70 Years On: Jews Feign Suffering To Murder The Whole Of Europe


It is now 70 years since the war for the survival of the Germanic people. There was no actual reason for allied soldiers to fight, so to justify their rampage through Europe the Jews came up with a holocaust scam to keep the flame of hate alive while Jews tied up all their loose ends and worked in the destruction of the Nordic Race to government policy.

They have never provided any evidence for this ‘holocaust’, they won’t even print the 6,000,000 names and they even admit it themselves that it is a hoax. In contrast over 15 million Germans died.

holocaust fiction

But it is not a competition to see ‘who suffered the most’.

The Germanic people have been demonised and the Jew has gotten off, all his crimes seemingly forgotten. The Nordic Peoples left without any nation of their own and the idea of Germans living on their own slammed as ‘racist’ by the international criminal Jew.

Hitler at the front

But we remember.  Emil Scheibe – Hitler at the front

In the following article we see the true and actual unbridled essence of the holohoax scam.  This is what the holocaust was always made for. The justified genocide of Germany, just the latest example in a pattern stretching back over 6000 years as in all times in the Jews history, Jews genocide their host. The Jews hang the people with a horrendous crime and thus demonise them as punishment for rising up against an unruly Jewish parasite. The result every time, the Jew destroys its host.

The ‘holocaust’ is a celebration of the Jews victory over Germany and the Nordic Race.

This Jewish gravedigger Schuster says that Germans have a moral duty to accept more refuges than anybody else! All because Germany for 12 years shook off the parasitic blight.

Live with the Jews – They kill you, Try to get rid of the Jews – They kill you.

Jewish Council: “Multiculturalism is a Moral Duty for Germany”

European Guardian May 5, 2015

Josef Schuster
Josef Schuster

According to the head of the Jewish Council, Josef Schuster it’s a moral duty for Germany to take in immigrants from the third world. This because of the “barbaric” history of Germany.

It was during the 70 year commemoration of the liberation of Dachau that Josef Schuster proclaimed his harsh “sentence” against the Germans.

He said to the German newspaper Junge Freiheit that:

“Germany has brought so much misery to the world. We owe so much to so many countries. We’re the last country that can turn back refugees.”.

Germany is today alongside Sweden one of the EU countries that receives the most refugees. Something that doesn’t seem to bother Josef Schuster. Instead he went on an all out attack against critics of islam.

“When I see 10.000 people cheering islamophobe and a right-wing populists such as Geert Wilders I feel sick.”

He also declared that it was the prisoners in Dachau who witnessed a “supposedly civilised people” were transformed into a “wildlings”. That there once again are people who talk badly about immigrants and jews makes one question if Germans respect “humanity”.

As icing on the cake he ended his speech by demanding Germany to spend even more money on fighting the right-wing.
Note: This article was published by the Swedish online news site Fria Tider with whom The European Guardian has reach an agreement to translate and republish selected articles.

From http://www.dailystormer.com/jewish-council-multiculturalism-is-a-moral-duty-for-germany/

Originally from http://www.europeanguardian.com/home/78-uncategorised/europe/144-multiculturalism-is-a-moral-duty-for-germany

Jews exhibit the behaviour that should make them hated by the nations – imposing their will on non Jews.

Poster fror Der ewige jude

The Scourge of God

The Jews are the murderers of humanity. They seek to exterminate its very image. This image is a highly evolved Nordic Image, the independent racial denomination that sits atop the humanoid family unmatched as the highest form of life to ever exist. Europe’s unmixed descendent, a disciple from the Paleolithic Cro-magnon’s that hunted in Europe’s forest, the Nordic Race carries the universal energy to create even higher advanced lifeforms. This race should not be burdened by demands that it goes down to the level of others to be ‘fair’ and face allegations of evil because it wants to live alone.

The Jews entire history of meddling among the nations has been a continued rebellion against its form, and a seeking to replace it with worthless undermen. They demand the death of every People they come across and accuse them of hating Jews when they do not yield.


The Nordic Race

The Jews desperately want all races to mix under them to create a bastardised mongrel mass of useless sufferers. Jews struggle to come up with reasons for races to mix. Their prevalent one, ‘we suffered’. You must accept these refuges because we suffered. Jews, the eternal ‘sufferer’ leads the undermen against true humanity.

In this latest example, of something that has been going on for thousands of years, Jews vengefully exterminate the German People, for rejecting the Jews and affirming their Nordic character more than any other nation in the modern era.

Verschiedene Porträtaufnahmen von Charakterköpfen, gesammelt im Rassepolitischen Amt der NSDAP

A nation for one race, not for all of them.

The Jews murder the German people before the very eyes of the world as they claim ‘persecution’. Pushing for more ‘refuge’s’ to replace the hated German Race. Why do Jews have say in the affairs of any other Race?


Germany – The latest embodiment of the Nordic Peoples community, on its own

The Third Reich rejected the Jews. The Third Reich was an embodiment of Nordic Peoples representation. Germany has been the highest embodiment of Nordic culture in the modern era, when one Nation alone, made its national race, the Nordic Race.


The Nordic Youth Mobilised.

This accelerated decomposition of Europe, 70 years after the war is an example of Jews exterminating whole races and getting away with it. Meanwhile they accuse us of evil in exterminating them!

Before you listen to a Jew on whether Germans respect ‘humanity’ or not, according to Jew Yuri Slezkine this distinct group of human beings, the German Race and thus the Nordic Race is the humanization of Evil, the flesh and blood devil. This identifiable group might change, to any other group that does not put the Jewish interests before its own.

abe foxman

Jews the anti-human

On Schusters words, Jews cannot come up with any true instances Germany ever brought misery to anyone. The other nations bring their own misery, and indeed can never leave Germany alone.

Race mixed people, Mongrels are innate sufferers. They will always blame other more superior people for their own suffering. The Jew wants this fate to befall all people.

Organic Peoples strive to make things better while Jews strive to make them worse. Racemixing is the wholesale murder of humanity.

Jews are digging their own grave. Jewish actions should generate the natural hate in the people necessary to kill them off in the future. The Jews think if they can accrue enough sympathy for non-existent atrocities they might be able to finish their job at defiling the races and destroying everything that evolved favourably in man.


From Europe’s Children

Human Waste - Here come the disgusting Nigger idiots!

to this

We hate the Jews. We target the Jews as a group, we recognise them as something biologically distinct, a plague on this world. This plague is marked for destruction, and we remember everything. It will be their own doing.


German Soldiers we remember you every day

– Aidhan

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18 Responses to 70 Years On: Jews Feign Suffering To Murder The Whole Of Europe

  1. Europa Redux says:

    1 in 6 people in Scotland, my Fatherland, are of non-Scottish descent, not to mention the Welsh on the west coast. England has been decimated by centuries of importing Gypsies and everything else under the sun not to mention the wars. A revived Anglo-Scot empire is now a pipe dream. You’d have to deport over half the population. I’m not going to lie, being first and foremost an Anglo-Saxon nationalist, I’m devastated. Britain is toast.

    The other European countries aren’t in much better shape, and are totally under the heel of the the Jew EU. America is fully submerged in the Democrat (Marxist) and Republican (Neocon/Libertarian) paradigm and they are too stupid, brainwashed and uncultured to grasp that the two parties are just different schools of leftist thought and that their constitution is poorly written fanciful bullshit.

    If most West Germanics understood the gravity of the situation they would be up in arms, but people outside of the main metropolitan centers are being lied to by fake Jew statistics that list mongrels and other immigrants as “white”, the pinkos say “You people are crazy, there’s 1 billion whites in the world, white genocide is a paranoid conspiracy!” and most believe it. I had no idea about any of this stuff until a few years ago when they started shipping the niggers here, before that there was like 2 in the whole city and I thought it was like that everywhere! I knew there was pakis in Britain but I had no idea how many and I didn’t know they were in the rest of Europe. Most people still think this way and there is no way to get through to them until it’s their home, their daughters, their sons. The Jewish deathgrip on the media controls their entire frame of mind and they don’t see it until it’s too late. Not to mention female suffrage. Women, on the whole, are too easily swayed by media and perceived power of groups and can not be trusted to vote responsibly.

    If you have any practical ideas, I’d sure like to hear em. I just don’t see what we can do at this point.

    • Europa Redux says:

      On a more positive note, have you heard of this viral sensation “MoonMan”? He puts the truth in a downright hilarious package, and it’s quite popular. He’s a powerful asset in the propaganda war; his videos can only be described as fucking awesome. Joogle and JouTube are doing their best to remove/hide his videos which is a good sign and they are failing.


    Reblogged this on Ufohunterorguk.com.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    When I look at the pictures of those handsome men, I feel both anger and sadness. Very few men exist like that today in America as our country becomes more bastardized, mongrelized, etc.

    The last few years I have come to terms with the fact that I am raising kids that will ultimately be targeted in Anti Germanic, Anti White, Anti Nord America.

    It is amazing to me that the men that were young in the 1930’s and 1940’s here in America were so out of touch with their roots, their ancestors that they would aid in the destruction of not only Germany, but the continued line of destroying all things European. In many ways, I have begun to look at many older Americans with disgust and contempt.

    America is on a path of self destruction. The face that it presents to the world, its persona, does not align itself with the TRUE identity of what made up America, that being Germanic, NW European stock. Consequently, America will implode and in fact it already is.

    I don’t know how it will all turn out. I just know that those of us who can ‘see’ must get back to our roots, our genuine selves and this involves rejecting America.

  4. What beautiful young men! Thank you for posting these pictures.

    The Jewish role in German suffering is all too well-known. But one day, I think all White people of European extraction are going to have to take a good, long, hard look at ourselves in the mirror and face our own shame.

    While I cannot bring myself to be a big fan of Adolf Hitler, under his administration, the German people temporarily broke the yoke of usury from their necks. This would have been the golden opportunity for all Europeans on both sides of the pond to follow suit. Take control of their own money and set their own houses in order by purging all alien influences from any position of education or power.

    But what did all our people do? We acted like crabs in a barrel. We worked together to pull the crab that was about to escape down to the bottom of the barrel. One of these days, history is going to acknowledge our mean-spirited stupidity.

    One of these days, we are all going to have to give Germany her long overdue apology. One of these days, Germany should be the recipient of reparations for a change.

    • Why cant you bring yourself to be a fan of Adolf Hitler?

      I don’t want reparations, I want to live alone without the inferior undeveloped useless races, and I think thats what most of our people want. I do not want anything from the bastards, I want them to leave us alone as a Nordic Race and they can (try to) live off their own labour.

      The other races are failed offshoots and they will necessarily find themselves uncompetitive. Nature desires an intelligent and beautiful Nordic Race, not a stupid mongrel mix of everything.


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  6. To a certain extent, I can understand why Germanics like Hitler. Under his administration, one could easily see Germans at their most glorious. But I think they give him too much credit. This was the Germans themselves; a bunch of disciplined, intelligent people acting cohesively. I have great admiration for the German people in general. But Hitler, not so much.

    Do you know that when Hitler came to power, the enemies of Germany had spies everywhere and even had a list of possible German nationalists who represented real threats to them at the time? Hitler’s rise to power took them all by surprise. He seemed to come out of nowhere.

    There is something about Hitler that never passed my sniff test. I can’t make up my mind whether he was the genuine article whose regime got infiltrated and then sabotaged by the Usual Suspects OR whether he was an actual agent provocateur planted by the enemies of Germany to keep a true German leader from gaining power.

    I’m not alone. Spanish nationalist, Francisco Franco Bahamonde (who had successfully defeated a Communist takeover of Spain actually liked Benito Mussolini but was very suspicious of HItler and kept him at arms’ length. Need I remind you that Franco was the only fascist left in power at the end of WWII?

    It seems to me that just when he was on the brink of great success, he started making very, very bad decisions. I honestly think that the failed assassination attempt on him by his own military was caused by genuine patriots who suspected him of being a double agent.

    In any case, I could never figure out why Hitler threw so many young German men at the meat grinder. He chose to alienate and antagonize potential Balto-Slavs who hated the Russians more than he did rather than enlist them as allies on the Eastern Front. Instead, he had young German men fighting a two front war against several nations.

    Also, I never understood why Hitler didn’t seize on a golden opportunity to start an economic revolution in Europe by really selling his economic plan to his neighbors. Can you imagine the outcome if he had convinced all his neighbors to follow the same plan? How long do you think it would have taken Britain, France, and ultimately the good old USA to jump on board?

    Look at what the Germans have still managed to accomplish despite having both arms tied behind their backs economically since WWII.. It’s crazy to think what they could have done as free agents. AFAIC Hitler took the Germans out of the frying pan into the fire. He chucked what could have worked and could have created a real European Union that would have greatly expanded the German influence in favor of recreating the old ethnonationalist hostilities with one retaliation and payback after another.

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  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  9. zamachocski says:

    What can be done, what can be done? that is easy. a single man can make a massive difference if they know about military tactics. For example I realised terrorism was fake when it was obvious these fanatical muslims doing so called terror attacks were not attacking prominent jews or their interests. The muslims could bring israel to its knees in 6 months but they attack bus stations, airports, parades. When i saw the maccabee games in Nuremburg i first thought if the muslims don’t hit that on principle to re-enact the ’72 munich attack on the israeli olympic squad something is wrong. Came and went without event. Same with the hassidic jew protests in new york about ultra-orthdox jews having to join the israeli military for a stint where there were hordes of them, a muslim with an assault riffle and several clips would have annihilated them. What do the muslims attack? the boston marathon. A gay night club, the place they used to work. The question is how far are you prepared to take it? Are you prepared to lose everything? Go to jail for life? be on the run indefinatly? What are you prepared to do? a better question is can you give up your big screen tv, your ipad and everything else which makes life ‘comfortable’. That Anders Breivik had the balls but was tacticly stupid, he killed his own people which made him look like a monster. You have to remove the people who count, not school kids at multi cultural indoctination camp. Why did he not work through systematically 1 target at a time those who count?

    If you examine the military tactics of the jews in palestine against the british they took it to the next level and then some, they had the balls or the psychosis to change reality by force. they allude to this being the iron law of nature in the protocols. In judea they fought the Romans for 100 years. A revolution works in stages. Same with Guerilla warfare. Study how these unfolded and you have the answer, how did the colonials defeat the british empire?. How did pajama wearing NVA and the viet cong defeat America? Politically you cannot win. the problem is you are deluded by your long lost viking heritage. Now a distant memory. You don’t have it anymore, you’re ikea people now. the Turks just had a coup, are you prepared to do that? after the cologne attacks a German girl asked where are all the German men. They were at home playing video games or looking at porn. There weren’t even any fights at that station because the German men were no where to be found. It should have turned into a mass brawl. When a russian girl was attacked and raped several carloads of russians went to where it happened and punished every muslim there. You have no warrior code like bushido anymore.
    Do any of the people of the right have the balls to take it to the necessary level? No. while you write blogs and talk the clock is ticking and soon the window is going to close. New world order time. In sweden they show blacks fucking swedish women on national television on commercials. why is that television station not razed to the ground? because you are ikea people. Do you think serbs would allow that or russians? No fucking way.

    Before islamic terrorism the IRA was giving the british a hard time. They were prepared to risk everything, same with ETA. There is no Germanic or nordic group giving Jews and EU lords a hard time. One bulllet to one man repeatedly done changes everything but no one will do it. Gavrillo Pricip with a a shitty hand gun gave Serbia its freedom from austro-Hungary. The jews in Russia were assasinating government officals and members of the royal family, but what do the Aryan Nordic warriors of the 21st century do? blog. write words and then go to work or do whatever the next day probably for Jewish masters. If you are not prepared to plan and execute an action which will decisively change the state of affairs or derail them, don’t even bother and don’t complain. Eventually you must make the realisation that this has to be taken to a new level. This is resistance but where is the action that will stop or derail what is planned? You either destroy the UN, the EU or cause so much chaos that an opportunity opens to take power. How are keyboard revolutionaries going to take power? Are you prepared to take out every person responsible for the JWO? Sabotage their institutions?, prepared to bare the consequence? Do swedish men go on ‘missions’ at night? No,No,No and No. how is it barbara spectre still lives? How is it Noel ignatiev has not been touched? The jews do what they do because there is absolutely no fear of any personal consequences to them or their famlies. The muslim occupation is perfect cover to exact revenge on the ZOG and Jewish rule by SunTzu standards but it will never happen because the right is all talk, they live in the dreams of the past beleiving revolution is organic from grass roots. It s always secret society and big money that makes it work. Will you be the first grass roots revolutionaries? probably not.

    I watched a documentary on a mafiosi he explained the mafias tactics. I get beaten by fists, i come back with a bat, i get beaten with the bat i come back with a gun etc. the mafiosi always goes to the next level. Jews always go to the next level but Jewish world rule would never work if their agents kept popping up as bloated corpses in the local river. If every masonic lodge kept being burned to the ground. How many members of the Jewish European congress have been found in the local river? none. this is why hordes of muslims walked into our countries. because there is no personal consequence for the jews that allowed it.

    The nordic hero Hitler went to jail after the failed beer hall Putsch. He risked everything. Keyboard warriors risk nothing. There are so many tactical things that could be done its not funny. Want a hint? start with muslim and african drug dealers in your local community. If you cannot take them on you have no chance against the Jews. How is it you have no tacticians examining the weaknesses of the JWO? Cause most of these sites like the conspiracy ones are CIA or rather JIA.

    Although pretty much everything in this site is true and i am not nordic saying this you massively underestimate the jew. Both branches sephardic and ashkenazi are or where militantly violent,. The Romans found this out the hard way. The sephardic judean jews changed tactics because they could not militarily defeat the roman empre. Ashkenazi as the khazars held the whole of eastern europe and russia to ransom until they were stopped by the sword, when they again changed tactics, but the khazar were the worst barbarian killers of them all, worse than the Huns with Atilla the scourge of god. But you think Jews are weak. They are not, they just dropped manual labour after being pushed out by the mongols so became atrophied. That spirit though is still there and they are also aided by that kabbalistic black magic if you believe that sort of thing.
    If you are not willing to replicate what the Jew did to attain supremacy don’t talk. The cro-magnon perfection, nordic good looks untainted genetics does not amount to shit in this evil world which is in the evil age. You are up against an enemy that has survived hostile enviroments for most of their history and proven themselves as debauched killers. The barbarians of the soviet Union smacked the shit out of you, raped your bitches and occupied your nations and now are humiliating you on a daily basis, but you believe your blog will stop what is planned.
    All this can be undone and payback gotten if you and everyone that believes like you is willing to pay the price. The jews beleived so strongly they paid the price. How many Jews fell against the british and the russians before they acheived their goal? thousands. How many nordics fell against the jews? 1, anders brevik.

    In any case i still enjoy reading this site, because everyone in the universe detests the jews.

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