What Is Homosexuality II

The recent article, What Is Homosexuality I fell on deaf ears and would rather be ignored by those that would rather go on believing that homosexuality actually exists.

Many people missed the whole point of the article.

As explained the concept of homosexuality is entirely Jewish made, they don’t really exist, there is no evolutionary reason for having sex with your own sex, it is a made up phenomenon only legitimised by their imaginary ‘oppression’.

  • The people who say that they are, the people who claim that they are, and the males who argue for and side with homosexuals are bottom of the barrel type people, they are often afflicted with things such as physical abnormality, gross disfigurement, ugliness and obvious physical weakness. Calling friendship between these physical abominations a homosexual relationship is the largest cause of people who identify as the Jewish invention of ‘gay’.
  • The lesbians that don’t fall into this category have simply realised that they can receive stimulus from other females through sex toys etc, and this becomes their sexual fetish, their favoured way of receiving orgasm. Men are gotten to support it through Jewish control of pornography, in which actresses are paid and lesbians are depicted.

People still say they couldn’t care less about these faggots as long as they are not around them, or forcing it down their throats. They say this ofcoarse as it is being forced down their throats, to the point where they have gotten them believing that faggots do exist and that this is a problem that cannot be gotten rid of.

Here is an example of why these people believe in faggots. There is a  Jewish soap in which a High School Girl in America wants to go to the Prom with a girl and had to keep it secret from her parents, in the end went, was a little embarrassed, everybody got on great and they embarked on a long relationship of being a ‘couple’. In real life neither the actors were homosexual, or the producers, the directors or anyone involved. Homosexuals do not exist. Netherless any children watching the program will no doubt believe in the dubious invention of homosexuality. No doubt the young girls of our race will grow up with this idea and spend the rest of their lives, feeling sorry for, standing up for or speaking for faggots. With feminism some of these women will probably get into the Media and Government and pass more laws and demand stronger representation for this invented group.

As described in What is Homosexuality I the ‘real homos’ are just Jews and Jewess’s pretending.

This is the source of the rot!

This is the source of the rot!

The Jews can destroy all strength in a race just by inventing the most opposing thing to strength they can think of and saying ‘look your all evil and oppressive’.

Homosexuality is one of the largest, probably the second largest thing stopping the union of our young folk, as girls stand up for this invented group, against their own counterparts.
Homosexuals deem all males to be oppressive until masculinity, and with it a whole sex, and with that a whole race, is denatured and destroyed.

Homosexuality is invented by Jewish Sociologists with no solid theory, they all conflict each other, although that doesn’t matter, as the media makes the portrayals. The sociologists answer is to write in their Newspaper columns, on the News Sites, labelling everyone who won’t see the world they do as ‘evil’ ‘insensitive’ ‘bigots’ ‘homophobes’ ‘haters’ & ‘privileged’. This still does not make Homosexuals actually exist.

Ofcoarse if everybody who mattered read this site, these ‘Sociologists’ would be out of a job.

What Is Homosexuality I

– Aidhan

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4 Responses to What Is Homosexuality II

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    As a parent to three kids who are vulnerable, I tell them exactly how things are. To live in denial that certain people or behaviors do not exist is to be unprepared and sets one up to be victimized.

    If one wants to build a strong community, one needs strong families. Family members need a strong sense of self and awareness.

    One must always be aware.

    Homosexual behavior, which I view as deviant, does exist. Like it, don’t like it, whatever. It exists.

    To be in denial regarding certain behaviors is to live with one’s eyes closed. If you are going to survive in this Anti White world, your eyes need to be wide open.

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    Partly disagree with an excellent insight into our sick culture. I used to walk to teach my classes with a lesbo who was incredibly masculine. Her masculinity was real, not imaginary. I’m sure her hormones were off. She’s dead now, but she was a real homo. On the other hand, most of them I’ve know were molested as children and made the decision to deny men the access to their vaginas by going lez. I might call them cultural lesbians. So, we have the natural lesbo and the cultural lesbo. That’s what I’ve seen. And the cultural lesbo is far more numerous.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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