Reply To A Mongrel

Anti-comments on outnumber comments from our followers and our own people. The anti-race and the underworld contribute at least 50% of the comments here. They are never approved. This one is not being approved either but is instead being made into an article! This one was very similar, you could say boringly exactly like every other mongrel comment… from people who want to drag us through the mud, genocide our people, exterminate us gladly, but this comment was so perfectly expressive of thinking exactly opposite to how the Nordic Race thinks.

In this supposed ‘species’ of ‘humanity’, which Charles Darwin concluded that there is more diversity in than many other differing animals that are considered different species we have here two opposing thought processes, that will lead to two different potential futures and two different future species.

Its Light vs Darkness, Good vs Evil, Strength vs Weakness, Creator vs Destroyer, Man vs Underman, German vs Jew, Pure Race vs Mixed Race, Autonomy vs Globalism, Beauty vs Ugliness, Truth vs Lies, Marxism vs Life.

Thanks to the Jews, Marxism has replaced biological thought for humanity and humanity alone. The only job of all non-Jewish races is to die out in the revolutionary holocaust, as they cannot possibly compete under the maintainers of Marxism, who exist for the preservation of the parasitic Jewish race, who will only redistribute as soon as someone becomes adept.

mongrel idiocy comment eduardo berroa

Unempathetic? Yes, we must feel constant 100% empathy 100% of the time. We must live in perpetual sympathy all of the time. Empathy, what’s it good for? To aid sub-humans like you? You need aiding? You are a subhuman. I suppose I must be ignorant though for not thinking I am the same as you? And that must be just ‘disgraceful’. You don’t even make any sense and all my readers can see that. We would hate for humanity to end up as you are.

Hit a nerve did I? Have something to hide do you?

You are genocidal, and I will tell you why.

No pure ethnicity can exist can it? Then how come they do?

Its ‘impossible’ is it and you haven’t stated why? The highly evolved Nordic traits are destroyed on cross breeding which means they had to have existed in their purity to begin with, or else they wouldn’t exist. We are an independent people. Skeletal records prove this. The races are converging unnaturally from parallel origins. Natural racism is exhibited by the higher types, abhorred by the lower types in an effort to preserve what we are.

Racism is noble, just, natural and should be encouraged. But as you wrote in your other comment you have a better idea, we should all just feel constant sympathy and empathy all the time. Why would we even need to feel those things? Is someone inferior?

You hate us, you deny our existence, we hate you. You can go on slamming pure ethnicities and saying pure races don’t exist until they don’t exist and its only your kind left, then you can say you are right. There will be no honest people left to tell you that you are wrong, because you will have murdered them all. You are nothing more than a Marxist destroyer, and your comment is here now for the world to see you and your kinds sordid intent.

Get over to this society? A society that defines itself on being mongrelised and devoid of all culture. A decidedly anti-Nordic society, a society that defines itself on minimising the influence of and repossessing away from the Nordic Race. A society that has come out of Jewish American television pushed on the entire world in exchange to do business with America. A society that defines what’s good and bad on what helps the weak, so the criminals at the top can remain in power. A society that states it will get rid of racism (meaning races) meaning this society will have destroyed everything that it began with. All great peoples destroyed so that the Jew can rule over and save the struggling bastards. A post racially decomposed world. What is so good about this society other than for once you’re not discriminated against, and so your progeny will continue to deteriorate. You will never notice the cage you are in. You can’t even think of the consequences of continued racial bastardisation and why we fight against it.

All races are beautiful are they? You can keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel any better. The world is getting uglier and uglier. Beauty exists in the Nordic Race. Beauty has its origin in the Nordic Race. Do not pollute my people with the decayed thoughts of your sickly underdog poisoned mind. If we all believed that, we would look like you already. Why is it all the mongrel males drop their own females as soon as they have the Nordic Race to rape? Im sure you will try to explain that with some more lies but im not going to approve any further comments. You are just here because you prove so perfectly the racial differences of the psyche.

You’re not worthless you say? Your kind have potential for success you say? Well you are worthless, and you have absolutely no capacity for success. You are a mongrel, and mongrels are a curse. Every time we have a success you cry racism, but I bet this is what you mongrels would call ‘fairness’. I cannot think of one accomplishment, invention or any area/region that you can be proud of. What have you actually ever achieved? Potential for success is a lie.

Ranting about Jews and Africans? That sure is disgraceful that I won’t pretend we are all exactly the same isn’t it. How would a future be if it were only Jews and Africans? I cannot see how that is ‘bigoted’ or ‘uneducated’ to admit the fact that Nordics build better societies, better communities, have higher social customs, are better looking, have a different soul and incomparable social values. And that is not even the start of it, need I start talking about the different destinies the races have and their natural religions and the natural states that they create. Incomparable social values are proven when you call us racist. The most often times stated admission of inferiority. That is right, when you shout racism; you are only expressing your inferiority. You are just using linguistics to try to appear like you know what you are talking about.

Equality will exist forever? Then how come it has to be enforced? How come it has to be made policy? Scientifically equality is only demanded by the inferior and you prove your inferiority simply by desiring it. Equal rights and equal pretensions is to perfect a herd animal, but I don’t expect you to understand that.

Hateful you say? The truth is hate for those who hate the truth. What is wrong about hate? You are using linguistics again. Try and think for a minute on this… Can you imagine something utterly detestable and loathsome, violently in your face, following you around, saying that it’s going to kill you and never leave you alone, while it deliberately accuses you of hating it? This is the way we feel about all of you. You are antagonistic. You oppose us everywhere we are, you complain, you say as you have above that we don’t exist, and then you complain that you are hated. Why do you even comment on the Nordic Race? It might not be in your interests to come out and say your true intent, that you want to kill the Nordic Race but enough times many of you have done. I know that this is your intent as you can never act outside of your breed standards. You are entirely predictable.

You are a parasite. You can call us names but I can explain things. People can see where the intelligence lies. Mongrels are not known for adherence to truth, scientific investigation or following a scientific method. Mongrels are known for dishonesty and mysticism.

Mongrels prove time and time again their inability to leave the Nordic Race alone. This is to be expected, but it won’t matter, as soon as our race is autonomous and the tyrannical mask of equality is lifted.

The love for our own race and realising we are not like you will save us. It will be reviled by your ilk every step of the way, and this just proves racial differences again. You can go on about equality all day long until the cows come home. But once we are separate, the illusion is up, and we will outdo you, and you will stagnate in your filth and squalor, and everyone can see the difference in lifestyles of the peoples.

Racial integration is human interference in the evolutionary process of mankind.

The future belongs to thoroughbreds, not mongrels. Nature detests mongrels, that’s why your made ugly. Nordic selection will save us and when we are separate we will outdo you again. When the food runs out, have fun because you can’t farm. And when we dissolve the UN nobody is going to help you. Nature despises mongrels.

– Aidhan

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10 Responses to Reply To A Mongrel

  1. 0jr says:

    don’t forget that the jews hire 1000’s of trolls in the usa and isrealhell

    • Yes to influence thought, control opinion and keep everyone in their little boxes. People believe what they hear the most, and the Jews have the loudest mouths and the most ink stained fingers. People believe whatever they are exposed to repeatedly and it doesn’t matter how true it is.

    • vikingbitch says:

      You should know Ojr aka Harley aka ‘Snarley’. You are a troll.

  2. John Smith says:

    I don’t even read comments anymore if they are from a non-white. I’m kind of old myself and have learned from firsthand experience that it is just plain simple jealousy they have for us…nothing more nothing less. Their jealousy/envy is very strong however.
    Behind all the social and political rhetoric that spews forth from these people’s mouths…don’t ever pay it any heed. Occam’s razor. It is simple jealousy. End of debate.
    And they love it too when you attempt to reply back and try to reason with them. You can provide clear facts and truth yet it only inflames them more…see? They equate you in not being aware of their demonic hatred/jealousy as a weakness.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. ppp says:

    Hello Aidhan,
    Can you give me accurate anthropological description of Nordic Race? By my understanding it includes both dolichocephalic (Halstatt Nordic) and brachycephalic (Dalofaelisch Nordic) phenotypes. Am I Nordic if I am of Germanic descent, but I have long head, brown hair and green eyes?
    I do not know if I can be classified as Nordic, but I know one thing for sure- Europe needs Nordic Race. Without it we would suffer, and we NEED to preserve it by any means neccessary. By supporting Nordic Race Europe supports its future, because Nordic is original unmixed European race. If Hitler won every European would be able to reproduce, yet with time Nordics would outbreed mongrelized Europeans and within a few generations all European nations would be reborn in original European race- Nordic race. But Jew fucked everything up! 😦 my gradfather died fighting commies in Odzak, in possibly last battle of WWII.

    • I just composed quite a substantial reply but due to writing on the phone while scrolling up and down to check it on the touch screen most of it got deleted. It is night time now.
      I don’t have much time for the computer at the moment.

      You can skype me, I am aidhan.c, we can discuss this and discuss some sources if you like.

  5. 0jr says:

    because of fear of the savage jew and zog for retribution and they get paid we don’t

  6. RonNelson says:

    I am 1 half Norse 1 half Irish….Very very proud of my people….We will win against the black demons the Jew….Keep up the great work..We whites are a family the very root of familiar is family,,,When I see you or another white you look like me FAMILIAR and my fellow whites are my EXSTENDED FAMILY…God bless you God bless our race…

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