are in the Mediterranean,thus the greatest civilizations were made by Mediterranids!!
    They are trying to excuse their current misery by blaming everyone but themselves.They claim to be racists and pro-white but they don’t accept Galton’s and Pearson’s findings on the importance of heredity and how genetics have a much bigger effect on a person’s capabilities that the enviroment has.The capital of my country,Athens,was the only European capital that used to have three rivers ,and the modern swarthy inhabitants ,who claim to be the ancestors of the glorious Ancient Greeks, preferred to build houses and roads over all three of them!!And that is just one little example.The fun part is that when these people see a Greek which is more fair of color they say “oh,you can’t be Greek,you must be something else”.Let’s see what Adamantios(physician and sophist)says about pure Greeks:
    “Wherever the Hellenic and Ionic race has been kept pure, we see proper tall men of fairly broad and straight build, neatly made, of fairly light skin and blond; the flesh is rather firm, the limbs straight, the extremities well made. The head is of middling size, and moves very easily; the neck is strong, the hair somewhat fair, and soft, and a little curly; the face is rectangular, the lips narrow, the nose straight, and the eyes bright, piercing, and full of light; for of all nations the Greek has the fairest eyes.”
    Need I say which racial type he might be describing?
    There’s on;y one race that creates civilizations:the Aryan race.I’d like to tell you that me and a some friends of mine who seem to have preserved our racial type are very racially conscious and we are in fact trying to form a community for fair and noble and of straight build Greeks and our long term goal is reproduction and increase of our birth rates.
    Re-Nordicization everywhere!!
    Hail from the south!!

    • You are my kind brother, we think the same! Hails from the most unlikely places! Keep it up comrade. You should see how many verminous comments I’ve had on this from the swarthy bastards pretending to be you. It’s absolutely disgusting they can then claim they are Greek while you are not. The curse of the mongrel!

      The only thing these bastards respond to is force. The Nordic Race and these usurpers have different truths. Whichever one that asserts itself better and wins will be ‘unfair’ for the other. Better make sure it is us, we have a job to do!

      Makes you laugh at these so called ‘pan europeans’ who want to unite an undefinable ‘white race’ doesn’t it, unite it without us, they are foreigners on our soil! When someone like yourself can come to me from Greece, as a real and true expression of the original character of that original land of culture, that Nordic character and express your sincere Nordicism from the other side of Europe, while in-between us we have these unlike foreign races claiming to be us in every country in-between. You are the Greek Spirit, I am the Germanic Spirit, and we are one race, the race that creates identity! Thousands of years between us, still the same mind! Hail the Super Race and Hail Victory! Only Nordic’s make history. We will make it again comrade as long as you recognise your kind when you find it. The others, the inferiors are driven by resentment. They are not like us at all! Only the Nordic Race can admit absolute inequality between every being and not be driven to destroy something. Our role only we can fulfil!

      – Aidhan

    • You’re right man! I agree with you.

  3. Schoengarth says:

    The cultural artifacts of ancient Greece and Rome … mosaics, mural art, paintings, statues, the sculptures on the roofs of the temples etc. … show a very different humanity from the one living there today!

    Ancient Greek statues were painted in bright colors, and the re-paintings done by art historians basically show blonde and red haired “Bavarians”, meaning stocky looking Nordic type people, with fair skin. Just search for “greek statues color” or “ancient polychromy” in Google and you will see them yourself! They did numerous re-paintings using scientific methods for color tracking.

    And why are modern “Greeks” not playing on the same level anymore? Creating such marvelous statues and temples 2000 years ago, shouldn’t they be doing similar or even better stuff today with modern technology? And where the hell is this great spirit of the ancients? –> Questions with VAST implications. Go and visit a museum and marvel at the pillars, the frieze etc. of the temples! THIS done by what lives in Greece and Italy today??? –> LOL

    We would even have problems trying to reproduce these structures TODAY, even with the help of modern contruction tools! Think about that!

    I mean does anyone really believe that for example the Nike of Samothrace, or the Baalbek or Didyma temples were built by muds? –> again: heavy LOL

    And look at Roman mosaics or Renaissance paintings by Botticelli, Raphael etc. Fair skinned nordic people who look nothing like modern swarthy “Italians”. The Nords seen in these paintings were the true original population of the mighty Roman Empire and Renaissance Italy. Their gradual disappearance was the sole reason why Italy fell from grace, and why it’s a mediocre country today. The Nordic element was what gave high civilization, and nothing else.

    Last but not least: In Egypt they are finding mummies from the time of the Roman occupation. Needless to say: most of them with blonde or red hair.

  4. Schoengarth says:

    “It is simply realisation that high cultures are Nordic cultures, and shattering the fantasy that Mongrels have ever done anything.”

    They are finding Nordic mummies even in South America and China!

    These for example from pre-Columbian Peru:

    Or this Nazca mummy from Peru:

    It was these Nords who founded the Inca and Maya civilization, and built the pyramids and temples in the Americas (Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Puma Punku etc.)

    They even did DNA tests one some Andean mummies. Result: closley related to people from Denmark and Norway!

    And from China, the “bringers of Buddhism” – the Tocharians:

    Literally EVERY civilization that ever existed on this planet had pure Nordic people at its root!

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    NAS – You tend to come down hard on women on this site, which I see as counterproductive. Nonetheless, I like the overall arch of the site, which is why I post here.

    Many Nordic women out there recognize the Mongrel Madness so to speak. Many displaced Nords are not always given the full array of options that exist out there for Family Formation and preserving Nords.

    I just did a post on my site regarding a fertility clinic and sperm donation outfit in Denmark. Scores of Displaced Danes in England go there to get Danish sperm to get pregnant.

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    I have said if before on my site that Nords may have to embrace non-traditional avenues of thinking and living in order to preserve the race. The Asians do this – they depend on extended family and spend long periods of time away from parents, children, etc. It is not uncommon for an Asian parent to work in one country while the other parent looks after the kids back home.

    In order to survive, Nords may have to let go of traditionalism for awhile and this can benefit both men and women.

    Check out this link:

    There are many farmers in Denmark that want to procreate, but cannot find women. There are many Displaced Danes in England that are women who want kids, but want a Viking, which is hard to find in England.

    I abandoned White Nationalism awhile back because it is LIMITING to Nords. If we want to survive, we must get radical, which is why the Dylan Roof is so scary to WN.

    National Socialism has its good points, but Chechar’s view of not talking to women is bullshit as well. Again, like the Daily Shit-Stirrer (Stormer).

    The Vikings conquered because they were mobile via ships. Their race, their genetics, was their religion and nation. That is the viewpoint, the tack we must take.

  6. Why is the concept of “free association” perfectly comprehensible to Whites unless a Nordic rolls up the welcome mat?

    The only way for Scandinavia to remain Scandinavian is for Scandinavia to be populated solely by Scandinavians. Otherwise Scandinavia becomes another dubious proposition like the United States. I don’t know about you, but I want to visit Sweden and see only Swedes there. Same with the Danes of Denmark, the Norwegians of Norway and so on.

    So Aidhan wants to associate only with other Nordics?! So what? Why the conniptions?

    This odd reaction makes me convinced that even White Nationalists have totally bought into a Jewish concept (thank you, Israel Zangwill) of a Melting Pot. This has been somewhat successful when all the mixing ethnies were White. (I am a Heinz 57 type White). But if the blogger does not want to jump into the Melting Pot and see his genes assimilated into the brew, shouldn’t that choice of his be respected?

    I may not meet Aidhan’s stringent requirement for his kind of people and I don’t particularly care for how he expresses his sentiments, but he has some salient points. Even before Teddy Kennedy and Phil Hart’s treacherous collaboration with the Jew Emmanuel Celler that changed the racial composition of people allowed into America, the Melting Pot was malfunctioning.

    Look at how quickly White families went into meltdown once they turned their backs on their roots and assimilated by marrying outside of their culture. Look at the high rate of dislocation, divorce, and the dissolution of the new blended families.

    Go to any part of Europe where the population is homogenous and you get the sense of visiting one large extended family with people who look somewhat related, understand each other, and have this huge, emotional support network. That’s totally lacking here.

    Assimilated White Americans have no culture outside of mass consumption. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I’m not saying that one parent married up or another parent married down. Aluminum and silver are very similar in coloring, but amalgamate the two and what do you have?

    It seems like Whites stand on principle with every race but our own. Do White Separatists believe in freedom of association? We do? Then we must respect the right of this blogger to roll up the welcome mat if he so chooses for whatever reason.

    Intruding oneself on someone like Aidhan does not make him a dearer friend, a loving in-law, or a better neighbor. Moreover, it sets a dangerous precedent. If this blogger is denied freedom of association by Whites then Whites have no cause to complain if they are enriched by a more “vibrant” culture.

    So why this insistence on assimilating with the Nordics? Historically, they have been very beneficial to the world without the world moving in on them. They putter about in their laboratories and their factories and they invent all kinds of great things that they then share with the world. That’s how they roll. So why not give them the space they need to continue?

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. Nordics are the canary in the coalmine of the White race. If they get sucked into one great mass even of only Whites, then we all get sucked into an even greater vortex. And if we coerce Nordics to assimilate even into greater White masses, then we have no one else to blame for our own coercion into the even greater Non-White masses.

    Let the Nordics be Nordics. ‘Nuff said.

    • oogenhand says:

      Although I am as far from Nordic as you can get, I don’t see any problem with Nordics having their own Nordicia.

      White Nationalism, as exemplified by Stormfront, doesn’t solve anything. Instead of Yusuf getting his grubby hands on Ingrid, it will be José and Guiseppe doing the same, all the while keeping their sisters away from Ingrid’s brother. I remember Kind Lampshade Maker on VNN who was unpleasantly surprised he couldn’t meet Greek girls on a Greek party, thinking “We are all Whites, after all!”. I also remember a Pole in 2005 harassing a Dutch woman, and another Pole in 2009 asking an angered question after I looked the wrong way at his Polish wife. Sexual double standards are the rule, not the exception.

      As race is gradual, and this world is globalizing at a rapid speed, an even better idea than separation is to give swarthy garlic scum a taste of their own medicine. Promote the reproductive interests of Nordic men at any opportunity, anywhere. In Stormfront-land young Greek men could chase Swedish women at will, without Swedish men having any right to stop this. We could all agree that young Swedish men having Albanian girlfriends would be the lesser of two evils.


      “You have to deal with their conspiracies, their vindictiveness and their animal urge to get for themselves genetic upgrades, which only results in a reduction of the higher race.”

      As it is now non-Nordics, Jews on top, who are kicking Nordics in the dust, we could argue who is higher in a strict Social-Darwinist sense. Making mighty fine statues is all fine, but this skill isn’t of any use if you get run down by Somalis, Kurds, Chechens etc. Could getting genetic upgrades for yourselves go the other way? A few months ago, a Dutch man was in the newspapers whose Chechen wife took their children to ISIS-land.

      At least in theory, it is possible to have a “Semitic” Y-haplotype J1 or J2, and to be autosomatically fully Nordic. This creates very dangerous individuals. What about turning some tables?

      “Exactly what is wrong with being hunter gatherers? Hunter gatherers do not pay taxes. Hunter Gatherers are in control of themselves. Hunter Gatherers are also self-employed. Hunter Gatherers have no risk of becoming weak, dependent or slaves.”

      The Lardil, the Hadza and the Haida would fully agree.

      • Poles with tainted blood calling themselves ‘aryans’ are bad for it! They don’t want Polish girls though do they when they are looking at pairing up, they want German, Danish and Dutch girls.

        ‘As it is now non-Nordics, Jews on top, who are kicking Nordics in the dust, we could argue who is higher in a strict Social-Darwinist sense. Making mighty fine statues is all fine, but this skill isn’t of any use if you get run down by Somalis, Kurds, Chechens etc. Could getting genetic upgrades for yourselves go the other way?’

        Jews and the non-Nordic underworld get on top of us through accusing us of ‘oppression’, meaning being better than the others. It is not ‘oppression’, but just seeing a biological comparison and denying biology.

        They have achieved the repossession from us to them through Marxism, a system based on taking from the superior to give to the inferior, deliberately because they are inferior.

        As soon as a Nordic says he is superior, or even says he has any difference that makes him distinct, this is justification for genociding this race.

        Jews say more needs to be done to help ‘struggling’ & ‘vulnerable’ people.

        When we try to apply ‘social darwinism’, which is entirely natural, (as why would you have two things or a variety of things, of higher quality and of lesser quality, and want something of lesser quality) we are accused of ‘discrimination’. If we choose one thing over another, we are accused of ‘discrimination’. The only reason you would not discriminate is if you are trying to preserve something that is inferior.

        So there is no argument that just because we are dying off that that means we are not ‘superior’ or not ‘fit’ in a ‘social darwinist’ sense, in fact it proves the opposite, as the means of it being carried out is through targeting the superior because they are superior, and using sheer numbers of bilge against a smaller number of a superior race.

      • Z says:

        yeah. You have to replicate the strategies of the people engulfing you. the Muslims and Jews. Jews say they are a separate species but it is the cro-mags who were seperate (see my other posts). The jews inverted reality with their kabbala word magic – Transmutation of values, pure frankfurt school cultural marxism. The muslims have strong in-group feeling. If you adopt the first – we are seperate -, the other -we must protect our kind- will follow. The only thing is that you will forever be on the defensive because of the hyper-aggressiveness of the other groups. the deterant would have to be a violent response returned tenfold to any offensive encroachment like viking times. Remember they have already stated that one day they intend to make it so whites (meaning nordics) will not be able to select other whites as partners to have offspring. This will occur as they attain political power with a greater voting population. France aelecting that slave of jew macron is an example. The white genocide reality must be emphasised like there is no tommorrow.

        Better to live in a nordic world order then jew world order when that order has no place for europeans of any sort.

    • We truly are the canary in the coal mine. I used your analogy in my latest regarding to the German Nation, the strongest nation of Europe, in relation to their loss of Sovereignty at the Treaty of Versailles. That was seen as ‘fair’ for the other nations for a strong Germany to ‘suffer’ for daring to be strong. Now almost 100 years later loss of sovereignty is something our indigenous people in any country have had happen to them, and no matter how they were brainwashed to feel it might have been justified on Germany just after a war, they now all suffer the same fate.

      • vikingbitch says:

        karma is a bitch

      • Schoengarth says:

        Germany losing ww2 also had a good side to it … a very ironic good side!

        A victorious Nazi Germany would have ushered mankind into a next level age and existence: deep space colonies, insane technological progress we can’t even fully imagine today, like machines for time travel, exploring what lies beyond the three-dimensional existence of the universe, and art and architecture on a level not seen since Greek or Roman times etc.etc. etc.

        The ironic good side being that all these parasites … all the jews, leftists, liars, traitors and muds … never came to know these super technologies and benefited from them, but instead have to live on the primitive level of today, with just a little better iPhones every 4 years.

        Your iPhone won’t protect you from aging and ultimately dying at some point! Only Nordic Nazi German scientist could have come up with a way to halt the aging process and make us truly immortal.

        The modern animal existence is the correct punishment for a mankind that went against its redeemer: Adolf Hitler.

      • Third Reich had nothing to do with roman greek subculture. Third Reich was ONLY for the GERMANIC culture.

      • Until_The_Last_Breath_And_Later says:

        Exactly. They are only frustrated mongrels. They are grey area… then they wanna believe to the lie of the “white race” existance. They dont belong to any race then they give importance only to the skin color ( I remember them what Nordics are white skined too) … They also say “we need to be united”. United in the name of one skin color ??????? why ???? I prefer one union in the name of one race or folk! …. why should I unite myself with another one just because he’s the same skin color of me ?????? it has no sense.

      • It is a genetic groups responsibility to acknowledge themselves. These mongrels want to be acknowledged as the only ‘white race’. They can’t promote themselves, they have trouble even defining themselves. We always stated we are the Nordic Race. They want to be included in only one ‘white race’. They cannot do anything on their own. They should assert themselves and be proud on their own, but instead they just whine. Polluted blood is a curse. Found their own Greek nation, but it is already a medley of many bloodlines and different races from history. Phoenician is prominent, and they are middle eastern mercantile non productive sun dwelling parasites.

    • You are fixated only with skin color (White) cause you have no identity. You have only skin color (pigmentation) like genetical factor who divide you by Others. White race existance is a big marxist LIE created by sionistes. It does NOT exist any White race or orange race, green race, blue race etc etc. You can NOT distinguish/classify/ recognize any race (genetic Group) by skin color only. There are Others important genetical factors to determine a race. There are several different races, subraces and mixedblood having pure White skin color. Nordic race, mediterranean subrace, slavic subrace, mongolian race, jews, etc etc. You are fixated with skin color only. White White White White…. White is just a color !!!! If a Race was made by skin color only I was for the mixture but a race is made by Others factors too. Face feauturing, bone muscle structure …then..brain too. Hairs, eyes, perspiration etc etc. YOU ARE MARXIST BELIEVING TO THE SIONIST LIES.

  7. Schoengarth says:

    One last comment on my part here: When Google searching for “italian renaissance portraits”, the majority of paintings coming up show people as if straight out of Germany or Denmark!

    Such an easy VISUAL proof of the majority Nordic descent of Renaissance Italians!

    To the Anti-Nordicist crew: Why would they have painted themselves like that?

    “Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi” by Agnolo di Cosimo

    “Simonetta Vespucci” by Sandro Botticelli

    “Portrait of Bindo Altoviti” by Raphael

    Portrait of a woman known as “Countess Nani” or “La Bella Nani”, by Paolo Caliari

  8. Original Germanic says:

    Greetings form Germany.
    Excellent article and informativ blog.
    My written English is not so good to lead a proper conversation.
    That’s why I only post an interesting article/story about our wonderful race

    • Heilsa! .. Wir sind Stolz, Germane zu sein.

    • I’ve seen your web site…. It’s only to talk about a color. “White color”. It is not talking about any race. You are fixated only with skin color (White) cause you have no identity I guess or just you are sionist. Perhaps You have only skin color (pigmentation) like genetical factor who divide you by Others. White race existance is a big marxist LIE created by sionistes. It does NOT exist any White race or orange race, green race, blue race etc etc. You can NOT distinguish/classify/ recognize any race (genetic Group) by skin color only. There are Others important genetical factors to determine a race. There are several different races, subraces and mixedblood having pure White skin color. Nordic race, mediterranean subrace, slavic subrace, mongolian race, jews, etc etc. You are fixated with skin color only. White White White White…. White is just a color !!!! If a Race was made by skin color only I was for the mixture but a race is made by Others factors too. Face feauturing, bone muscle structure …then..brain too. Hairs, eyes, perspiration etc etc. YOU ARE MARXIST BELIEVING TO THE SIONIST LIES.

      • Original Germanic says:


        Are you referring to me?

        Sorry, but I am pure Germanic/German. I can prove my ancestors back to 16th century.

      • exactly you Original (only Fake)Germanic are only a stupid mongrel believing to the sionist lies: the White race, the indoeuropean race.

  9. Original Germanic says:

    By the way, have you ever heard about the “Gas Chamber Temperature” ?
    It’s an excellent elaboration of what really happened in the – so called – Gas Chambers ….

    To free our people it would be necessary to spread this information.

  10. Reblogged this on GERMANIC PRIDE and commented:
    Heilsa! .. Wir sind stolz, Germanen zu sein

  11. BMS says:

    Greece is the most filthy mongrel nation of them all in the meditarranean.Part of western asia really.

    • Paderborn_Rise_Up says:

      Exactly… they are fixed with skin color only (white skin) cause they are latin mongrels and they feel themselves inferriors then Nordics … then they care only about skin color and they say (I’m white). They sound like to be frustrated dermatologist.

      • Yes, then they say there is a white race 1488 save the white race while they hate Nordic People at the same time as claiming both are White and so it does not matter. Why can’t they do something on their own for once and insist on their own group if its so amazing. But we know why don’t we, its because all mongrels can do is destroy and they complain and resent higher types instead of living the segregated lifestyle.

        Further than that, they cannot even define their own group, they are made up of mixed racial elements, wildly dissimilar types and multiple origin races.

        I do not want my blood and there blood together in the future. It is ridiculous that they think they can con all the people into this idea of a ‘white race’.

  12. Proud to be Helenic says:

    Greeks allowed?


      Greek is just a natipnality. It’s not a blood line. Greeks are divided by several races and subraces. The main blood line the is the laton/mediterranean/dinaric. There’re no nordic people there. No aryans. The aryan race is only the Nordic race.

  13. BMS says:

    Did i mention that according to many studies modern day “greeks” have the lowest iq in Europe?So yes,they suffer by some sort of mild retardation and it shows in many things.So i strongly urge all serious comrades to cut off any and all ties with this nation of gypsies at once,no second thoughts no hesitations no excuses,not that they deserve any…Enough said about this laughable country and “nation”…

  14. Time Destroyer says:

    Death to all non-Nordics.

  15. VRIL YA says:

    Greece has no nordics. Only latins and slavics. It does mean it is made by mixedblood only.

  16. IXI says:

    what is everybodies thoughts on the Noric or Nordid

  17. Z says:

    Although i am not nordic I kind of looked like Bindo Altoviti when i was younger. That countess of nani is doing the masonic hands; M for mason and horned hand.

    These observations are spot on. If you travel or have lived in another homogenous nation it dawns on you everyone looks the same. The Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the Japanese all have a basic type and only slight variation within that base type with no extreme variance. Based on this there must have existed a country where only redheaded green eyed people made up the population but today no such place exists.By contrast this homogeneity does not really exist in europe except in the extreme north and the extreme south, the best example being Finland with the platinum blonde type. the middle has lots of variation. Considering the history of europe this is not surprising. Even in my ethnic group it is as plain as day that there are different races within the same ethnic group. You understand this when you observe in real time what is happening in cities in Australia. This already occured in Europe and went on as a repeating occurence.

    Anyone that is from the south believing they are the same as Finnish person is living in the wonderful world of ZOG. The Greeks are clutching on the white europe thing as a counter to islam as is most of europe. It is a seperate issue yet based on a perception of the inter-related culture known as western civilisation. The hunting of nordics was occuring well before islam came calling.

    like you say Italians and greeks are full of themselves riding on past glories from 2000 years ago which weren’t even theirs. I grew up with them and had to hear about it and listen to their inflated pride all the time, Greeks and italians do it better T-shirts yeah – Greeks and italians do austerity better. It is the same inflated pride or ego rather, of middle easterners – the firey latin temperament – the manifestation of the hyper aggressiveness of the neanderthal genetic. This mentality comes from the middle east. It is lost on most of them that alexander was the golden Greek, not the olive Greek, which is why the FYROM claims him and ‘greek’ emblems as ‘macedonian’ but today most of them to fair Europeans are the same as Turks or Algerians. Black hair, Brown eyes, olive tone.I remember though that some were aware that Greece was once all golden. They lambast Turks but there is not much difference between them when viewed by a northerner, one just happens to be christian and lives on the european mainland.

    What happened is more obvious in italy were there was no foreign occupation for 400 years like Greece.Sicilians resemble arabs but in the northern liga region they are all fair.Those people look like middle easterners because they were originally from there and were brought in as slaves or immigrated to bum off Romes welfare like the west today. Foreign slaves outnumbered Romans 6 to 1 and they were loaded up on welfare until it all collapsed. You can be sure that Greece did the same thing with slaves and foreign workers and collapsed the demographic way before the ottoman occupation. The moral is whites continue to allow foreign labour which eventually engulfs them.

    Just because you live in the same land called italy and are all legally italians does not make you all the same race, and so it is throughout europe. White is white, olive is well, middle eastern. Whites don’t turn olive or brown because of the sun, they turn red.

  18. wolfgangkaiser says:

    I am wondering. What are your thoughts on the Slavs? Most of the Slavs with blond hair and blue eyes do not look Nordic at all.

    Also how many pure Nordics do you think there are?

  19. patbona says:

    You said this “Hermann der Cherusker fought a bloody war against the Romans. If the Nordic German Tribes had not been victorious, modern Germany would be more like France or Italy. Instead of a German language a Romance language would be spoken, and instead of a German Race, the racemixing that afflicted southern Europe at the dissolution of Rome would have ruined the whole of Europe.”

    And it’s true. The problem for Rome arose when they left jews impose their poisonous religion : christianity. That religion (or jewish programming) is the virus that destroys Europe.

  20. Pat says:

    For the idiots still thinking that Ancient Greeks were not white, here is the proof they are wrong :

    This is the Goddess Athena as it was in Ancient Greece. So blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin.

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