The Demise of Europe’s Daughters


A Nigger in a Superman Suit

This is what a Nigger said when a Nordic girl simply wrote on her social networking profile that she was tired of being harassed by mongrel races, with all of the annoying messages that come with that such as asking for sex and not taking no for an answer, asking ‘why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me’ over and over again, the expletives and the entitlement etc and so she asked for only her own race to contact her.

She should not need to outline this. She was pounced on for simply saying that she was not interested in certain people.

For daring to simply not talk to or not go out on dates with absolutely anyone and everyone she was told such things as; her parents should have had an abortion, her parents should have used a condom so that she could never have been conceived, she should burn in hell and that she is certainly the next Hitler, probably a descendant.

The girl, 18, who does not want to be identified, but wants the race to see what happens out there on the World Wide Web, wrote this status update:


An intelligent, pure descendent from the pure families, pounced on by the mongrelised majority.

Not only do the sub-humans, barely whites, nearly whites and ugly all came out of the woodwork to oppose racial purity. These scum think they have the right to rape who they please, and if the girl does not like it she should be dead.

This is very different to the White, Aryan or Nordic ‘asking a girl out’. Unlike the mongrel, who would rape anything down to its level, the Nordic, the as yet pinnacle of evolution, the race with instincts and unmolested capacity for further uplift take only evolutionary partners. A Nordic girl throughout history is careful and conscious to only go with someone intelligent, strong, beautiful and not stupid, and visa versa. In our society, the male is not entitled, he must ‘win’ the woman. This ensures the race is not molested by lesser beings.

Our Nordic girl fought back with some facts and truths, and this provoked the above murderous responses.

Should not a young woman be able to state characteristics of her preferred partner, or even someone she might like to meet? Not according to the mongrels.

One can see from this one example how many of our young women are under tremendous strain to be more like the less intelligent, the more race mixed, to fit in a bit more. To abandon the idea of having children that look like them.

Frederick Sands Brunner - Mother Goose Stories

Frederick Sands Brunner – Mother Goose Stories

This phenomenon of being subject to what the enemies of our race think is a huge problem mainly effecting our ‘teenage’ aged girls. In these first few years that they are exposed to the Jewish invention of Facebook etc, for the first time they are desperate to be popular and liked by people outside of the family, they are inside a usually degenerate peer group, these are the years they are most likely to care about what others think of them. These are globalising forces at work, trying to remove the young girl from her folk.

Our girls all over the world are subjected to this, every one of them, except for the ones who are strong enough to be different, strong enough to hold an opinion different from the intellectually retarded masses around them. These ‘modern’ coloured and heterogeneous masses who assert their sordid influence would not have been around our girls until 20 or 30 years ago, depending on the area, and had these girls been around then instead of now, and had they thought the same way, it would have been acceptable. Their homogenous and akin friendship and peer groups could have come around to a spoken assertion, or would have felt these exact same things unspoken, instead of being cultural aliens, who demand acceptance.

The individual who is prepared to preserve her higher standing among bastards is immune to everything but physical rape. How many have the defiance? Who is strong enough to hate everything that is around them while dreaming of a better future? It is an unfortunate truth that not many women are capable of holding an opinion different from those that are around them, but this is also evolutionary, a punishment to the race with the weak males, for the masculine instinct drives progress forwards, and has the power to exclude the regressive, undesirable etc. A race without a healthy male sex, to enforce their will, will cease to be. Only that male sex can recreate the female sex, although in the Nordic Race, that female sex is lusted over by every black and brown idiot going.

Only those young women who are consciously aware of holding a different identity can be immune, and how many can retain that on their own? Many can, but in the present circumstances, of a race that evolved in pre-history, with currently no nation of its own, forcibly integrated to a global market, forced global cultural influence until everyone abandons their own, forced to share space with the teeming multitudes from the sewers of the world, the mongrels are going to mongrelise us one by one, through the woman, until there is no one left to mongrelise. Families that stay Nordic into the next generation, will miscegenate in the next generation. That is why National Socialist sites like these are important, to keep the Nordic flame alive in these years of tyranny and ensure interested people are kept together. That is why it is imperative that we found a new racially exclusive community.

This new racially exclusive community must be bought up and settled, not just for the fire that burns to finally live according to our nature again, in our own racial community unquestioned, not just for the hatred of what we see around us, not just because we know something better, not just because our lives are being wasted, but for the sheer unfeasibility of staying inside the system expecting our folk to survive long enough through conscious decision making by every individual.

The United Nations is ready to inflate the world’s population to 12 billion, and the European Peoples are not included. Most growth will come from ‘the third world’ and spill over to our lands through unrestrained immigration until the population is more or less consistent everywhere. It ought to look something like the below picture.


A Mongrel Hellhole

In a race diminishing in numbers, a higher percentage of the whole that remains must be roused.

Until then, interested people must continue to defy. Nobody represents the Nordic Race but the Nordic Race

– Aidhan

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15 Responses to The Demise of Europe’s Daughters

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I am a sort of an ‘oldhead’ when comparing myself to others in the NS, WN movement; however, it is interesting to see how the hostility towards whites who refuse to interbreed with nonwhites has escalated over the last couple of decades.

    Just recently I was at a community college campus registering for a class. I heard two white girls chatting about how one of them was being pursued by a nonwhite. The girl being pursued talked of how this non white male accused her of being racist. “I am not racist, I just do not like him,” the girl went on.

    In the final analysis, who cares if one is racist? Really. It is my choice as t whether I want to mingle with and/or mash with nonwhites. If this is perceived as racist, oh well. I do not care.

    Look, I do not like guys with hairy backs. Sorry, cannot go there. I tried once and I just could not get past the man’s hairy back. My choice.

    Some people like tall people. Some people like short people. Some people like brunettes, others redheads. Some like butts and hips, other people like smaller boobs, some like bigger women. At the end of the day, it is personal preference.

    Look, I do not get how some people like 39 F boobs on a girl. Really. Likewise, I do not get the fetishization of Asians, Latinas etc by some Amren-think so-called WN males. So then I just do not deal with these people because I know I am not perceived as appealing by them.

    So, in turn, if I do no not find the Purple Penis appealing, then move along please. Why must this invented concept of ‘racism’ be injected into what I want to do with whom I want to do it?

    I mentioned back on a prior post how I saw a ‘Freakbook” by a tranny who accused a date of being homophobic etc. because when the date found out that “she’ was a “he”, the man expressed to her aka him that he does not do the dong so to speak.

    His body, his choice. Racism, sexism, etc has nothing to do with it.

    The Jew infused media has been putting out non-verbal messages via imagery, propaganda invoking the nonsensical ideology that European women are commodities to be bought and trades by DieVersity. We are essentially being traded in some covert sex slave trade.

    Sorry Jews, you do not own me. No one owns me. I choose Germanic looking men, not the Purple Penises nor the Hairy Heebs. If that is racist or offensive to you, that is YOUR problem,

    It is about White space. It is about White boundaries.

  2. Europa Redux says:

    So true. How the mighty have fallen. It wasnt so long ago, before white men were unmanned by the Jew, any nigger with the gall to even try to move on a white girl risked being strung up on a lamppost; let alone spewing all this hateful, bitter bile. Im starting to wonder if the industrial scale slaughter of the last two centuries has decimated our gene pool to the point where we could not even be considered the same race. There must be some sort of genetic explanation for the sudden abundance of supplicant self hating liberal faggots who seem to lack even the basic natural instinct to protect their women from savage proto humans; the Jew is a master brainwasher but that alone cant account for this plague of effete-ness. The horror, the horror.

    • Thats right. Wars always decimate the Nordic Race while the short undeveloped brunette stays at home. We are not the same race as the weak ones or else we would think the same, see weakness as a virtue, strength as scary etc.

      The Passing of the Great Race describes what the author observed when he saw the military columns going off to the first world war and how the soldiers were all mainly tall blondes and those in the crowds were all inferior short brunettes. They don’t participate or find themselves unfit or preoccupied for military service.

      Our race passes in every war, and becomes a smaller percentage of the population of areas once exclusively ours.

      That the history of Europe is far more nordic than it is now, was even known 100 years ago, and now we look on 100 years ago as better more Nordic times.

      • Europa Redux says:

        Funny isnt it how our greatest strength, our courage and sense of duty, was actually used to bring about our downfall? It would be interesting to see what a Madison Grant would have to say today with the benefit of modern tech. Sadly the cult of the victim says anthropology is for meanies unless of course they want to bring up the irrelevant point that we were all monkeys six million holocausts ago, or whatever. Also you ever notice that all these left wing fags and pussies all have this certain whiny punchable look about them, like in their facial features? I was looking at some very old family photos the other day and saw one of my relatives and was taken aback by how obviously superior he was to what passes for men these days. I had a little chuckle imagining him in todays touchy feely world. Bull in a china shop, enough said. Youre right each generation just gets worse. I blame, ironically, modern technology and globalization bbut it wouldnt be possible without the help of a certain tribe.

  3. Europa Redux says:

    Notice the white guys in the comments are actually trying to shame the girl for telling the ape men to buzz off! One even uses ebonics, “shots fired” even though hes a limp wristed liberal. I notice that alot lately, it seems as though even the liberals are aware on some subconscious level that a race war is on the horizon, and they think that by inserting the gangsta vernacular into their vocabulary in a limited, non aggressive way, for example “hands up dont shoot!”, they can signal to the third worlders that theyre the “good whites” in the vain hope that the wont be raped/killed/flayed/whatever when this cold war goes hot; almost a preemptive white flag. The funny thing is that theyll probably be the first ones killed because of their lack of preparedness, realizing too late that the darkies hate is not based off some past injustice or our lack of penance for it, but pure, carnal hatred and envy at our obviously superior beauty, intelligence and virtue. Maybe it is natures way of purifying our race of its weaker stupider members and fixing the imbalance caused by our throwing away our best men in WW1/WW2 and the American Civil War.

    • Very good addition. Weak people are a curse for all. Justify devolution so they can be included = inferior. They don’t even have a possessive instinct at all. There philosophy is not strong enough its death to all those involved. Life is just fun for them, for one generation, they lose everything they were created with, their own instincts cannot sustain their form. As soon as people get that ethnic instinct, realise its nordic thinking that sustains a beautiful and intelligent race and see these scums different psychology that is so obvious to us ie that they justify everything we say about them every time they open their mouths there is nothing they can do against a nordic race that realises its qualities and breeds only with its own. But how many women can feel disgust, keep to her own and not consider anothers point of view though? When we are separate and outdo the world these scum will die out through competition in their stinking cities and abstract philosophy excusing weakness all the time.

      • Europa Redux says:

        I hope youre right my friend. I really believe the Jew is the human embodiment of Lucifer, the usurper, the revolutionary, who seeks to overturn the divine natural order. They arent a race as much as an anti race, every downtrodden dog begging for inclusion is a Jew in a way. After 1000 years of struggle they finally beat the hated Aryan in August 1914. 4 years later the rightful rulers of Europe were mostly dead and the ones that werent were firmly in hand. Yeats said it best when he wrote “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold” speaking of this great upheaval. The NS movement was sort of a last ditch desperate attempt to breathe life back into Europe but I guess even they couldn’t do the impossible. Once the melting pot reaches boiling point and the sissy democratic governments lose their grip I suppose its time for one last hurrah!

      • Europa Redux says:

        And yes any man worth saving already knows what to do, its the gullible women that are most threatened, they suck them in at such a young age and exploit their natural inclination towards kindness and conformity and ship them off to college to get reamed by negro affletes, and by the time they catch on best case scenario theyre 40 years old childless and bitter wondering what happened.

  4. Europa Redux says:

    I think one of the biggest problems in Anglo countries, and barely any “WNs” (hate that stupid term) recognize this, is the Irish. And I can say this with absolute certainty as I live in a part of the New World inhabited mainly by ethnic Irish, and am, unfortunately, part Irish myself. For whatever reason they seem to be far easier than other Europeans to manipulate for political purposes; they are often liberals or neo cons and the vast majority are ignorant and malleable when it comes to politics. They have the “underdog” mentality that Ive seen you mention, and love to use their subjugation by Anglo Saxons as an excuse for their lagging behind other whites in all areas, however their stupidity, crime, and degeneracy followed them wherever they went around the globe and in every case they were not able to maintain a level of civilization much higher than that of niggers without help from Germanics. While I am aware there have been many great Irish inventors, poets, and leaders, those are usually the descendants of Nordic invaders and there is a vast underclass of criminal, inferior Irish in most Anglo countries; ie Southern rednecks and trailer trash, British chavs, and so on. They do not have the Teutonic spirit and most are more useless than Slavs. This is the cold hard truth of the matter, we dont see these typically Irish traits among blue collar types in Germany, France, even Italy. This primitive, non Aryan class of the Irish population is probably the biggest danger to the European gene pool as they can blend in in one generation unlike dark skinned races but have more in common with them than they do other Western Europeans.

    • The mixing between types has led to the situation today where the bulk of the people in most of our countries are now just as bad or worse than the Irish used to be. You could probably take 70% of the indigenous population of Germany or Denmark and observe this dysgenics. Mixing has inflicted the majority of all our countries, even if they are swede x swede on paper, they may well be worse than Irish. Look at England today, hardly any English (especially men). The original strain in every country is dying out, and was before multikulti. Ireland just has the bad reputation. With all our other countries, we are now only looking back on past ages. The high phenotypic traits responsible for the recognition of an archetype of any nation is dying out, being replaced by a mass of generic infantile bastards, that are as good as hispanic in my opinion. There is not much remarkable to say about any of the people anywhere, except for a diminishing minority.

      • Europa Redux says:

        While that is certainly true, I dont think all is lost quite yet, but the window is closing fast. The Anglo element in my area has basically segregated itself from the rest of the population, and while they pay lip service to the dominant marxist paradigm, they do everything they can to keep their kids away from the centre city crowd, while the gov does everything it can to integrate high schools. Nordics tend not to associate with extreme political movements in their beginnings as they are usually higher in social class, and thus have more to lose and are more vulnerable to ostracization. Note that NS had to masquerade as a Bavarian proletarian movement to win support early on, it was only after the Night of the Long Knives that it took on a Prussian aristocratic character and won over the educated classes. I think the Germanic race is just dormant, shrinking fast, but living comfortably and still pretending they are in control. Part of why countries have lost their character is because all the institutions that give them their character have been totally overwhelmed with Jews and their lackeys and all original ideas stifled, look how far Berlin sunk during the 20s and that was a city of excellent racial stock at the time. But I can tell you the Irish rep is well deserved. You really have to be around these people to understand the depths they will sink to. White niggers is almost too kind. Also a trend I think you would find interesting is the tendency of women of the more vigorous, rural type to move to the cities to wear a man suit and often stay there to miscegenate or breed with some cosmopolitan pussy, leaving the best young men behind to either marry trailer trash or not marry at all. Very very worrying imo.

  5. Paladin Justice says:

    Beautiful picture of mother, child, and dog. It well illustrates the thing I love the most, but never had. I’m going to remember that pic and use it myself in a post when I write something about the family life we have lost in the West due to the mud invasions.

  6. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  7. Jason says:

    Fuck them, their ideals place this woman in duress and insinuate her as evil while their jealousy yearns all in such they can’t flake her choice to not have sex with them. Fucking rapist.

  8. Original Germanic says:

    >> The United Nations is ready to inflate the world’s population to 12 billion, and the European Peoples are not included. <<

    That's the point. I often ask myself "Why on earth these people have so many children?"

    Just watched a documentary where a nice blond, germanic woman visiting a refugee-camp in Libya. Most of the refugees were children. Children, children, children … wherever you look, children. One family which she attended had twelve children. TWELVE children. That's insane.

    They have no money, the have no home and the get one child after another.

    And this fucking gooders are committed exceptionally for the kids.

    There is no end in sight … it's so frustrating.

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