By Order Of the Creators Race ~ Enforced Racial Segregation

Beauty Thrives Alone

Beauty Thrives Alone

The developments made in science have been discarded, just so the inferior can survive. The inferior cannot live under natures laws, as they would be replaced by their competitors through natural increase on a finite planet.

They say that because we all have to share the planet we all have to get along. I say the superior race should exterminate the inferior races or failing that the races should just live in their separate nations. Certainly not bastardise and mongrelise every race deliberately, as every race was on an evolution into separate species. It is only inferior races, that would advocate racial mixing.

To destroy and mix everything, only so the less adept failed offshoots of humanity can be happy and multiply is obviously ridiculous, but this is what we are being guilted into doing. The inferior people say this is the only way. The strong and self-reliant Nordic Race, whom nobody could come against in war, or out-invent has a job only it can do, enforce racial segregation, as our innate preference for ourselves will ensure we will be hated by the other races, and our innate superiority, which ensures we always do better than the other races will ensure they have to in the end have to kill us somehow if they want any chance of living in the future.

Therefore, it is only the Nordic Race that has the capacity to ensure independent races in the future, as only it can choose to not impede into other territory, while the other races cannot. Once a status quo has been reached, the races of the world can live autonomously. This is why the Nordic Race must have mastery over the world. It is the Nordic Race’s sacred task, as the most highly evolved species on the planet, only he can allow other species to survive, at no threat to himself.

The alternative is much worse, the breeding out of hundreds of thousands of years of independent genetic development.

I will make the point here, and explain it further on: The races are competitors. Natural birthrate always exhausts the living space and superior races inevitably must conquer inferior races. To the superior races this is just, to the inferior races this is ‘racist’. Inequality is thus taken for granted by superior races, equality demanded by inferior races, in an effort that they can illegitimately live. This is a law of nature, and nearly all our people have forgotten this. We are currently giving everything away and dying so that others can live.

As I have written similarly before, there is more diversity in so-called ‘humanity’ than there is in many classified independent species. The Jews allow Charles Darwin to be a revered scientific figure without ever mentioning the fact that he himself held this position. Charles Darwin also believed in Convergence, the idea that the races have converged from independent origins. These facts are discussed in his books; The Origin of the Species and The Descent of Man, and it takes an honest Nordic man to actually point it out. You will not find it in the Wikipedia entries composed by Jews or what is written about Darwin in popular magazines. Nobody actually reads these books, or any books, so the Jews can hold Darwin and so many other men up to be heroes in the developments of how we know the world today, without any enquiry and further research into the real, actual and full premises they would rather have covered up.

The people think, that everything in the world today is right or the scientists would have told us otherwise. The great scientists who proved what we all had known, evolution, the advancement of hereditary traits through sexual selection would surely be turning in their graves if they knew not only that their work had been disregarded not because it was wrong, but because some people found it offensive, but also because these undesirable people, acting out of vengeance and self-preservation had continued to cunningly use their names as notable figures. The great leaps made in the 19th and early 20th century in biological science, the science of heredity, the science of racial history, racial inequality and the science of eugenics, only to name a few, have been covered up by the Jews in a destructive push to mongrelise the races and destroy higher progress of humanity and indeed, to destroy humanity completely.

Policies, that should have been formulated out of the Nordic advances in science, have instead been designed on premises of ‘equality’, a theory peddled by those people driven by their own innate inferiority which justifies its correctness via the very scientific view of scientific racism as offensive and dangerous to their own existence.

Yes, we are supposed to die off, simply because we have always done better and should have instead known better and shared everything with useless bludgers because that would have been ‘fair’ on them.

Our fairness and their fairness are two different things.

Acknowledging inequality is fair for us, while suffocating us under equality is fair for them.

They survive or we survive, and it should be the better of the two.

The Jews, non starters in the field of evolution, the people who finds independent races the most offensive are acting out of self-preservation against all other races, in a desperate struggle for their own parasitic existence. Equality to them means if you don’t share everything with me, you are evil, and must therefore be destroyed. The Jews, a race which unlike every other race, has never done its own work, but rather forever lived parasitically off of other Peoples, from their work, is offsetting their innate inferiority through saying that we all have to be together, for peace etc. This they know will destroy the traits of all their superior competitors, and thus Jews, the most undeserving people will get to inherit the world from their competitors. The Jews must by their necessity be against any People which desire to live alone, and must therefore demand equality. Any admission of inequality, and the inevitable next step of not helping your competitors, as there is limited recourses would mean that the Jew starves and becomes extinct, as on his own with his own labour and efforts, he can support exactly 0 population.

What we actually need is strict racial segregation, and peace maintained through mutual respect. An inferior independent race cannot harm another race, if the superior race is separate and aware of its values that make it superior. It is the inferior races that move into our countries, taking everything that our ancestors gave to us, while they themselves have done nothing. Who really deserves to survive in this world? An honest Nordic Race that has always worked for itself and never taken from others, or useless, overinflated parasitic races that leech and require help to even remain alive. After all, all the money we pay in tax is going to support these races in benefits, housing, education, healthcare and special programs. They are nothing more than leeches, and if we were separate, by natures laws we would outdo them again and become the humanity of the future. Through our virtue, we may not be the only humanity. The other races too, that we obviously don’t want can go it on their own, even though at this point they don’t want to. They shall through their own selection, further develop in their own way and further diverge into parallel species, although as the author believes, they will more than likely stagnate as failed offshoots comparable to stationary ape species such as the chimpanzee, or gorilla.

The Nordic Race, as the race that is the creator of higher civilisation, of which the other races flock to and feed off, eventually bringing it down to their level, has the godly task of enforcing this segregation, as the other races will at first find this offensive, degrading, racist, evil and any other word you can possibly imagine.

Through a realisation that racial mixing is a deliberate devolutionary act, only desired by the inferior, the Nordic Race will enforce these rules and the world, and every race will be better for it.

– Aidhan

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