Tidal Wave of Colour

The Jews, eternal parasites who like devolving the people. Their crimes against an honest nature loving people are astounding! Opening the floodgates of undeveloped stagnates to destroy a creative and intelligent Nordic Race. The activities of the Jew in the modern world; the destruction of all evolution and evolutionary thought to make a herd animal. Evolution goes from instinctive to criminalised.

Human Waste - Here come the disgusting Nigger idiots!

Human Waste – Here come the disgusting Nigger idiots! Keep in mind the cross between the Nigger and anything is always a Nigger.

Africa’s hordes on Europe’s doorsteps, any objection of their coming in is labeled ‘racist’, and compared to atrocities committed against Jews. Jews use themselves as the wedge against Europe, their historic role. The Jew never changes, just defiles his host.

Ugliness vs Beauty, for 6000 years

Ugliness vs Beauty, for 6000 years

A superior race; whose traits are higher, more specialised, more evolved, will have these traits mixed out in any cross. The population of inferior Niggers in Africa more than doubles every 40 years, and this is just the Niggers that stay there! With the Subhuman contents of Africa being emptied into Europe, this really is the dawn of the planet of the apes.


Weapons of mass genetic destruction

If you do not want these bastard savages, you are a racist, and if you are a racist, you deserve to die say the inferior races. Whatever happens, races must be separate. It is separation or death, and it is only in the Nordic Races interest to enforce this separation, or else die out forever. Here are some good articles about this tidal wave of colour:

  1. https://cj303addict.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/swedist-woman-says-migrants-drowning-is-a-new-holocaust/
  2. http://www.dailystormer.com/eu-responds-to-sharply-rising-anti-immigrant-sentiment-with-decisive-plan-to-help-them-get-here-faster/
  3. http://www.dailystormer.com/tear-mongering-intensifies-as-moslem-paints-black-jesus-as-a-drowning-immigrant/
  4. http://www.dailystormer.com/half-of-guilt-ridden-germany-says-they-want-more-moslem-rapists-on-the-streets/
  5. http://www.dailystormer.com/eu-triples-shekels-for-assisted-invasion-of-itself/
Invading Niggers get what they deserved

Invading Niggers get what they deserved.

The Jews, the murderers of humanity, are a congenitally criminal, disfigured and disastrous race, forever merciless in their persecution of those who will not be killed by them, a race hell-bent on genocide of every other group, the eternal ferment of decomposition, the leveler of civilisations the mistletoe parasite of humanity, the blood sucker, is in full control of all world-wide media, distribution, entertainment and information sharing. The Nordic people have not had a government since 1945.


We have to put up with Jews like this.

They will never forgive you for labelling them foreign before the last war. Whether we did or whether we didn’t, the decision to lay waste to Nordic Humanity was made way before the Third Reich.

Defy the Jew and reaffirm your existence

Defy the Jew and reaffirm your existence

You can’t kill them because its mean. Those that can’t comprehend them will gang up on you. Intelligence has a new meaning, ‘anti-Semitism’, anti-Semitism correlates with higher levels of intelligence.  As Jews condemn anti-Semitism they condemn intelligent life to extinction.

The Jews have a grudge, the Nordic Race, as a race, is by definition ‘racist’. For this transgression, the penalty is to be extermination.

It is the Jew or life itself. One or the other, chose strength and live or chose tolerance and die. The sadistic horror unleashed on Germany in the end of the last war, the bombing, mass rape, torture and killing sprees is un-ended through the policies the Jews have lined up for us. Official hostilities ceased, Germanic people’s must shut up, face extermination and non-existence. Iphones, Electricity and Internet does not distract us from this fact. This Jewish plan for us has always been complete genocide of our people and removal of our genome from planet earth.


The Jew. Our eternal enemy not by choice but by necessity

And they say we holocausted them?

The destroyer of culture never left us, and the same policy of complete destruction of Germany and her people from the 1940’s is still in effect. Their Job is not yet finished. Negroes are being brought into Europe in record numbers. Today the Nordic Race will not just breed itself out of existence just because the Jews inject some Niggers and idiotic brown people next to leading ladies on Hollywood Movies and systematically into Television Programs. Indeed when it comes to television, to have an all White cast would be labeled as racist and boycotted by the left (Jewish) element and Jewish columnists themselves. The existence of a ‘non diverse’ television program would prompt more diversity as an imperative. We simply turn it off, so instead we must be swamped numerically by weapons of gross biological defilement, drowned out to such a point where you might be the only Nordic on your street or the only Nordic in your school group. You are not supposed to recognise that you are part of a race. This tidal wave is now coming in the form of millions of Negroes, prehistoric bipedal apes 2 million years behind us in evolution, our only relation an extinct species of ape.

The Jews say that Germany must atone for its ‘nazi past’ and because of its present wealth accept ‘migrants’ fleeing war and poverty. Why must it atone and what has it got to atone for? Atone to its enemies for not dying out sooner. Germany must atone for daring to preserve its race. To give what one generation creates to its children will create a disparate planet as those with superior genetics inevitably do better than those who cannot think or create anything. This is most offensive to the Jew as he would like to mongrelise the whole planet so he can rule over a brown race of idiots, a mad rabble, depending on enforced equality. For daring to exist, the German is racist.


The European Commission, an unelected body, whose interest is first and foremost the preservation of the Jewish Race in Europe and enaction of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Talmudic Law, Europe’s highest expression of ‘democracy’ (a Jewish buzzword you are not allowed to criticise meaning rule by the Jew) is implementing from the top down bilateral (meaning both major parties in every nation) agreements on tax payer funded refuge application centers. This will not be up for debate. Just as nothing in so-called ‘democracies’ is up for debate, but by Jewish Policy Groups and unelected Non-Governmental Agencies, working behind the scenes.

There is no more dreadful tyranny than when world Jews enslave their host people through their willing, bribed, and obedient democratic lackeys. Hanns Oberlindober

Like every other government policy, from abortion to ‘gay marriage’ to multiculturalism, taxpayer-funded processing centers to increase the numbers of new migrants is to be simply made into unanimous party policy of every major political party, in every nation. Just like everything else, right over the people’s heads there will be definitive support for centres in Africa, directly supporting Niggers in giving them everything they need and ensuring they have a safe and free passage across to become the future population of Europe. So much for a ‘free democracy’.

Jews just cannot stop

Jews just cannot stop

The individual has no say in ‘democracy’. Democracy = Control by Jews. Fascism could be a word for self-government.

It is important for people to know that the decision to import hundreds of thousands of Niggers into Europe every year has had nothing to do with any European Peoples. It is being organised by such bodies as the European Commission in which the European people have no say in. Most Europeans were unaware these subversive Jewish groups were even formed until they could first see some of the destructive demands they have instigated on European constituencies. These bodies have been formed right over the heads of the European people by Jews. You must agree or die out as the Jew exterminates the Nordic victim he has worked on for millenia. Current European ‘law’ guarantees extermination of the Nordic Race and European Peoples.


Sympathy for ugly undeveloped ape men does not have to result in extermination of this. Are you smart enough to survive?

The Nordic Race exhibits an obvious racism against lesser advanced forms. And if evolution is racist, so it should be.


– Aidhan


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9 Responses to Tidal Wave of Colour

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Europa Redux says:

    Hey, check this video out it’s beautiful, really shows how much we’ve lost our way:


    If you look in the comments you’ll see some people saying things like “I don’t know why this is making me feel so sad” as if they can’t grasp how these people looked so happy without “democracy” “diversity” and “womyn’s rights” like a world without internet porn and Big Macs is unfathomable to their sorry little minds. Really puts the lie to the Jew assertion that we are progressing and people 100 years ago were ignorant and miserable. On the contrary, the late 19th and early 20th century was undeniably the pinnacle of European civilization and we are now just running on fumes. This is why the public school textbooks tend to gloss over this period with the exception of a few social agitators and the world wars. It is amazing how ignorant most young (and old) people are about the past, they truly have no conception of the world other than what they learn in public school or through the mass media; not only that but they have been trained to violently resist anyone who challenges this in any way. That’s why I say, the modern West is not secular; Multicult/Holocaustianity has become the defacto religion of this world. For example anytime I point out to anyone how much more social and happy things used to be and back it up with picture/video proof, the immediate response is some abstract irrational nonsense along the lines of “But it was oppressive!” or “Millions of people died!”, never mind the fact that *shock* people still die for all kinds of reasons, not least of which being America’s wars for Israel and the massive pollution produced by our overpopulated technocracy, or that the West clearly is owned by banks and corporations and every study says women are far less happy than they were in the past. These people are literally brainwashed and they don’t even know it, there is no convincing them, we can only hope to defeat them.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The purpose of flooding our formerly majority White countries with these Turd Worlders is to promote race mixing, which will lead to an amalgamated mass of Mystery Meat populations that are more easy to control and dominate.

    Pure European people by nature, are more freedom oriented and idealistic. A pure population of Europeans will want to have good healthcare, schools, etc for its people via taxation while also allowing people to have their liberty. The Crapitalists via the NWO want the throngs to be impoverished and without education, healthcare etc. while the Banksta Billionaires live it up.

    The Turd Tidal Wave is meant to obliterate Europe and its way of life. It has been instigated by the Jews out of their everlasting hate of the Europeans. It is meant to be used as a weapon to destroy the last remnants of Europe’s institutions. The same is happening in the States with our invasions by the Mexicans and the people from the Carribean.


    Reblogged this on Ufohunterorguk.com.

  5. Ulrich says:

    Kudos for a well written essay on our status quo. Stringent measures will be brought to the table and soon.
    The untermenschen hate us, their leaders are amassing them for a final assault on our European Fatherlands, as well as the new worlds of Australia, Canada, USA, NZ etc.
    This is part of the cycle of life and death, the coming Ragnarok to usher in a new age.

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