Jews Are Not Welcome – By Order Of Superior Race

As reported on the Jewish,7340,L-4656908,00.html and the Daily Stormer European Parliament Vice President Antonio Tajani has stated in a speech that Jews are a substantial part of the history of the European Continent and that there is no Europe without Jews.


It must be asked why are Jews even in Europe?

Jews have a 6000+ year history of chasing the white race around the world and replacing our population with undermen, then subsequently following us to the next place. They always get the people who haven’t experienced them yet to fight their war against their host that is waking up. There is a reason why Empires never last, and that reason is Jews.

Jews devote all their time and energy into pursuing us and subjugating us wherever we are. From their international finance swindle in redistributing our tax dollars to inferiors to their constant war mongering against whoever is the stronger nation to their role as leader of the Marxist subhuman hordes against who ever is doing better. There is nothing more to the Jews, there is nothing more to their ‘religion’, than levelling and finally destroying the goyim.

In contrast many of us are still very naive about Jews, and know nothing about Jews. This is where Jews fulfill their role as the ‘grim reaper’. Today Europe, Britain, its Commonwealth, the United States and the whole world pay the price for allowing the Jew to start a war in Europe in 1939.

Making a new nation and a future for the coming generations relies on rejecting the Jews.


Only those that hate the Jews will survive into the future.

We do not want to live anywhere near the Jews. But you see it is the Jews themselves that seek to live with us! They cannot complain when their negative actions towards us bring forth the violent reaction of ‘anti-Semitism’. Anti-Semitism will either guarantee our future after we use our own instincts to react against the Jew and finally dislodge him or the Jew will destroy us, our instincts, our race completely.

The Jew is the enemy of Europe and the grave-digger of the European People. Their entire existence is based on forcing races together and exterminating them. The Original Race of Europe, Cro-Magnon was our ancestor and the Jew has been the continued enemy of this species and have consistently strived to replace this high evolution with stagnated sub-humans from around the world.

In this latest case of people making speeches about the Jewish place in Europe, coming shortly after Jew Schuster said that Germany has to accept all the refuge’s because of its past (existing to preserve its national race), we see the Jewish hate of Europe. It not only wants to kill the Europeans, it wants to take its identity, leaving no trace behind. We can see how on one hand, Jews will demand unlimited African Negro immigration into Europe, while also claiming to be European themselves. If a goyim is to state exactly what a European is, he is labeled racist by the Jew, and the holocaust is then brought up again.

holocaust fiction

Those Parasitic Yids

It must be remembered that Tajani, in his position in the EU as a MEP, that the creation of the EU, just like the signing of any UN protocols went over the heads of all Europeans. It was the politicians, many of them Jews that ‘voted’ for it, all for a premise that their political parties had already subscribed to. The EU exists to preserve Jews. When Europe united the last time, the Jews found this unacceptable.


Jews were not included

No European ever wanted the new European Union especially not the people from Germanic lands as we now have to put up with ‘free movement of people’s’ of lazy sun dwellers who might as well be arabs from inferior wog countries and subhuman eastern trash incapable of culture from Slavic (slave) countries. Free movement of people’s ensures the drowning of European Genetics. The EU ensures destruction of European Nations, European Cultures, and European Identities.

The EU is a Jewish creation. It’s very flag was designed by a Jew Paul M. G. Lévy, the World War II German Hater! Lévy like all the other Jews living at the time claimed to be a Holocaust survivor even though there was no holocaust or policy to kill Jews.

Jews have a policy to kill us.

The Jew is a parasitic defiler and a leveler. He fulfills a role of ‘evolution reverser’ on this planet. Unlike all other races, the Jews never lived alone. They have always lived ‘on somebody elses back’ as a parasite. In order to get away with this, they must weaken their host. Whether they are posing as a ‘European’, an ‘Englishman’, a ‘Frenchman’ or a ‘German’, they always remain a Jew. Members of the host nation who identify the Jew must be persecuted and murdered. Today the Jews regulate Europe through the European Jewish Congress and the European Jewish Parliament.

Europeans are being bred out of Europe. While many people supposedly fight ‘racism’ and ‘genocide’, the fact is most of the world is all for the genocide of the European Peoples, and much of the European Peoples, especially Slavs and Americans are all for the genocide of the Nordic Race. Only the Nordic Race is going to stand up for its own existence, and in doing so we stand up against the Jew.

Tajani before the Rabbi’s

Speaking last week at a meeting of the Conference of European Rabbis in Toulouse, Tajani said that “Europe has Jewish roots, and the Jews are a substantial part of the history of the continent.” He added that Judaism and Christianity were both part of his heritage as a European. “We need Jews in Europe,” he said. “Europe is also your heritage.

In this latest Jewish public relations exercise Tajani stated that Judaism and Christianity are both part of his heritage as a European.


Tajani looks more like a prime minister of Israel than he does a ‘European’.

If the twin prongs of Jewish monotheism are ‘Europe’s roots’ and ‘Europe’s history’ why is it that Jews look middle eastern? It is obvious that the races that exist today, both Nordic and Jew have existed long before the last few thousand years. Many Jews have picked up nothing in their time in Europe. Jews are middle eastern and Asiatic, and contain criminal and degenerate elements of all the ancient races. They are the worlds original mixed race. The Nordic Race existed long before ‘Judaism’ or ‘Christianity’ were created.


This is what a European looks like

He continued

“No Jew should feel compelled to leave Europe. It is our duty to allow Jews to stay here, using all of the tools at our disposal. The Jews of Europe are part of the family of nations that led to our continent’s prosperity. There is no Europe without Jews.”

According to the parasite it is our job to accommodate him. The Jews demand that we serve them, and they will always demand this until the Jews are exterminated and with this, their conception of life. If the Jews are so European, why do we have to convince them to ‘stay’?


We are the true European.

On the question of Europe’s alleged ‘prosperity’, European Nations today have massive welfare states being paid for by Jew loans. If Europe is so ‘prosperous’ why is every nation in massive debt to Jews, United Kingdom £1.56 trillion, Greece over 350 billion Euro etc? And why are European Peoples, unlike the majority of the world, Chinese, Indian etc suffering mass unemployment? How could Jews be part of this  prosperousness when Jews do not produce anything? Germany is the greatest producer, and Germany is forced to be in the EU.

Tajani speaking to a Jewish School in France:

“I told them that the institution they study in has a central part in protecting our values,” he said. “Our goal is to develop a society in which everyone can live freely and securely. Schools should fight against all extremism, and I will do everything in my power so that schools educate people to live according to democratic principles.

He emphasized that Europe is not only an economic partnership, but has a responsibility to develop a society based on brotherhood and unity.

“Education is imperative,” said Tajani. “If we want to change Europe, we have to change education – and this is critical. The young people I met at the Jewish schools said the solution is dialogue between people and religions, and it’s important that this begin in school.”

“It’s a dream,” he said, “but without a dream – there is no chance of defeating anti-Semitism. If we are all share a common dream, we can build a new future for you. We all share this tradition. We want you in Europe.”

Why is it the Jewish goal to develop a society ‘where everyone can live freely and securely‘? Because this forces the Peoples to all live under the Jews. This makes the Jews necessary. The Jew as a parasite is desperate to make himself necessary, to make the host dependent on the parasite. Forcing people to live together surely exterminates all Peoples. When anyone says or writes about ‘accepting refuges’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ or ‘racism’ you can be sure that they are acting out their Jewish instincts. They do not share our genetics, they are not our people. They talk not for us. Multiculturalism is an application of Jewish Talmudic Law in which there is to be no divisions amongst the goyim. No races, no sexes, just one slavish mass.

When I hear the word democracy I know instantly – Jew.


We don’t want Jews, we don’t want democracy, we want a self-reliant Nordic Race

Anyone who accepts any other races living with us is not one of us. We do not want to live with other races, and why should we. Those that advocate multiple races sharing living spheres advocate theft, and inevitable genocide.

Racial Mixing produces degenerate hybrids.

Highly evolved traits are recessive. Races have evolved to be desirable to their own standards. Mongrels have been through no selection, and are undesirable.

When Races live together either the primitive race exterminates through rebellion and breeds out the superior race through its dominant less developed genes or the superior race exterminates or kicks out that worthless inferior race.

There is no excuse for races living together.

The race with the instinct for races to live together is the Jewish race.

Races cannot gain from each other, they have nothing to learn from each other. Each race has its own destiny that it can achieve only on its own. Each race has its own native culture and its own expression on the landscape in which it lives. The future of each race assures very different future outcomes, as live diverges into evermore complex forms. The Nordic Nations of Europe, was one example of further speciation in Nature. Jews have ended this higher progress.

It is the Jews, who want a future where ‘everyone’ can live together, as this assures the extermination of ‘everyone’. By fighting against all extremism they mean fighting against anyone with any beliefs, anyone with any idealism to live in a better world and any one with any vision for something better. Everyone must be ‘moderate’ and ‘democratic’, no ideals allowed. In other words nobody is allowed to disagree, or have any opinions and everybodies values must be fluid and changeable like the newspapers. People must be bred so they need somebody else to tell them what to think. This dumbification of Europe must be enforced by persecuting all Europeans, and Europe must be ‘changed’ to prevent a recurrence of anti-Semitism by filling it with non-Europeans. 

As anti-Semitism is a reaction to the Jew among intelligent Peoples, to defeat anti-Semitism you must murder the highly intelligent Nordic Race. Idealism leads to anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism results in necessary extermination of Jews.

– Aidhan

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15 Responses to Jews Are Not Welcome – By Order Of Superior Race

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Jews are a royal pain in the ass. Before I got into WN, Nordicism, etc. I instinctually avoided these people like the plague. I always intuited a sense of a need to dominate me from them.

    They are not productive for US but only for themselves. They want desperately to be around Whites, but then their innate sociopathic need to kill us figuratively and literally comes out. I see the Blacks as the same way.

    I have had the most bizarre experiences with these people. They have this need to ‘latch on’ and know your business as a Nord. They are genetically inferior via poor health and their so-called ‘intelligence’ or ‘exceptionalism’ is bogus as they usurp and steal from whatever group of people they infiltrate.

    I know this site cites the Stormer and Elders, but I sense there has been infiltration on those sites due to their insistence on denigrating European women, women who Jews think of as whores due to an intense erotic rage these pieces of shyte have towards European women.

    The sad part is that there is always a Dumb White Guy that buys the snake oil the Hebes peddle, whether its porn, or their pseudo-culture entertainment. Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand etc must not only rid themselves of the Jews, but also of the Dumb Goy that let these people in. Also, the Goy that let the Jews in do so out of envy and a need to subjugate other Europeans as well – this can be translated simply into GREED.

    • Europa Redux says:

      I don’t think Anglin denigrates European women, he’s just angry at them because the Jews went after our race through the female and were successful as most (but not all!!) women are easily swayed by propaganda and tend to follow whoever is put on TV as an alpha male, ie. basketball niggers. You can’t deny the white female has been the Jew’s primary weapon in attacking our race. They convinced Euro women that they were somehow an oppressed group, which is laughable, and that being a wife and mother was a shameful lifestyle. White women constantly ask the government to emasculate white males in every way possible, and it’s to the point now where as a race we have been castrated; white men these days have no idea what it means to be a man. This is not to say that all women are this way, clearly there are still some race conscious females like yourself but you must understand that they are a rarity. The blame for the present situation lies squarely on the men who allowed women and non-landowners to vote. If you are truly serious about breaking away from the Jew and being of service to your folk you must rid your mind of the seductive but false doctrines of feminism. Feminism is unnatural and a Jewish ideology through and through; 90% of feminists are hysterical Jewesses. It has nothing to do with women being inferior, the sexes are meant to be complimentary. Equal in value but not in function. Actually women are more valuable as they give life to the future. Men are expendable, that is why we evolved to be strong and competitive, and why it is men and not women who go to war. But a woman who rebels against nature and tries to be a man becomes a danger to herself and her people, same as a man who becomes effete. Don’t allow the Jew to have any power over your mind! Reject feminism. Feminism seeks to increase the labor pool, lowering wages so the Jew keeps more shekels and due to the lower wages forces women into the workforce and their children into the State indoctrination centres and also puts a strain on marriages due to the man not feeling like a provider. That’s all there is to it. Like Marxism, it all sounds nice, but it is designed to ensnare you and destroy you.

      • vikingbitch says:

        Your posts reek of double talk. You say that Europe was falling apart before the Jews got there -that is BS. You also talk about finding a Yenta pretty – that is BS and only Jews call their own women pretty.

        Feminism was brought about by and gave benefits to wealthy women or those in upper classes. Working class and many middle class White / Euro Nord women were working both inside and outside the home PRIOR to feminism. Most white women joined the early parts of feminism to seek safe working conditions for their FAMILIES including their CHILDREN. Regular white women were more about job safety, time with their kids, and not being harassed by Jew overlords in sweatshops.

        Your post reeks of division. Anglin’s site has been hijacked as many other blogs have. Jews hate and defile White / Euro / Nord women and it pisses them off that NOT AS MANY WHITE WOMEN are race mixing. Look at the stats. More white men in the USA with their cloaked Plantation Mentality shag the brown honeys that White women do Mandinko or Juan.

        Nope. Won’t buy the snake oil your peddling. If anyone has been holding the White Family together in the USA, it has been the WOMEN. Ask Clytemnestra who posts here about how when no fault divorce came about how many White Men in the States just ditched their women, wives, etc for a newer model. But the Working White Woman did not die did she? Maybe she is not as hot because she is worn out and tired, but they are still hanging in much to the chagrin of the Jews and Jew Think White American Men with no identity.

        I smell double talk.

      • Europa Redux says:

        No no no you have it all wrong. Feminism like all the other -isms is purely Jewish. Upper class white women had nothing to do with it, except as victims of the mindfuck, in the same way that Russian peasants were exploited by Bolshevism. Exploiting minor social differences and driving the wedge in, right out of the Jew textbook. Look up who started feminism and see what you find. Before feminism women were free to work, get an education, and own property. Most chose not to but there was nobody telling them they couldn’t. Women were even monarchs. Now a working class woman has no choice but to give her children over to the State at a young age because the increased size of the labor pool means most homes need two incomes to support a family. Women being “oppressed” is a sick joke. White women have always been better taken care of than any other group in history, as they should be. Men went off to coal mines and far off lands to support their families and they often never came back. Feminism did not “empower” women because they were never oppressed in the first place. White women always had security for themselves and for their children, but they couldn’t just divorce on a whim and take half a man’s salary for the rest of his days.

        I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to suggest. You say I’m double talking but you said feminism was started by white women right after you said that Jews caused everything and Europeans never had any part of their own downfall. That doesn’t make sense. You say Jews like to denigrate white women but refer to yourself as a “bitch”. Bitch refers to a female dog or a negress.

        If you think white women aren’t race mixing just take a stroll through any university campus and see what you find. It’s not just the trashy ones, it’s nearly all of them. The only white men I see race mixing are losers who can’t get a white girl. The main problem though is this: the race goes through the female line. Race mixing is not good by either sex, but it is far worse when a woman does it because that is one less woman who is continuing her race. When men race mix it makes the other race smarter, but he can still produce kids of his own line.

        I’m not sure what you are suggesting in regard to the yenta thing. I didn’t come out of the womb sieg heiling and all that. I had to learn like everyone else. I had no experience with Jews and niggers so I only knew what I saw on TV. I am not a Jew and have no Jewish blood, saying I found a Jew attractive when I was 15 and doesn’t make me a Jew lol. If you think women of other races, ie East Asians, Persians etc. (not niggers!) can’t be attractive under any circumstances you’re lying. Jews have alot of European blood.

        You strike me as a little bit confused and stuck in the moral relativistic paradigm of “let’s all do whatever we want”. The Jews don’t think that way, they work as a unit and that’s why they are winning and we are losing. We can’t just say “Oh take away the darkies special privileges, but don’t take away mine!!!” Either you are an equalist or not. Don’t be offended, I’m just trying to point out the inconsistency of what you are saying and help you understand that you can’t be a nationalist and a feminist. One is a right-wing ideology, the other is left-wing. I don’t hate women or want to cause division, quite the opposite, I want all of our race to be unified and free. For that to happen though we must separate ourselves from Jewish perversions and live in accordance with natural law. For that to happen, we all have to accept what we are and not fight nature. You can’t just pick and choose what you like and what you don’t like. Understanding that that women are the weaker sex and that the Jews used women’s rights to destroy traditional marriage isn’t “misogynist”. It’s understanding the weapons our enemy uses to corrupt us and denying them the satisfaction. If anything it was men’s failure to protect women from this shit, I don’t blame women any more than men.

  2. Europa Redux says:

    I remember as a preteen, I was into debate club at school (was a bit of a nerd hah) and at the university there was a national debate competition with people from all over Canada; it was here where I had my first experience with Jews. I was not at all race conscious as at the time as my city was 99% white and I grew up in a somewhat liberal home, so I had no prejudice against these strangely dressed, cliqueish kids. Anyway being somewhat naive, I went there hoping to make friends etc etc and at one point I started talking to this Jewish girl who I thought was very pretty. I noticed dirty looks coming from some of the Jewish kids but didn’t think much of it. Anyway after this I realized that the group of Jews had begun a campaign against me, trying to ostracize me socially and I guess punish me for having the gall to speak to a yenta. They began spreading rumors and working together covertly to try and isolate me from some of my friends who were also present. Such hate I had never experienced! These kids were like a unit, it was like they were trained on how to attack people! Little did I know that they WERE trained, and these were Hasidim so you just know they were well schooled in the ways of the Talmud.

    I was raised as a Catholic (Vatican II) and often watched movies like The Prince of Egypt, so I had this image in my head of Jews as God’s chosen; a meek and gentle people who were always getting a hard time. It took a few years for the seed that was planted that day to bear fruit, but I am glad I had that experience because now when I hear stories about the vile nature of the Jews I have no doubt in my mind that they are true. Whereas the average person doesn’t believe that they could work together so effectively to control the world and also keep it a secret, I have no trouble believing it because I have seen it with my own eyes. I always knew there was some sort of world conspiracy, but the Jews through their shills like Alex Jones and David Icke they have done an excellent job concealing its true nature. I researched it a bit and none of it made sense, but then I realized that the only likely explanation was ethnic warfare, and my experience with the Jews correlated with everything I had been told. I’m much older and wiser now but whenever I see someone working to subvert West I often think “Jew” and it’s astounding how often I am right.

  3. BDL1983 says:

    One day you’ll realise that Christianity is not what the churches preach and that it is a purely white ideology. Christianity was not just magically created. It represents the truth of where our race came from. Just because there were jews in the middle east at the time of Christ does not mean everyone in that area at the time was a jew. Quite the contrary; that’s why Biblical Christianity came about – to tell us who the Edomite jews were, and tell our people, the true Israel who they are!

  4. ascomanni says:

    Very well written. Great pictures. Thank you.

  5. Paladin Justice says:

    Good post. Mexicans in America are a blend of primitive, violent Indians, white Euro men (shame on them), Spaniards who have been proved to have north African blood, blacks, and JEWS. Many Mexicans have that Jewy look. They joke about it. This mongrelized race is a race of liars and perverts. As with all races there are some good ones, but as a group, violence, pedophilia, incest, and thievery define them.

    • Why do you feel compelled to say there are some good ones?

      • Jason Vorhees says:

        There are “some good ones.” Its simple mendellian genetics. Sometimes the superior genes express themselves within mongrel races. That is the reason why there are so many south American families where one child has an IQ of around 105 while the other children are around 80-85. (About the average for their race) This kind of variation doesn’t occur in purer races however, as their genes are more similar and complimentary to each other.

  6. Pingback: Jews Not Welcome - EURO·FOLK·RADIO

  7. vikingbitch says:

    @ Redux:

    I use the term ‘bitch’ as in to complain. I do not see myself as a female dog – YOU put that in there.

    Anglin’s site has been hijacked by Jews. Any site that states women are second class citizens is Jew think.

    ‘White’ men have race-mixed statistically far more than “white’ women. Just look at the South in the US, specifically New Orleans. So called loyal White men have been shagging brown poon there forever. I really do not even like to use the term ‘white’ or ‘nation’ because really these terms are bogus and are used to mislead. I see myself as Germanic, a Nord, a displaced one at that.

    The Jews are not as united as we think. Many of them in Hollywood have procreated with Shiksas and there was much intermarriage with Jewish Men and Catholic Women in the East Coast of the USA.

    I used the term Rich Women, not Rich White Women regarding feminism because Feminism was started by the Rich Bitches, and here I do use bitch as a form of nig because these Elite Women ride the backs of the lower class women.

    So Redux, do you have children? Where is your wife? What are YOU doing for the cause? Are you even pure European or some mixed bag of Heeb and German? In the end, I do not care. I trust my instincts. Your posts weave about.

    I am straight and to the point.

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  9. WingedHussar20 says:

    ,,subhuman eastern trash incapable of culture from Slavic (slave) countries.”

    if u sir think that Slavs don’t have their own culture and didn’t invent anything then I must stop to read all of those articles. check out russian inventions , some polish ones(despite of the fact they had to fight for their independence many times from 1795 year), Nikola Tesla(Serbian , inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system) and many others things, seems like the Slavic man was the first one in the space,
    slavic man Ciolkowski created the theory of rockets and spacecrafts, the russian man Sikorsky(polish origin from father side) invented the first helicopter and so on and son , there r many other inventions, Slavics r more creative than southern europeans like Spanish people or Greeks( I don’t include Italians here as northern italiy has saved their blood partly).
    The only reason why Slavic countries have to face some economical problems nowdays is the fact they have been infested by communism that has given a huge impact on the development of these countries , same as East Germany.

    Believing in everything what the Nazis thought about these issues is not something that will bring us on the right path. I have a few german mates that believe in NS but they have no prejudices towards Slavics,They r aware about Nordic race and other stuffs and want to preserve it just like me cause I don’t believe that Slavics were in the past some different species and developed the other racial features like many of them have now(for example their heads r very often less longheaded ). That’s all.


  10. Reblogged this on THE FOURTH REICH CENTURY and commented:

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