Racist Rants and Jewish Protection of the Inferiors

As part of the Jewish attack on us the media regularly condemns and shocks people with so-called ‘racist rants’ filmed on CCTV and voice recorded either on Public Transport recordings or from members of publics mobile phones. See http://expeltheparasite.com/2014/07/04/the-latest-outrage-in-australia/ and http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/renowned-musician-kym-purling-spat-on-and-abused-in-unprovoked-racist-attack-on-adelaide-bus/story-fni6uo1m-1226890065880?nk=0da51d1f21afaab79205a26cf28ef9ad.

One such rant occurred on a train last week in Adelaide in Australia. The actual news story of this particular latest rant now appears to now be unavailable, in which a non white man, whom they called white on the television, said some things to a Nigger such as ‘you shouldnt be here’. This man was condemned and Niggers continue to flood in and the Nordic Race continues to die off.

In many cases of these recurring and oftentimes fabricated public ‘racist rants’ the ‘offending person’ is not even white. This last case on the Adelaide train, was actually more of an arab, through audio recordings state ‘im fucking proud to be white’. They always try to make us look stupid, insane or ridiculous.

These captured rants are periodical and occur over and over again, often appearing on the 6oclock news as ‘news stories’. These are not news stories. This is a brazen act of thought control and opinion formulation. Through a Jewish manufactured irreality, a fabricated ‘good and evil’ that does not correspond with what is good for us, they can make a good thing, racism, a bad thing. Anything can be presented as good or evil through clever and consistent use of propaganda. Good and evil are relative, often abstract and irrelevant. As Nietzsche said, ‘man made his own good and evil’. What really is ‘good and evil’ can only be ascertained from the final result, the consequences. In a true racial community, everyone has the same ‘good and evil’, or else they would cease to exist, as we are shortly to cease to exist.

The inferior races always love to class our defence against them ‘immoral’ or ‘shameful’ or ‘horrible’. Really what they are seeking is the death of our race.

The Nordic Race and the Jewish ‘people’ have two contrary moral valuations. The anti-evolutionary Jew always sides with the inferior in efforts to overpopulate his dependants. He does not want the Nordic Race to exist, and neither does practically anyone else who isn’t Nordic. The Jews own the media entirely and they created it in its current form with its sheer all encompasingness that has the ability to control completely all events, and the entirety of public opinion. The Jews use the media to replace our folkish evaluation with their own. The consequences of races living together, and the Nordic Race being suppressed can only be negative. The Jews will bash us through all mediums and will continue to bash us until our race ceases to exist. We are very close to ceasing to exist. It is the forever Jewish goal. The death of the white race through miscegenation.

While the extermination of a race with all the natural advantages and the destruction of all of their works by an inferior race should be unnatural, they have done it because they are persistent. We dont put any persistence or effort into anything. Most of us would rather distract ourselves. Racism is natural, it is an evolutionary impulse, and a healthy resistance against defilement, a part of an instinct to get back to a racial society, which is what pure races, all naturally create and strive for. Unaware of this foreign evaluation by an alien Asiatic parasite, our race follows this to our grave. If we don’t acknowledge race we wont exist in the future. The natural indisputable truths are that simple.


There is nothing wrong with racism. Racism is natural. The only way to get rid of racism, is to get rid of the superior race. The Jews know this, so they are playing out ‘racial tensions’. If racism were to take its course, every tribe would eject the one that doesnt belong, the Jew. And it would be all for their betterment!

The Jews let inferior stagnated peoples in, en masse, and then use every instance of anyone who may get stressed out by this (their persecution), as a justification, often the only justification, just like the imaginary persecution of the Jew the only way the Jew can be justified,  for having these races. There would be non of these problems if racial separation was observed. While going out into the expropriated now alien Jewish regulated public spaces we are all forced to share like cattle, the Jews will portray any animosity towards the invasion and replacement as an attack, to instantly side with the lower race, as he imports them in and increases their numbers against us.

We are not allowed to live on our own, we have a Jewish parasite, and the Jew says this if fine as race does not exist anyway. But it does exist or Racism would not exist. Racism is the natural impulses resisting mongrelisation. As a general rule of thumb, a pure race wants purity, and mongrels want more mongrelisation. Mongrelisation was unnatural to begin with. All instincts fight against it.


Jews, the original mongrel

We are all supposed to die out because of sympathy for the others, who are invaders. They invade us and replace us, and the media casts us as evil when anyone reacts or does something in even the smallest ways. This media is all Jewish owned. If we survived as a unique group with our own homeland, this would actually have nothing to do with and no effect on the other races at all. In saying this, there is thus no reason, no argument, no justification for merging, mixing, mongrelising, forcing races together or their more popular terms at wordplay ‘multiculturalism’, ‘diversity’ and ‘integration’.


Pure races have more diversity

This is pure Marxism; Oppressed – Oppressor, Good – Evil, Take – Repossess. We would be a healthy race without these Jews, and most people can’t see them. They are there, behind the words, behind the news, behind the stories, behind the theories, behind the world that we live in. Marxism is the theory where they agitate for the reversal of evolution. They argue against everything in nature by labelling it inequality, as if equality is the natural state of things. That inequality exists is whoever perceived to be doing betters fault. This way the Jews can take from everyone. It is a Jewish survival strategy, levelling out all the non-Jews, to rule over the top of them. Marxism is nothing more than a bacterium spread by Jews. A bacterium that cannot be gotten rid of without getting rid of the Jews.

Jews have been spreading it long before Karl Marx, Marx simply wrote a book of a political theory that was straight from the Jewish nature, just as The Protocols is simply a written expression of how jews manipulate inside the nations.

Marxisms and the medias effects are terminal if the infection of the Jew is not removed.

There are no excuses for racial intermixture or multiple races sharing one space. The other races had their own living spheres anyway.

There are no excuses for racial intermixture or multiple races sharing one space. The other races had their own living spheres anyway.

– Aidhan

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6 Responses to Racist Rants and Jewish Protection of the Inferiors

  1. Tina says:

    You write the pure truth. Racism is self-preservation.

  2. Tina says:

    Oh, now I remember what I was gonna say. LOL. In the U.S., we have a show where an Asian TV producer sets up a scenario in a restaurant, or a store. He has a non-white actor provoke some whites patronizing the place, gets what he thinks is a racist response, then plasters it all over the TV; he even approaches the whites for an on-the-spot interview, talking down to them about what he thinks they did.

    It’s an outrage. If I had been that customer, I’d have shoved that microphone of his UP HIS ASS.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Racism is self protective. Whites should be as racist as hell today, but unfortunately, many are engaging in suicide. They have internalized the hate that has been purported on them by the Jew media, which is in fact , a huge part of the psychological assault on Whites. This war for our minds and for the other races’ minds to hate us is part of International Jewry’s plan to eradicate White European culture, especially the Nordics because WE are the Chosen Prople, not the Culture Destroyers. These sociopaths are evil and what is happening to White Europeans across the globe is spiritual warfare.

    The case which you cite here mirrors happened with George Zimmerman. Obviously this man in Adelaide did not shoot anyone; however, he, like Zimmerman was not white. Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin in self – defense, is Hispanic , but Talmudvision kept painting him as a White Hispanic in order to foment hate against Whites.

    To be racist ( which is not bad!) is to act or be White.

    The Jews are trying to create a double bind for whites. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. We don’t stick up for ourselves, we lose our countries or get murdered, we do and then we are racist.

    The key is to just not give a fuck about the Jews! They WILL get their come uppings.

  4. jim says:

    No doubt, ‘ racism ‘ is a Jewish social construct, designed to be used against white people, to instill a guilt complex in order to counter balance Jewish victim complex, and in no way a valid concept. The claim now is that white people cannot be subjected to racism because : ‘ racism is an institutional structure which bla bla ‘, basically, whites cannot be the targets of racism because it doesn’t fit with Jewish power strategy of weakening the white populations of the west, it is only to be used to bash and ‘ positively discriminate ‘ against them and thus, we have redefined ‘ racism ‘, away from the idea of discriminating based on ethnic heritage, toward a modern simpleton understanding of racism as being, not a principle based upon logic, but instead a manifestation of ‘ white supremacy ‘,nothing more than a white people thing, bearing in mind that no other group in the west poses as much of a threat to jewish power as this one.

    Point being, ‘racism ‘ is an orwellian ‘ Art of War ‘ concept, designed to launch war against white Europeans, ‘ by way of deception ‘.

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