Realising Where We Are In The World

It has been a little while since something was last published on
There is much essays, informatives and educational primers here on Nordic Identity and Thought, Nordic History, Nordic Racial Science and the worlds foremost problem, the defiler of nations, the Eternal Jew.

What is happening in the future?

Alfred Rosenberg

In the future there will be more podcasts and internet radio shows with people involved in the Nordicist movement, Nordic Self Determination, and the drive to create a Nordic Community (see Nordic Nationhood and Nordicist Community against Globalism).

It is possible that a man could publish thousands of articles one after the other. Some great things for the future have already been published. The reality of the internet age is and the format of a website is that the majority of people will only read what is recent. There is much to read here already on Nordic thought and philosophy, Jewish brainwashing (and dissected examples from the recent news), Jewish linguistics, the bacterium of Marxism, Racial Psychology and Racial Society.

The Jew is the parasite of humanity. He fulfills the role of a parasite.

The Nordic Race is the true unadulterated original creative humanity.

Mongrels are Jewish output.

Jewish ‘thought’ goes against the instincts of every people. Instincts guarantee the future of pure races, through discrimination and sexual selection, survival of the fittest.


Jewish existence and ‘Jewish life’ amounts to nothing more than a rejection of all organic concepts, and a racial conspiracy against everyone else. They have no culture of their own, no true natural state, no true environment they would create or be happy with. Their only policy is constant disruption and eventual extermination of the races of the world. They have vowed to destroy the White Race. There is no more to Jewry.

Nordicism on the other hand is the drive to create a pure Nordic society, a resurrection of everything Germanic. A Germanic humanity on its own. Nordicism does not impact on anybody else. When you look at Nordic History you see a pattern. Our race constantly trying to live freely on our own.


The Jewish mission is a mission to exterminate the pure races of the world, his significance is in the destruction of everything.

The Jew is against the preservation and the self sufficiency of every group. There can be no ideals but his.

The survival of the Nordic Race on the other hand assures the survival of different viewpoints, different species, and true diversity.


Again. The Regional Ethnography of the Nordic Race. A ‘humanity’ of its own.

There are no good points about the Jews. They are a problem, a problem to be overcome. The Nordic Race will only exist in the future if the Jew is overcome. He came as a wedge into Europe, and he came to kill us.

The Jews are consciously working to reverse evolution. Racial mixing is Jewish interference in the evolutionary process of mankind. This horrible Asiatic defiler should keep his snout out of human evolution.

The Jews have achieved the radical falsification of everything through the use of sophisticated, propaganda psychology and mass media.

There is no reason we should live under him, and there is no reason we should live with any other race.

If you don’t want to live under their tyranny they call you an extremist.

If you think your race is something worth preserving they call you a racist.

They are merely just a parasitic Asiatic defiler. They always have been, and everybody loves them because they suffered. Their suffering is largely fabricated atrocity stories and hate propaganda directed against their victims throughout history. The most recent example is the bitter hatred generated against the NSDAP, a party that wanted freedom for the German race.

Today we are deliberately held back and deliberately suppressed. Their only response is the Holocaust. We all know it didn’t happen. Everyone at the time said it didn’t happen, the only people saying it did happen are the Jews. They have impounded it into the public consciousness through film, tv, hollywood and media, and written it into law.


Jews destroy Germany and then say they got holocausted

The destruction and present occupation and suffocation of Germany and Germans is only just one example.

The path of the Jew throughout history has always been the same (see The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew). It can be seen as a parasitic life cycle. The Jews destroy a people, the people attempt to save themselves, a people who doesn’t know about the Jews, or hasn’t experienced the Jew comes and saves the Jew. The Jew survives, the original people die and the Jew gets to talk about how evil the last people who resisted him were. This is how it has been throughout history, and how it is today.

This parasitic path will continue until the people have the strength to get rid of them. They know exactly how to get us to keep them when we could so easily have sustainable self-sufficient society for our race (see How Jews maintain power 16/10/2014). The Jew has created this matrix, this web of shit, made up of constant fabrications, and a parasitic redistribution strategy (government) to preserve himself. The Jews constantly murder the best of the Gentiles. The Jews know that there is a huge difference between the primal origin of Nordic humanity and the rest of so-called ‘humanity’. The Jews are guilty for saying there is one ‘humanity’.

Jews vigorously pursue and condemn every independent people. They are against the independence of every group. Their survival strategy, which they were smart enough to make their religion is based on undermining, denying the existence of, bastardising and subjugating, eventually exterminating every other group until they can rule over the ashes of nothing, all to secure their survival, in a world they contributed nothing towards.

Today the entire European Peoples are condemned, to be replaced by over populated stagnated bilge, the most mongrelised, racially backward and primitive populace. The Jew has leveled everything else, our race still exists as individuals living in the world. There are no pure Nordic blood cores anywhere, the foreigners have been introduced purposefully everywhere, this is now Planet of the Apes. We will not last another generation if something is not done to secure Nordic Autonomy, a place where we can exist on our own.

– Aidhan

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25 Responses to Realising Where We Are In The World

  1. Tina says:

    One of your best.

    Don’t forget to put in photos of white children with brown hair, blond hair, red hair also.

  2. Dark Side of the Moon says:

    Beautiful article. Well said. They contribute absolutely nothing and take everything. They want the white man’s world without the white man. Essentially they want the steak without the cow.

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  4. jonathan says:

    Thank you for letting me know that there are more of us than i thought that knows the truth about the parasitic filth that is the jew, what a well written article my friend. Their is only one solution and that is the final one, all jews must die..! I truely believe if all jews, the men, women and children were wiped out tomorrow most if not all wars and conflicts would come to an end because only a fool would deny the jews are responsible in one way or another. they are dirty, money grabbing, back stabbing scum and have to be rid from the face of this beautifull planet. j thompson.

    • Thankyou and you are right. War is the jews harvest and they engineer every war through fabricated atrocity stories and then whine on and on about peace and the ‘barbarism’ of man. As i say, a healthy nordic race will only exist in the future on a planet with non existant jewry. It is our blood destiny in the end or we will cease to exist.

      There are really not many of us though, and less every day. Its easy to believe the jews, you don’t have to think for yourself, and every family gets racially defiled eventually. To be a strong germanic now one must reject everything. This is tyranny and democracy means you get to vote for two people who are exactly the same. Jews are conciously reversing evolution and breeding out every good trait in man and justifying it through economics and ‘humanitarianism’, and also simply, not being like Hitler. They maintain their occupation through destroying the genetics of the host. We have something better in mind, no jews and racial purity.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    What is scary is that when National Socialist, WN, and/or Race Realist Whites who have elderly parents mention that to their parents that they would like to live in an all White community or a Nordic Community, the patents call them ‘extreme’. Obviously I am talking about my own parents here. They have been so programmed to think that anything just for whites is extreme.


    What I am beginning to notice is that the whites who can ‘see’ are having really large families and that these families engage in homeschooling. I met a woman at the Y the other day who has a White neighbor with eight kids and they are homeschooled.

    Nordic people should just start microcosms of Nordic communities of their own via big families until we are all able to unite or converge in one place.

    • Wayne Hansen says:

      Very rich nordic people could start a nordicist farm community in the country with a very large dance theater. Great music, dance, and acting, could be used to express pride in our nordic race. The community members would set the example of how good an all-nordic society could be.

      • Are you rich? What can you offer?Add me on skype aidhan.c we will talk about this. I have close nit team who see this as a necesity. We intend to do some land buyups and start a Nordicist community. When the nordic race finally comes together with nordicism, not jewish preservation as the founding principle, we can finally preserve what was created in prehistory, eternally. The decline can be stopped and we can live self sufficiently for our own folk in a naturally eugenic environment. Apathy, tolerance, weakness, relativity can all be bred out from formation as we begin with only racists and those that insist on it, then through natural discrimination and the necesity to work for your family.
        We can guarentee families blocks and lead racial scientific (religious) and philosophical teaching through the nordicist organisation.

      • heimdall says:

        You can buy good fertile and cheap land in south east asia with their liberal visa and citizenship systems, it is one of the alternatives, they leave you alone, too.

        The japanese and koreans are living there and starting up their own communities and towns.

  6. Erin says:

    I fantasize about a day when every newspaper article gives the name AND DNA breakdown of the criminal scumbags who are destroying this country. It’s time our people awakened to the Jew problem..

    I can dream can’t I?

    • Yes, you will find that its the same races and racial mixtures all of the time. Its time the genetically unvaluable were discriminated against.
      Its all DNA its all race its all heredity. Subhumanity is growing and we would never dream of it.

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    The Jew covers his tracks well. He is a cunning enemy. We must be equally cunning and as determined as he is. He is not invincible though. Witness Jew Bernie Madoff in prison, witness Jew Phil Spector in prison. There are more. They are sexually and financially depraved. We must use their depravity to ensnare them and be rid of them.

    • Thats very true but in the real world the majority of the people love jews. His depraved and parasitic actions against an honest people create animosity and this animosity creates ‘persecution’ which gives the jew more sympathy and protection. He has done a good job so far at spreading every race of people everywhere in the world so they can mongrelise themselves. The answer is simple, new racial community. People think that the jewish system is the best thing that man can come up with and that man is flawed. The jew is flawed, the nordic race has an autonomous alternative until we are dead. Racism is natural, racial integration is resisted by every group with something to preserve. Instead of working for money we should be working for our race, instead of working for jews we should be working for ourselves and with eachother, instead of being under the rule of law we should all be responsible and know what has to be done to preserve our folk.

      Only those who want to do this are willing to become founding members of an autonomous community

  8. Trent says:

    The white male is the real nigger of the world.

  9. Hi, loathe to intrude as I am not a Nordic. However I do consider myself a Nordic sympathizer, recognizing Nordics as the White race’s own canary in the coal mine. I also love to visit this blog just to look at the images of the beautiful people here. No one brings the pretty quite like you bright-eyed, peachy-skinned Nords with the chiseled features. Only one complaint/request. Post more guy-pics, please!

    You raise the question of “Where are we now?” vis a vis the Jews? I am less worried than you. The really great thing about “smart” people is that they end up outsmarting themselves, because they can’t leave well enough alone, leading to consequences they never intended.

    The first generation, we had undiluted Polish, Greek, Irish, etc. neighborhoods. But all the ethnics wanted to maintain their own homogeneity. You look at the movie, “Goodfellas” and it was obvious that the Italians felt more comfortable with Italians and wanted their children to marry Italians.

    The unifying tongue of English made the second generation able to expand their dating pool, so we saw Polish-Irish, Polish-Italian, etc. mixes. In my own case, my Polish mom married a Suisse Frenchman. It may have stayed just at that if not for the blockbusting, so the third generation was pushed out to the Anglo-Saxon populations and further out to the mid-west where the Germanic populations were.

    Today, I have one nephew, in particular, whose father’s Scandinavian genes have rendered him as a taller, blue-eyed, blond-haired photo-negative of my father. Even all the other nephews are blonds. My family is bleaching out. We are not unusual. I had a first cousin Suisse-French/Dutch mix brunette with blue eyes and slightly olive complected. She married a Germanic and though you can tell they are related, her daughter looks like she could have stepped out of one of your pictures.

    My own family is “bleaching out” and I don’t think we are unusual. The Germanic population in the Midwest must be much larger than is known, because I have seen a lot of Germanic-types with Italian or even Greek surnames.

    The reason I bring this up is that the blockbusters pushed the East Coast’s White ethnic minorities in a direction that they wouldn’t have ordinarily gone on their own without intensive interference from YKW. People who were dangerous to be around if they felt talkative while holding a tray of food in their hands felt too inhibited and uncomfortable around the more restrained Nordics, LOL. But they found Nordic stoicism much more attractive than the vibrants that block-busting pushed into their neighborhoods, so they ended up running to them.

    Catholic and Eastern Orthodox White ethnics were drafted into the Nordic Protestant camps. Their children ended up marrying Nordic Protestants, producing children who would be more Nordic Protestant in their attitudes and sympathies. TPTB don’t make too much of these shows, but how do you explain the popularity of Nordic-themed shows in the Great American Melting Pot? The Thirteenth Warrior got a bigger following years after it had been declared a dud and put into video. You’d be surprised how many young Whites know the “Viking Prayer.” How else can you explain the popularity of The Viking series?

    In the fifties and up through the seventies, your typical leading man was “tall, dark, and handsome” with strong Latino influences. All the sudden, the very Nordic Clint Eastwood became a sex symbol, followed by Mel Gibson who was on the first “Sexiest Man Alive” cover of People Magazine.. Followed by Brad Pitt. Followed by a series of other Nordic men. Oh, occasionally, they try to slip in something more “exotic” or even Semitic. But they don’t sell issues and its back to the Nordics again. Look at the latest throbbie. He’s the dude who played Thor! The standards of beauty, particularly male beauty, used to lean more exotic. Now, they are definitely getting more Nordic.

    These “Whiter Shade of Pale” children may not quite meet your standards of Nordic purity, but they have strong Nordic influences which will get stronger with each generation if, as I suspect, the Whites who remain White increasingly marry into the Midwestern Scandi and Germanic populations and get even more Nordic. And that is just on a subconscious level. That doesn’t count the more aware Whites like Viking Bitch who consciously seek out Nordic genes from a donor parent to have more Nordic children. And I think her numbers are growing.

    Despite the fact they restricted themselves to their own ethnic enclaves, the presence of Bantus and Amerinds not to mention Asians and Mestizos kept the diverse, disparate White American ethnicities from each other’s throats, unlike Europe. There was no emnity, but no real unity, either.

    On VDare, however, Patrick Buchanan recently posted an article about “a White Tribe Rising.” But here is where I interject what I have noticed. A White Tribe that is having increasingly Nordicist leanings, even though they are implicit and there are no explicitly Nordic leaders at present. I believe that is why our hostile elite is trying to encourage Whites to revert back to displays of ethnic pride, like Saint Patrick’s Days parades.

    Of course, it is too late for that. Where does that leave you if a you are a Heinz 57 White whose last connection to any Mother country was through one of your great-great grandparents and whose grandparents’ ethnic neighborhoods were block-busted out of existence? Moreover, where does that leave you if the most recent homogeneous connection you have is to a Midwestern parent of Germanic stock?

    It appears to have led them intuitively and instinctively straight into the Nordic camp for any sense of connection. I didn’t see this type of attitude before the ethnic neighborhoods were destroyed and before this country was flooded with Mestizos, etc. I don’t think it even existed among the Midwestern Germanic ethnics. Is this some kind of genetic pull? I don’t know, but I suspect it is. I had a rather apathetic reaction to Viking themes as a child. But now, when Viking themes show up, I notice my peachy-skinned, blue-eyed, blond sons and nephews lighting up like Yule trees.

    So where are we at now? I think we are already at rising tide of Whites unconsciously and instinctively seeking out the heirloom Nordic ethnies for undiluted Whiteness, but I think we are at the beginning of a tsunami surge of Whites who actively and consciously seek out those genes, like Viking Bitch, even via egg and sperm donors.

    “Blanqueamiento” was a process where Latinos tried to move up in a society where they practice “colorism” as opposed to “racism” to marry the lightest skinned people to “mejorando mi familia y la raza,” That is blatantly done there. Right now it is more implicitly done, it looks downright organic until there is some screw up at a sperm bank where some White woman involuntarily gives birth to a mulatto and is trying to sue the sperm bank without having a bunch of screeching social justice warriors descend on her, self-righteously calling her a racist.

    Does my ramble mean that I am opposed to your idea of those Nordics who are interested finding ways to form their own separate community in order to preserve their own unique phenotype? Absolutely not. It’s that you’re not as imperiled as you think. In fact, you may find yourself at the center of a larger, expanding circle of Europeans with Nordic genes and sympathies.

    Isn’t it interesting how the law of unintended consequences works? Centuries ago, with all the tribal animosities in Europe, you had the swarthier brunette ethnics trying to wipe out the Nordics. Now, thanks to the interventions of Jewish blockbusters, they are trying to use Nordic genes to bleach themselves out. DATGoY, the Dark and Terrible God of ironY strikes again, LOL.

    • Thankyou for your comment! Most ‘white people’ will and are gradually turning into mulato or hispanic looking people and in many ways thats why they call themselves ‘white’ and not Nordic. The difference between Nordics and other groups will widen again as all these ‘whites’ mix themselves out of existence by bringing in middle eastern genes as they outcross with already tainted ‘white people’ (via viewing things in a very american black vs white standard) the primitive genes in every cross continue to come out submerging everything higher.
      Thats what they will get for believing in a ‘white race’. The ‘white race’ of the future will be Nordic, as all those conscious of their Nordicism remain Nordic and those mongrels bridging the gap lose more and more of their higher characteristics as families mix between already impure european groups, bringing in more impurity, as you can see in the bulk of most countries in Europe, genes getting in from the middle east consuming vast quantities of non nordic people. Look at groups of ‘indigenous’ people in Germany now, many of them look like poles, and in denmark and everywhere they bring in genes they dont even know through crossing with ‘white people’ who are danish only on paper. It will get to a point when all the most primitive genes in all the crosses will come out and a higher and higher percentage of surviving European people will look more like people from country in the middle east. The difference becomes more and more between us and any other people and there will be a larger gap between Nordics and whatever else there is. They will fall away just as most italian people now look like middle easterners because they couldnt keep the blood from mixing, now an italian in many cases might as well be an arab, and so the Nordic will remain as we find all of them undesirable.

    • Is that what your getting at?

    • The aspiration of mongrel ‘whites’ breeding with anglo saxons and midwestern germans is something only the lesser would really condone. In the end it results in the higher race being levelled. This upgrading only happens when the new group can continue to cross again and again and there has to be pure people to cross with but these midwesterners instead of birthing the pure descendants necessary to give this bleaching will infact become tainted themselves and end up resembling those they crossed with. The Germanic woman, should never cross out. Thats essential. If other ‘white’ women want to take the seed because they respect beauty and to escape the mongrel madness thats a different thing, that can bleach and save your families.

      Say a pole italian greek czech who immigrated in the 1920s or post war moved to the midwest from the city as they escape the newer, even more inferior people. They breed and think they are getting upgrades, next the even darker people in turn move to escape the cities from complete niggers and the even newer refuge resettlement type bilge come thinking they are getting upgrades, the end result Africa everywhere. The middle east is heading that way, now south and eastern Europe resembles the middle east. Most so called ‘germans’ look like eastern europeans. End result Africa everywhere. Its that or the Nordic Race.

  10. Original Germanic says:

    The more I read your articles the more I hope that there will be (sometimes) a solution for our people. Unfortunately, I can’t see far and wide one. The – so called – alternative media, particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany are now fully in the hand of the Jews.

    The more difficult it will be for the common people to be able to differentiate who is good and who is bad.

    As I wrote already, blond hair, blue eyes does not make a proud Aryan automatically. This was also known by Adolf Hilter.

    Hitler also knew, as he wrote in “Mein Kampf”, that it would be very difficult to get “the Germans” under one roof, because they are so different in their stock origin.

    But he made it happen despite adverse circumstances.

    Nevertheless, I would be interested, do you think that the pure “German” Germanic has to be only blond with blue eyes? Don’t you think, that the elaboration of Hans-W. Guenther (Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes) revealingly shows that precisely the Germans based on their different regions and characteristics “very colorful” are?

    • Yes I do.

      For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities appear throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, fair hair, and huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. (Tacitus “Germania”, IV)

      And after some decay and mingling with foreign Peoples

      In the Germanic peoples, the predominant Nordic race gives the German folk, too, the predisposition of our kind.

      Since the racial core of our racially related folks is often very diverse, one must look quantitatively at the racial elements for the foundation of a distinction. In the Germanic folks Nordic blood predominates in their racial composition.

      The existing positive racial composition of the German folk rests on the fusion of related races and the large predominant portion of Nordic blood.

      Despite the often heavy mixture and meshing of races in the various provinces of the Reich we find individual races more pronounced in the various parts of Germany…

      In all provinces of the Reich, whether North or South, West or East, the NORDIC RACE is more or less strongly represented.

      In the German folk the Nordic heritage predominates. The Nordic race is not only the PREDOMINANT RACE; it is also found in the BLOOD OF ALMOST ALL GERMANS. … EACH GERMAN HAS NORDIC BLOOD IN HIM.

      The Nordic race is above all the carrier of the high degree of ability of the German folk.

      If one examines the individual countries of Europe according to their racial composition, one initially notices that in almost all states the same races are represented. We find the Nordic race represented outside of Germany, in the Scandinavian lands, England and Holland and even in Russia, Italy, France, Spain and so on. … The overall racial evaluation of a folk does not come down to that. It is a matter of the STRENGTH OF THE PORTIONS OF THE INDIVIDUAL RACES in the respective folk. And there we determine: already just numerically the Reich marches far ahead of all other folks in respect to the Nordic
      portion. With natural right Germany can claim the leadership of the predominantly Nordic-Germanic folks.

      Our ideal of selection is the physically and mentally-psychologically hereditarily fit
      person of Nordic-Germanic character.

      (SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines, SS publication Glauben und Kampfen)

      “It is an affirmation of the strengths and blessings of the Germanic-Nordic spirit. We
      know that the blood sin is the original sin of the folk. We ourselves, the German folk,
      have had to suffer greatly from this original sin. We must therefore again try to make a
      connection with the line of generations from dark prehistory. It has truly been the
      salvation in the final hour, and if God and Providence had not given us the Fuehrer,
      Germany would have never again arisen from this original sin, from decay.”
      – Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring

      Those not ‘blonde and blue’ but more importantly having original Nordic cranial morphology and facial characteristics do contain unfortunate admixture with foreign people. People just have to accept this, that we have gone down, but there are still pure or almost pure individuals, and they are better than other people.

  11. markalpha says:

    <> Remember what they are not eternal. NO ONE is eternal if they are going against the Nature.

  12. markalpha says:

    Are Red haired Nordics ?

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