Beauty Is A Nordic Concept

Beauty is a Nordic concept, held highly by the highest creations. If you are ugly or feel inferior, you may find beauty offensive, you may find it oppressive. It is a good thing these people are marked with ugliness.


‘Hideous, pig-faced dune coon Ruby Hamad’ writes Hamish Patton, of the Daily Stormer.

Ruby Hamad wants to get her way. She claims Australia is her country and the television advertisements here are ‘too white’. Her excuse, it may as well be ‘I am inferior give me what I want.’ Silly excuses like this come on the back of the Jews and their ‘accept us (and other races) or holocausts happen’ lie. The former is not possible without the latter and one has not been made possible without the other. This is a conscious reversal of evolution under the guise of ‘sympathy’ and ‘acceptance’.

The lack of racial diversity in our commercials only further entrenches the implicit assumption that whiteness is the central human condition. White people are the stand-ins that everyone else is expected to identify with, while every other race can only ever represent themselves. – Excerpt from Ruby Hamad

We never asked them to identify with us, in fact we have always maintained we are distinct species. In fact her complaint that ‘whiteness is the central human condition’ only proves that there are parallel humanities, and her complaint that other races can only represent themselves but may be forced to identify with something different only proves separate races need their separate nations.

Not only do Arabs like Ruby Hamad already have their own Nations, they also have invaded most of ours and now make up majority populations in many of them. This is shameless genocide under an excuse that may as well be ‘I’m inferior that makes it fair’.

Separate Races in Separate Nations can only be enforced by the Nordic Race as the highest evolved life form, we have something to preserve.

Race mixing will be resisted by all superior groups with something to preserve.


Imagine if you were to disagree? You cannot reason with undermen.

We do not want to see an ugly Arab on our televisions, most of us don’t even watch television. We leave that to the subhumans. We certainly do not want to see her, and she does not want to see us. The feeling is mutual. This only proves there is no united humanity, but separate races, each with their own values, standards and nations they produce.

Cursed by the sins of their ancestors, the Arabic people are a stagnated mishmash of unevolved Peoples and degraded subraces with even partial Nordic Ancestry. They have been mongrels for so long, that the very word Arab is Hebrew for Mongrel. They embody a world toilet, they represent a septic tank of unwanted human effluent, bred together and concentrated into these rabid emotional dogs we see today as the modern Arab. As a people with whom mixing has gone on for thousands of years, they are obviously in no position to dictate to a pure race who has bred only with its own for thousands of years. They are made from mixing, thus they deem mixing acceptable. If we took advice from the Arabs we would become as unintelligent, ugly and useless as they are.

The pitfalls of asking a disfigured Mongrel how to evolve properly

The pitfalls of asking a disfigured Mongrel how to evolve properly

It is obvious that beauty occurs in the Nordic Race, the origin of beauty is in the Nordic Race. This race upheld the highest standards, bred through tens of thousands of years through sexual selection for its own standards. It has bred into something desirable for itself. Keeping races pure is the opposite of Genocide and it is up to those with superior pedigree to defend it and what they value.


In contrast, the other races are undesirable, and represent stagnated offshoots and degenerative mixes of an unformed sub-humanity. They have no standards, as it was destroyed standards that formed them.

They naturally resent the Nordic Race.

It is a good thing we have our instincts. If you want to preserve beauty and intelligence in this world, it makes sense you ask a beautiful and intelligent person, not a race mixed Arab.

Nordic Homogenity. Enforcing Evolutionary Law

Nordic Homogeneity. Enforcing Evolutionary Law

– Aidhan

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6 Responses to Beauty Is A Nordic Concept

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Hamad aka “Hemad” looks like a transvestite.

    Really. She looks like a “Shim:.

    Anyway, the dune coons are an obnoxious set of people. Look, I like hummus, but that is about the only good thing that comes from that part of the world.

    Why can’t these People of the Sand just stay in the Mid East?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those soldiers are very attractive 🙂 !

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Time Destroyer says:

    Hail the Nordic beauty, forever!

  5. Blue Eyed Blonde says:

    The Nordic race is the true humanity.
    Death to all Non-Nordics.
    Hail the Nordic race.

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