Smashing the French Event with Germanic Honesty

Goyim Cattle do as they are told to do

Goyim Cattle do as they are told to do in this entirely Jewish manipulated event

The Recent events in France can be so easily portrayed by the Jewish media to show only the effects of Islam or ‘Terrorism’ or ‘Fanatics’ on Europe. They can so easily be glossed over by even us to show the effects of a mass invasion of primitive unevolved stagnates and an antiquated religion on Europe. If we fail to take a closer look, they only show us what we all already know, that other races cause trouble, and that we would be better off without them. But they do more than that, they show us not only the consequences of an ongoing mass immigration of Subhumans, reducing our population to something irrelevant, which can be seen by Native Europeans having absolutely nothing to do with these events, nothing to do with perpetrating them, nothing to do with commentating on them, and nothing to do with how the events are being projected. In fact these recent ‘terrorist attacks’ hardly affect us at all. We would hardly even know and we certainly wouldn’t care about them if the Jews didn’t make it our business by publishing them repeatedly in the papers, internet and television. The pictures, images and system news reports show a fully mongrelised Europe, these problems all being between new invaders.

The Nordic Race has in fact had very little to do with world events since 1945.

But they show us yet even more. If left unabated, Muslims in Europe, could have had some negative consequences for the Jews, but these are being offset. These recent, fabricated events show the effects of Islam both on us and the Jew. We are seeing how the horde that the Jews brought in is being manipulated for ultimate survival of the Jew against all others.


It does not matter if these ‘attacks’ were carried out by:
a.)Authentic Muslim imports acting out their own Islamic Teachings
b.)Specially Trained Terror Cell Operatives
c.)Mossad or similar Group
e.)Actors playing parts, none of them real,  which could also involve (c.) or (d.)

The Jewish media would like you to believe (a.) This is the point of these opinion manipulating events, whether real Muslims who are working for perceived Islamic domination of Europe really had anything to do with it or not.

These events are all part of an ongoing agenda, which involves Extermination of the Nordic Race through population replacement, miscegenation and zero pure birth rates.

This agenda is thousands of years old, much older than when the first Muslim set his foot on European lands. It is laid forth in the Talmud, in the Protocols, in the writings of Marx, in the critiques of the Frankfurt School. It is in the teachings of every pseudo Jewish ‘intellectual’ that has ever walked the planet. It is the Jewish mission, their reason for being, their history and their effect on the world. The Jewish effect against other races is as old as Jewry itself.

Where they are going with this. Racial Destruction

Where they are going with this. Racial Destruction

To start with, as we know, Islam is only a consequence of the Jews. Mohammed the prophet himself was a Racial Jew. Arab in Hebrew means ‘mixed’ or ‘mongrel’. Arab Muslims are the Jews less intelligent cousins. The Jews bred with the criminal and degenerate elements everywhere they went, and through time mixed with us and other races influenced by us, thereby upping both their faculty for deception and their intelligence. In contrast their ‘Arab’ cousins stayed in the Middle East and  incurred admixture from the Niggers and other mongrel races.

Both of these mongrel races act to kill our Nordic Race. Their religions are extremely suitable for their own races, their own ‘humanities’ survival. Jewry will always outdo Islam in the end. Simply stated, Muslims only see Jews as a religious problem, and many Jews ‘convert’ to Islam. Islam is controlled by Racial Jews, and Muslims don’t stand a chance.

muslims and jews

Complete Jewish manipulation of events. Jews and Muslims come together in a spirit of togetherness, despite what many Muslims themsleves think

The Niggerised physical features of many of todays Muslims can be seen in the recent pictures from last years ‘Operation Protective Edge’ (see Jewish murder and bloodlust in Palestine, remind people about Jews now), celebrated by blood lusting and murderous Jews as Miv’tza Tzuk Eitan, which was the bombing and shelling of Palestinians walled in by Jews in Prison Cities. In this event children were deliberately murdered through the deliberate bombing of schools (by claiming they were storing missiles in them) and civilians deliberately targeted (by claiming they were being used as human shields).  In any single photograph, evidence of the Palestinians racial decay can be seen in contrasting the individuals in crowds which show a wildly dissimilar group of motley people, who are fast on a path yet further backwards. The same can be said for all countries in the region.

From large importation of Muslims into Europe, the Jews are now implementing another part of their plan, and we are watching them. They are now ‘moderatising’ the Muslims. Contrasting offending ‘terrorist’ and ‘extremist Muslims’ (which are actually the only authentic Muslims) as something else, thereby getting us to embrace this new body of people, while staging their own suffering against Muslims (whom they themselves created) to get us to embrace them, in a non-existent fight, a ‘war’ as George Bush put it against ‘terror’ and ‘terrorists’. As goyim it is our job to protect the Jews, and if we don’t they will certainly be exterminated.

The Kosher Deli Siege was entirely staged to coincide with the Goyish cull at the Marxist Charlie Hebdo building so that we all stand together with the Jews. In such a perfect engineering of an event, they even get a Muslim to save them all which fits perfectly the Jewish Policy Groups narrative; ‘Its Extremism, not all Muslims’.

Lassana Bathily, the Muslim Negro who 'saved everybody'

Lassana Bathily, the Muslim Negro who ‘saved everybody’

Smarmy Jewish Rats leave the Kosher Store Siege. One more box checked in their path to world domination

Smarmy Jewish Rats leave the Kosher Store Siege. One more box checked, one more step in their plan realised in their path to world domination

Amedy Coulibaly, the Negro who took control of the Kosher Deli

Amedy Coulibaly, the Muslim Negro who took control of the Kosher Deli

Real Muslims of course want to ‘kill those that insult them’, and of course the Newspaper that was bombed certainly deserved it. What they publish is insulting to Muslims and insulting to Nordics. What it and every Jewish owned enterprise publish is insulting and condemning to every non-Jewish group. There is certainly nothing wrong with bombing those that want to defile you, alter you, and kill you. These real Muslims are far more justified than so-called ‘moderates’ and anyone who feels sympathy for the newspaper. The Muslims and the newspaper cartoons are both of Jewish consequence.

A subversive Jew 'just happens' to be photographed by Jewish media

A subversive Jew ‘just happens’ to be photographed by Jewish media. The Charlie Hebdo cartoon depicts the Prophet Mohammed kissing a man. This is what the protesters are standing for.

These real Muslims need to know that they think they will take over the whole world but they don’t actually have a future. They will be destroyed with liberalism.

The Muslims are far too confident and blinded to think their conquest of Europe may not work. But their own arrogance, which has been such a good thing for their sexual rape wave through Europe, and which allows the Jews to use them as a mongrelising force so well, will be their undoing. If Muslims knew that they weren’t as strong and as unbeatable as they think they are, they may exist as a group in the future. But they are far too cocky and full of it at the moment, and this is as high as their thought processes can go, a conquering army.

They act on impulse, and what they do is making them as guilty in the eyes of the world as we were after the Jews hung the non existent holocaust hoax on us. If they want to exist in the future maybe they should actually kill the Jews with us and then split the world, they can’t have it all but they wont exist at all if the Jews continue existing.

One must also remember that a week ago prior to all this Jewish controlled event, only a few hundred miles away, the number of real Germans out on the streets protesting against their death was 20,000. Now it is 40,000.

Jews cannot survive if they are not constantly defended by non Jews all the time,we keep them alive, defend them against every danger they ever have. Because they are constantly deserving of death every time they ever do anything. Then we go out and defend them. It seems the masses are doing this again.

No Jew should be allowed to live. They have turned our world into a living hell and murdered 100s of millions of our people through staged wars, famines and poisoning. Muslims should look ahead.

– Aidhan

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4 Responses to Smashing the French Event with Germanic Honesty

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yep. Muslims are definitely arrogant. They have a huge blind spot of unawareness and from what I can see, many lack insight. They are being easily manipulated by the Jews. As you note, they are being used by the Jews to instigate and perpetrate the mongrelization of Europe via their rape gangs.

    The Muzzies won’t listen though. They are not dissimilar from the Groids from the States who possess at the plebe level the same lack of awareness. The Groids here in the States via the ‘Snivel Rights’ movement have used integration as a way to dominate lower and middle class white enclaves here in the USA. Pat Buchanan noted in article posted on Amren in the summer of 2013, that since 1987, over 300,000 white women have been raped by black men.
    Black America; however, despite having gotten ‘gibsmedats’ in welfare usurping white taxes, is regressing. Black people in the USA are getting fatter, louder, ruder, and more illiterate. Blacks were just used by their Jew overlords to do what I call ‘White Nation Bust’ the USA, but alas, their own society is degenerating.

    Enter the Mexicans, who were lured in by corporate Republicans as cheap labor and be Democrats for voters. Within both camps reside slimey Jews waiting for the fall of White America.
    But the squatmonsters got their karma too. Mexico is now the fattest country beating out the USA. Now THAT’s an accomplishment!

    The Muzzies in Europe are doomed to degenerate as any group is who shakes hands and does deals with the Jew.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Karl says:

    Je Suis Ernst Zuendel

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