A Goy Populace Fallen Into Media Induced Fantasy Reality

The Jewish media, the Jewish portrayal of life, is entirely fictitious. It is not real. The Jewish Media shows a Jewish fabricated reality and all its personalities, celebrities, scandals, fads, and faces are entirely out of touch with the real people. What wafts from the Jewish media, can be named, as anti-culture.


With all of its faggotry, divorce, breakups, mongrelisation, surgery, drug use, adopting African babies and obscene & grotesque degenerate untermensch

The Jews aim to destroy all Peoples, all identity, all customs, all religion, all worldviews and all culture. Even if you do not tune in, your world will be coloured, as all other people around you will lose their culture and become corrupted. The Jews will scream anti-Semite, accuse you of hating/persecuting the Jews, cry holocaust until you, your people, your history, your family and your conception of life is entirely extinct and they survive with lordship over mongrelised races, bred by Jews to servile standards.

The media exists to control your thoughts. No experience based and no familial knowledge is allowed to be passed on. The Jews will succeed in conditioning and grooming the majority of the people to go along with this. Their Jewish media exists to showcase irreality and thus ‘warm you up to it’, before you see it in real life. Even if you do not tune into the media, you will be forced to accept it as everyone around you has already been accustomed to it. An example is mixed race mongrel faces and Negroes on television.

Even in doing this, you will still be bombarded by the same songs, and the same ‘social culture’ every time you go to a public place, for instance cafe’s or a shop.

Even if a person rejects the media, their world will still be a consequence of the Jewish media and their environment outside their home will be formed around them.

The Jews control the world. The people don’t know because the Media is a Jewish owned and operated social engineering apparatus, it can be likened to Jewish public relations, thought control for the non Jews. They engineer and control your perceptions, everything that you see, everything that you perceive as real. In contrast, we see the Jews and reject the media.

We, members of the Nordic Race, are remnants from a time when the Jews did not have control over our environment. We did not have a media, we did not have thought control, we did not have social engineering. In these conditions, it is a wonder we survive at all, and very shortly we will cease to exist. Only dumb mongrels will exist where once for thousands of years we had existed.


Reich Labour Service (RAD) Man

If you do not obey, follow and tolerate, what can you do? What happens when you fight? What will happen to you other than going to gaol?

Last time I caught a glimpse of a television screen, I saw Barack Obama speaking, an AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) summit with Benjamin Netanyahu, a contingent of Jews walking down a hallway, followed by John Kerry speaking infront of a United Nations Flag. One has no choice but to agree with all of this. As A Nordic man, why should I agree with anything that they are doing? Barack Obama is shown so much, anyone would think he is the president of Australia too. When I watch the German News from Berlin, anyone would think Barack Obama is the president of Germany aswell. We did not elect these people. The world-wide media will gradually normalise them and their occupation, even if you are presently offended by Barack Obama’s face, that doesn’t matter when everyone around you grows to accept their leadership.

People have trouble establishing just what is real, and what is not real, what is irreality.

What is real, is biology. Differing Peoples and differing cultures. Races have evolved favourably to their own standards and perpetuate their own type of culture wherever they are in the world, independent of geography or time. The true essence of these Peoples, can be expressed in Nations and National Characters. Everything good in the world, was developed by racial instincts by pure races for self-preservation. Everything bad in this world, has been designed by Jews to destroy races. Mongrels are dead weight and chaff, nothing  but unthinking cultureless consumers polluting the planet and taking up space. They will always side with the Jew. They are a curse that every pure people would have found unsatisfactory.

Nordic people, remnants from a previous time, a race perfected as far back as pre history, is struggling to regain a pure Germanic culture.


Most people, live within a deep media matrix. All their thoughts and feelings, that they think has come from themselves, has been programmed through continual reinforcement, through hundreds of different channels. Media manufactured life is replacing real people and organic culture all over he world. Emanating out of America, Jews force their anti-culture onto the world. The media is there 24 hours a day. All over the world, from the top down, they parrot exactly the same thing. They engineer stories, discuss events, all designed to make you think in a certain way. They have got you yarded up like a cow, and you are going down the raceway willingly. Globalism, whatever Barack Obama is doing, parliamentary reshuffles and economic changes are all a manufactured reality, and smaller news stories and tabloids exist simply to entertain you.


The Jew Edward Bernays, Nephew of the Jew Sigmund Freud

The world is in a Jewish death grip. The Jews will never stop, until everything that is not a media creation is destroyed. That means you, your family and everything non Jewish will cease to exist, and when it does, there will be no record, no memory and no proof of it ever existing at all.

– Aidhan

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3 Responses to A Goy Populace Fallen Into Media Induced Fantasy Reality

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Publius Democritus says:

    You are right. But what chance do we have? The entire world has been taken over by brainwashed zombies. God help us.

    • Take a viable reproductive community of our race and push the eject button. Let those not intelligent and strong enough to master their own destiny die under the Jew. Isolationism is the key to racial and cultural preservation.

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