Nordicist Community against Globalism


Hans Heysen – Unnamed. A house in the Adelaide Hills

This article is part of a series on Nordic Nationhood. The Jews are forcing a situation where the survivors of the Nordic Race will come away Jew-Wise, anti-Semetic as they ever have been, hardened by the Second World War that we learned from, and necessarily racist, as we have seen what the mongrels have done to us.

Nordic creativity and craft should be used for us, we should live in our own community, sustain ourself, at the exclusion of all others. This is natural. What we can do is make this a reality.

The present uncontrollable globalisation brought to us by international Jewry, which means every independent people and their homelands all subservient to and serving Jewish international business is meaning that nothing un-Jewish can survive. It is the Jewish domination over every race.

Globalisation is what they want as they could never produce. The Jew has complete control of the environment we all live and the relations we have with other people, through putting sick ideas in our own people’s heads. We are devolving from our racial standards to Jewish herd animal status. Anyone tolerant of the Jew and his environment are the weaklings that get to procreate to the next generation. No racist is liked by anyone. There needs to be a place for racists to go. Our culture and our people need a new zone where we are important, as preserving our race is never something we should forfeit. There is no reason we should stay with the Jew, as our things are constantly repossessed and the fruits of our labour constantly redistributed to undeserving mongrel races.

Other people allow the Jew to control everything for many ways. Many people who don’t know about the Jewish conspiracy anti nation anti race parasite will believe in equality because they simply don’t think the government would let in all these objectionable, ugly and perverse foreign races if something bad was going to happen or if it could be at all a bad idea. It must be true and it must be fine, or they wouldn’t do it. Nobody would let such a bad thing happen and certainly nobody would stand by, so it must be true! Everything must be okay, and all the experts must know. Surely someone would tell us and surely someone would say something!


Australian ‘Sunrise’ Morning Show expert Jew Keith Suter they pull out to tell everyone what to think


kochie 840933-sunrise-shock-homepage

Morning show hosts say it’s fantastic, they are always happy. Australia’s favourite Jew Kochie on the right

We have always said something! A bloody war was launched against us in 1939 that the Jews quickly glazed over with fabricated holocaust stories to again protect themselves and their crime.

People who would object to their race being completely exterminated will still work for the other races in shutting up people for racism. Chanting ‘that’s racist’ or giving sneering disapproving looks is the way the Jews have socialised many people. It is amazing what people will tolerate, and they are still worried about being polite and behaving as expected.

There is a trained gap of logic and dissociation that occurs when the people feel upset by and don’t like racism and so they use the old slogan, what we all just wait to hear, ‘that’s racist’ in public such as after hearing someone described by their race, without knowing the damage that they are aiding in causing. It is simple socialisation and expected response, in this Jewish society. Globalisation is forcing the races together destroying any of their potential for independent futures. Every race has its own future it can only meet on its own. Its own identity and its own culture and destiny.

Many people also don’t believe in race, because answering for the degradation would be all too hard. It is far too bad for them to comprehend. Equality sounds much nicer

The Jew today is destroying the autonomy and taking the wealth, using the peoples labour to destroy instead of to build. Jews through globalisation are destroying the self-sufficiency and autonomy of the world’s peoples, who previously were working for themselves. There is no equality among the races and the Nordic Race if it’s worth surviving will create its own autonomous future, or else sink into the midst of history and perish. The Jew takes everything from us and distributes it to refuge’s (invaders) and foreigners in other countries. We need to control our own product and farm and produce for ourselves. We will have no United Nations, no regulation, no rule of Jew law. Farming is an instinct of Nordic man. It is supposed to be for the propagation of our race and our family. Today the Jew exploits us. Our work is not for us and our love for our own people, it is for money, distributed by the Jew.


Our own people

Today everyone believes the Jew because they ‘suffered’. No politician today would know any different. Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP said some things about the Jewish Race, particularly the irreconcilable differences between race, their racial conspiracy against the world and their history of destroying.

The Jews are today playing out their racial program, to ‘lessen racial tensions’ they are destroying races, mixing us in our own homelands. These ‘tensions’ only exist because races have been forced together, this is never natural, as people exist to preserve their race. To preserve the niggers and whatever overpopulated bilge that they bring in, they constantly complain about the racism of the host people. There is certainly no shortage of them to bring in, being fed by Jewish money stolen from us, the creators of everything through taxes and Christian charity. They mass import subhuman monsters, create the tensions and make us pay for it, not just monetarily (which we pay all of it), but with our life’s. . How could one justify mass immigration, but who can go against the Jew? Racial separation is natural and much needed. Nobody wants to be together with these other races. For many reasons as above they still embrace and support it as slaves. The Jew is the unnatural germ. While we don’t want to be around and feel nothing in common with the other races, he can still make us feel bad for them. The Jews know absolutely how to fool the people, with their humanitarian bilge, always agitating equality which is non-existent and merely a symptom of decline. Whoever calls you the racist is only the inferior. Tribalism is natural and the parasite doesn’t like it. Anything the Jew doesn’t like he calls ‘inhumane’, while he goes on destroying humanity.

Globalisation means that the leadership of every people has been destroyed, to the point where they no longer favour themselves. The inferior wants globalisation. It amounts to stealing. Globalisation is theft, taking all that we have invented, done and built. We are fools if we feel sorry for them, if we do then we are done!

An unjust leader will mix and mongrelise the people. Survival of the fittest is the right way, survival of us, but the Jew preserves the weakling to get on top of you. He says things are evil or racist. These words really don’t mean anything, but this way he will prevail against the world. If there is one thing the Jew really is good at it is infecting our language and introducing words. Our race exists as an independent body. We must protect our children from racial mongrelisation and stupidity. Live for our own folk in Germanic self-sufficiency.


The Jew is a real parasite, to suck an honest man. His avariciousness can really be seen, especially when one rebels against him and they prosecute you.

We don’t need Jews and their political schemes. Everyone should agree, we don’t want their laws and we don’t want the Jews. We want to dislodge the Jew and get rid of him. If we don’t kill the Jew we don’t deserve to live, and we will not. Everything they do is negative, why keep them. Join with the creative powers and follow the evolutionary impulses. Smash their humanitarianism. We are paying for the Jew and their mongrels. They should never be helped, they should be prosecuted.

– Aidhan

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4 Responses to Nordicist Community against Globalism

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on! This blogger calls for the end of the United Nations. Since the US has joined the UN, it has brought this country nothing but misery via opening our borders to the Mud Hordes through such White Taxpayer fleecing programs like Refugee Resettlement.

    Aidhan notes that each culture has its own identity and destiny, including the Nords, that is being destroyed via Globalism and the NWO.

    Love this blog.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Wayne Hansen says:

    Nordicism is pro-nordic pride, practice, and study, of the nordic race, and we wish the other European white races the very best.

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