Jews guilt Nordic Race Out Of Existence

It is not often that I do a repost but I have been immensely busy lately. I am also working on a synopsis of a Nordic Independent Society. The Jew lives in our society and he demands we all be dependant. For this he must corrupt the race, for our characteristics are not slavish enough. This is why we are being replaced. There is a massive historical conspiracy which they have carried out. It is a wonder any of us are still here. We are only because of our racism, which is natural. If we are stupid enough to sit around and live in the Jews society, we deserve to die. Childish internet people and hobbyists who enjoy reading essays all day, while not living like Nordic people and saying that we cant do this are not going to have any say in it. This site isn’t for you.

This is a site for real Nordic people.

R-SR-Aufmacher für Mittwoch

The Jew will not let us be free

Why can’t we exist?  Insist on it. Racism doesn’t even harm any other race, what are they talking about?

If your stupid enough to believe it you are stupid enough to die. If your overridden with guilt your obviously to weak to live. Nordics need a society of their own. We won’t support the bastards anymore.

Only an inferior race would want to mix with another race. The Nordic Race is humanity on its own.

The Jews are a curse, until we get rid of them. Asiatic beasts have no place around the Nordic Race

The Jews are a curse, until we get rid of them. Asiatic beasts have no place around the Nordic Race

Here is the repost, all the way from the Daily Stormer and the Daily Slave

The article is on the Holohoax. The Holohoax is one of the main ways the Jew has convinced us we need to be around and allow other races. If we don’t, he suffers apparently.

This article is the most important one I have read this week. It is important to read it through the right perspective. There is no rise in antisemitism. Jews always say there is to protect themselves. They are guilty and need acceptance. If we feel sorry for them we lose. If we feel sorry for anything we lose. Nature is profusion.

Unlike the author who must be an optimist, this sort of thing never backfires on the Jew. Unfortunately, look around. Everyone who is not us still does not mind hearing about the holocaust holohoax psychological weapon. We know it did not happen, but the Jews know when we say this it makes them look good, us bad. The holocaust assures the Jews future survival, and his future on top of us, until the next time he needs a fabricated atrocity story to enslave people in the future, however the way things are going, there will be no resistance, as the intelligence is quickly been bred out of people through artificial selection for dysgenics, agreeance, passiveness and weakness and now tolerance and anti folkishness. Unless we make a New Nordic society, the Jew considers us all a beaten enemy as of 1945, no new holocaust story required.

To continue the necessary guilt to make us love a parasite, even my local paper this week ran a story about another ‘survivor’ (Any Jew anywhere in the world born before 1945 is a ‘survivor’ if you have not worked that out yet), and what can the readers do, just agree?

The holocaust lie is resulting in a real genocide against the Germanic people’s, except this time its okay, because of what we (didn’t really) do to the Jew, even though what is so good about the Jew anyway?

In this article we can see Just how the Jews brainwash, as we know, just as the upper Jews know to, it did not happen. Believe it and die. Thats their intention.

My commentary is continued below.

Jew Head of BBC Announces Blitz of Holohoax Programming

Daily Slave
October 5, 2014


Jew head of BBC television Danny Cohen’s attempts to brainwash people with more Holocaust hoax propaganda is doomed for failure.

The Jew head of BBC television, Danny Cohen, has announced that the network will be airing all sorts of ridiculous Holocaust hoax propaganda.  The propaganda is apparently designed to mark the 70th anniversary of the allied capture of Auschwitz. This is of course the place where Adolf Hitler gassed trillions of Jews and turned them all into bars of soap.

Cohen has decided to bombard the British public with this Holocaust hoax propaganda because of what he says is a rise in anti-Semitism across Europe.

I predict this will backfire on this crazy Jew.  People have had enough of the Holocaust hoax being shoved in their faces.  The fact that they made it illegal to question this stupid hoax in many European countries has by default made an increasing number of people question it.

Of course these Jews don’t know when to stop and they probably won’t until they are forcibly removed from positions of power.  Seriously, why is a Jew running a major British television network like the BBC?  The British people should start questioning why these parasites keep finding themselves in influential positions within their society.

Below is an article describing the Jewish Holocaust hoax propaganda that will air on the BBC.

London Guardian:

The event, commemorated annually around the world as Holocaust Memorial Day, will be given a high profile on BBC1 and BBC2 and will include a discussion, documentaries and the screening of Shoah, Claude Lanzmann’s acclaimed 10-hour documentary from 1985. Cohen’s decision to give the event such prominence comes amid growing concern about a rise in antisemitism across Europe.In The Eichmann Show, Freeman, star of Sherlock and The Hobbit, will play TV producer Milton Fruchtman, who worked on the televising of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief architects of the Nazi “final solution”, the plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

Eichmann’s capture in Buenos Aires and transport to Israel made global headlines in 1960, but it was a year before he was brought to trial before the Jerusalem district court in the auditorium of a newly built cultural centre. The broadcast of these legal proceedings, known at the time as the “trial of the century”, went out to 37 countries and ran for four months. It exposed the wider world to the horrors of the death camps and allowed testimony from survivors to be heard live. Often described as the first global TV event, the trial was watched by 80% of the German population for at least an hour a week, and there were repeated reports of viewers fainting.

Screened on BBC2, The Eichmann Show will also star Golden Globe-winner Anthony LaPaglia, the Australian actor familiar from the US television series Without a Trace, who will play the TV director Leo Hurwitz. The Eichmann Show will be accompanied by five short films on BBC2’s Learning Zone, aimed at providing a different perspective on the trial that will link to the school curriculum. It will also repeat Children of the Holocaust, an animation based on eyewitness accounts put together for a young audience.

“We are delighted that the BBC will be ensuring Holocaust Memorial Day is marked by the widest possible audience,” said Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of the Memorial Day Trust. “On 27 January we honour the survivors of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and challenge ourselves to learn important lessons from their experiences in order to create a safer, better future.”

On the same day BBC1 will broadcast A Story of Remembrance, in which three women will recount the effect of the Holocaust on their lives and families. Auschwitz survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon will describe her postwar struggle to talk about her suffering; acclaimed children’s author Judith Kerr, who wrote The Tiger That Came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat, will recall her childhood escape from Nazi Germany; and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner is to travel to the former home of her Jewish ancestors to learn about their fate.

BBC1 will also broadcast Big Questions, a special one-hour debate examining issues raised by the anniversary. BBC2 is to screen Touched by Auschwitz, a 90-minute documentary by acclaimed film-maker Laurence Rees. Shot in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Chicago, London, Bavaria and Krakow, it is billed as “a compelling portrait of the problems, challenges and triumphs that six individuals have experienced since the war as a result of their time in the camp”.

Apparently, they won’t be any feature where the claims of “deniers” are discussed and disproved with physical evidence.

Because once again, White man – there exists absolutely zero physical evidence to support the theory of the Holocaust.

Anything Eichmann said he said under torture and because the Jews were going to kill his family. Information on the holocaust found in encyclopedias is obtained from story books. Jerry, who’s selected works are on this site was on the cattle cars fleeing the Jew lead Russians when after the war the Jews took the photo’s and said it was them heading for Auschwitz.

Sympathy for the Jew is the only reason to accept what we have now. The Jew sets himself as the wedge. Your Freedom = His Persecution. As Dr Fredrick Töben said, ‘Holocaust Belief is an Expression of Racial Hatred Against Germans’.

This propaganda, can only be so damaging, and the guilt so large, as Germans do not behave or do thing like the Jewish lies state. This increases the disbelief and therefore the magnitude of the so-called ‘horrors’ and so the guilt in German and Germanic.

As these fabricated ‘crimes’ would be so out of character for Germans, the suicidal guilt that the ‘holocaust’ lie imposes is further strengthened.

If Germans were as the Jews say they were, guilt would be impossible, and holocaust propaganda immaterial and inconsequential.

The fact that the Jew can make the entire world care about what is a work of historical fiction, is proof of the immense power they have over the pure races. Sympathy for the parasite results in death for the host.

– Aidhan

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6 Responses to Jews guilt Nordic Race Out Of Existence

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The statement that stands out for me from this piece is ‘your freedom is the Jew’s persecution.’ I see this dynamic play out with the Groids as well.

    Whites will never truly be free while we are made to coexist next to blacks and Jews. These latter mentioned races are parasitical and cannot establish societies that run effectively on their own so they latch on to Whitey. As these parasites latch on to Whitey, anything that he creates will be usurped by blacks and Jews – The True Enslavers.

    As I worked in WDC for years, I had a friend who was black who noted that Whites always moved away from blacks. ‘They (Whites) will always end up moving away (from blacks’. I asked him what should be done to cease this White Flight. He responded, ‘They should be FORCED to stay’. Forced to stay? Is that not enslavement? Why should any human being be forced to stay in a place where ge it she is endangered?

    Blacks and Jews cry about slavery and oppression and discrimination, but they bring it upon themselves because if THEIR actions.

    The J USA should have left Europe alone. It should have left Germany be and to build itself up with National Socialism. Instead, the J -USA , which was already infected by the Jew parasite, fought and destroyed Germany and Europe’a sovereignty. What idiots those White Americans were then, as they were brainwashed by Jew propoganda into killing their brothers and sisters in Europe. The idiots that fought in and for WWII are hailed here in the States as The Greatest Generation, when in fact they were/are just a bunch of retards.

    • torgrim says:

      I agree, WWII has brought us to this untenable situation we live today. About the brother war(s), American’s did not want the War, it was overwhelmingly against war in 1940. However, we had traitors in high places and that war criminal FDR knew that the Japanese would attack if the US would cut off Japan’s oil and markets. It has been pretty well proven that FDR sacrificed Pearl Harbor and of course that false flag was all that was needed for the Public to run to war.This whole mess is about who gets the money from oil, trade and opium. Don’t blame the poor soldiers because they are just like the cannon fodder in WWI and Vietnam. Sure you can call them names but you need to see it from the soldier’s point of view. See what happens if you refuse the Draft, unless you have a family that can keep you in school or get a job in WDC. Those that resisted ended up in some hell hole Federal Prison.

  3. Tina says:

    Another facet of all this: I see another side to the multi-sided argument for diversity: they are saying that since whites slaughtered so many in the Holocaust, future generations of whites needed to be ‘monitored’ by diversity in their neighborhoods; diversity needs to ‘keep an eye on us’, so we don’t repeat what happened. ‘If the whites live by themselves, they’ll cook up another Holocaust, cuz that’s just their nature, and they’ll do it again against some other group of non-whites.’

    That’s a nice front for invading every part of our lives and forcing us to inter-breed.

  4. antisemitenordicist says:

    Great article man!


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