The Push Against The Grain


A persons strength comes from their breeding. Those who have already had their instincts squashed in prior generations have already suffered the adulteration of the blood, which leads to weak mindedness, slavishness, servitude and herd mentality. Jewish cries of ‘multiculturalism’, ‘tolerance’ and compassion’ will certainly squash the rest of us. Jews are intent on degenerating every trait  that has developed over the thousands of years. Destroying all differences between Peoples and bastardising us to the point lower than every race that is currently in existence. They are a devolutionary ferment and the death of every people that does not resist.

“We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the lords.” – Dr Kurt Munzer, a Jew, ‘The Way to Zion’.

After spoiling, these people are primed for the couch potato vegetation on the tit of society. A race mixed individual, with no identity and no culture, will join the subhuman stagnant majority in life under the Jew.

Those unable to reject the present society will cease to be. Those who would read Moshe Kantor’s recent pronouncement that ‘Europe is heading down a dangerous path’ with of its ‘anti-Semitism’ and all of its ‘extremist’ parties will cease to be. Those that would be lulled by a lying Jew while blind to the decline around them will die and make way for Moshe Kantor’s new so-called ‘European Intellectual Elite’, the nation wrecking Jews.


Jews just can’t help but lie, the Ancient Egyptians were white. Richard von Coudenhove Kalegri was involved in the design of the European Union 12 stars flag. A Europe without the Europeans.

These people, those who will not be amongst us think the more non violent they are somehow the better they are. The Nordic Race will not regain its predominance until it is prepared to kill for its existence. It works for the other races, but they have somehow convinced many of us we need to be ‘moral’. They think they will somehow be rewarded after death for this. Meanwhile the mongrels take over the world, the lands and our reproduction.


Our reproduction

As soon as our people put their phones and televisions and distractions away and realise we are living with the last White People and given food and supermarkets with free money so we all shut up in a world where most have already been killed throughout the ages in wars, massacres and outright butchery that hangup will go away.

“Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 MILLION OF THEM, & the end is not yet.” – Chief Rabbi Reichorn, France, 1859. To put into perspective the world’s population in 1859 was approximately 1.2 – 1.3 billion.

We still strive for Racial Purity and Racial Perfection. We are intellectually and physically superior. We are the intellectual elite, for as long as we live, for Jews are striving for a world without us. Only when Moshe Kantor and his ilk, when they have succeeded in murdering the races of the world, and have their fully mongrelised population realised, and there is no one left to hold the Jews to account, only then will they have their false intellectual superiority realised.

Jews demand tolerance

Jews demand tolerance

The facts:

The effect on both races, the host and the parasite is both a negative selection on the host as it struggles for life against an encroaching plague of seemingly rat like proportions and a positive uplift on the parasite as it gains prominence over a defiled host. The stronger and less selfish elements of the population, the elements responsible for the races continued independence as a group, the fanatical group who wishes to see itself perpetuated in their descendants, becomes less desirable as ‘tolerance’ becomes the leading virtue. The best of a race gets bred out, original psychological traits get bred out as Jews induce a selection for the most unquestioning, the less intelligent, the most slavish, as Jews aid the weak in their war against the strong. The traits of the Jew that has been the key to his intrusion into the nations are honed and fortified as the less deceitful Jewish individuals and the Jews that get noticed by the host are slowly bred out during succesful and ruinous, subsequent occupation of nation after nation. The parasite becomes more cunning in every century. The host becomes a slave.

Read The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew & Your Defence is the Jews Persecution.

Jews have destroyed every great People and Nation for the last 6000 years.

We have in our blood our racial expression that will resurrect a Nordic Society, until that blood is drained from the veins of living people.

We must make something independent for our family and our race, and by our family, I mean the whole sum of individuals it takes to secure our reproduction for every subsequent generation.

For we know the truth

For we know the truth

– Aidhan

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2 Responses to The Push Against The Grain

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    What many white men and women do not realize is that when they watch and consume porn, they are in effect bonding with the images presented on the screen. When a man or a women becomes excited, turned on by pornographic images, he or she is unable to bond with a real life person.

    Having taken courses in sex addition and met with other practitioners in these trainings, and from experience, I can say with certainty that many White men and women’s erotic templates have been altered, confused, and just plain effed up via the consumption of porn. This dismantling of a normal, healthy erotic template in the minds of White men and White women has led to destroyed marital relationships and families. A normal, healthy erotic template leads to White fecundity. An altered White erotic template leads us to where are today, walking White amoebas. It is no coincidence that the birthrates in Whites have plummeted since porn has become ‘acceptable’., be it interracial or plain Vanilla, which by the way, is not so ‘vanilla’ .

    Even ‘vanilla’ porn is dangerous. Anal is so commonplace in porn because its purpose is to normalize homosexual behavior hence homosexuality. Gang bangs and blows are meant to commodify White women to ‘cumdumpsters’ who are not worthy of being mothers.

    Sorry to say but many young White men are completely unaware and possess a huge blind spot as to how their view of White women has been skewed due to White men’s use of porn. Men are harder today, coarser today and the effect is women reflecting back the projected attitudes of which they are in receipt.

    Porn alters one’s sexual reality and when one steps away from the 24/7 porn show on Porn Hub and goes out into the world of ‘real people’, it is hard to relate. Porn has made men and women socially retarded, unable to relate, and just generally miserable to be around. The porn industry, coupled with Marxist schooling, and Jew media has produced a Sociopathic Cohort of young whites who will need to be deprogrammed.

    And no it is not ‘feminism’ or ‘the Jews”. No one held a gun to anyone’s head and forced him or her to jerk off to porn for hours.

    Stop choking the chicken in your armchair. Read, talk to REAL people, write, email, but get away from PORN. It is an altered reality and it will alter YOURS. You will end up childless and alone.

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