Oskar Gröning

The Holocaust was limited only by the imagination of those creating it, sustained by nothing more than the magic word “anti-Semitic” and the willingness of the whole of the American media to censor the truth. – Joseph G Stano, House of Orwell, Liberty Bell Magazine, December 1997

Oskar Gröning goes on trial in Lüneburg.

How many Jews can you see in this photo?

How many Jews can you see in this photo?


One can just imagine the Rabbi’s sitting around a big table coming up with ideas. ‘Lets make a German who was there say that it happened’, to which the other Rabbi replied ‘oy vey good idea Rabbi’. ‘Lets say he witnessed babies heads being caved in and other such imaginary things popularised by Jewish holocaust novels and storybooks post war.’ said another fetid Jew stooped over his notepad as he began writing ideas.

They even went as far as to have this German admit that the main reason he is coming out is specifically to quell ‘holocaust deniers’. Previously, the only people who say the holocaust happened were Jews themselves, now they have the German they can all memorise and cite everytime; ‘oh it did happen, Oskar Gröning admitted it did.’

I would like you to believe me,’ he says to the deniers. ‘I saw the gas chambers. I saw the crematoria. I saw the open fires. I was on the ramp when the selections took place. I would like you to believe that these atrocities happened because I was there.’

One important thing to remember is, that outside of the media, outside of television land, outside of Jewish storybooks, no real people say that it happened, and certainly Germans around at the time maintain and say that it did not happen.

Jerry, whose informatives are featured on this site was forced to go to a movie theatre after the War and watch some camp Liberation Films. They tried to get everyone to cry for the Jews. But why would you? You had been taught about the Jews for the last 12 years. Of course the Jews would try to do something like forcibly showing films, and of course they all knew what kind of government they would get if they lost. A very Jewish one! Germany was wrested from Jewish hands, so they were to be shamed. Nobody at all of any standing cared and apparently only weak people and some women cried for the Jews. Any worthwhile person did not care one ounce and they were certainly fully aware that Jews will always try to emotionally manipulate idiotic people. That fact in itself should be seen as one of life’s certainties, and there is not much you can do about that.

Like many during those hateful times, Groening made many wrong decisions as a young man, which ended up with him participating in the attempted destruction of an entire people. For those actions, he should be punished.

It becomes very silly when the Jews try and accuse us of ‘attempted destruction of an entire people’ as if it’s a bad thing when that is exactly what they have been doing to the European Peoples these last 70 years. A look at Germany today will show the highest Jewish population ever, and Germans swiftly being mixed out of existence, any suggestion to not raise immigration quota’s every year higher still labeled ‘racist.’


Even back in 2009 in the under 15 age group foreign scum made up almost half of the ‘recorded’ population! In contrast 100% of Jews are Jews.

It is also interesting to note here how the usual Jewish lie ‘we are a religion’ is not even bothered with here. Suddenly when their suffering comes into it they suddenly become a very important people. When Jews kill us they simply say there are no differences between races it doesn’t matter, indeed they barely even need to waste their breath on it. Speaking about race in relation to immigration ‘leads to holocausts’. We have to remember how much they ‘suffered’.

These last few days we heard about a pan-European cross-party campaign for more immigration into Europe, likening not aiding as many Niggers as possible in coming across the sea to Europe to participating again in a new holocaust. We can see exactly how this lie of the holocaust is being used for its intended purpose. The extermination of the innocent race.

Cecilia Wikström, a Swedish MEP has told The Local that EU member states are currently doing so little to help guarantee safe passage that future generations will compare their actions to Sweden “turning a blind eye” to the Holocaust (https://cj303addict.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/swedist-woman-says-migrants-drowning-is-a-new-holocaust/)

Anything we ever do is always such a holocaust!

Genetic Criminals look forward to going to Germany, becoming millionaires and turning Europe 'multicultural'.

Genetic Criminals look forward to going to Germany, becoming millionaires and turning Europe ‘multicultural’.

Let us just get some home truths:

  1. The Jews mix all the races and accuse us of hate if we don’t die out
  2. We were all fine living separately before  the Jews
  3. The Jews say racism leads to holohoax etc. exterminating them.

Last night when I checked this article on Oskar Gröning on the Daily Mail website, it was getting an incredible comment every two seconds. One Jew was whining that he may be about to be given the life sentence he should have been given at the end of the war. The reason why so many of these SS Veterans are being charged years after is because they could not have given him this sentence at the end of the war as nobody particularly liked or cared about Jews back then, except for Jews themselves. Anything related to the Second World War on any online news outlet is sure to get probably most of Britain’s Jews commenting pretending to be normal non-Jewish outraged people. Even the author himself of the Daily Mail article obviously did not find revealing his Jewish identity particularly relevent to the article. Calling it such things as ‘the greatest crime’, and ‘terrible’, all from the Jewish perspective. And we all know only Jews speak highly of Jews.

At the end of it all we all know its all lies and we all know it didn’t happen, only the media and the Jews say that it did and even if it had have happened it would be fine because Jews are scum.

The world would be so much better without them.

The world would be so much better without them.

– Aidhan

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7 Responses to Oskar Gröning

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Let us just say hypothetically the Holocaust DID happen. Ok. Now what? Did I partake in it? Did my kids? And really, I honestly do nor care as I have my own family and well being to worry about. White Americans are getting holocausted here and NOW by feral Groids Gone Wild and I am supposed to care about what happened 70 years to people I do not know and by people that hate me?

    Several countries have undergone genocides in recent decades. Just look at Cambodia’s Pol Pot and his regime that was in existence till the early 90’s. Or what about all the ethnic cleansing aka rape camps in Eastern Europe in the early 90’s? I could go on here but the point is I am sick and tired of the Jews and their fucking whining. Enough already.

    At the end of the day, we have all experienced genocide. Now Northwestern Europeans scattered across the world are experiencing a genocide. Hell some nice Black lady in England last year was waving a sign stating save the blonde haired and blue eyed. SHE noticed.

    I’ll give Jews sympathy and compassion when they show sympathy and compassion for others, but they do not. They hate Europeans. They hate Germanics. I have received much hostility in the States directed at me and my kids from these people, as well as their co-opted WN membership.

    I am over it.

    • Europa Redux says:

      The don’t so much hate Slavs and Spics and Arabs and Niggers as feel contempt for them, from what I can see. It’s only Germanics that they reserve their true hate for, as we are the only people who have been able to suss them out on a national scale consistently, and even under their rule we have managed to thrive and live happily for the most part. They HATE that.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  3. Europa Redux says:

    I don’t think it happened exactly the way it was said and definitely not to the scale of 6 million. Of course there were camps and people were killed in them, to say otherwise just looks foolish, but I believe it was mostly pinkos and other troublemakers who were marked for execution which only makes sense; why would a country fighting for its very survival feed and take care of its mortal enemies? The other ones probably died due to disease and starvation due to lack of supplies and roads being bombed.

    But suppose that it did happen that way, it would certainly be terrible and cruel, but not unfair. The Jews tried to do to the Germans exactly what they claim happened to them; they succeeded in Russia and we all know how that turned out! Noone ever talks about that though, most don’t even believe that the Bolsheviks were Jews. Now personally I think as Aryans we should be above such depravity as murdering children, after all, that is what separates us from the Jews, but if it did happen that way (which I doubt) it was only giving them a taste of their own medicine. If the Jews hadn’t destroyed the Christian kingdoms of Europe, Hitler would have been just another failed artist and the Nietzschean idea would have fizzled out harmlessly, so they have only themselves to blame!

  4. Ewan says:

    This is a very, very brief summary/generalisation of the evolution of the original races. It is just designed to give a very quick to read idea of how we all came to be today.

    The original Scandinavian race was the blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned race (light featured) that originated from Scandinavia some 45,000 to 50,000 years ago.

    The Scandinavian race evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa some 125,000 years ago and settled in Scandinavia. 80,000 years of total isolation in Scandinavia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Scandinavians.

    The Indian race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in India. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in India and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Indians. (Indian = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured)
    The Oriental race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in Far East Asia. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in Far East Asia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Orientals.(Oriental = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured) The Australian Aboriginal race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in Australia. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in Australia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Australian Aboriginals.(Australian Aboriginal = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured) 45,000 years ago there was a lot of movement as the Ice-Age pushed these Scandinavians out of Scandinavia. These Scandinavian spread out through Europe and into Asia and in Asia they mixed with the Indians, this formed the Arabic peoples (Indo-Scandinavians).

    The Scandinavians also migrated into Far East Asia and mixed with the Orientals forming the Korean/Chinese/Japanese types.
    Arabic peoples moved back West into North Africa and then up into Spain, Italy and Greece mixing with the Scandinavians that had originally settled there, this formed the original Spanish, Italian and Greek ethnicities. Oriental Scandinavians also moved back West and mixed with the original Scandinavians in Europe forming what we now know as ‘Slavic’ types. What with brown hair and brown eyes being dominant over blonde hair and blue eyes more Scandinavians in Europe became darker. Yes, Europeans are mostly Scandinavian race with varying amounts of Indian race and Oriental race in them which gives many these darker features.

    • You are from Spain, are you affiliated with Europa Soberana?

      The modern Negro Race(s) in Africa evolved most of their perculiar specialisations since splitting off from the Abo’s and everything it left behind in South Asia. The closest relation we have to this primative black upright ape is an extinct ape common ancestor.

      Abos changed and so have Niggers, although none have gotten any better, just worse in their own ways.


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