Jews Exterminate Every People of the Planet to Leave Nothing Alive

In this following link by Daily Stormer writer Marcus Cicero on a current beauty pageant (Jews are currently exterminating human beauty) Jewess Sarah Kaufman calls Hitler a ‘genocidal maniac’ while Jews genocide the Peoples of the earth and Hitler genocided no one. Not one folk was exterminate under the National Socialist Regime. Multiculturalism (Multikulti) by definition is extermination of every people. The Germanic folk is nearly dead and Jews are still accusing us of mass genocide (against imaginary people)

The Jewess proceeds to say in one place ‘a million Jews were killed’.

Thats why he must be bad… because Jews were killed (even though they can’t provide names). This ‘supposed suffering’ is only the only reason we should still listen to Jews today.

As I wrote in  –

‘The parasitic Jew needs persecution and this he has no trouble finding as his actions lead inevitably to the people attempting to defend themselves. This defence is what the Jews call persecution.

The Jews do not need or want this defence, they would rather it not occur, as in a passive herd animal that they are perfecting, but so far it inevitably occurs, and their needed persecution stories is what allows them to move to another host, or to destroy the host.’

This is all Jews have ever done throughout history.

Anything Germanic will be squashed immediately out of Jewish self-preservation. The Jews grow on our hurt and thrive from our suffering. Conversely our Independence and Freiheit would not affect the Jew at all if he would til the soil like every other people. The Jew is a genetic criminal and guilty forever. If you were this guilty, wouldn’t you scream persecution?

Even though the white birthrate is down to nil, the family has been destroyed through Jewish feminism and our towns have been forcibly ‘integrated’ the majority of the people are still oblivious to what is going on.

Even though the world Jewish population has done nothing but go up, people still believe in the Holocaust (Holohoax).


Chief Ranni Arye Friedman ‘The holocaust is a successful work of historical fiction’

Jewish World Almanac 1933

Jewish World Almanac 1933

Jewish World Almanac 1948

Jewish World Almanac 1948. Jewish population increased between 1933 to 1946 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000. So much for 6,000,000

The Jews demand nothing but our complete and total extinction, Volkstod.

Jews are so good at keeping everyone so dumb. How many times can she write ‘Nazi’? What is wrong with National Socialism. It is the only political system that does not defile the race, and the one that excludes the Jew!

What can we learn from Sarah Kaufman? What does she have to offer us? Only slander and venom, a limited vocabulary and absurd deranged delusions about German evil an imposition of Jewish Suprematism.

This is the fate you are in for if you dare to be free of the Jew, accusations of constant holocausts.

This is all we can learn from any Jew, how we have to die and they have to survive.

“The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.” – Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939.

“The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” – The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israelieten in Nederland, September 13, 1939.

“When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940).

Did Hitler genocide anyone? No

In Hitlers day each race had its own space and now they don’t so who is really genocidal? This is so obvious, how can someone today not see the genocide that is going on?

Have Germans been genocided? Yes

SPD - We reject with the strongest contempt the biological preservation of the German people

SPD – We reject with the strongest contempt the biological preservation of the German people

Sympathy for the parasite results in death for the host. The Jews fulfill the biological functions of a parasite. They are the parasite of humanity. We should stop being their hosts, like Hitler tried.

It is absolutely amazing that Adolf Hitler can demand autonomy and self sufficiency for a people and be accused of mass murder and genocide while the Jews can force mass immigration and population replacement and so says the Jewish groups ‘bringing diverse people’s together’ and charge National Socialism, which is all about racial purity and thus the opposite of genocide, with genocide. It is also equally amazing that Jews like Sarah Kaufmann can write absurd rubbish like this that rely on name calling and made up fabricated Jewish fairytale allegations every day in all the worlds newspapers and I can write true and philosophical pieces and people will read these dumbified Jews much more than my site is read. Jews and Jewish lackeys all get heralded as ‘great philosophers’ and im just an ‘ignorant anti-Semite’.

These Jews are so sure they can defend themselves all the time and its so easy, nobody ever does anything about them. They will all read the media no matter what the Jews do, they can even kill 7 million Palestinians and its okay, we should all still read Jewish columnists.

Jews have been a murderer from the beginning

New Conditions - Forced Equality. Mixing of the races, destruction of everything

New Conditions – Forced Equality. Mixing of the races, destruction of everything

Today from their privileged (persecuted) position they demand the mixing of all the races. The genetical defilement of the planet, and the extinction of every non-Jewish group.

Mixing the races is the most irresponsible thing anyone can do


The Nordic Race needs an autonomous future. If a race doesn’t have the strength to ignore the complaints of a rootless alien parasite, and labour and toil for its own existence it will sink into history and perish. This time, the Jews have already erased us from the history books. So to preserve all of our ancestors, our Nordicist history and our Nordic culture and values, that is transmitted eternally in our blood, we need to found a new Nordicist autonomous community.

For more information please on the Jewish curse on the Germanic Race read

– Aidhan

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5 Responses to Jews Exterminate Every People of the Planet to Leave Nothing Alive

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. antisemitenordicist says:

    Any reason why your not talking to me on skype Aidhan?


  3. Tina says:

    What that lady German politician said about her own people is frightening. Good post.

  4. Carl says:

    National Socialism is not the only political system that could defeat the Jews. Aristocracy was what Jews feared most. It is why Dutch Jews gave money to Cromwell to fight the King of England and possibly why King Louis lost his head. Aristocracy was based on blood and breeding. For centuries the people who could help govern inter-bred. Good service to King and country was rewarded. Bad nobles and bad kings would eventually be replaced by the sword. Nobles would not want their daughter to marry a commoner but they would still regard the common people as their people to be guided, protected and kept in order. The disconnect in the West now is because the rulers are traitors owned by Jewish money who no longer see themselves as being of the people who are ruled over. It is why American Vice President Gore, Vice President Biden and President Clinton all have Jewish in-laws.

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