Making New History

The reason for the Jews success in reducing the superior Nordic Race is that not all ‘whites’ are the same, and those whites with negative qualities far outnumber whites with positive qualities. Those with positive qualities constitute the remnants of a pure and historically unmolested race of superior humans, stretching back to pre-history. This race is the Nordic Race and any similarities between it and any other race is only due to Mongrels bridging the gap. These mongrels are the reason why many people insist on calling this race white and not Nordic, so that they can include themselves. It is also the way many outsiders look at us as they think we constitute a group as opposed to negroes or Asians etc. This deteriorated group has no particularly special intellectual faculties at all. This burden is heavily discussed in Why White is not Good Enough and Marxism on the White Side: A Subhuman Infiltration into European Future. These people are our undoing. These people are bred with the beasts and cannot hope to resurrect any culture that is not eventual enslavement under Talmudic Law.

Simple Race Graph

The problem with the ‘white race’, its conquerableness and corruptibility, comes from its quality. Simply and clearly put the Jews are against the White Race, the Mongrels want to breed with us and breed us out, and the White Race is on its own. Impure members of the White Race have proven again and again to be a liability, to be too stupid. We are dying because the majority stifle the minority, the minority being the purest descendants of the Nordic Race, best embodied by the Germanic Archetype.

The Jewish infestation is defiling the whole planet. As proven recently with the events in Paris where so many people have been unable to comprehend what exactly is happening and for what reason. How does it fit their agenda? As Joe Northpal said ‘Jews have checkmated the Nationalist Movements in Europe with one false flag’.


Charlie Hebdo and Islam, two consequences of the Jews.

Seventy years after the war for our blood it seems the Jews have finally been able to confuse even some of the keenest haters of the Jews. The Paris events intent was to extremely stupid people to divide us, to average people possibly to make us hate muslims, to smarter people maybe just to make us think not all muslims are bad, they are good despite everything that they do. The best people thought instantly it is a ploy to incorporate mongrel Muslims into our society. The event was simply mitigation. Islam needs to be moderatised and the decayed body of mongrel race needs to be incorporated into our folk body, to put us down forever. That is why this was a Mossad (and the rest) job with camera people already in position from the best rooftops and window angles to film events that only went on for a few seconds, and protests staged, all ready to go.

Just like absolutely everything else that happens in this world, that isn’t due to the environment, this is just another set up event, a psy op, to make everyone feel and think a certain way.

It is very, very easy to say Muslims did this, but that would be accepting the Jew as a higher unmatchable power, it would be a relief to the unintelligent to simply not understand the sheer deception of the Jew. He thinks for a living, many of our people still have to turn their brain on.

The Muslim hierarchy is made up of secret Jews. ‘Terror Groups’ Jewish made, moderate Islam a Jewish construction too. Even if you thought it was independent Muslims Jews are still responsible as Jews created Islam!

If an individual has any problems working this out, and can’t understand what the Jews motives are, you are already racemixed and will not survive in this world. All of this and all people who can be perplexed by simple questions just because there is not anyone else to tell them what really happened, could have been avoided by following racial purity laws. Then the Jew can con no one.

The outside world loves the Jews because they think they ‘suffered unjustly’. They fabricate their own atrocities, recently ‘kosher store siege’ to get the love of those they suck. The Jews have mongrelised the races. The Nordic Race with every natural advantage, instead of outbreeding evolutionary leftovers and inheriting the planet for future sexual selection of yet more beautiful humans, is mixing in with the undeveloped filth, as Jews vigorously hound any traces of ‘racism’.


Nordic Humanity

Unlike the Nordic Race, humanity is not a stable or uniform group like a livestock breed or wild animal. Humanity is corrupted. It is hybridised, bastardised and lacking in intelligence. It is riddled with mental illness, problems, undesirable features due to non-discrimination and hatred toward the higher type among the rabble. The Nordic Race was the pure racial stock of creative humanity. It left the animals behind, to create the future base line from which all further speciation occurs.

Popular Anti-Islam groups love the Jews. The Paris event helps ready-made Jew controlled anti-Islam Nationalists. That will not be the survival of our race, but the bastardisation. If the Jews had not made these groups and more importantly if all ‘whites’ really were stable, intelligent and pure, they would have joined a real group like the NPD. But ‘whites’ are not good enough to fight the Jew, as the Jew has spent 6000 years turning us into what the majority is now.

pegida-rally-AP zoom in

This is what keeps Jews included

Jews are worried for their parasitic occupation, claiming Pediga a minority and underestimating their numbers, while Germans have a chance. Jews in Germany knew that there would be uprising against replacement so they made sure that there is something for the masses to march in. With a swastika in the bin they can only hope to integrate muslims and turn the future Europe into an extension of the middle east, however this time devoid of any beliefs at all. We relate this to France, and the system media controlling the narrative of – ‘its extremists, not muslims as a group’

muslims and jews

An Unholy Alliance has come to kill us

In Germany, for all of Europe and the whole world, they have a need to ditch the Jews and cast off the Vermin.

Hail Eternal Germany and the Nordic Race forever.

– Aidhan

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2 Responses to Making New History

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    If you look at all the race mixing that is occurring in the West as alchemy, then your outlook will be positive. The more the Jew mad scientists try to boil down and out the best of the Whites, the more resistant the strongest of the Whites will become, specifically the Nords. Those Whites that cannot resist the race mixing will inevitably lose their genetic heritage. Many Whites have taken their Whiteness, their European ancestry for granted. The Nords, specifically the Germans, do NOT take their heritage for granted. Due to its geographic location, Germany was always, is always, being invaded, hence it has build a resistance that has fostered a strong sense of identity.

    Germanic people have a strong identity. Those people with strong identities cannot be duped by Jew psy ops.

    The Jew is the Master Manipulator, the Supreme Sociopath. To be Germanic is to be genuine and that is the root meaning of the word ‘German’. Genuine and Jew do not mix.

    As far as the mass of asses in France goes, as I mentioned in a prior post regarding fetish fornication, the French’s chickens are now coming home to roost. The French colonizers laid up with all flavors of Mystery Meat. Furthermore, the French Revolution’s main purpose was to dethrone Nordics in France while liberating Jews. THAT was a bad idea, but you cannot tell the French that.

    I hope the Jews and Muslims continue on with their hand holding, as ultimately, any hand that shakes with the Jew degenerates. So let the Muzzies degenerate, I don’t care because they hate us anyway.

    I have more to say on this piece later…

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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