Jerry’s Writing 3/12/2014

Tree of Life drawing by Wolfgang Willrich - Bilder Und Gedanken Zur Rassenfrage Band 1 Frauenspiegel 1935

Yggdrasil, Tree of Life drawing by Wolfgang Willrich – Bilder Und Gedanken Zur Rassenfrage Band 1 Frauenspiegel 1935

The following is a writing by Jerry. Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Sometimes when we meet he has produced an informative. I will edit and write up some of the informatives on this site, for the good of the folk everywhere.

– Aidhan

The Australian Labor Party is a Communist derivative, a Marxist design. They cannot handle money. They proved it at the last election when they lost it. They created the biggest deficit, $400 billion. When Liberals (Liberal Party) were trying to recover it, they (Labor) were arrogantly denying it and blaming Liberals for it. Its lies, lies, lies, ‘you are unable to govern australia’ they insist. This arrogance is typical of Jewish Marxist Behaviour. That’s why the communist country collapses (after it has murdered enough of the best and most noble, independent, intelligent and superior racial stock) and reversed biological evolution of the host race to struggling slaves. It is surprising it could take place in Australia. Unions and Labor party are motivated by communism, reversal of evolution. Sydney Union Offices are decorated with Lenin and Marxist pictures, Liberal Party Treasurer Joe Hockey’s house decorated with Lenin & Mao busts.

What debilitated communism in Europe was the same ‘humanitarian’ laws and equalities, that they are now manipulating in Western and Australian democracies. It will create an inferior, unworkable, unabling society, which is going nowhere, except bastardisation of the world population.

The Nordic Race was trying to live life according to the laws of evolution. The Survival of the Fittest. But due to a devilish and parasitical race, the Jews, is losing this battle through race integration with lesser advanced races.


Nordic Faces. Reichs Arbeits Dienst

The stagnated primitive which are not advancing, they should be left alone to perish and not keep on propagating and should not be encouraged by humanitarian charities. It would be sheer death to life on this planet. Gods children are not all intelligent, but more emotionally driven by feelings, trying to maintain any kind of life.

Evolutionary propagation goes for the perfection of races. Human sense chooses the tall, intelligent, blonde, blue-eyed, well-formed human being. Anyone with lesser of those qualities comes last in chosing for propagation. Until the perfection of the human race, which is Nordic, the most creative and evolutionary branch.


Womans maternal feelings will stop her from going over her glass ceiling intellect. ‘Human Rights’, the most deceitful organisation. Human rights, created during the last war, by American Jews, to save Jews escaping our Axis powers. The UN used ‘human rights’ as part of the creation of the New World Order conspiracy. Nowadays it is being used by ‘Human Rights Commission’ to settle countries, with illegal replacement migration of inferior races, so-called ‘asylum seekers’ who are trying to improve their material living at the expense of the host tax payers. They are escaping environments they created, natural poverty to overpopulated dependants all over the globe. This is an absurd way of living, it is to live under false pretences, to live unnaturally in breach of creative laws.

Europe is overtaking America in Space Science

Dr Wernher von Braun with Saturn IB Launcher

Dr Wernher von Braun with his Saturn IB Launcher. He worked with an all German team.

Europe’s Rosetta space mission has made history, a first landing on a comet, 510 million kilometers away from Earth. A mission to learn more about the origins of our solar system. About 50 years ago, Americans landed man on the moon, with the help of German scientists, the creator of the V I and V II rockets during the last war. Ever since, Americans are sending satellites around our globe, to spy on every country and every citizen. It is due to Jewish paranoia for their crimes, to be one step ahead, to create a Jewish ‘world order’.

Here this comparison of scientific uses we can see the differences, the mistrusting, money stealing, greedy, evil Jew, against the futuristic, life loving, scientific Nordic Race.

Wernher von Braun 1

Wernher von Braun (middle) 1912

What we are seeing today, in human culture and results in art, knowledge and technology are mainly exclusive creative products of the Aryan.

Murdoch’s Rags

Revenge of the Unwanted and Ugly. The spawn of a Jewish mother.

Revenge of the Unwanted and Ugly. The spawn of a Jewish mother.

If one is reading Murdoch’s rags, one cannot believe everything in them. Those untruthful manipulations, we had it once before in Germany before the last war.

Murdoch’s press is preparing the world with a bastardised population, no race purity, all mindless consumers for Jewish profiteering, to be sucked parasitically. The pictures, mainly mixed races; white, darker and blacks, those people wont bully or hurt the Jews. Hence the articles present race mixture. Murdoch’s rag calls it a ‘Perfect Blend’.

Professor Barry Spur had written ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ remarks in emails. He was appointed on the basis of his expertise. Tory Shepherd, a Murdoch Jewish cow now the political editor of the Murdoch rag, condemns Professor Barry Spurr for ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ remarks, because he called a female assault victim a ‘worthless slut’, called Nelson Mandela a ‘darkie’, said ‘mussies’ and that ‘chinky poos’ would take the world over, called Tony Abbot an ‘abo lover’ and said ‘an aboriginal household as a rubbish tip human and material’. Tory Shepherd, a Jew Slut in Murdochs rag.

The Jews

The importance of this poster entails it can be run again and again

The importance of this poster entails it can be run again and again

Whoever protects Jews, sins against his own race. One can only be for him or against him. It is only a question of hygiene. The Jew is uncreative, he doesn’t produce anything, he is only trading with products, rags, cloths, pictures, gem stones, grain, shares, people and countries. Everything he trades is stolen from somewhere sometime. If he runs against the state, he is a revolutionary. As soon as he is in power, he is preaching peace and order, to enjoy his goods.

”The ‘recent increase’ (Jewish for existence of any) attacks against Jews reminds us to stay vigilant against anti-Semitism”, so the Jews claim again. Staying vigilant against ‘anti-Semitism is like staying vigilant against every non-Jew who knows anything about the Jews. Why is it so? The ‘anti-semitism’ so overdue that the Jews so desperately deserve, to finally experience the full consequences of what they inspire in the pure and innocent people they parasite off would be a much-needed and overdue end to the Jewish race. The only long-term way around this for the Jews, is extermination of all intelligent life. When Jews were expelled from Egypt thousands of years ago, then went into Palestine where they killed kings and the people, expelling most of them and establishing themselves in their ‘promised land’ until this day. But they kept expanding themselves and caused tragic times for everyone until today, established everywhere throughout the world. Until today they are greedily trying to oust and exterminate every body else.

These days the Jews have got a strong partner to protect them. Whoever tries to be independent of them will get warred on, because American money is entirely owned by the Jewish money changer. They will attack everyone just to oust non-Jewish leadership. The best example today is the US supplying the Jews with their latest arms to decimate Palestinians,their children and flatten their houses. After they create enough death and destruction, they just withdraw. It is amazing how the whole world stands by, these biggest ‘humanitarians’. The Jew is the biggest anti-human, unnatural corrupter. When some people try to curse them, to bring them to account, he would start with the Auschwitz-Holocaust story, so the humanitarian pity will save them. This is the eternal Jew, he is so far indestructible.

– Jerry

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6 Responses to Jerry’s Writing 3/12/2014

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I am so sorry what is happening to you all in Aus. The Jew Infection is pure evil and it has caused the looks and fitness of the everyday American to plummet considerably. Every other day I converse with normal, middle class Americans who notice the Zombification of the masses taking place here. Walk into any social service building in America (Amurkistan) and it is as Dark Side of the Moon blogger says the Star Wars bar scene. One lady said to me the other day, remarking how ugly Americans have gotten, ‘take a day trip to Wal Mart’ . Yep, it is bad.

    The White masses of America are scary and they are walking, soulless, overweight piles of flesh lacking any insight and social skills. They possess no pride in themselves because THEY DO KNOW THEMSELVES, their roots, the accomplishments of Europeans. American Whites have been denied the opportunity in schools to access knowledge about their tribes, their origins because any European awareness scares the Jews.

    Nords across the world must reconnect with their roots in order to get past the Massive Miscengenation being engineered by the Hebe Handlers.

    • Wayne Hansen says:

      We should be thankful to our ancestors for continuing our nordic race, giving us a homeland, and giving us the modern society that we enjoy. I try to practice nordic spiritual life and positive thinking.

      • Most of us have been giving away everything our ancestors made. They go to work, come back, think everythings fine just earn money and there are no predators. Jews control the environment and everyone better agree.

        The jews have occupied our homelands and have tightened the screws, making it extremely uncomfortable for us.

        Unfortunately, usually only those who have really know what its like to suffer under the jew hate the jew.

        The jew thinks this time he can cover up sufferings of the past with the media, pretend everyones rich, keep consumer shops open, fabricate a false reality through media where everything ‘just works’ and nobody has to do anything, he can keep people alive through massive supply chains as they forget what they have to do to survive.

        The fact is most of our race has always laboured hard and vigourously to survive against inferior races and all those who would take. Im not interested in so called ‘modern society’ where were all enslaved in a system and sit here and consume.

        Most people cant do anything for themselves. Its time we made our own towns, our own houses and our own farms again

        Its time we made something again for our Nordic race.

        Its time now to start a new self sufficient nordic autonomous homeland.

  2. hilmarodinson says:

    Great to see Irminsul referenced to as Yggdrasil, which is correct.
    Ygg-drasil(God-bearer)/Irminsul/Mimameidi/The “winged” tree/The tree of life is all the same.
    It is the womb of the Aryan women.

  3. antisemitenordicist says:

    An excerpt from my book available next year.

    ‘” Diversity is essentially a pseudonym for multiculturalism
    And both words are of the same device : a racial genocide
    Policy engineered by Jews predominantly after World War II
    To destroy the white race. And indeed they have both worked
    Very we’ll, the civil rights movement, ” racism ” is just to
    Name a few of the toxic poison the jewish race has invented. ”

    Read my blog

  4. Phil says:

    “Tory Shepherd, a Murdoch Jewish cow now the political editor of the Murdoch rag, condemns Professor Barry Spurr for ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ remarks”

    The hell with those cultural marxist, authoritarian swine! So-called “racist” and “sexist” is goodist! More than that, it’s truthist!

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