A Conversation With Jerry II

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Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Some of Jerry’s Writings are on this site.

This is the second transcript, a continuation of the first where we discussed the multitude of inferior black sub-humans invading Europe over the Mediterranean Sea and ended on the humanitarian laws that are today ruining the whole world, maintaining the Jew and the inferior races, and destroying the superior white Nordic Race.

In this conversation we extend from the Jewish humanitarian laws to the emotions of pityness and the weakness that is allowing the inferior races to breed out and exterminate the superior race. We go onto talk about the indomitable Germanic Race and the vengefulness of the Jew in his hatred for an unadulterated race that will not host the Jew willingly, and his extermination of this race and substitution by inferior less intelligent peoples.

– Aidhan


Aidhan: Everything a non-Jew says today is racist, everything sensible is racist. They call it racist until we are all dead.

Jerry: I see it all. It is up to you now. Use your brains, maintain the White Race, the superiority of the White Race. Do not hold any sympathy towards the black bastards. It is very hard to cut out this pityness from the people.

Aidhan: If they were equal they wouldn’t need everybody’s sympathy would they.

Jerry: Nature will kill you, if you do not fight back against them. Humanity will live up to 150 years of age, strong, beautiful and healthy, if we get our breeding right, if we maintain the right stock. I have read this in many old German and European books. All the German philosophers, they all thought this. Nietzsche is all for it. Pityness and all of that is for the shit. They kill you. You have got to be strong, survival of the fittest. Darwinism, and he was a man only calculating the animal world, being British he was afraid to insult the Jew.

Aidhan: If the first animals to come out of the ocean had been scared to discriminate there would have been no further development and no further species. If they had all mixed then there would be nothing. We would still be in the sea.

Jerry: Life came out of the sea; it developed on land further into different kinds of animals. Germans are good thinkers, they have good brains, we should not be held back. The British didn’t want to let it happen. Like Cameron today he is a two faced double dealing bastard.

Aidhan: He is Jewish.

Jerry: He is an effeminate poof. He has some Jewish blood in him.

Aidhan: The real English they have blonde hair. They are Germanic people. Cameron is neither English nor Scotch, he is a Jewish usurper, and the thing is most people in England don’t know he is Jewish.

Jerry: The simple person, he does not even read. The easiest way is to hear, again and again and again. To talk, but the Jews they control the whole systems media. The people will not choose this higher knowledge; they will not seek it out. They will not do their own research. It becomes very hard to talk to them. Most people, especially the woman, or a dumb man, he will not stop and listen when there is politics going on. He will listen to the Jews, through entertainment. He will get other political ideas, he will switch off. He will not listen to the truth; he will listen to the entertainment. And it is all from the Jew. The Jew is very clever and deceitful. He knows he must stop the goyim from thinking.

Aidhan: Because thinking leads to anti-Semitism and that is because we simply blame the Jew for everything that he has done. If something has happened, you look to the origin and you find he did it.

Jerry: When you think deeply you start picking up books, you arrive at the great German philosophers. They already thought about all of this, hundreds of years ago. And you go from the greatest minds in history, not the idiot. You pick it up, you compare, and you learn more and more. We could create the perfect society, above the idiots and the Jew. But today people choose on their own what they are interested in, and how many are interested in living in a good society? That is only the intelligent people.

Aidhan: We know what we can do to live in a better society, exclude 99% of the people around now.

Jerry: Many are only interested in football and cricket and sports.

Aidhan: Especially in this country. It goes on and on and on. It is the same every year.

Jerry: I don’t know how they can stand it.

Aidhan: I don’t know what’s particularly interesting about watching a game of sports.

Jerry: The Jews own everything. They own all the television and all of the newspapers.

Aidhan: They own all the sports teams. They own every information outlet. Everything people are going to be exposed to and potentially learn from they control. People have to consciously seek out things. What percentages of the people are going to do that? Stuff all. These people are going to die out. We have got to save ourselves and get our Nordic people out of this.

Jerry: You have got to have a strong man. Somebody who takes the power. He must be very well known by the Nordic Race. They have got to be interested and listen to him. He can take over. The Jew will not let anybody do that.

Aidhan: He can string all these Jews up! Today you will never ever have a medium. If you are passionate and you are a threat to them. The Jews will not even write about you in the newspaper. They will not even mention you. Nobody will hear about you. You will never get interviewed on the television.

Jerry: They own the media, they do it all themselves. They only print what they want to print. They print nonsense and rubbish. If somebody complains about the system they would not even print it.

Aidhan: When they ask the opinions they only print the people who all agree with each other. They all say exactly the same thing.

Jerry: And it is always for the good of the Jews.

Aidhan: They only print one side.

Jerry: The white thinking, the intelligent, they are not included.

Aidhan: If it is damaging or critical of white people they print it. They will never print somebody in the paper who says ‘I think it would be a good idea if the races were separate’.


Jerry: Why is the Jew like he is? Why must he rule over us? Why does he want to suck us? He is a parasite. A parasitical character.

Aidhan: The Jew is the mistletoe parasite of humanity, sucking on the tree of humanity until it drops.

Jerry: The Jew wants to be the top. He controls the three main powers of a society. The three M’s: Media, Money & Manipulations. His biggest power is media and money. They all own that. In England, in America, and now in Europe. The Jew banks offer the governments money, and the governments spend and spend, giving more money in benefits to all the bludgers who do not deserve it, and bringing in more and more of these bastardised suckers coming in here.

Aidhan: The slime of the sewers of the third world. Governments need to pay for them, and they get it from the Jew bank loans which put them further and further into debt. The Jews get more and more power over the nation. The original race of the nation get displaced and eventually miscegenated and mongrelises itself out of existence. The host is weakened and the Jew has defiled its host.

Jerry: The more they bring in, the more boats, the more money for the Jew. They suck the people.

Aidhan: Then it goes from the money side to the manipulations side, the Jews employ their journalists and they say you are evil if you don’t accept them. They shut the people up and swiftly bring up their holocaust story again, to remind us of where ‘racism’ leads to, while they defile and murder the races of the world. So far they have gotten away with it.

Jerry: When something happens to one of the boats, when it fills up with water, they say it is our fault. They say more needs to be done to save them. More money gets spent and the Jew profits more, the non-Jews suffer.

Aidhan: If they were not let in they would not come on the boats. This is the twin prongs, the Jewish media manipulations, and the Jewish money working together. It is not ‘humanitarian’ to not let them in; you are not ‘compassionate’ enough. They guilt you.

Jerry: The Tony Abbot government here dealt with this. They did not bring the boats into Australia; they dropped them in other countries. The media was saying it was ‘inhuman’, they said they have suffered so much. The idiots and the majority believed that.

Aidhan: We will always get this. The countries that have a better style of life the inferior will try and flock to. They will always try to crawl in like cockroaches, as long as they are allowed. If all the boats were torpedoed, burned or sank, none of them would come, not to Europe and not to Australia. They couldn’t get in here, they wouldn’t bother. We have got these leftist Semitic agitators, Jewish groups, it is all them. Nobody wants these wretched & inferior brown idiots except for them, and they always get their say. If you say this the Jews say you are anti-Semitic. As I say, we only blame them for what they do. It could not be more obvious.

Jerry: Yes. What is wrong with being anti-Semitic? He brings all the problems. He sucks all the money. He has all the money in the world. He bleeds the people dry. People should see that.

Aidhan: There is one group on this planet that has a big problem. The Jew is a disease on legs.

Jerry: In Germany, the EU slanders every non-Jew, put the finger on them and puts in Jews in their place. You cannot live amongst your own kind of people who think the same way. The Jew is always there to poison and adulterate your blood.

Aidhan: It’s very hard to get rid of him, they say you’re anti-Semitic. The Jews are constantly making accusations and allegations. If you try to live amongst your own they say you are evil. They say you excluded some people, you tried to kill us, and you are evil. You need to die out now, accept multiculturalism.

Jerry: Why is the Jew trying to say we killed him? They have not got an excuse. Why would anybody want to kill the Jews? He can only say we did it because we are evil. He will never admit what he did.

Aidhan: Jews cannot tell us why we should keep them, and they cannot tell us why we shouldn’t kill them. All they can do is say it is mean to kill them. And so what, that is not an argument. Killing the Jews is a good thing. One might as well do it, because if you don’t do it they accuse you of it anyway. That is what we have learned through history.


Jerry: The cheating, the money business. People loan money from the Jew. The Jews put an interest rate on it. Why is it that the white man is so dumb? The Jews exploit us. That is how they got big. And it will be until the white man wakes up. The National Socialist Party was doing the right thing. Adolf Hitler saw it all. The First World War was created by the Jew. Austria and Germany had a pact. Germany had to go and help the Austrians.

Aidhan: All the usual German haters, all the agents of the Jews came out and started a war.

Jerry: The British, the Americans even in the First World War fought for the Jews. In Germany the women working in the munitions factories were told by the Jews to stop working. The German soldiers ran out of ammunitions. That was Jews in Germany working up the women telling them to ‘stop the killing’, and they did it. Germany lost the war, and the fatherland went into Jewish hands.

Aidhan: That is how the Jews first tried to make Einstein famous. They marketed him as a ‘pacifist’ and a ‘philosopher’ first. He worked in a patents office. The equation E=MC2 had already been done. At first he was an antiwar activist and a German hater. He went from anti-war to working on the atomic bomb when it suited him.

Jerry: Everything the Jews have they copied. They accumulated in Germany, and they mimicked the people. They went into England when the Germans thought they were cheating them. England needed money for its colonising. Now they have to pay it back, they have to listen to the Jew and everything the Jew has to say. England said I can’t pay you back, but you can stay here. Germany never liked the Jew. When I was growing up we had Jews and we always knew they are bastards, beggars and cheats, they come and pinch and steal. They steal things and sell it on. They even try to sell things they had stolen from the next door garden, and that’s how the Jews do it, through cheating. At the markets they would undercut the farmer with stolen goods. That’s how the little Jews start out. Germany recognised this. Unfortunately not all Germans are as smart, many of the southern Germans are not as smart. Then there is the Italians and the Greeks

Aidhan: They might as well be Arabs.

Jerry: Look at the Greeks today; they are in debt and trying to get money from the rest of Europe. Merkel has to pay 5 billion dollars of debt. If the Greeks and other countries don’t get it from the Germans they start complaining about the war. They want 300 billion from the Germans from the war time.

Aidhan: Nobody seems to remember that Germany was liberating all these countries from Jewish slavery. Greece was being liberated. Germany was saving Europe.

Jerry: Many of the Greek politicians they are half Jews. They put the shame on and extract money. That is 70 years ago and they still want money. The Jews were disliked and chased out of Europe in the ancient times.

Aidhan: The Jews always have a score to settle. If you trespass against them once that’s it, they have got to kill you. The fact is we never did anything to the Jews in the first place. They came into Europe to kill us. They have always insisted on killing us. The only way we are going to stop them from killing us is by killing them. The Jews had this plan even before they met us. The Jew wanted to kill everyone he saw.

Jerry: The Romans colonised half of Europe and all around the Mediterranean, including Israel. The Jews were making a lot of trouble so the Romans took 500,000 Jews and transferred them into Europe and into England. That is how we got infested with the Jews the first time. We didn’t have them so much in Germany. Germans were concerned with living at home, producing their own living. The British wanted to get riches from other people, so the Jews went and collected the money. They got the mineral wealth and the recourses. The Jews could increase in Europe. The Germans knew strait away that the Jews were a bastard and an insect.

Aidhan: When do you believe the Jews first decided they were going to kill the White Race completely?

Jerry: They have always wanted to subjugate the White Race. When they went to America the White Race was getting on too quick. That’s when it really started.


Aidhan: There was The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion but the Romans brought the Jews in 2000 years ago. That is a long time before. Did they have a plan to murder us all then or did they just want to suck us as a parasite?

Jerry: They came in and they wanted to find out what was going on. Then they found out the Germans are not so easy to fleece. They didn’t like the falsifications the Jews make. The English were not all the same race. The Anglo Saxons were not the only people on the British Isles. There was the other races already there. The Picts and the Ancient Britons, the Moroccans in Ireland. They bastardised the English Race.

Aidhan: That’s right the English were all blonde and blue eyed. Now look at them, many look like mongrels.

Jerry: The Saxons, all lower Germany is Saxon; Hamburg, Bremen up to Lubeck. The Northern States, were all Germanic. When the Jews came in there they did not have an easy time. At first the Germanic people did not know how deceitful the Jews are. The Jews gradually enslaved the people through money lending and interest rates. If you do not pay your loans even today, the Jew repossesses everything, your car, your truck, your house, anything you have. The pure Nordic Race is very hard for the Jew to fleece, unlike some other European countries. We never liked the Jews. If they can’t get you they have to kill you. The Germanic types are not even interested in gambling. We don’t believe in luck. A German makes sure; he makes sure he can win. He does not lose everything and get into trouble. You have got to have the instinct. The ubermensch is over human thinking.

Aidhan: Mongrels cannot recognise Jews, and people have gotten so used to mongrels. They often cannot distinguish mongrel thinking from their own. Jews have normalised mongrelised minds. Their idiocy is commonplace; we all have to put up with it. If you do not know what you are, if you cannot see that the Nordic Race is a distinct group the defective psyche and thinking of the mongrel becomes normal. For instance on the internet I get a lot of comments from Jews pretending not to be Jews. They must get to comment a lot on other sites. People are used to them. People are used to the way they write and they are used to the arguments they use. I can identify a Jew just by the way they write. They give away their own Jewish psychology. I know the Nordic Race does not think like that. People who believe in Equality have gotten so used to it. They make comments in order to influence your thought, but more so that they can influence what other people who come on a website are thinking. They always have to comment on everything, and I suppose on most sites they are given a voice. People cannot recognise the infective hand of the Jews. Luckily nordicantisemite.com is one of the only website that does not let them comment. Most websites don’t allow Jewish comments but they do not recognise when Jews pretend to be non-Jews.

Jerry: The Jews try to persuade people. If you are gullible you fall for it. The Nordic Race is not so gullible like the southerners. We don’t want the Jews. We want to try and live.

Aidhan: The Jew is a bit like a grim reaper, scything away all the gullible people. Only the strong and intelligent are capable of resisting.

Jerry: You can lose your own family, your own relatives; if they are young and that’s all the information they get fed. If they believe the Jew is not evil it is very hard.

Aidhan: Every generation has to relearn it. The Jew has been very well known in any generation up until now. That is why we have to separate the Nordic Race. It is really only the last 60 years that anybody cares about the Jew. Only since their holocaust story, it forgives them for all their future wrongdoings and for their premeditated final murder of our race.


Jerry: The Jew says he has suffered, and that is their mistake. The Jew brings up stories from 100 years ago. So it has been all throughout history. He wants to keep this going so we all believe what the Jew tells us. They need the goyim to believe they are hurting and have suffered injustice. The goyim need to think the Jews have suffered, or else it all becomes undone, and Germans, the Germanic Race, the Nordic people are not so stupid. If it were not for the Jews, what did the allies fight for? We can see how the world is all around us. How can they be excused?

Aidhan: We are supposed to celebrate all these days, Anzac Day, Remembrance Day, all of these days in all of our lands. I only celebrate the German heroes. If somebody is a danger to the Jews the Jews say he is a danger to the world, and that is why Jews start the wars, to always keep the stronger one down. To the Jews they are the world. They want to rule the world so they are the world.

Jerry: Not everybody realises that they are ruling the world everywhere. Look at Obama in America that ridiculous idiot.

Aidhan: Teleprompter faggot.

Jerry: Strong nations that produce good thinkers the Jews must knock them down; often they put a woman in there like Merkel or Gillard. Now in America they might try Hillary Clinton again.

Aidhan: And once a woman is in its hard to get rid of her, because the Jews say you are ‘sexist’. And Hillary Clinton is a Jew.

Jerry: Bill Clinton fucked around with a Jew and then it came out.

Aidhan: Clinton’s presidency was disastrous. Now we might soon have his missus in there.

Jerry: If we stay with the Jew the Jew will win.

Aidhan: And the Jew will send everyone to work for his corporations and he will continually redistribute all the wealth to those least deserving of it. Continually breed up the bilge, until we have a massive population of urban idiots. It would never happen if you had a Germanic Race living off the land, as they were, before the Jews and the department stores and their shops. Everything people need today that they buy they had before on the farms.

Arbeitsmaid beim Milchdurchseien 1941

Jerry: The Jew will sell you things, he will give you money, but you have got to pay him back. The Jew includes himself.

Aidhan: Even on the Titanic there was a Jew on board, Isidor Straus, Straus did his part for the Jews by making people think Jews are noble. He died on the Titanic because he thought it was not fair that he should go on a lifeboat before any woman, so he volunteered to die on-board Titanic. Everyone thinks a helping Jew, but I see it, he just did his bit for the Jews of the future, so people can say ‘look there was a good Jew’. Not because he actually cared about anyone. They went on and on about that for many years.

Jerry: He did it for the good of the Jews.

Aidhan: Yes, so everyone can say ‘look, that one’.

Jerry: They build on that. They say we are better helpers than the ordinary man, so you are stuck with them.

Aidhan: The Jews and their non-existent morals. They love to brag about their moral qualities don’t they? They love to brag about how they help everyone. By helping they only mean those undesirables, and people they invented anyway like faggots.

Jerry: Who are they helping?

Aidhan: The scum, the underworld.

Jerry: The Jew will not let go.

Aidhan: He cements his control by increasing the population of dependents. Whether that’s faggots, sick people or whether it’s Niggers.

Jerry: The actual fact is he gains because the people trust in him. They get you. They create a good vision of the Jew.

Aidhan: Luckily we are not that stupid

Jerry: I can’t believe we have not chucked them out yet. In the paper it is always ‘he was a good man, he helped the Jews’.

Aidhan: They seem to have a new definition of good and evil. Good is everything that helps the Jews, evil is everything that goes against them. Also, good is everything that helps the weak. This is a stupid definition of good and evil, it is regressive and it is backward. If they say a certain person was good because he helped charity, what he actually did was help stuff up the genes of mankind, to turn everyone into a beggar. Do not help the idiot.

Jerry: This is short sightedness.

Aidhan: Like Friedrich Nietzsche said there should be a re-evaluation of moral values.

Jerry: How is there going to be this education of higher values?

Aidhan: The Nordic Race had this before we had the Jews! The Nordic Race never had a compassion for weakness.

Jerry: The Jew distorted everything.

Aidhan: And we have only gone down since.

Jerry: And the Germans were getting up so the Jews created this holocaust story. We will whinge and scream and they will care for our suffering. The Jews doctored the pictures and they kept them for 70 years after the war.

Aidhan: Doctored photos and eyewitness testimonies. Testimonies from known genetical liars.

Jerry: I don’t know how we are going to get out of that, the Germanic Race I mean. Merkel she does everything for the Jews.

Aidhan: All major parties of Germany, CDU, SPD, they are all committed to the genocide of the German Race. The NPD is a good thing, the only party I approve of.


Jerry: We want the NSDAP.

Aidhan: It’s obvious there is a massive population bottleneck. We have got to re-establish ourselves in the future. The intelligent ones.

Jerry: How many of them are there. It is not enough if there are only 12%.

Aidhan: It is much less than that.

Jerry: Eventually the Jews with the idiots behind them will get rid of all of us. It is terrible that the people are dumb. They should be more intelligent. How do you make them intelligent?

Aidhan: Racial purification. You need a good race to start with or you are not going to have any intelligent. How do you do that? You do it through proper breeding. The Jews say a person is racist for caring about their quality. We can see the intelligence of the other ones. They have sex with anything. Most of them have sex with children or animals, especially in the Arab world. That is their intellectual level. The Nordic Race is very selective, and so we should be. That is what made us what we are. If you believe the idiot, the ugly moron you become like him. He is a failure for including everything.

Jerry: The Nordic Race has intelligence and decency on our side. We have good character. We behave according to the natural laws.

Aidhan: We exclude the weak, the stupid, the liar, the Jew. No tolerance.

Jerry: No Jewish law, the universal laws of nature. Jews talk about a god, there is no god there.

Aidhan: It is inborn in us.

Jerry: The idiots don’t know what to believe. They think ‘I am weak’, they want to believe in a god that will save them, a god that loves them. Love is for the lower races. Either you are strong enough to produce good substance, create beautiful life. You stick to the cosmic laws of nature. The other races should have died out a long time ago but they are not, they are being supported.

Aidhan: No other species in the animal kingdom lives side by side with its failed offshoots. You only see pure species of every kind. They don’t hang around with half breed idiots. The horse doesn’t live with the half horse.

Jerry: I have watched the birds, the magpies. There are some dumb maggies. They have grown up but they behave like kids and they want to be fed. They throw themselves over and squawk. When it was younger the mum used to feed him. The maggie kept doing it and eventually the mother got into it with her beak. There is no love and no pity. Now that bird is gone, it could not feed itself. Even magpies are very smart. It was a grown up bird but still wanted to be fed like a baby bird. It wouldn’t feed itself, and now it is dead. That’s how nature should be, the sick people. If you have a sick offspring you should not grow it. It will make the race weak.

Aidhan: Cursing the blood of the future.

Jerry: It is not only amongst the birds it is amongst all the animals and humans as well it should be. Weak idiots establish human rights. It is wrong

Aidhan: And they call it ‘humanitarianism’. What it does is destroy humanity.

Jerry: It is a Jewish idea.

Aidhan: Eleanor Roosevelt that black haired Jewish cow, she drew up that charter.


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8 Responses to A Conversation With Jerry II

  1. Europa Redux says:

    The Jews are an insanely cunning race. They have the stupid masses believing everything out of their mouths. People say, “If we give 30 billion dollars to poverty, we can feed the world!” No we fucking can’t!! There isn’t enough fucking farmland, unless they plan on feeding them worthless Jew paper notes! The fucking Africans won’t even let us farm cause they want “their land” that they weren’t even using, cause of their stupid nigger pride. Reminds me of a book I read as a child, “Something From Nothing”. The premise was, that you can’t make something from nothing! How many are we supposed to feed? 10 billion? 20? It’s not even about food, the African is in his element starving to death. It’s about white women. That’s what the niggers want more than food. The Jews know this. They also don’t believe in God. The religion is to hide their racial kinship. God to them is a metaphor for the collective soul of the Jews. Don’t tell the goyim! How can people be so fucking stupid? Everything is race. The Jews know this. That’s why Russian Jews can’t marry Orthodox Jews in Israel. The aristocratic principle; they want to keep their upper classes pure so they don’t lose their edge. Why don’t our people understand this? Our nobility is destroyed. I always wondered too when I was younger, how did the Jews fight a war in 1948 if they had all just gotten out of camps? Does nobody think anymore? What a world.

    • The UN makes these population projections and then instigates government policy to make it happen. Then they tell us there is an overpopulation problem! While they are driving it. The UN if anyone remembers was to save the jews from another holocaust so it is a jewish creation. They are responsible for this overpopulated population if black morons. On their own the niggers could not support a high population, they were just a part of the african ecosystem. Lions killed niggers and niggers killed lions. They were just another african animal.

      Leave them at that we are talking thousands not millions, let alone billions as has happened now with all the constant charity. Charity is the best way to take a problem and make it worse. You see the ‘save the children’ and the medisans san frontier adverts on the tv, dying niglets. Lets feed them so they increase even more and make even more poverty! How smart is it to make more of them! If you feed a beggar you will always have a beggar. The correct thing is to do nothing. Let them drop off. This is the humanest act of mankind. There will be no more poverty and no more suffering if we get rid of these races that cant raise themselves. Poverty is the natural state of the negro, whatever he is given. You could get rid of all poverty by not helping all these inferior useless races. People should support us in doing this! This is sensible Nordic mentality. We would save the world.

      Look at just one country as an example, South Africa. They had hardly any niggers when the settlers first got there. The land was a plateau, it could not support many niggers. Now it is teeming with tens of millions of them and more move in from the North every year.

      In actuality the overwhelming majority of Niggers in South Africa today are from the North over the borders and their descendants. They came there to take and they came there to bludge. They all call themselves South African now, and Jews tell the world they are indigenous and have a right to be there while the Afrikaner and the Boer do not. The goyim masses are so stupid they think africa = black and its fair to let the niggers have South Africa even though they didn’t build it because its just assumed that the niggers belong there and were there first. This is actually not the case. There were just a few bantu and zulu in a few certain areas. Then in the same breath that they say South Africa should have black rule because its a part of Africa they excuse the niggers in Europe.

      South Africa was barren and ripe for European colonisation. We made it better, we irrigated it and we built European villages and towns and made it look just like Europe. We supported our people. If niggers cannot do the same that is too bad. That is natural justice. That is the only way to get better, competition and displacing the lesser. If a race is inferior and cant keep up it should not be aided.

      The niggers have absolutely no right to be there just as nobody really has any rights. If White South Africans are stronger than so they should fight for it and so they should have it. Niggers are no good, thats not our fault. Why should we help the inferior just because he is inferior?

      A race needs to take what they need and if somebody is weaker, tough. They should have learned to evolve properly. You are acting harmoniously with nature for ensuring its your progeny, not a useless bludger that will inherit the earth. Now thanks to our race not asserting itself South Africa is supporting worthless nigger savages, and not a highly evolved Nordic Race. How moral is that?

      If White people want to colonise an area, if they can they should. Life is profusion and if you need to export your population somewhere else so you can increase so you should. If you don’t increase as much as you can you cannot complain when you die out and are replaced by somebody else. There is no equality in nature.

      Why are they even in Europe? Why is it okay for niggers to invade Europe now while Jews do all the talking for them and we are not allowed by the other races to have our own countries. All while these same people say that it is ‘immoral’ if Whites have a chunk of Africa. Giving the niggers new spawn points is extremely dangerous. They can increase at the same propensity in every new place they are injected into. They will grow to be the majority in every place they are allowed, as through their primitive genes the x between a nigger and everything is always a nigger. Just the fact that they absolve all superior genes on any cross should be proof to anyone that they are grossly unevolved and inferior. They should not be allowed anywhere, not under any pretence!

      It should be the Nordic Race, not the blacks, as when you realise the other races are inferior it become immoral to even keep them.

      Allowing and encouraging or even making mixed race marriages legal, or even allowing two or more races in a living sphere is definitely immoral when you are aware that one race is superior. Everything should be done to advance the Nordic Race, as this race should be the future race of mankind.

      No other race will do our work for us. They had better try on their own. If everyone tries they should not complain when the Nordic Race outdoes them. They see it as moral to displace the Nordic Race in Europe. The Nordic Race has a sacred ability to chose to allow other races to have their own autonomous living spheres, as we can chose not to encroach on them (https://nordicantisemite.com/2015/02/19/by-order-of-the-creators-race-enforced-racial-segregation/ ). They should realise this or else starve to death. They will get no sympathy from us. If they are allowed to live in their own living spheres on this planet, it is only because the Nordic Race allowed them. This is the way it must be in the future, or else Nordic humanity will disappear and humanity will be a defective mongrelised mess forever.


      • Europa Redux says:

        “The UN is just a trapdoor to the Red World’s immense concentration camp… …we will encourage the niggers to screw your Gentile women and in 50 years you’ll be all mixed up”

        We are in complete agreement here. Africans and Australoids are fauna and should be treated as such. Likewise it isn’t fair to place unfair expectations on them and expect them to function in human society. You’ve probably heard of the Rosenthal interview, if not I encourage to read it. Very revealing and he was killed for speaking up.

        Of course, South Africa and Rhodesia were veritable paradises. The niggers flocked there and were put to productive work and allowed to live on their own, and lived like kings compared to their brethren. It was only when the Jew started telling them they were equal that they became a problem, and played their usual tactic of who-was-there-first, as if it matters! Every race lives on land taken from another, this is natural, you can’t feel guilty just because your ancestors beat them at their own game! In fact, when the Voortrekkers made their way up north, they encountered the Zulus, who were finishing a clean sweep of Africa after they exterminated the Hottentots, and defeated them, earning the right to the land!

        Of course the UN is part of the Jewish network of equality along with Facebook and other social media, giving a voice to those who have not earned it. For example Facebook, every third worlder has a “profile” therefore in some people’s eyes this makes them equal, and now they can reach across borders and contact girls in our countries, whereas before they were separated by geography and force of arms, not to mention in those days women would laugh at such a plea for pity. The New World, everyone has a profile, everyone has an equal say, rather than making your voice heard only by merit or force as in the past, when the weak were rightly ignored. These days everyone is encouraged to be proud of their “heritage”, talking about how they came from this or that tribe, even if that tribe was worthless and stagnant. No one has any shame anymore. I myself fucking hate St. Patrick’s Day and hate that I have some Irish blood, even if it’s only a little bit it shouldn’t have happened; I should be full blood Anglo/Scot instead of having a 1/4 of worthless Irish Med. Like Jerry said there the English should have eliminated them and the Welsh from mainland Britain.

        The only outcome I can see from this is a nuclear war before 2050. Once the mongrels take over America completely, all bets are off. Shit, Israel is already dropping mini-nukes on Yemen. The world is just too crowded, too much stress, everyone is going crazy, it was never like this before, our ancestors in Europe maintained stable levels and there was room to breathe. Now all the land is turning into cities and suburbs, to many people want things but would rather share than fight for it. A culling is coming, and only the strong and worthy will survive. It didn’t need to happen this way, but we have borrowed against Nature for too long and now it’s time to pay up. Of course the Jews think they will be the masters when the smoke clears, but the remnants of the Aryan race will be able to contest them.

        I believe in reasonable compassion when it comes to the Africans in Africa, as it is not really their fault that there is so many of them, it is the Jew’s. They have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that they are an evolutionary cul-de-sac and that they were pumped up artificially, and it upsets them because the Jew told them they were equal. It’s not fair to set a whole race up for disappointment like that, just like it’s not fair to tell a slow child that he will grow up to be an astronaut if he works hard enough. If we want to avert disaster, we must institute an immediate plan to return Africans to their natural existence in the ecosystem like you said. We must make sterilization a condition of food aid, and try to get the population below 25 million. Ebola and AIDS were wake-up calls. If we don’t start sterilizing these Africans, the world will suffer for it. The UN must be dissolved as it is a Marxist unnatural organization that impedes necessary action from being taken and seeks to lower everyone down to the same level.

        And yes I agree niggers in Europe are offensive and should be shown no mercy. They don’t understand compassion, they think they have conquered us and behave accordingly. Send them all back, if they sink it’s their fault.

  2. Europa Redux says:

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Charity begins at home. I do not give a shyte about any of these other races because they do not give a crap about me.

    Having worked in the ghetto, I used to have a little sympathy for the nogs, but that wore off pretty quickly when you realize how corrupt the nogs are. Their own politicos sell out the nogs all the time. Black school systems are a mess because all the money goes to the administrators and not the kids.

    In essence, Blacks should just be left to self-destruct. They will if the stupid goy will let them. Just let it happen!

    This self-destruction is present pretty much throughout the world. This is what the kikes want – they want the Nords to self-destruct.

    Honestly, many so-called “white Americans” are like the nogs now. They are on a path of self-destruction. Really there is not a damn thing you can do about this cluster#$k. You can only engage in self-preservation and live out the rotting process. I take no ownership in this BS as I just got here in 1972. My parents brought me to the USA in the eighties. Look I am OVER it.

    Those of us that can ‘see’ will just have to stay connected. THAT is important this support system will keep us from being isolated.

    It is amazing how when you are one that engages in self-preservation, how the rest of nogs and infected Jew Thinkers will look at you with disdain. When you try to protect yourself from the corruption, these Others WILL hate you and will vilify you. You must be able to withstand the unfair criticism and gossip. You may have to endure being poor, having your reputation crapped on, and being ostracized. Hey, it just strengthens your resolve.

    @ Redux: You should check out the blog Mindweapons of Raganarok. The blogger there emphasizes how we are in a mind war.

    It has been hard residing in the J-USA has a Nord. EVERYONE hates you in the Mud Mass Melting Pot of Jew Stink. Hey, fuck them.

    Moving on now….

    And that is really how you have to view you it, that you are moving on. Maybe Nords will just have to be mobile and undercover. Fine. I will do it. There is nothing out there to persuade me that shacking up with a North American Pavement Ape is the way to go no matter how much money the nog has.

    Jews and Nogs are turds painted gold. The UN is a turd preservation organization. This whole world is a farce. Just sit back and laugh at it!

    • Europa Redux says:

      I couldn’t see that site, you need to be a member or something. Chechar has a good site too if you’ve ever seen that.

      Apologies if I offended you in the other thread, perhaps I was too harsh. I’ll try to explain why I think feminism is bad: because it encourages women to identify as women, first, and not as Aryan women first, so they fail to see their superiority over other women and become a member of that group rather than their own racial group; many Nordic women these days would identity with a Jewish feminist like Betty Friedan more than the men of their own kind. Of course if every woman thought rationally like you, we wouldn’t have any problems, but they don’t. I don’t see women as second-class citizens, Germanic tradition emphasizes respect for women all through recorded history, violent disrespect for women is Semitic in nature and abhorrent. But I just think women should not be in foreign politics and here’s why: women often tend to left-wing views due to their compassionate and nurturing nature. This can often lead to decisions being made based on emotional thinking rather than logic. This is all well and good when it involves looking after other members of the group as is natural, but when unworthy outsiders who feign neediness in order to parasite off of and harm the group, it becomes a problem. Men are wired to protect their kin, and most can be trusted to make decisions with this in mind, though the feminized men these days not so much. So we can still have a racial respect for our women such as NS Germany did without endorsing feminism. It is important to separate racial tradition of respect for females, from modern equalist “feminism”. Feminism encourages women to be careerist and promiscuous and put off motherhood until their 30s when they will have a hard time finding a worthy mate due to their baggage, leading to a life of regret and bitterness. This is not good for anybody.

      Of course everything Anglin writes isn’t gospel. He is somewhat Americanized, but he is doing a damn fine job of exposing the Jews and my rule is, if they name the Jew, they’re alright! Of course you are right about modern Americans. They are thoroughly Judaized and 99% are lost to all hope. I agree, if you want to stay Judenfrei, you often have to go it alone. I have lost a few friends because of my views, but in the end it just made me realize how stupid and weak they were in the first place, they love niggers more than their own kind. I have also made many others aware of the situation so I think it was worth it.

      It really is a farce. I feel like I am in bizarro world and everyone else has just lost their marbles. Everything is backwards; good is evil, common sense is extremism, sick is healthy, etc. What can you do but laugh at it.

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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