Australia Day A Reminder For The Nordic Race

Norman Schueler

The Nation Wrecking Jews, the Chosen Parasites, the Murderers of the Nordic Race, who have followed the Nordic Race around the world, Clean up in the Australia Day Awards.

Today it is Australia Day in Australia, a day that marks the anniversary of the First Fleet in 1788 to our shores to populate Australia. Australia has been a disaster, it was once an Anglo-Saxon enclave in the Southern Hemisphere, and settled heavily by Germans here in South Australia, but the Jewish Forces at work (at that time acting within and being expressed in British Empire policy) in keeping the Nordic Race down, ensuring the Nordic Race never realises its identity, purity or ever comes together as their Racial Nation wherever they may live in the world (just as the Jews do), made sure that Australians thought differently, they were to be Australian, and somehow different. Australia fought against our Fatherland twice in two World Wars.

It is not to say that Australia was majority settled by Germans, there were many more English and Irish, but they were mainly all of Germanic descent, excluding some of the Irish, and whatever Ancient Briton residue that was brought over in some of the British settlers and more especially in the Convicts which made the unfortunate remainder.

British sentiment, guided by Jews for their own purposes allowed Germans to be bullied, mistrusted and excluded from continuing as Germans. The Germans at first took to the land, stayed out of the cities and had the reputation as being better farmers than anyone else. German Towns would not only be entirely self-reliant and beautiful peasant communities, they would sell surplus at the Market. Women would walk for days to Adelaide to sell what was grown and produced. Germans could have continued our races innate country life indefinitely forever if it were not for the Jews. They had no want to assimilate, no want to change. This smashes the Jewish dogma that anyone should or could be different just because of where they live or ‘were born’.

The international parasitic forces emanating from Jewry disrupted the potential of new lands. From the 1890s onwards further German settlers were forced to make a ‘Naturalisation Oath’, an oath in which they swore they would no longer be German but ‘Australian’. Until sometime in 1917 during the First World War German towns were operating self reliantly as farming communities, continuing the Germanic people, worldview and ideals when the British Empire banned the German Language, German Schools and Churches and changed many German place-names, often derisively to French names, often never changing them back. It was continuing an erasature of Germanic and thus ‘white’ culture’ from Australia that began with the Naturalisation laws and has continued ever since with the end of the White Australia Policy in 1974 and the now complete Judification and anti-whitism of Australian politics and media (Read More on the Jews and the end of the White Australia Policy and Jewish tyranny and hegemony over Australian direction

Barossa Valley NSDAP

Barossa Valley, South Australia. Forever German, Born in Australia.

Patriotic Germans founded a National Socialist Party on their own with no guidance from the Reich in South Australia in the 1930’s, and German Sailors on German Merchant Ships could be tried under German laws here on Australian Soil by the German Community and through its institutions, as the community excitingly watched the Germanic Revival occurring on the other side the world.


A Sturmer Cartoon from the 8th of August 1938 shows the Jews harbouring inside the Kangaroo’s pouch.

It was Jewish Labor Party MP’s Abram Landa and SM Falstein among other Jews who lobbied to have German Australians round-up into Concentration Camps during the Second World War. It only took a few Jews to ensure that the new country of Australia would identify by its geography and not its race, thereby separating us from Europe and our roots, which would have made ‘multiculturalism’, which is racial bastardisation impossible.

Patriotic German descendants still revered the Führer Adolf Hitler right through the 1960’s and 1970’s, although Jewish hollywood movies and propaganda from America has ruined the racial instinct, dumbed down and assimilated the new generations, against the will of the parents. The SA German Association still exists in South Australia and maintains excellent social events, indoor rooms and bars although the Schutzenfest, the largest German festival in the Southern Hemisphere is now run by Jews.

It is German farmers who still produce the most fruit and grapes here, while more impure farmers were busy stuffing up the land through soil degradation, wondering what happened and leaving.

Our race must be separate! As it is not, this is why Australia Day is no celebration.

The bulk of the Jews in Australia came after the war, much after the Jews infested America. The trickle is no stronger than it is today, when every time an American accent is heard, one can largely assume on turning around a new Jewish immigrant will be seen. Thus Australia is failed, the people have no experience of the Jews. They have not suffered under them for years as our people have in Europe. The gullible Australians assisted by their underdog ‘convict mentality’ has contributed to the decline and racemixing that could and should have been the succesful importation of our Great Race onto a new continent. This underdog mentality makes them side with every other underdog refuge and suffering subhuman dog on the planet.

Examples of ‘Australian thinking’ can be seen in todays Newspapers ‘Australia Day Special’, letters to the editor:


We are all made of atoms, so that means we are all the same. Idiots are made of Atoms too… so are my Sheep, and so are Carrots. This is an example of Australian philosophy. This is why we are Germanic, and Nordic and why there is nothing to celebrate about Australia day but a failure. All it can do is provide a day where we can see what went wrong and who is responsible, and what we have to do in the future if we want to survive.

You should have a good tribe that you are descended from, and you should stick to that. Do not breed with anybody else. Racial Integration and Racial Equality is dishonest, anti evolutionary thinking. Racial Integration is Human interference in the evolutionary progress of mankind. Racial Integration is nothing else but to sin against the creator, and to sin against life itself. For this the Nordic Flame, which arose through favourableness, discrimination and sexual selection might be extinguished by the multitude of Bastards. Extermination of the Jews is the only natural future for mankind on this earth. Its natural expression of evolutionary instincts. The Jew says that Multikulti (Multiculturalism), the Multikult is ok. He says that you should love every person. Why? There is no love, it is only exploitation of the goyim to keep them at low intelligence. When intelligent people get together they will become more intelligent. When the dumb people mix in with them they will become stagnated. The smart people will have no one to compete with and things go backwards, as they have in Australia.

Viewing Google from Australia this Australia Day 26th of January 2015

Viewing Google from Australia this Australia Day 26th of January 2015

We continue the Nordic flame into the future. From around the world, for the whole world. It is the truth of history and civilisations. It is our religion and our destiny. The pure Nordic society, which is the where our racism and instincts lead to, is the environment that is created anywhere Nordics have the say, whenever Nordics organise. It is the destiny of our race. It is what we continually attempt to create. The Nordic Race will guarantee human survival, we are the pure unmolested humanity, unirked by the problems of the multitude of bastards. This understanding should spark a mass of Nordic Births. Our ancestors reborn through a revival of racial pride.

– Aidhan

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7 Responses to Australia Day A Reminder For The Nordic Race

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Interesting note regarding the German communities settled in Australia and how the German settlers were bullied into denouncing their heritage. Here in the States we have the Mennonite and Amish sects throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio who are Germanic. The Amish are somehow protected; however, I am not sure of the details- it would be interesting to investigate!

    Interesting how kikes are allowed to keep their dual citizenship with Israel and whatever country from which they are sucking off of.

    My father went through naturalization processes. First Canada and then the USA. I have a dual citizenship but the window for that being acceptable shut down in the 80s.

    The Jews want Working Whites, Germanics, and Nords to be ‘locked down’. It has been a slow building process these Sand Niggers have been plotting for hundreds of years. They want to lock the Goyim down in these colonies, strip us of our heritage, and then subjugate us.

    Hey, screw you Jews.

    After 9-11, the border between Canada and the USA tightened while the squatmonsters from Mexiturdland swarm our borders. Canada was still line 90-95% White in 1990; however, Jews have infiltrated up there thanks to Rich White Race Traitors. Anyway, White Americans are surrounded by impermeable borders into Canada and by hostile Mexico where 40,000 murders occur per year due to drug wars.

    The same will happen with Aus as you are surrounded by hostile Muzzies in Indonesia and Abo Nigs right on your soil. Meanwhile more Refugee Muds will be imported to your land to further inflict White Genocide.

    What do we do?

    The Jews are the supreme abusers. The first step that the abuser does in the Cycle of Abuse is the isolation of his or her target. Nords are dispersed and isolated throughout the world. We have to counter this isolation by staying in contact and by establishing a network for Nordics.

    The next step in the Cycle of Abuse is that the abuser begins to verbally cut down its target. This is what this whole Faux White Privilege nonsense is about as well as the other derogatory stereotyping of Nords, Germanics, Whites, etc. We counter this by undermining the false information flow that Jews pump out everyday via their Lamestream Media and we create our own stream and/or flow of information.

    The abuser will escalate the harm towards its target. This is where we are at now. The Jews are shipping in their Refugee footsoldiers who are the weapons that the Jews will use to genocide us. These Mystery Meat Muds come in all kinds of flavors and many have a propensity for violence against Nords, Whites, etc. Not much to say here except that if you are a Nord and you are attacked, just make sure you finish it and run. Do not engage with Law Enforcement because that has been bought out by the Jew. Nords will have to start their own covert resistance movement.

    The Jews have been planning this for hundreds of years. We are stronger and better than them. We can beat them.

    So how

  2. ratmeat410 says:

    maggot jews are everyplace a curse to the white race..evil swine

  3. Just me says:

    Interesting blog!

    Are you active in racial / preservationist internet forums? I believe you might like this place: (used to be called until recently). You will find likeminded there.

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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