What Is Homosexuality I

Homosexuality is promoted by the Jewish media. You would not have heard about it if it was not for the Jewish media. I can bet that you, the reader is not a homosexual, that you don’t know any homosexuals, and that if you think that you do, they are lying. If you still say that you do, you are lying.

The Australian Football League (AFL) recently announcing its Come Out Cup is one example. Just because something occurs in the media, does not make it real.

Homosexuality is wholly made up by the Jewish virus, in an effort to lower the birthrate of infected races and completely denature the goyim.

The truth comes out in the wash

But the lobbyists say it’s because its natural? The truth comes out in the wash

A short history on homosexuality given below will probably tell you more than most ‘homosexual advocates’ know themselves.

The word Homosexuality was actually coined by a Jew in Austria, Jew Karl-Maria Kertbeny, real name Károly Mária Benkert in 1869.

On the 29th of August, 1867, the Jewish lawyer named Karl Heinrich Ulrichs went before the Sixth Congress of German Jurists, in Munich, to urge the repeal of laws forbidding sex between men. The Jew Ulrichs told the assembly that people with a “sexual nature opposed to common custom” were being persecuted for impulses that “nature, mysteriously governing and creating, had implanted in them.” Now what if this is no implantation of nature, but instead the assertion of a Jewish lie.

Early Jewish ‘activists’ used the phrase ‘staying silent is death’. It was thus obvious that their only agenda was the persisting continuance of their invented fable. Promotion to them was and has always been their number one agenda, having nothing to do with anything else but undermining society.

Early Jewish activists such as Magnus Hirschfeld stressed that homosexuality had always been around and stretched back to Ancient Greek Days. Greek art depictions of nakedness was cited as the example. Hirschfeld found himself in hot water by non Jews because while Greek Art favoured Masculine Males and Feminine Females, his ‘homosexual’ theories were focussed on Effeminate Males and Mannish Females. It was his idea that human beings are born with unchangeable sexual orientations, namely heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual.

The Jew Magnus Hirschfeld co-founded the world’s first ‘homosexual rights organisation’, the Wissenschaftlich-humanitare Komitee (Scientific Humanitarian Committee) in Germany in 1897. He was the leader of ‘The World League for Sexual Reform’. The Jews like to paint Hirschfeld as a ‘closet gay’. In Actuality he was just another Jew pretending to be ‘gay’, just like all the other Jews involved in the promotion of this invention.

The Jew Magnus Hirschfeld

The Jew Magnus Hirschfeld

Hirschfeld in turn influenced further Jews such as the bisexuality theories of the Jew Benedict Friedlaender, who wrote that all men are born with the capacity for same sex love, and that a strait man is a stunted being, whose psyche had been artificially crippled by theological morality. Here we see the beginnings in fashioning the long held fallacy that the only opposition to homosexuality comes from religious groups, where both sides can be entirely Jewish, the Christian Church and the Jewish agitators, and stage difference with one another. It is this debate that one sees the most in the Jewish media, with the opposing side always making itself look stupid.

Benedikt Friedlaender (1866-1908)

The Jew Benedict Friedlaender

The Jewess’s role is in the promotion of lesbianism, while pretending to be lesbians themselves. Jewish women often claim that they have been in relations with other females, when actually they havent.

Every non Jewish culture in the world has strongly opposed homosexuality when the Jewish beast brings this perversion. These are for evolutionary reasons no non Jewish ‘advocate’ could ever hope to understand, but the Jews, they know them too well. As a race, they are opposed to the further evolution of humanity.

Many people parrot today, that homosexuality is found in ‘however many species‘. I can safely say that this is a Jewish lie. Faggotry is made up by the Jews. In my work on the Farms and Cattle Stations I have seen Cattle and Sheep exhibit behaviour that at first the Jewish ‘scientist’ would scream ‘its gay’ at.

I can tell you that I have seen a Whether and a Ram with an unhealthy bond that spent an unhealthy amount of time together, and countless times seen Cows mount each other. In the case of the Cows it is simply due to being on heat, a part of presenting their readiness to mate. It is a display for the male, similar to pretend lesbians enticing men to be stronger and to have sex with them now, and in the case of the Whether and the Ram they stopped their behaviour just as soon as Ewes were introduced.

No species has a preference for its own sex to root its own at the expense of the other and animals will go back to copulating with the opposite sex just as soon as the segregation ends. These animals were not ‘gay’, they are simply stupid, and we should know better. The only reason it is done in the animal world, is its primitivism.

So, no other animal is homosexual, so why is the Human any different? If faggotry is so natural, why does it have to be promoted?

All the while sex between a Man and a Woman is normal and needs no promotion. These terms ‘intersex’ and ‘transgender’ were not even known a few short years ago.

People are not homosexual, they are just told by Jews that they are.

Now if you had heard about this AFL Cup without the propaganda attached to it, would you like it? Would you be in support of a sports event staged in support of sexual intercourse for no reason other than doing it because it is disgusting? What does sexual intercourse even have to do with sports? Why stage an event in support of a particular ‘style’ of sex? If it is so ‘natural’ why does its promotion have to be explained?

Lets read the propaganda.

From the Herald Sun, In promotion of the AFL Sodomy Round

AN AFL gay pride game to tackle homophobia has been added to the football calendar.

The Herald Sun can reveal footy’s first “Pride Cup” match will be played between Sydney and Fremantle during this month’s NAB Challenge.

There are plans for a permanent fixture celebrating sexual diversity during the AFL premiership season.

St Kilda is at the front of the queue to own the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex concept.

League chiefs ticked off the Swans and Dockers clash this week after a push by major sponsor NAB.

The 50m arc, goalpost pads and goal umpire flags will be decorated in rainbow colours to celebrate the match.

The AFL already devotes home-and-away rounds and matches to denouncing racism and celebrating indigenous and multicultural communities but has previously baulked at a themed game aimed at stamping out homophobia.

“The AFL is proud to be hosting this game, and in doing so we are saying to our community that we want to be part of change in Australia,” AFL football operations manager Mark Evans said.

Diversity and inclusion is essential to our game. We say ‘no matter who are, where you are from or who you love, we can all love footy’.”

Mother - Karl Diebitsch

Mother – Karl Diebitsch. ‘Inclusion’ in including things that are not real, we destroy everything that is real.

Everyone who ive spoken to in Australia for a long time loves ‘gays’. Why would you love gays? The only reason is because they are ‘oppressed’. But when you take that away what is it that is so good about them? Why should we tolerate them? They are hated for a reason. We must fight evil, as all those who don’t are consumed by it and destroyed themselves.

Only the most committed Jew or civilisation destroyer could like homosexuals for any other reason than their ‘oppression’ and we hate them for good reason. Any being that likes them for ‘the act’ has ulterior motives in either career advancement by the Jew or being a Jew themselves.

The concept of homosexuality is entirely Jewish made, they don’t really exist, there is no evolutionary reason for having sex with your own sex, it is a made up phenomenon only legitimised by their imaginary ‘oppression’. There are so many ‘activists’ but not very many faggots.

In this AFL stunt one can see that those setting up the linguistic thought control to get people to accept it are not ‘homosexual’ themselves. Once again homosexuality and its injection is a deliberate act on behalf of the Jew and then masked with ‘tolerance’ and ‘sympathy’ to unknowing goyim. They will continue to agitate and promote, the complete denaturing of mankind, until they are stopped, or natural life of higher species ceases to be.

In another recent Jewish media promotion of ‘homosexuality’ was an American ABC Family Channel program in which two 13 year old boys were shown kissing.

Now kissing is a biological urge for sharing antibodies and germs around families. A man and woman can make a family so they have this urge. Two males cannot make a family so if you see two males doing this you know the Jews simply made it up. That is the scientific fact.

When the well-known German American Ann Barnhardt was blasted by faggot lovers and Jews for declaring that all sodomitical acts, including “romantic” kissing between two people of the same sex, are obscene by their very nature, all the Jews that attempted to whine in support of the television program could say was that if the scene was between a 13 year old boy and a 13 year old girl there would be no problem, and so therefore this constitutes discrimination.

The depiction of two actors made to kiss each other in a television program made by Jews, on a network owned by Jews is an obvious injection of the unnatural faggotry onto the non Jews. The actors are not ‘gay’, the Jews making the program are not ‘gay’, nobody is actually ‘gay’.

Now we will move onto the general siding with homosexuals within the members of our people among the masses who think that they are homosexual, say that they are homosexual, or agitate for homosexuality.

Have you ever noticed the physical abnormality, the gross disfigurement, the ugliness and the obvious physical weakness that is apparent in people who say that they are, or claim they are homosexual, or males who argue for and side with them?


The perception of being homosexual is an evolutionary undesirable side effect of inferiority.

They are all undesirables and they are against the healthy breeding of the people because they feel inferior. If strength does not conquer them through intolerance we are all finished, its natures mechanism. The strongest will prevail only with the annihilation of the weak, it is natures law. Strength, our instincts and good heredity give us the power to carry out this task. It is not that these people are ‘homosexual’, it is that they are debased so lowly with bad breeding that they no longer have the sexual instinct to procreate. They are debased. Imagine if you had not an urge to procreate with the other sex, and you had a best friend. You might then say that you were ‘gay’. They would mistake friendship for love for they know no love. It is no wonder that you run into contempt and hatred by people who truly understand what love is, and want to kill you for ruining their society.



Calling friendship between these physical abominations a homosexual relationship is the largest cause of people who identify as the Jewish invention of ‘gay’. This goes for the disgusting disfigured cows who call themselves ‘lesbian’ as well.

What about the other lesbians? They are not attracted to the same sex either, as it is impossible. They have simply realised that they can receive stimulus from other females through sex toys etc, and this becomes their sexual fetish, their favoured way of receiving orgasm.

What about the Jewess so-called ‘lesbians’ who invent the subversive slogans for the lesbian protest rallies? It is a fact that these Jewess’s are more into eradicating sex completely, denaturing humanity. Opposition in particularly to ‘lesbianism’ is quelled through luring the goyim into support it through pornography where they control the content of porn to direct it down fetishes, with the pretty lesbian depictions as described above in the last case. The thing is here that these girls are paid actresses meanwhile the other ‘lesbians’ are ugly monstrosities

What about the women? Most women side with fags, they will only breed again when we have a fag free society. Women will be against this until we achieve this. This is one of the biggest problems affecting especially our  young men, while women side with effeminacy and think they are ‘helping people’. The young women finds distaste in the man when she finds out it is in his nature to oppose and violently detest faggotry. Her maternal biology is set against her as she sides with the weaker artificial construct against the masculine, and very real, man. This shatters the Jewish lie that ‘faggotry doesnt affect other people’. It is these young women who are most in need to read this, but unfortunately they are the least likely.

There is nothing ‘immoral’ about wiping out a whole group of people who is deemed inferior. The only argument against is one being inferior themselves.


They are just begging to be killed

Women will not tolerate a race of men that tolerates homosexuality, or feminism for that matter, and so many among them side with them. Think about it. It is natures way of getting rid of a race that is too weak to sort out its own and breed properly.


A cool drink after a hard fight

Faggotry will be most strongly resisted by the most masculine of men. In sheltering the sodomite, they want us to give up everything. In killing the sodomite and using instincts to destroy all artificial constructions of the Jew, we win our right to life again. The strong again eliminates this conspiracy by the weak and deficient, and evolution continues again on its rightful path.

I Am A Child - Karl Diebitsch

I Am A Child – Karl Diebitsch

There is only one homosexual race, the Jew. And it started with them and it will end with them.

– Aidhan

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19 Responses to What Is Homosexuality I

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I really could care less about gays and lesbians. I really could care less what people do in their bedrooms, just stay the hello out of mine. My issue with the LGBT community today is their intrusions on so-called ‘straight’ peoples’ or ‘breeders’ lives.

    I am not a ‘breeder’. I am a Nord female that wants only to have sex with men. I would not mind having a family with a man if I can find the right one. I just want my space to do so and I do not want the ‘waters muddied’ so to speak by people in the LGBT community who want to cause chaos.

    In the final analysis, most LGBT people are a pain in the arce. I have known since forever that I attracted to men. Sometimes this is challenging for me because I may not always ‘like’ men, but no one says you have to like or agree with every part of every person.

    My life has been peppered with intrusions by lesbians and gays. Maybe because I am a straight female or maybe because I ‘bred’ kids. Who knows? I do not care, I just want these people to leave me alone and let me be free to pursue my life and build my family the way I choose.

    My life, my choice. Piss off.

    • You have missed the whole point of the article. This is just brainwashed american shit. For starters your calling yourself ‘straight’ as if there is another alternative.
      You say you couldn’t care less about them when you should, as i described in the article the ‘real homos’ are just jews and jewess’s pretending.
      Homosexuality is one of the largest, probably the second largest thing stopping the union of our young folk, as girls stand up for this invented group, against their own counterparts.
      Homosexuals deem all males to be oppressive until masculinity, and with it a whole sex, and with that a whole race, is denatured and destroyed. Homosexuality is invented by jewish sociologists with no solid theory, they all conflict each other, thought up by Jews VB.
      If you think they do exist, what makes you so sure?
      Its pretty easy, they can destroy all strength in a race just by inventing the most opposing thing to strength they can think of and saying ‘look your all evil and oppressive’.

  2. Lilly says:

    Would things be different without the constant brainwashing of our youth with Jewish Gay agenda? Without a doubt! They even push the Gay agenda at daycare centers for children who are too young for preschool. Why is that necessary?

    “I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie,” writes long-time Canadian gay activist S. Bear Bergman, a woman who identifies as a transgender man, in a piece appearing on Huffington Post a week ago tellingly titled ‘I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry).’

    I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry) Posted: 03/07/2015 8:47 am EST

  3. Thanks for the comment Lilly! I read that article the day before yesterday! We all know she is not ‘gay’ at all. She is just a Jew.

    “At the moment, I am helping to put the finishing touches on a series of children’s books that all feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer kids or families. There are six books, and they are racially and ethnically diverse, filled with girls and women doing cool things, page upon page of kids enacting their own identities in joyous and peaceful ways.

    There’s no bullying or shaming in these books, and no Very Special Episode identity politics — it’s just happy kids being well, solving problems, having adventures, loving and being loved. They have lesbian mums and gay dads and big extended queer chosen families; some are gender-independent. But what they all are is present. They are all in the books, on the page, on the landscape”
    “That’s what I want kids to know about lesbian, gay, bi, queer, and trans people — that we exist, that we’re perfectly fine and often really excellent, and that even if you don’t know any now you will before too long. I want them to know that we’re absolutely as worthwhile and worthy of love and respect as anyone, and that if you’re kind to us and behave yourself well there’s a better than even chance you can get an invitation to brunch. I want kids to know this even if their parents’ or community’s interpretation of their religious tenets is that we’re awful. I would be happy — delighted, overjoyed I tell you — to cause those children to disagree with their families on the subject of LGBTQ people.”
    – Sason Bear Bergman

    When one realises that these ‘people’ don’t actually exist and thus these ‘activists’ do not actually care for them at all and its all just a wedge driven at what is real, it really makes you hate Jews. They just injected all this into the society and said ‘look, you don’t accept them’. Jews are biological decomposers.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Faggotry is a social construct, as the liberal professors like to say about race. Fags have constructed a parallel society to parasite off of and destroy normality. They seek to turn everyone into a fag in order to get the votes to control us. That means 51 percent. At that point, heterosexual sex will be outlawed by these freaks. Motherhood will be forbidden, as replacement humans are bred in factories of a sort. I agree that killing these monsters before they kill us is a proper path to at least think about. Death to fags or at least work camps for them so their perversions can be kept in check by hard work.

    • Sadie says:

      Your right, I guess this is the only way we can get rid of gays/lesbians. Or maybe another option can be trying to cure it. Unfortunately, homosexuality has been infested in whites than any other race in the world. Killing them will result in decline of the YOUNG white population.

      I guess the best thing to do is to find a cure to this…I’m pretty sure it does exist. I think watching porn can also make people gay/lesbian.

      • Whats the point of ‘coming up with cures’ while you still live under the Jew. You have no power, you won’t be able to use it anyway.

        Our population is already guaranteed to go down to 0. So think of anything above that in the future white population a gain. Thats the level we are at now. Whatever around you now, consider it dead. It is all in the Jewish clutches, until we form the alternative. We must build for the future now. Only take the intelligent ones. The masses can die under the Jew, they are not intelligent enough to live, they believe every lie. A new community favours only the people that we like. Those strong enough to move to it. Instead of dreaming up cures and coming up with hypothetical things, wouldn’t you rather leave society before its too late.

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  6. Jacob Strauss says:

    This is one thing I would have to slightly disagree with you on. Though I do believe homosexuality is a disgusting degenerate behavior that should not be promoted in the media, I do believe there is a biological factor here, especially since it recently has exploded. I believe, and I have heard other scientists discuss, that the exposure to various toxicants that modern day humans face via food/drinking water/etc are the cause. One big thing is environmental estrogens. It is known that there are three major stages in sexual development: gender, brain composition, and orientation. Essentially hormone balance in the womb determines whether a child will become a male or not. Historically/evolutionarily this was rarely an issue. However in modern day society if the mother at some point during her development ingests a large load of say environmental estrogen, that boy in her womb may end developing a female brain. Of course, without Jew control we would actually care about the environment and there would be problems like this, as Hitler care very much for the environment.

    • Sex is determined at conception by the chromosome on the sperm. Where did you learn these ‘three major stages’? Who invented the term ‘sexual orientation’? It was the Jew Magnus Hirschfeld, who pretended there was this spectrum, anything other than male and female, and he posited that these ‘intermediate genders’ actually existed. He presented homosexual as well as many others as legitimate ‘orientations’. The fact is, we know him as a destructive Jew working to destroy the goyim.

      Maybe these environmental theories you are suggesting came along after the sick lies of the jews had already been taken for granted.

      Oestrogen’s make one weak, there is a difference between being weak and undeveloped and having a sexual pull to ones own sex. Which is something the Jews just made up and agitate through Jews pretending.

      As described in the article the ‘real faggots’ ie disgusting bull dykes and effeminate girly boy, these disfigured undesirables with bad breeding so far removed from the selection that makes masculine male and feminine female have nil sexual instinct so mistake friendship for love, and with their hatred of nature and everyone better than them it is a curse for everyone around them, a curse of the untermensch. The jews employ these scum to lay waste to positive creation, and say your evil if you don’t accept them. They do not actually have a sexual attraction to their own sex, they just make this up to antagonise everyone. If it were true you would have lesbian porn for female consumption etc, but you don’t its made by actresses of the other category of better looking so called ‘homosexuals’ for male consumption, making people think its actually real when its not.

      • Jacob Strauss says:

        Haha yeah I guess I did learn that in a Jewuniversity class. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish what parts of the University curriculum are science based and what are jew based. Sometimes they can get intertwined

  7. Jacob Strauss says:

    This is why one should eat an orgainic diet and avoid drinking unfiltered drinking water. Particularly, if your wife is pregnant, try to make her avoid drinking alcohol(obviously) or wearing makeup which is loaded with toxins. To explain this development in further detail, if a child in the womb has exogenous exposure during gender development, it may be born hermaphroditic. If the exposure is during the brain development stage, he may have already developed the male reproductive orgains but will become one of those feminine weirdo acting guys. If the exposure is late in the brain development, it may just affect the orientation as seen by those masculine acting but gay guys. In other thoughts, this is why you should not race mix as that also degenerates the natural tendency of your anthropometric biology. I could also go on for hours how that messes up your homeostatic balance but that is for another day, and you all probably already understand that

  8. Jacob Strauss says:

    Haha it has Jew written all over it with their contradictions. They say race doesn’t exists, but faggots do.

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