The Premeditated Murder Of A Race

ss mann frau und kind

The Nordic Race, A German Man right down the lines from Cro Magnon

As any Nordic can see around them, the world has been inflicted with a hatred for strength, a hatred for everything good. A sympathy for everything weak. A tolerance for everything pathetic. The world is degrading.

Decay seems to be the only consequence of every government policy and every decision made by the genetically inferior people that control international politics, economics and social policies.

Instead of striving for the best, striving for perfection and beauty,  instead of imposing standards and values, we are now thinking of things from someone else’s perspective, the refuge, the Jew, the Bastard, the other race, not our own. We are at risk of losing everything that we are. Everything is being given away. We are forced to see this as ‘moral’, and as ‘compassion’. The most widespread and all-consuming decay that has ever taken place on the planet is being masked by making allowances for other people, caring about feelings, their constantly offended feelings and helping no hopers (so called disadvantaged). To take from the strong and give to the weak is the decomposition of mankind and the conscious reversal of evolutionary process. This attitude of enforcing protection for unnatural undesirables such as homosexuals, the weak, the stupid, the racially mixed is emanating from the Jewish media. Everything good is being destroyed and replaced through what looks like ‘sympathy’. It is demanded by only one vengeful race, the Jews, and watered down and forced on us unknowing ‘goyim’ through sympathy. The Jews are having a field day, at destroying our species.

We are not consciously reversing evolution, but we are persecuted, prosecuted as ‘insensitive’ and ‘evil’ if we do not abide. We to the Jews are animals, and will be herded as such.

lets go be oppressed

The draft gates are open. You are being taken advantage of. Destroyed through pity! If they were not inferior you would not have to pity them! Is this intelligent thinking?

Marxism, a destructive levelling theory developed by Jews, fought for by subhumans against noble and pure races, which is now the philosophy of every political party both left and right, is essentially the destruction of everything good by labelling it oppressive. Governments are functioning to decompose their people. Marxism conflicts with every natural thought of every healthy people. Karl Marx the Jew did not consider biology in his Marxist theories. Marxism is to make ‘moral’ the decay of mankind. Marxism is a destructive theory. Marxism is the forced mongrelising of every people, to form one mass. Every tie to family, creed, clan and tribe must be abolished; all differences between people, groups and even sexes must be eliminated. It is the comprehensive denaturing of the whole of humanity, under the guise of ‘equality’. Strong people forever have always fought lower levelling tendencies, and hundreds of millions of brave fighters have been murdered so far.


Karl Marx meant the non Jews must perish in the revolutionary Holocaust

Karl Marx the Jewish author, from which the name Marxism comes from only made into words thousands of years of Jewish thought. His book outlines the repossession of everything from everyone and given to Jews, who would enforce Marxism, in the name of equality. Marx’s work as an individual seen through the lenses as a ‘political theory’ takes pressure away from the eternal decomposing Jew. Jewish behaviour throughout the ages has amounted to nothing less than a Murder Plot against humanity.

Jewish thinking always leads to decay.

After abolishing our monarchies, particularly the German one (One Kaiser once stated he would prefer an alliance of the white races against the black), and the Russian one (in the British Monarchy Loyal Germanic member King Edward VIII was simply replaced by a less wilful and pathetic brother, King George VI with the fabricated newspaper scandal over Wallace Simpson, shortly before their prime ministership was turned over magically into an ‘all party coalition’ between parties with no differences on their hatred for blood and race and their loyalty to Jewry.) Democracy, or rule by those who don’t deserve it, under the excuse ‘it’s not fair if they don’t’, was the Jews next step to ensure we would have nothing but puppets from thereon in.

Democracy has in all ages been the form under which organising strength has perished. Liberalism or the transformation of mankind into cattle. Democracy is the historic form of the decay of the state. The two opposing parties, the socialist and the national – or whatever they may be called in their different countries, are worthy of each other; envy and laziness are the motive powers in each of them. The equality of souls before god, this life, this screen before all the base minded, this anarchist bomb of a concept, which has become the last revolution, the modern idea and principle of destruction of the whole social order – this is Christian dynamite.

Life is a constant effort to give form to the unformed inner impulse. Moral standards need to be transformed to bring them to honest admission of the true urge of life and to free them from the levelling tendencies of tradition. The Christian standards have favoured the weakling, they have failed to contribute to the progress of the race. Traditional standards have favoured ‘slave morality’, not master morality. The function of knowledge is to contribute to power. The heroic type of person, not the average, should set the values of life. Evolution should move onto the superman, weed out the weak, for the wellbeing of the race. Only those should survive who can prove masters of their environment. If possible we should live in better surroundings than todays.

 – Friedrich Nietzsche

Master Morality is the morality of the Germanic Race, Slave Morality is that of the Jewish Race. They are in a constant state of confliction. Jewish justification comes from its suffering, that it is justified because it is weak. This inevitably developed into the writings of Karl Marx. Germanic thought comes out of strength, that we should not compromise, be truthful at all times, if somebody else is weaker then they must be weeded out, not helped. Necessarily Slave Morality finds this offensive. This is a very simplistic description of how we have evolved better than the other races, and this is why they seek to drag us back. In eras of decay Jewish slave morality has enslaved the Nordic thought, and in eras of progress master morality has kept slave morality at bay. We observe natural law. If somebody has suffered it’s largely because they deserved it. If somebody has been persecuted it is largely due to their wrongdoings. Today we are being persecuted, simply for letting the slaves have the upper hand. We do this willingly, through sympathy.

Moral thinking needs to be re-evaluated. This is where weak values such as sympathy and compassion lead to:


Help! If you feed them they will breed. Pathetic

It has been re-evaluated before. In National Socialism the Nordic Race was wrested from Jewish chains. The nature of the Nordic individual is to help create a perfect environment for Nordic People.

kdf strength through joy families holiday

Did democracy and mob rule, sympathy, compassion and pity form this beautiful race?

Racial Mixing is entirely unjustifiable! Let every race be independent and be the best it can be. We were independent and for such they framed us for the holocaust.

The enemies of our Germanic People, and the enemies of race had no evidence for this gross demonization of our noble and pure race. Jews allege that we killed 6,000,000 of them. There is absolutely nothing to substantiate this allegation, except for storybooks and Hollywood films. German archives prove that between 200,000 and 300,000 Jews died under the German Reich, largely due to the deliberate Allied bombing of supply lines leading to starvation and typhoid and tuberculosis disease in the camps, a plan organised in part by the Jew Lindemann, whom the military man Bomber Harris answered too, and the Rothschild’s who in order to frame a ‘holocaust’ made sure that the bulk of the Jews would be forced to remain in Germany, by not endorsing the German plans for emigration to Palestine, although approving it later in 1948 after Germany was crushed. Records prove the Germans were actually extremely concerned about keeping these Jews alive. Parasitic alien Jews, who had previously been feeding off the German People, were being looked after in the camps, in some cases better than the German people.

dresden mass graves


The fate of so many Germans

bombs-germany-britain-us-wwiiWhile the Jewish people first forced us into war, we fended for ourselves, under bombs and invasion, our cities were reduced to rubble. 60,000,000 people died in the most devastating war the world has ever seen. All this while these protected Jews lived at our expense, protected in camps, they had swimming pools, theatres and brass bands, all funded by our government, from our people. There was no plan to exterminate Jews. The camps would have had to have been the safest place for anyone to be during the war. No documents, no records, no names. We are now expected to feel guilty and breed ourselves out of existence. The Jews will inherit the planet. We pay a high price for keeping the Jews alive.

The Jews admit it themselves that the holocaust was a hoax.

holocaust fiction

We have tolerated enough. We have suffered since the war. People will tolerate anything as long as they are still comfortable enough. Jews exterminate our reproduction, they replace us through the highest possible amount of immigration that they can get away with safely, but they are not at this stage coming into our homes to murder every Nordic individual like they did in East Germany, Poland and the Baltic in the last years of the Second World War. They know very well that they have to keep the electricity on, the supermarkets and the department stores open. The people will not do anything and every generation becomes worse.

Jews have followed us around the world, perpetually complaining that we persecute them. Jews rewrite our Nations rules to favour themselves. Jews deny existence of our race. They tell us we developed racism recently, deny any existence of us to leave no trace of us. As a lesser race it is one of their survival strategies. Everything to exterminate us. To the death. They say we that we invented racism, and hijacked religion.

Then where did our blood come from?


Nordic genes are recessive and so have to have existed in their purity to start with. We are an independent denomination, descended from Cro Magnon, a level the other races never attained.

The Jews are genociding us. They can go into any area, pronounce it as not diverse enough or not integrated enough. Integration is destruction of races. It is unnatural and does not naturally happen. They will leave no record, no trace of us. Pure descendants are the only remnants.

The Jews hate our race and they want to enslave the world. The Mongrel Races are Stagnated Races. They represent stagnated stationary offshoots of fauna, human vegetation. The Jews are their leaders. They have no capacity for uplift. They cannot evolve; our Nordic Race follows its laws, for beauty, strength and intelligence, rigid standards. Jews call this discrimination. The other races complain about it. If we believed them, we would be like them. They do not know how to evolve properly. We are going upwards as the highest evolved type of man, carrying humanity further upwards, provided we do not mix with anything lower. The purpose of every mongrel is to have non-white children. We find this threatening for the future of a healthy Nordic Humanity. It is thus necessary that we have strict seclusion and segregation.


we love volkstod

Is it the same people who say race does not exist that say we love your Peoples death?

Germanic honesty says we cannot live with these vermin anymore, everything we say that separates us from them is right.

A few years ago most people were saying the masses will be woken up, that we would take back our countries, and eject every immigrant and mixed race parasite. This was at that stage their excuse for not founding a new racial nation. You are giving in they used to say. Now the opposite is true. Those that would oppose the formation of a new racial nation are infact giving up. They are giving up on our independence as a race. They are giving up all that we are and all potential we have in exchange for internet land and virtual reality instead.

We must have control of our own destiny. Jews say that we are not allowed to survive. They say that the future will be one brown race, with no differences. Then they call this genocide ‘inevitable’ and ‘necessary’. They slander any defiance from the races as ‘Racism’. What I propose is Nordic farm steading, controlling all our own food supply on our own land doing all the work ourselves.

Or sit in society and continue to be engineered, with every aspect of our lives dominated. Minds moulded by the media, suffocated by the opinions of journalists and enslaved to the so called Jewish ‘experts’. The Schools taking away our young for forcible indoctrination. Crowded into cities, dependant on Jews for electricity and food, paying the racketeers, forced to pay taxes to pay for the other races. Nobody ever gave anything to our race. Jews are engineering the populace. By supporting through throwing money at some groups while disparaging others through taking they are engineering their future populace, for them to lord over.

Jews know we will vegetate and be engineered. Nothing will stop their goal of mongrelising the world. At this time in history it is Nordic separation that is key or there will only be slaves left. The naturally slavish races do not desire to be independent. They desire equality, protection and to be ruled over by the Jew. They are farmed, and they would not have the numbers if the Jew had not propped them up. They are an army of numbers bred to oppose the Nordic Race, aided by charity and justified specifically for being inferior and struggling, as per Slave Morality. On their own the inferior races couldn’t make it. Now the Jew has led them to the cusp of victory. Do we sit in society and vegetate, content to watch screens and entertainment or do we do what we know we should do.

Alfred Bernert “Gleichklang”

Gleichklang – Alfred Bernert

The universe is infinite. There is room for the Nordic Race. The Jews think it is a good idea to destroy every culture and people in the world. In an infinite universe there is no reason to allow or accommodate racial mixing, calling it ‘necessary’ or ‘inevitable’. The Jews crimes against life and creation, gives the universe no reason to accommodate him.

– Aidhan

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17 Responses to The Premeditated Murder Of A Race

  1. Odinia says:

    This is a great article.. thank you. (-;

  2. Jason Vorhees says:

    You need to write a book

  3. elirazcon says:

    I like this post.

  4. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    As a Nordic looking person in the States, I always felt a bit out of place. As my time here lengthened, I recognized how Anti-Germanic, Anti Nord, and Anti European the behind the scenes Shekelsteins are. This realization really ‘hit’ me after I had kids, who are Nordic looking. I would be out and about and I would get glares, stares, and just outright hard looks from Jews.

    It was at this point in time in my life that I recognized that I was targeted for extinction.

    In order to procreate and to start a family I had to throw off the chains of Judeo infused Christianity as it is a slave morality concocted by Jews and Zionists to enslave the goy, but the enslavement is done covertly via emotional manipulation or ‘guilting’ as Europeans are innately empathic.

    I had to embrace my Germanic independent streak and deal with the painful reality that in order to survive the tide of genocide being purported against me and mine, I had to possibly be poor and alone; however, as an independent thinker, I am able to transcend this state because it is just a mental state, a state of mind.

    Being free is a state of mind free from context.

  5. antisemitenordicist says:

    Your writings are utterly fantastic mate. Check out my latest article at

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  7. Paladin Justice says:

    Great post. I intend to reread it again when I’m fresher and more awake.

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