Jerry’s Writing 15/12/2014

Wintersonnenwende - Veröffentlicht in Frauen-Warte, Dezember 1943

Wintersonnenwende – Veröffentlicht in Frauen-Warte, Dezember 1943

The following is a writing by Jerry. Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Sometimes when we meet he has produced an informative. I will edit and write up some of the informatives on this site, for the good of the folk everywhere.

– Aidhan

On Friedrich Nietzsche

Germany itself produced one of the most articulate enemies of democracy, one of the real, if no doubt unintended builders of National Socialist ideology. This was Friedrich Nietzsche, vitriolic and wholly intellectual, at bottom a sensitive moralist, who could not bare the ugliness, stuffiness, bourgeois empire of the Hohenzollerns.


Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche with all his subtleties, is a fascinating example of modern Germanic intellectual, with his infinite capacity for feeling pain, his impatience of the herd-men around him, his horror at the machine-made ugliness of the middle-class world. No doubt had Nietzsche lived, he would have found Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, and the rest more hateful. But the fact remains; he called in his life time for the ‘superman’, for the trans-valuation of values, that would bring once more noble violence to play against ignoble bourgeois comfort, that he penned some of the most ferocious attacks on the democratic way of life.

Towards the Superman

Towards the Superman, for a Better Race

Democracy has in all ages been the form under which organising strength has perished. Liberalism or the transformation of mankind into cattle. Democracy is the historic form of the decay of the state. The two opposing parties, the socialist and the national – or whatever they may be called in their different countries, are worthy of each other; envy and laziness are the motive powers in each of them. The equality of souls before god, this life, this screen before all the base minded, this anarchist bomb of a concept, which has become the last revolution, the modern idea and principle of destruction of the whole social order – this is Christian dynamite.

Nietzsche wrote a whole platform for totalitarianism of the Right a generation before it came to power. This was to attempt to save the noble German race from the more subjugated peoples and the menace in Europe. Nietzsche was reacting to conditions imposed on the German Volk by inferior people and inferior elements festering next to the Nordic Race.

Friedrich Nietzsche Life is a constant effort to give form to the unformed inner impulse. Moral standards need to be transformed to bring them to honest admission of the true urge of life and to free them from the leveling tendencies of tradition. The Christian standards have favoured the weakling, they have failed to contribute to the progress of the race. Traditional standards have favoured ‘slave morality’, not master morality. The function of knowledge is to contribute to power. The heroic type of person, not the average, should set the values of life. Evolution should move onto the superman, weed out the weak, for the wellbeing of the race. Only those should survive who can prove masters of their environment. If possible we should live in better surroundings than todays. We must stop the Jewish bastardisation.

Adel kommt vom Bauern her! Zeichnung von Wolfgang Willrich Vom Lebensbaum deutscher art Bilder und Gedanken zur Rassenfrage Band 1 Frauenspiegel 1935

Adel kommt vom Bauern her! Zeichnung von Wolfgang Willrich Vom Lebensbaum deutscher art Bilder und Gedanken zur Rassenfrage Band 1 Frauenspiegel 1935

On Philosophy

The essential activities of intelligence:

To judge well.
To comprehend well.
To reason well forming facts into meaningful pattern.
To explain and deal with reality and to survive and function in all circumstances.

Morality is a struggle against negative forces. Medicine is a menace, since it keeps the weak alive to produce an inferior generation. Equal rights and equal pretensions, are to perfect a herd animal. The source of wrong in equal rights, is the claim of equal rights. There is no equality in nature, its survival of the fittest. Racial integration is human interference in the evolutionary progress of mankind.

Wolfgang Willrich

Wolfgang Willrich

Spinelessness drags a nation into slavery. Abstract thinking acts like a poison. It denies reality, it is a mental disease. Existence for man is to perfect himself, for the best race assures human survival… but here are the Jews again…

German philosophy will always end with a contradiction by the Jew and a complaint about Jewish underdog sufferings. He will talk about how this thinking led to a holocaust. He is the wedge against Europe. Those who have not experienced the Jew keep him alive. If he can convince a people he suffered he can murder the superior race. The Germanic people, the Nordic Race is in constant criticism by the Jew, for he is lacking in evolution. The Nordic race has a destiny to fulfill alone. The philosophy will come with every generation, we will attempt to resurrect our lifestyle.

Ein SS Mann - Felix Albrecht

Ein SS Mann – Felix Albrecht

We are already living in a Jewish manipulated world. Most of us will not be aware of it. All political decisions made now are very unreal and unrealistic and only made to create mental confusions, so that people will turn away from any creative thinking. Instead to have mental shortcuts and choose to accept the shallow blare of the media. This is the aim of the Judeastic mentality.

Communism and Capitalism are both Jewish creations. Both are exploiting the population, extradicting wealth for Jews. The Greeks and the Romans were creating progressive societies. Capitalism will also come to an end, this is the process of evolution. More intelligence is needed. Germans already came up with a better system, bombed into the ground. Now we are set back and the only reason why? It made jewish profiteering suffer, a real holocaust. Now we stagnate as our race incurs damage and poisoning and is outbred by herd like stagnates, who will go wherever the gate is open.

And now the herd is ready for shearing, the profits will be absorbed greedily, into the pockets of the Jewish herd-minders. This is what our world is come to. But this is not the end of it yet. Life is production of a cosmic creative entity. Population will create differences and variations in growth and so with a manifold of genetic formations of human beings. There will be a better form of human being. This will be the turning point to continue a better humanity, a more intelligent and more beautiful being. The intelligence contained in those beings will try to outlaw those ‘evil forces’, the Jew, an unnatural, unhealthy opposing force. Ugliness is trying to show beauty not to select it, these are the intentions of a god.

Wolfgang Willrich - Dafür kämpfte der deutsche Soldat

Dafür kämpfte der deutsche Soldat – Wolfgang Willrich

– Jerry

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3 Responses to Jerry’s Writing 15/12/2014

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I stated months back that Capitalism in Amurkistan is merely the Communism turd painted gold or ‘Crapitalism’. It is a system where the shyte floats to the top.

    America is not a free country, never has been. I have lived here three decades and the people keep getting uglier, fatter, and meaner. The quality of life here stinks. People in neighborhoods keep their blinds drawn and don’t talk. Families are apart or destroyed. There is a burgeoning heroin epidemic across the country. Domestic violence of women at hands of the Mud Men is skyrocketing.
    Americans used to be hearty, good looking people. Now year by year our average height is decreasing while our average weight is increasing. Black on white crime is exploding while it is hidden by The Jew ‘News’. Our borders are being opened up to the Mud Masses who are bringing in Ebola, bed bugs, there have been reports of leprosy in California, etc.

    According to the Jews, this is progress? Really?

    The Jews wish to he right up against European people because they want to be European. Then they say we cannot exist. They they bully us with DieVersity to make us not exist.

    Chechar has written on his blog that the 21st century will tell as to what will be the future of the Europeans. The Nords and Germanic people must make a concerted effort at upping our numbers, breeding with just each other, and being realistic and not succumbing to the destructive hedonism that is turning the USA into a Mud Mass Mosh pit of soft brown ugly stupid people.


  2. antisemitenordicist says:

    The jew is a parasitic force that feeds off the nordic race and it’s productivity.

  3. antisemitenordicist says:

    Jerry is a legend unlike my late grandfathers best friend who
    Was an ethnic Lithuanian nordic, his family got burned alive by
    Russian jewish Bolsheviks.

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