A Conversation With Jerry


Reichs Arbeits Diesnst

Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Some of Jerry’s Writings are on this site.

I met up with Jerry and for the first time I made this transcript.

We talk about the invasions of Niggers and inferior races into Europe in general and in particular about the present massive invasion of Europe by useless bipedal apes coming across the Mediterranean Sea and how the UN, founded to preserve Jews says we have to take them and help them or else we are evil, while actually they are evil for defiling humanity.

We don't want any immigrants or any inferior subhumans. We want to live alone.

We don’t want any immigrants or any inferior subhumans. We want to live alone.

We talk about how the more people on welfare and the more refuge’s there is the better it is for the Jews because they cost a lot of money and governments have to borrow the money to pay for them all.

We talk about the holocaust and how this preserves Jews through this time in history as they exterminate European Peoples, we talk about desperate Jews needing another ‘eyewitness’ to prove this fictitious event through Oskar Gröning & how Jews use their imaginary holocaust to paint their victim as ‘evil’, in order to justify the extermination of their victim, as they have done so throughout history.

We talk about the present world situation of bastardisation and overpopulation of the wrong people and its cause, the abhorrent and vile Jewish race; the agents of decomposition, through their role as biological defilers and evolution reversers aiding all the inferior rubbish labelling all opposition and realisation of racial difference ‘racist’ and we talk about the future of life on this planet and how the superior will separate from the useless idiots.

– Aidhan

The others are no good.

The others are no good.

Aidhan: Did you write anything this week?

Jerry: Yes I did. Something about our future, how we will end up.

Aidhan: Mongrelisation

Jerry: Mongrelisation, we will be divided, and we have to keep them and there will be a lot of trouble. The intelligent will separate themselves from the stupid.

Aidhan: Have you heard this theory; When Europe fills up completely with niggers, the electricity will turn off because no one will be able to upkeep it, and because the niggers will be in Europe they won’t be able to heat their homes, and they will all get too cold and move back to Africa.

Jerry: You reckon [laughs] if you turn out the electricity you are going to freeze too.

Aidhan: Nordic people have always lived in the cold anyway so a Nigger would definitely have to die, he would have to go back to Africa, or at least to Italy or Spain

Jerry: That was in times ago, in the ice age, the one that was fit, the one that survived, the one that was strong, that was the White Race, the Germanic Race, the Nordic Race.

Aidhan: Did you know that in South Africa now because they have got so many Niggers they are experiencing rolling blackouts because they put a policy of putting quotas of Niggers into the electricity company and now they can’t keep the lights on.

When that starts happening in Europe, when it’s cold and winter, it’s going to be 2c degrees outside, and 2c degrees inside, and all the Niggers can’t live like that.

Jerry: Germany is half full of Niggers, the same as in America. That is the aim of the bastardisation.

Aidhan: If the power went out, they would not be able to keep their house warm. Then they would have to go south, or they would die.

Jerry: And they would go back again [laughs]. They want to destroy the boats, [on the Mediterranean] the same as Abbot. There is too much humanitarian bilge.

Aidhan: The UN says that they have to take them.

Jerry: Who is the UN anyhow, how much rights has he got to impose on everyone, all the countries, and tell them what to do. They stagnate you. If I don’t want them, I can’t afford them, I know something better, I don’t want to take them. Why can’t they [niggers] plant their own food. Under the white man, when the white man was there they lived alright, there were no complaints. But now they want to come and live with us. Mandela, that idiot, he did not know anything, and the international politicians, Hawke (aus prime minister) going on Apartheid, Apartheid, Apartheid.

Aidhan: Apartheid is good, what’s so good about us having to live with them

Jerry: That’s right. We have to support them, they are beggars, and they increase like shit, and they cannot feed themselves. You cannot stop them once they get helped, they can play sport they can play football, but they have no brains.

Aidhan: But the thing is they can’t support a high population because they can’t farm, they can’t do anything intensively, and they are just another animal, so they can just take from nature. They cannot support a high population; they only have got a high population because of charity and because they live off of us.

Jerry: After the war they started increasing, then after Apartheid they ran out, they can’t help themselves, they don’t know what to do, they are not intelligent enough, and they decide they are going to migrate to Europe.

Aidhan: They are going to flood as many Niggers as they can into Europe, all across the Mediterranean sea, and they are all waiting, they are all lining up to come. The EU is going to make special migrant application centres in Africa, to get them there quicker.

Jerry: They are going to bring the boats in, like they wanted to do here, the Democrats, the Women, the Greens, and the Labour Party. They want to drag them in. ‘The poor things, the poor souls’. Look at the debt they run up when they do this they go broke, then Labour got kicked out. Billions we have to pay! On all those poor bastards, not on the working people, but on those bludgers. They borrowed and they borrowed and they kept borrowing, from the World Bank, from the Jews. That’s how they make money!

Aidhan: It costs a lot of money to bring in all these deadbeats and put them all on welfare.

Jerry: Why don’t the people rise! Rise up against it when they see that. They should start uniting and thinking that way, and not ‘ohh we must accept, the Jew has suffered a lot, under the Nazi’s’. They bring it again and again the concentration camps bullshit. Now the old man, the 93 year old, he was a book keeper.

Aidhan: Oskar Gröning.

Jerry: They want to get at him

Aidhan: What’s the story with that? They say he says he saw everything, he saw them being divided into two lines, he says he saw them being led to the gas chamber, he says he saw SS men beating the baby’s head. I’m thinking who is this person? He could just be someone they pulled out of some nursing home with dementia, he could be anyone. How do we know he even existed.

Jerry: He must have been persuaded. The Jews, the publication people said you admit a few things and we will let you go.

Aidhan: I would like to see his service records. He might not have even been there. And this Oskar Gröning now, that might not even be him. It might just be an old person. How would we know? Why this Oskar Gröning, what if none of its real. The Jews could just have made it all up. They could have just taken some ones photos, got an old person.

Jerry: It’s the Jews; the Jews have come up again. They portray their own evil, their ugliness on the Nazi’s. They killed the Jews. The poor Jews. Always to awaken the pity of humanity. Now there will be a mass migration of Africans into Europe. They will flood us. They will overpopulate Africa. They have got nothing there, no culture, no cultivation, nothing growing, no food. What do they do? They go ‘help me, help me’. The Jews say I will help, they make a charity, he collects 90% for themselves, and 10% he gives to the bastard. It’s amazing how the people here are not intelligent enough. They won’t wake up. They believe all the bullshit. They are being fooled with the pity and the humanity rubbish. This is the Jew, he makes it so he is protected, so he is not murdered, he does not want that so he has got to make it a big law. A humanitarian law. ‘The United Nations’, it all comes from America, their country, to protect their race. The white police shoots a black and they go off about it. Now the time comes, now comes the payback. For taking them on, for taking on any kind of people.

Aidhan: ‘The Melting Pot’, ‘the American Experiment’.

Jerry: And once they get enough numbers in there, they will demonstrate against you, and demolish you. We should have never allowed that. We should have been right and strong, not wrong and weak, and not wrong but strong like the Jew. He can do wrong things but he can enforce it.

Aidhan: This Oskar Gröning, the Jews have already called him ‘the Bookkeeper of Death’. They have said in the paper, that he has said that the reason why he is coming forward with all of this is to stop holocaust denial.

Jerry: Who said that, the Germans they wouldn’t.

Aidhan: Well im not sure he really exists. It could be just someone from a nursing home they found with dementia.

Jerry: The Germans never love the Jew, it’s only the mongrels. After the war there was a lot of mongrels coming in from the East, from Poland and other countries, and they assumed German citizenship and German language, and they will say ‘im German’. That is the mongrelisation they have taken in after the war.

Aidhan: It’s been said he did not want a combat role he wanted a book keeping role so he could be a Jew, and before the war he worked as a bank clerk. He has been a bank clerk.

Jerry: The Jews get a victim, and then they crucify him. Don’t believe anything. What the Jew prints, don’t believe it.

Aidhan: The Jews are using it, they are saying it’s a historic moment, and it’s very useful to them because it’s an eyewitness testimony. That he was there and saw it happen. But that’s the only evidence Jews have, eyewitness testimony, and we all know how much Jews lie. Eyewitness testimony is not evidence, they have got no evidence.

Jerry: They will not let anybody know, and they will not let anybody think that they are lying. What the Jew says, it’s true. They won the war, they have the power to do anything. What they say, it’s true. They forced their lying ways.

Aidhan: The only way they can guilt us with the holocaust is because if we really were a race that perpetrated a holocaust, when they try and tell us that we did it, we would not feel guilty. But they make the whole of Germany feel sorry somehow, obviously they are not the race that did the holocaust. If you are a race of cold blooded killers, how are you going to feel sympathy for anything. Jews are milking it saying ‘feel sorry for us’. Obviously we didn’t. If we really did what they say we did, we would not feel sorry, all their efforts of brainwashing us wouldn’t work. You get Germans now that go to Auschwitz and cry ‘oh I can’t believe my ancestors did this’. Obviously they did not because your ancestors had the same instincts as you, and if you feel bad about it obviously they did not do it. The Jew just made it up.

Jerry: They made it all up. What the kids get today, it’s all made up stuff, its lies. They have to accept it, they don’t know anything else. The older people they are not allowed to say the truth it’s always ‘oh he is a Nazi’ if you rise up against them. They [the older people] are right and they [Jews] are afraid of the anti-Semitism. They don’t want it getting stronger. There is a lot of animosity building up. It’s anti-Semitism and they hate it. They don’t want any hatred against them.

Aidhan: Because they deserve to be hated. This is a war to the death, its ongoing since the last Second World War and the Nordic People have to wake up and stop being so childish and childlike and realise that it is being warred on. Jews are doing this deliberately and persistently and they have been doing it for 6000 years at least.

Jerry: You follow the history and you will see, it’s written again and again. Societies have kicked them out and why? The Jew will never say why.

Aidhan: No they won’t, it’s always someone else’s fault and because they are so evil they deserve to die. [sardonic]

Jerry: It’s not a lie when the Jew cheats the goy. It’s because they are the chosen ones. Who made them the chosen ones?

Aidhan: Themselves

Jerry: How can they be chosen when they lie.

Aidhan: Why would god create all these races and then send the Jews to come and exterminate everyone. It does not make sense at all.

Jerry: He just fleeces and pinches and robs and cheats, hordes money and exploits the people, everywhere they go. They own all the banks, even in Europe now. They keep the people down. They show the videos, the white man shooting that Nigger in America and everybody believes. Obama is a coloured bastard too. He will not stand on the white side he will go on the bastard side.

Aidhan: He has said it already. He said he felt animosity towards his mother’s race, because she was half white. He had a white grandmother. He resented her because she used to cross the road every time she saw a Nigger, and so Barack Obama was raised with this idea that Niggers are hard done by, nobody likes Niggers, raised with the idea Niggers have a score to settle.

Jerry: They are ugly they have that big nose, those flat lips, they are animals. They are like monkeys. They are offspring of monkeys

Aidhan: And its time we got rid of them. It is stuffing around just keeping them.

Jerry: They are wild, they have got no intelligence, they have animal like brains. A lot of emotion and a lot of sexuality. Fuck, fuck, fuck, produce children and that’s all they do. They jump, they dance with their music. Its racket, it’s not music, its racket. But what can you do? The people in Australia have to be careful. If you are making too much noise and getting too high up, they dob you in. The anti-defamation, anti-racism, they put you in gaol.

Aidhan: They have got that new racial vilification act. If somebody feels offended or insulted they can take you to court. Section 18C.

Jerry: UNHRC, the human rights commission. Anybody who is against any race or mainly Jews they will get you. Like Fredrick Töben. He stood up and said it’s not the truth. The Jews did not get deliberately killed or gassed.

It is going to be catastrophic in the future. There will be so much overpopulation. We will part it out, we will make camps all along the boarders for all the nitwits who cannot feed themselves. They will stay there. All the intelligent ones they will live differently. We will regulate ourselves. Everybody will not intermarry with everyone. If you intermarry with the blacks or even a half black you lose.

Aidhan: There should be no inclusion of any of them.

Jerry: They get some of your intelligence, while you get shit from the blacks. You lose. This would go on until the blacks use up the whole small white population. We would be soaked up, coffee coloured.

Aidhan: This means that now the Jews have tried to integrate everything we have got to be more racist than we ever have been. We have got to be extremely racist. We have got to be so consciously racist. In the old days when we lived only on our own we could just follow our instincts. But now we have got them living amongst us we have got to consciously say ‘I hate you, im not going to mix with you, your scum’.

Jerry: In the past we lived separately, we lived tribally. Then those smart arses, the Jews, the Semites said that’s no good you have got to mix all races because all the races are the same. The races are not the same. We should have lived as nature provided us. Space for every race to live separately.

Aidhan: There is no excuses for mixing at all.

Jerry: The best race assures human survival.

Aidhan: And that’s the Nordic Race because take all the charity away we support ourselves.

Jerry: That’s right. Not the idiot blacks. Now they are doing the wrong thing again, by bringing them into Europe. The Jews they want to help them, and the woman with her glass ceiling and her maternal soul. They don’t think of the future what’s going to happen. They don’t think what is going to happen when all of the races are mixed.

Aidhan: It all has to be about feelings doesn’t it. Whether things are ‘nice’ or not. They say you have got to be compassionate.

Jerry: Emotions. In the year 2750 it is predicted the world will be so overcrowded. There will be ten people standing on every square metre. There will be no more standing space. We will go in the sea. We will make big air bubbles. Sea water is full of minerals. We will grow the food out of the minerals. We will build in the orbit, then we will start sorting the people out.

Aidhan: Well im definitely against all of that. That is not how it should have been. Why do you want to overpopulate this much? Why do you want all these people, all the wrong people? It’s for the inferior idiots

Jerry: When England went out 300 years ago colonising and met all of these blacks, we should have killed them all. Instead we save them all, and now we open up the door and they all come in from the East to the West.

Aidhan: In Australia here the Abo’s complain all the time. If we had just killed them they wouldn’t complain. We should have just killed them. There is no reward for not killing them, obviously as we can see now. In America with the Indians, we should have killed all of them. There is no reward for not killing them. Now we have to deal with all of their complaining. Then all the Jews that do the complaining for them

Jerry: Humanitarianism, helping the inferior bastard is ruining the world. It is created by the Jew himself. When the White Man stands up against the Black invasions the Jews persecute them for being racist.

Aidhan: He will keep saying that until he is dead. Until the Jew is dead you can’t win.

and then was a good time to stop

The future without them

The future without them

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22 Responses to A Conversation With Jerry

  1. Europa Redux says:

    You may have heard of Oswald Spengler, he was a German thinker of the early 20th century, I tend to subscribe to his theories on civilizations. He wrote that civilizations go through phases like the different seasons, going from barbarity to prosperity to decadence. Germanic Western Civilization lost its will to fight for survival after the Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945), which was the tail end of a shitstorm going all the way back to the French Revolution and before; a hatred of the Nordic race who founded this great empire. Just like the Romans before us, we succumbed to greed and petulence. The West is done, stick a fork in it, Hitler was swimming against the tide; by that point it was too late. The important thing is that the Nordic race, the greatest the world has ever seen, gets our own homeland where we can recuperate and perhaps found another, even greater dynasty.

    Also, love the articles from Jerry. Great to hear firsthand accounts from someone who lived during those tragic days.

    • Europa Redux says:

      And so true about the blacks man. They really are animals; my roommate brought one over awhile back from Liberia somewhere and it was ooking and eeking all over the place, they don’t even communicate with normal human speech, I had to yell at the thing to get it out of my face

    • The prosperity to decadence phase does not necessarily have to happen with planning, a goal, a worldview, where every individual is involved in the historical process and when race consciousness and the imperative to be self-sufficient is held as absolutely vital. When there is no abstract theories, no one is wondering what the ‘meaning of life is’ and no jew is lying creating subcultures and abstract lifestyles, when there is certainty and a realisation of the qualities of the Nordic Race, and realisation that there is nothing else other than its culture, that is worth anything, and the whole society is dedicated and exists to preserve this culture the period of decline can be averted.

      In not many times in history has the Nordic Race actually planned a community and set out with deliberateness, now we have the opportunity, as we have seen the results of floating around. A community based on race is what we have been heading for all these years, and it is the vital next step, or else we perish. It is a prerequisite to long term existence.

      The prerequisites such as natures laws of profusion must be consciously realised to avert transformation into the decadence phase, that a life form must be profuse and can’t let up or be weak for one second, it has to always plan to be better, to make things bigger, to advance or else be replaced by its competition and perish. Just as our racism now must be conscious, just as it was in the Palaeolithic, when in the past it could be instinctive.

      The dying liberal-democratic system had opinions that were changeable, relative and not binding, but it did not have an absolute worldview in which people could put their faith. It had a panopticum, but no picture of the world. It collected every possible opinion, standpoint and value from every time and people, but rather like exhibits in a museum, but had no dominant standpoint, no real values. The result was chaos, sterility and relativism. The most wretched viewpoint could take center stage because sure faith was lacking, from which alone comes strength of judgment. The era had lost a central worldview, and thus the measure of character, of style. The chaos of worldviews resulted in chaos in science, education, and all other areas of life. People staggered before the abyss, unsteady, irresolute.

      The most vivid summary of the spirit of the age was Spengler’s thesis of “the decline of the West.” It is a better summary of the age than long discussions, for this thesis was eagerly taken up as a general description of the era, and was believed by people who had lost all sense of direction! The “decline of the West” became an article of faith for broad circles of the dying liberal age. Even if one no longer believed in life, in the future, at least one could believe in decline! The necessity of faith was evident in that peculiar way in the last gasps of an era that had lost its faith! In accepting Spengler’s thesis, an entire era denied itself. In making Spengler a prophet, it gave up its remaining powers of resistance, falling into chaos, giving approaching nihilism its most decisive weapon, the feeling that resistance was futile. Spengler took up Nietzsche’s thesis of an approaching “European Nihilism” and took it to its logical conclusion, without including his saving idea of “education and correction (Zucht und Züchtung).” He became the final figure in an age that had lost all faith and direction.

      The fact that The Decline of the West was written, read and believed is clear proof that Germany, and with it Europe, was in deadly danger, heading for destruction. Spengler pinpointed the worldview situation of the declining liberal age. Former values and principles had collapsed, having lost all their strength. The meaning of the universe no longer mattered, questions of the content and tasks of life went unanswered. In the chaos of world views, every conceivable opinion found its proponents, but none had greater weight or force than any other.

      The National Socialist revolution ended this situation in Germany. Against The Decline of the West, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf gave symbolic expression to a rising age. Faith and the longing for a new age led the National Socialist movement to its political goal. The NSDAP has become solely and exclusively responsible for the worldview and political structure of the Reich.


      Oswald Spengler’s gloomy picture of “the decline of the West” is refuted by the concept of revolution and its importance for a people. With penetrating sharpness, he saw the tendency to decay and the anarchy of the age. He saw decline as an inescapable fate. But history thought differently. It proved Spengler’s teaching to be a phantom and revealed his key error: equating Europe with the dying liberal-democratic era. It is declining, but West is not. (The Nordic Race does not have to die with Europe and the nations) In National Socialism, Germany has found a constructive principle, an ordering thought, that is called to end chaos by forcing a common direction to all the various aspects of life and putting everything in the service of an absolute idea.

      H. Mehringer, “Sieg des Glaubens. Zum 30. Januar,” Der Schulungsbrief, (January 1939), pp. 2-4

      • Europa Redux says:

        That was written in 1939 though. Time has vindicated Spengler. I don’t agree with all of his views; he didn’t grasp the degenerative effect of the Jews, but Jews only take power in cultures that have already begun decaying. All civilizations follow this trajectory, leaders don’t live forever, and you can’t stop what’s coming. Note that I said civilizations and not races; all cultures come and go but it is still possible to save the Aryan race. Britain just wasn’t ready to jump aboard the Hitler train, and that was what doomed the whole thing. France and Spain had long since seceded from the West, and America was never truly a part of it. The divided and bickering West was devoured by the hardened and united Slavs, fresh off of centuries of feudalism.

        I’m not sure of your views on this, but I believe the Protestant Reformation was the beginning of moral relativism, ie. everyone has their own interpretation. Prior to Vatican II the Catholic Church was extremely conservative and nothing like it is today. They weren’t afraid to call the Jews out on their shit, not like today’s “Judeo-Christianity” which is a trojan horse to inject liberalism into conservative circles.

        Anyway, it’s important to remember that the world didn’t begin in 1933. Hitler had some good ideas but he was only human after all and (I believe) his syphilis got the better of him in the end. NS was somewhat forced and unnatural; it was better than today but definitely not the highest point of Nordic achievement. The whole “everything in the service of an absolute idea” paradigm is Oriental in nature and not in line with Western values; Asians do things that way and while it works and is efficient, it doesn’t allow the full power of the Aryan individual, best exemplified by the “Renaissance Man”, to flourish. It was an extreme solution to an extreme problem. We can do better, but it takes longer than 5 or 6 years to get there. Still, it was effective and necessary in putting a damper on Stalin’s ambitions.

        I think we are on the same page though. You’ll have to forgive my pessimism, the present situation doesn’t give much occasion for hope. We can both agree, that the Nordic race and in particular it’s Teutonic strain needs an “Isreal” of it’s own. SA/Rhodesia seemed as good a place as any and it’s a damn shame what happened there. I’d say now our best bet is Australia/NZ. But that radiation in the Pacific keeps growing. Is that a big issue down there yet? Been curious about that.

  2. It was written in 1939 and Spengler was vindicated then as well, before the National Socialist revolution in Germany, then and now but I agree with the pamphlet whole heartedly that liberalism was declining and taking Europe with it, but that the will of Adolf Hitler saved the German people.

    As the pamphlet said ‘It (NSDAP) established values that will bring unity and greatness over the centuries. It has set goals that will bind the will of generations. It has established laws that will bind the most distant future to the worldview decision of the present’. … ‘It finds its justification in the strength with which it takes the things of Germany in its hands, and in its achievements and deeds that it presents as visible signs of its creativity, and which it will leave as an inheritance to the future.’

    The National Socialist party leadership was supposed to be the final answer to this. It should not have ended, and we know why it did, because of the Jews.

    People reacting to the decline and taking a portion of the people was not discussed in this idea of inevitable cycles of civilisations, and he was not considering a conscious creation of autonomous homelands for survival of races. He did not consider the deliberate creation of a racially based living sphere, made from only a segment of people to begin with. He did not consider societies that exist to preserve and strengthen a race that are full of racists, and not slaves, idiots and bastards.

    I believe the degeneration phase can be averted in a planned community through racial pride and appreciation of our own values, they ought to be, as these phases are now recognised, they were not before; it is a very conscious future civilisation we can create.

    There is a movement and it will take the Nordic Race, and give it independence again, and we will do this under the nose of a lot of them.

    ‘The important thing is that the Nordic race, the greatest the world has ever seen, gets our own homeland where we can recuperate and perhaps found another, even greater dynasty.’

    While most people only care about small things and what’s good for them and their own comfort we need vigour and will and drive to be independent. We need to be Autonomous and Radical. I do not care about most living people and their feelings. I only care about their genes and the potential future we can create. The Nordic Race hasn’t deliberately lived for the Nordic Race yet. Or not many times bar 1933-1945 and in the beginning when we were subject to strict selection/discrimination and we bred ourselves like a stud, constantly excluding everyone we didn’t like and driving our evolution forwards. We are only here today because of what people did in past ages, just as you said, we are running on fumes.

    I think we are on the same page. You know what I think, you have read my articles.

    • Europa Redux says:

      Yes. It can be done. People are waking up to the lies and propaganda. The only question is where and how. They aren’t going to let it happen without a fight, because they know subconsciously that if Nordics have a country with room to grow eventually the other races will become obsolete and be overtaken. That is why the whole world ganged up Germany, Rhodesia and South Africa. I suspect that the Boers were threatened with invasion by the US government after they gave up their nukes in ’89. The US is the biggest obstacle; it has morphed from a progressive Anglo-Saxon republic with a lot of potential into an 800 pound golem used to enforce racial integration and destroy national borders. Only after the US economy collapses can this happen.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The Nords are the only group that will carve a space out of this mongrel mess because we are in fact different. I have said it before on the blogs that American WN is BS.

    My mother is a Slav and I have to say she has a real bad attitude. I really do not believe the Slavs are these saviors of the West or the so labeled ‘White race’ that some try to present them as being . She is pretty lazy in a lot of ways and bulks at doing anything that helps the good of the whole family. Sorry to say but I see many Slav and Russian women with a sort of princess type attitude, the very attitude that many people try to project onto Nordic or Germanic looking women thanks to the Jew media’s portrayal of fair-haired women has being bimbos as a way of degrading Germanic women. They come to Westernized countries with an attitude that their vaginal walls are lined with gold or something. Hey, crude, but true.

    Unfortunately, the rot of the virus has to work its way through. The resisters will have to keep resisting and will have to develop the fortitude to withstand unfounded ridicule.

    Most so called “Whites” do not want Germany and the Nordic civilizations to survive. They hate them as badly as the Jews.

    • Europa Redux says:

      Very good of you to be able to admit that. Slavs are Asians with white skin, just like Irish and Iberians are white Africans.

      The portrayal of pretty blonde girls as stuck up divas is very unfair. Some are, but most are very fair and nice on a personal basis compared to other Western women. The thing is, most don’t have any time for these slimy “pickup artists” and other losers who think that they have some innate right to approach any woman sexually and get a positive response, even if they are short and ugly. This is where the “stuck up” meme comes from and it is born out of resentment and hate because these entitled faggots don’t understand that there is some things in life not for sale, and they hate that these women select partners based on innate genetic characteristics and not their practiced lines. Most of these girls are very friendly and agreeable, but they are so constantly bombarded by the pleas of sexual beggars that they understandably adopt a harsh tone when they feel they are being hit on by an unattractive man.

  4. Europa Redux says:

    • Europa Redux says:

      Straight from the horse’s mouth.

      “All races are artificial constructs” according to Doug. Why the need for that gigantic wall in Gaza then, can ya answer me that Dougie boy? Why sterilize all those poor niggers that just moved to Israel looking for a better life? I thought we were “citizens of the world”? Oh so only YOUR race is real. Got it.

      What a little rat.

      • We know this, this is what jews always say. We hate jews. Talmudic law mate. No distinctions amongst goyim allowed. They won’t even allow male and female for goyim. The jew hasn’t got an answer, he doesn’t need one, stupid goyim can’t rise up, they feel too sorry for jews because the jews control the media so they get to say they suffered and if you don’t believe that your anti semitic and the jews can always count on that shutting the goyim up. Jews are a criminal race its about time serious races rejected the jew, became independent thereby forcing him off.

      • Europa Redux says:

        Yeah I just put it up there for anyone passing through who might be on the fence about this whole thing. Astounding how people still fall for their bullshit; they don’t even deny it anymore.

        It’s important to remember that the average modern person is really not that smart and is led by their emotions like a little bitch, they have been trained to think this way from birth and on top of that they have been programmed from birth to think only what the Jew wants them to think and block out anything else. I remember seeing Schindlers List as a 9 year old and seeing the part with the little girl in the red dress and I thought it was so sad, I thought those Germans must be some sickos! They are just toying with us at this point. But pride cometh before the fall.

        That’s why my preferred method of winning people over is just showing them the true reality of Jew hatred and vile hypocrisy, in living color, in their own words. No amount of cognitive dissonance can wish it away. That gets them thinking, and once the seed is planted they get curious, and start to question things. Then, with time, they begin to see the full picture.

  5. william says:

    anti-GENTILISM is the problem. Cavemen did not sit around their caves:
    GROK: “HEY, me hate Jews.”
    HORG: “What a Jew?”
    GROK: “Me not know …. but me hate”
    Then non-Jews sat for tens of thousands of years waiting for a Jew to come along, so we could all be mean for no reason. Sorry, what happened was Jews created a social system of Xenophobic Tribalism (look it up) wherein THEY hate all NON-Jews, and this hate of all non-Tribe members has, naturally, caused People to not like them.
    anti-semitic … that’s what they called Jesus of Nazareth in the Galilee …
    JUDAS ISCARIOT was a JEW beloved by the Temple Priests.
    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.
    Quick summation? They are the enemy of anyone who is not a TRIBAL MEMBER …… and only “tolerate” Gentiles.

    The World should insist Israel live by the standards Israel demands of others. Be judged as Ye judge others. If Israel wants to be recognized, Israel must recognize the EQUALITY and HUMANITY of ALL People. Quit calling NON-Jews SHISKA, GOYIM, GENTILE. If Israel wants Hamas to ‘repudiate’ their charter, Israel must REPUDIATE their manual of hate, the TORAH, which openly proclaims that all ‘gentiles’ should be ‘Hewers of wood, and bearers of water’ …….. for Israel.
    Israel must recognize the Native People’s RIGHT to a Palestinian state.
    Israel REFUSES to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty or open It’s NUKES to inspection, Israel should have the exact same sanctions that were put on Iran.

  6. william says:

    PROsemitism ——- what is it? If there is an “antisemitism” you must ask: “What is PROsemitism?” PROsemitism must be a supporter of “semitism”, which really means Judaism (even though most Moslems are SEMITIC). So what are you supporting if you are a PROsemite? Well first of all we must define Judaism:
    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.
    So right off the get-go you hate all NON-Jews, NON-members of YOUR group(TRIBE).
    THAT means, that if I am not one of the TRIBE, you do not like me.
    Since Jews brand all NON-Jews “gentile” and automatically denigrate them, to be PROsemitic one must by definition be ANTI-GENTILE.
    They hate all NON-Jews so fundamentally, that they have to SPECIFICALLY NAME what they grudgingly term “RIGHTEOUS GENTILES”. Those are NON-Jewish HUMANS that went so far out of their way to help/save Jews that the Jews were FORCED to ACKNOWLEDGE the humanity of that specific ‘gentile”. You see, PROsemites do not acknowledge the EQUALITY of spirituality and humanity of “gentiles”
    According to the SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
    “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
    Jews have HATED CHRIST and his followers for 2,000 years. Go ask your Jewish friends to “acknowledge” Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ was an anti-semite according to the Temple Priests who HEREM(excommunicated) Him just prior to crucifixion.
    JUDAS ISCARIOT was a Jew —- in good standing with the Temple Priests.

    Israeli Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, from the settler party Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) gave an interview [Heb] to the Israeli daily Ma’ariv 12/30/2013 on his party’s stance against gay marriage.
    Here’s a snippet from the interview. Remember, this man is a high ranking government official in the only “democracy” in the Middle East.
    Q: What will you do if the Knesset votes on a bill legalizing gay marriage?

    A: No way. Also, a Jew cannot marry a gentile.

    Q: Is that the same thing?

    A: We don’t recognize either of them. And anyway, a Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he’s gay.

  7. Pingback: A Conversation With Jery II | Nordic Anti Semite

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  9. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  10. boersniper says:

    Every time I read your essays and or historical exposes about the beautiful white Nordic race and what this race has gone through over the millennia because of (1) our own lethargy i.r.o political machinations of our weakling leaders as well as useful idiots and brain diseased fellow countrymen, (2) not or don’t want to understand the forces outside this circle that is working towards our demise, my eyes fill with tears because worldwide our specie is is dying out. There are just too many against the few. Here in South Africa my ancestors sacrificed and suffered horribly to establish a white enclave but were taken down from within lead by the Jew and their Western henchmen. Daily our people are murdered most hideously (+- 70000 since 1994) and our farmers exterminated (+- 3500 – 4000) by the ANC communist / marxist / Jew controlled government but no one lifts an eyebrow – the boer is expendable – why? he is descendant from the Nordic race.

    I am being discriminated and genocided because I am blond, blue eyed the same with my children and a major threat to the mongrels and their brain dead liberals. Is it because my race / specie is the epitome of natures diverse beauty and natural selection. My family line was and is raised to ensemble the knowledge passed through the generations that we are the pioneers in life – we lead and others follow.

    White genocide is also being practiced here in South Africa – the forgotten experiment of the West. Who will raise up and give a clarion call to the real white race? Who will gather the Nordic races to take their rightful place on the world stage? Who will reverse the damage done to so many Nordic countries with multiculturalism and diversity? Who will lead us few to conquer the many once and for all? Who and when will the clock of revenge be set so that “nature” can be brought back into perfect balance and harmony?

    I fully endorse this site and its editorial team as well as the writers of note to this site. It is my mission to advertise “nordicantisemite.com” to all my quintessences and hope that they will support you in your mission.


    • ShitArabs says:

      white nordic race ?????????? I have never seen any black nordic race. you don’t need to specify white.. nordic..race. Nordic race is people having white skin only.

  11. Walter says:

    Why the transscripts? The audio would be great.

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