Jerry’s Writing 7/1/2015


The following is a writing by Jerry. Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Sometimes when we meet he has produced an informative. I will edit and write up some of the informatives on this site, for the good of the folk everywhere.

– Aidhan

In the German news of today, we see again some events of nearly a hundred years ago; people in the centre of Germany, Dresden, Saxony, people unite and demonstrate against this multi-culturalism, Germany for the Germans. Why should they subjugate to the multitude of all those inferior foreigners. Qualities are all inherited.

At least there is the awareness of a Nordic Spirit. But without the clearest knowledge of the racial problem and hence of the Jewish Problem, there will never be a resurrection of the German Nation. The Racial Question gives the key not only to world history, but to all world culture.


Fighting for our very survival, real Germans as healthy as ever

Also, lately Jews have been accusing Germans of plundering Jewish cultural goods during the last war. What ‘cultural goods’ did the Jews have? ‘Entartete Kunste?’ Degenerated, debased constructions. Germany today is flooded with Jews, returned Jews, which ‘suffered’ under the Germans. Why did they return to Germany? Mainly to receive payments for their sufferings, apparently they are returning to Germany for more of the same. Jews are really sick.


Grotesque, Disfigured, as good as a Jew can do. Just another deliberate attack against the Nordic form.

The Voracious Jew

Inborn insatiable Jews, Coles (Australian retailer) deliberately orchestrating his greedy plan for profit by using his relentless position to squeeze money from smaller suppliers. Coles has to pay now $10 million to ACCC. to justify smaller suppliers.

The Jew is an evil parasite, its characteristic in a Jew. He will suck his victim, until it drops.

This is reported by ACCC. chairman Rod Suns, ‘Coles misconduct was serious, deliberate and repeated.’ Justice Gordon said, ‘Coles misused’. This is another example of what is in store for humanity when this ‘new world order’ is completed.

Racism in America


Niggers continue to murder our people in America unabated. Jewish media continues on about ‘white privilege’, to disarm us to the final death. Are we privileged to have no power over our future? We have no one to speak for us, it is a Jewish bastardisation pool, Whites dying at home, defiling other nations abroad. America ruined Europe in the last war, against the Nordic Race. But after a hundred years, racism, in America, is beginning to show its face. Multiculturalism and the effects of racial integration are breaking down. Semitic humanitarianism is unworkable and only creates bastardisation of population – its anti evolutionary.

When will Americans wake up? And when will Australians wake up? Humane charity? Letting loose criminals into America and Australia, under the pretences multi-culturalism. It’s the Australian dumbness. the gullible Australian, lacking intellect, this Semitic cunningness and exploitation of their humanitarian bilge. Societies, even economically well off ones, should not let themselves get fooled by their Semitic ‘inhuman’ suffrages or Nations will perish.

Race purity, ‘the survival of the best race’, assures human survival on our planet. The Cosmic Laws we have got to adhere to or perish. Nature does not allow for charity to protect the weak and inferior. Its survival of the fittest, without pity.


Without Pity. ‘If you are truly willing to defend yourself German People, then be pitiless’ – Adolf Hitler

The Negro population is growing on American soil, with overpopulated charity born ‘refuge’s’, escaping the same conditions that they have always lived in since prehistory, making up the future population of North America, if not resisted by White people who know this is the deliberate extermination by their enemy. The Jew first led them to America on the slave ships. Many happen to be Islamic.  Nordic anti-Semitism will ensure human survival.


Islam is unworkable, it contains emotional dogs to save an outdated religion. The Asians also, a primitive human vegetation which needs more time for intellect development. The Islamic ideology is creating its own extermination. Rebels like the fanatical ISIS Arabs which created this recent round-up of hostages in a Sydney Lindt coffee shop, was inspired in a large part by Islamic scriptures which urge believers to kill the Polytheists, wherever you find them. Islam is a horrid religion. Islam is an antiquated and primitive religion which is supported by stagnated, Arabic emotionals, leftovers of an evolving human race. It is destructive to intelligent human evolution.

Nature is providing its own solution for overpopulation of the planet – a catastrophic solution, by killing off stagnated races, through terrorism and deadly diseases, Ebola for instance in Africa.

The Jewish Agenda

‘The advances and retreats of society are the effects of race mixture which usually leads to degeneration. Originally the White Race, had a monopoly on intelligence, strength and beauty, but it lost these attributes through union with other races.’ (Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau) Gobineau maintained the doctrine of Nordic supremacism.

Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau, a man who lived during the time of the rapid denordification of France

Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau, a man who lived during the time of the rapid denordification of France

The Jewish bastardisation in his every day media rags, how can an everyday reader not see it? The approach of the Jewish Agenda, is to reverse this universal law of evolution, and kill its reality by creating forced counter devolution, the mixing of the races. The Jew wants to be the sole owner of the White male and female created life. The Jew is the anti-human evil we have to have to verify our existence.

The Jewish media is very much occupied with manipulations of male subjugation, praising and supporting women. Adoring her smartness, loveliness and beauty etc. Chastising male as being brutal, violent and subjugating her. Ignoring her biological descent, the feminate, maternal woman doesn’t need all mans creative behaviour. It is evolutionary, woman the gentle feminine is in partnership with man to bring up continuous propagation for existence of humanity on this planet.

Love is a strong universal desire for human partners to propagate. What creates desire? Its beauty in body and soul, material surrounds, building a perfect and beautiful world.


Our recent Christmas

Christmas decorations and Christmas carols were missing in shopping centres this year. People are complaining, everything is so dull and dreary. We are living now in an anti-Christian, Jewish manipulated world today, in a Jewish world order. All religions will be eliminated except Judaism. They spread certain ideals, while covering up their real goal. They aim for abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments, abolition of all private property, abolition of inheritance, abolition of the family, of marriage and all morality and institution of communal education of children, abolition of religion and the replacement of god by rationalism. Rationalism goes against biologically determined instinct, gut instinct that people’s disagree on, for instance abortion or homosexuality. Coming up with compromises, to appease defects. It will destroy every non-Jew in the end.

– Jerry

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2 Responses to Jerry’s Writing 7/1/2015

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    You beat them at their game by not playing it. You exercise other options.

    I don’t shop. I barter. I swap kids clothes with other parents. I swap clothes for myself.

    There is a whole underground bartering economy in the USA. We have a trillion dollar cash economy here. People do ‘dumpster diving’ in place of shopping – check out urban dumpster diver’s blog. People are marrying spiritually but not legally so that they can get healthcare and benefits.

    The Americans are doing it, those that are awake. The number that ‘see’ is growing.

    Homeschooling has grown immensely in the last decade . People are opting out of the public school system. Whole neighborhoods in California unified and stopped paying their mortgages. We have the Sovereign Citizens movement.

    I have personally met several people that have just stopped paying taxes altogether.

    The bottom line is that ‘civilization’ has to be dismantled. We must get barbaric in our thinking and revel in it. Why not? There is not much civility left in our cities, just sullen groids and Jews. Why pay into a system that feeds them? Why work to pay the Jew? I don’t anymore. If I can get it for free, I am not getting in it.

    My kids’ daycare did a clothing drive. All the parents brought in used clothes and we all swapped. I have a whole new wardrobe for my daughter. She doesn’t know that the clothes are used. She could care less.

    I don’t shop. I don’t eat at restaurants. I don’t use my real address. I have met several people who have stopped filing taxes for years.

    It is happening. It just takes time.

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