Nordic Nationhood

What the Jews call ‘humanity’ is actually divided into independent races, which when they breed with themselves, reproduce themselves. Racial mixing produces degenerate hybrids, as every person is made up of traits, inferior and superior, superior traits being recently evolved, are always recessive, and get cancelled out when you breed back to the apes. The original set of superior traits, come only from one race, the Nordic Race.


The Nordic Race is the most developed and progressive race, it is our race, and is in danger of becoming extinct. The whole Germanic people have a Nordic origin, with many harmonious facial types, that correspond with behaviour and mind, occurring over national boundaries. There is always a resemblance in the face, which denotes tribal kinship, to the Nordic origin, from whence we came, our Humanity. It is a Jewish lie that we have anything in common with anyone else. Similarities are results of crossing.

This Nordic's ancestors have mingled with Asians.

This Nordic’s ancestors have mingled with Asians. You can still see her likeness to her origin. She is one of us, not one of them.

There is a distinct Germanic Face, a likeness in all our individuals, denoting where we came from. Some are more or less pure. The pure Germanic face would be the pure Nordic face, as close as to Cro-Magnon, the highest and healthiest we got, before we had any intermixture. The Germanic face can only sustain what is already in the Germanic peoples without decline. Those that cease to become Germanic, through cross breeding, only pollute the blood.

A Germanic person of one facial type can have a child of another facial type, and these individuals can resemble exactly Germanic people who by generations removed are not closely related, but genetically are closely related. They can resemble their cousins through race although many hundreds of years apart (one might be Danish, the other English, sharing no common ancestors within one thousand years etc.) provided that there has been no inclusion in the blood, with anything non Germanic. These people should find each other and produce children. There are many types floating in the Nordic Folk just waiting to perpetuate themselves in the coming generations. This group of individuals, who share blood and can give rebirth to all those that were born before are blood of our blood, they are our extended family. Your blood is not just yours; it belongs to your ancestors and those yet to come. The people’s bloodstream is something the Jews seek eagerly to corrupt. We are an organism that deserves to live together.

An inferior vermin like, rat like, parasitic race, the Jews, who come from an Asiatic origin, and are worse than Niggers, but whose intermixture has allowed them to complain just as much, but be listened to want to mix us with another primal race, negroes, who descend only from an extinct ape common ancestor. They say this doesn’t matter as in ‘evolutionary terms we are still very closely related’. What the Jews omit however, is that this is true when you compare any mammal to algae.

Poster fror Der ewige jude


The importance of this poster entails it can be run again

The importance of this poster entails it can be run again

Some Jews may look almost like us today, but you can always see the non-European features. The faces they have picked up are only a disguise, as they carry their original subhuman soul.

As we are swamped by foreign races, any inclusion of this blood is going to destroy forever Nordic humanity. The Jews will not let us have any area or any place to ourselves as they slander it with needs more diversity, inclusion, more multiculturalism etc. as has recently happened to my area.

Other races are stuffing up the Nordic bloodlines. Families need to protect it. We need a homeland in which to do this, to again repopulate. We will not breed with anyone else.

This is why the Nordic Race needs to become a Nation again. The Nordic Race is being deliberately oppressed by International Jewry. The Jew Orgs that afflict our countries and write policies for our governments, that we hate, which exist only to racially engineer the people into a more desired herd animal for the Jews are not going to go away.


There will be no great awakening

There will be no system collapse

This is not a ‘Ponzi Scheme’, they can keep it going as long as they like. Nobody is there to keep them to account anymore.

Jews have a free reign over the future of mankind, but there is another way. Racial purity was intended by the creator of the universe, or evolution, male and female, and race would not exist. Jews go directly against nature.

Currently, the Jew controls and dominates the entire world. You are not supposed to notice the Jew. As soon as you do you are ‘evil’ and ‘anti-Semetic’. He has to rule over us, and you have to like it, or you will be killed. You have no choice but to read the media and agree with everything, or else you go mad. But people who read media and mindlessly agree are deficient. Everyone else is being culled. It is complete mind control with no culture, no identity allowed. Our race is dying out as more agreeable, more servile, consumer mongrels replace us.

Great genetic decline is being imposed onto humanity. The Jewish quest for domination over the earth is resulting in destruction of everything.


The Nordic Race demands self-sufficiency again and our own space. This will inevitably come up with resistance by the Jew. Our system and our policies have nothing to do with the Jew, and any opposition to our plans only proves the genocidal nature of the Jew. Our racial purity and our racial survival is only our business and our imperative.

We have got no future. We will not last another generation.

If people are not racists there is no reason to breed within your race and nobody is because of Jewish pressure. Racism is natural, it is ordained by nature. Races were always meant do live on their own. Pure races produce culture, races together or races mixed produce stagnation, poverty and troubles.

History shows no examples of a race surviving only as isolated and scattered individuals left to age and die around the world.

At this point we are finished. That is why we need a New Racial Nation, for Nordic Future.

Let us leave while we still can.

My 7 important points for a new racial nation are:

The Jew is a parasite; he will never let the Nordic Race be free.

The Nordic Race should be free, we evolved free and we seek to remain free.

Anti-Semitism and racism are natural, what is required is no Jews amongst us and racial separation.

Jews will never let this happen; they forcibly mix the races to kill everyone.

The Nordic Race has a parallel origin, and is defiled on any cross. Racial Mixing is Racial Defilement and the Recessive nature of Nordic Genetics proves we are a pure race, undergoing damage, devolving from our purity. We want to stop and reverse this damage.

The gullible sheep will always believe the Jew. We don’t want to live under the Jew.

To get away from the Jew and the Gullible Sheep we as members of the Nordic Race seek to establish a New Nordic Nation

– Aidhan

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33 Responses to Nordic Nationhood

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    Very very very impressive article brother Aidhan. Let me say this i am extremely proud of my racially pure Nordic genetics, my face bears no resemblance to the filthy non-European Asiatic vermin we call the JUDENSKUM(Jews). Rather i bear PURE NORDIC BLOOD, that i guard with an iron fist, if only all Nordics did this, i caught the bus today, as i do every day, and i noticed the exceptional Nordic beauty i saw around me, really fair pale white skin, no trace of anything dark or heavy, no trace of color, then i see the other scum on the bus, the filthy colored dark non-Nordic vermin we call our ‘ multicultural friends ‘. Jew speak for NORDIC GENOCIDE!

    Trent ( )

  2. Mr. Nelson says:


    Recently, I found your site (thanks to a link on the Truthful Sites pages of Mr. James Laffrey; I’ll put a link below).

    Your voice is clear, engaging, and strong.

    I would like to ask one question. First, I will paste a sentence of yours:
    “Jews will never let this happen; they forcibly mix the races to kill everyone.”

    Are you willing to say that we Whites (especially Nordic Whites) must counter the Jews’ force with our force? I ask this because nearly all of our fellow Nordic truthtellers urge only pacifism.

    Now, a link that exemplifies the full awareness of the need for force, intelligently applied:

    I look forward to your reply.

    • I have been aware of Mr James Laffrey’s site for quite a while. On his site and its acutely obvious theme of rejection and outing of pacifists, retreatists, sit tight and wait for system collapse types, save your own family and we are all finished immature (usually American) children of all ages and let’s be quiet and go underground type abstract minded fantasy hobbyists and let’s not forget the lets tell the truth until we die, it’s all we can do types, I will state in my agreeance to his stance:

      Violence is the only way to obtain something others don’t want you to have. There is nothing wrong with violence; them that condemn it are usually them that deserve it. Jews through their invention of pacifism peddle that violence or war may be bad on principal, this is retarded. It is neither necessarily bad nor good. Jews always classify bad (evil, one of their most used words) as anything that is not good for Jews, meaning anything that doesn’t help in subjugating the world. In Christianity they could make good weak and strong evil, a religion for slaves, and a precondition for the coming democracy and Marxism. Violence will save us from the Jew, and it is our right.

      Jews select against violent (self-reliant) individuals through the police state and not allowing anyone to sort out their own problems. They want to make us all dependant. Currently they are discriminating against those that aren’t tolerant, facing social ostracism. Tolerance is a slave trait. Our natural evolution is not being allowed to occur; we are now devolving, to Jew herd animal standards. If you won’t fight for what you love your just a scum. In the end, power comes down the barrel of a gun, and Jews will always come to kill ‘to defend peace’, pacifist goals, for freedom (freedom = abstract term, freedom for them to do what they like to us) etc.

      Jews declared war against ‘aggressor nations’ (meaning nations not controlled by them) and murdered millions in two world wars against Germany, the fatherland, the home of the people whose national goals corresponded best with their racial goals. From Germany, the German tribes founded England, the Jews fashioned these new nations against themselves. The Germans remained Germanic.

      Jews demand the death of everyone, and one of the best known pacifists, Einstein is responsible for the Atom bomb being used in war for the first time! What pacifism! Pacifism just means we cannot have any control in our environment, just what the Jew wants.

      It’s very simple, if we don’t insist on our people and fight for them we cease to exist, and we only do exist because we fought before.

      The free man is the Warrior, the fighting farmer. Suggesting that violence is not the way is the sign of someone that is weak. What are they scared of it? He won’t preserve what he has, or maybe he has nothing already. That’s not my race!

      These concepts were so simple before the Jew came to argue against and contradict everything!

      The scientific truth is that our race that is in a terminal decline presently has only a minority of intelligent, strong and defiant left. These people that I call the ‘white elite’, which is also the Nordic Race embodying the characteristics of the Germanic Tribes, the least devolved due to Jew induced pressures in the modern world, are in my eyes the only people higher than the Jew, which is why we need a new Racial Nation. If we were to go around killing every Jew now, most of our people who don’t know about the Jews would not be on our side, and the Jew would be able to ‘kill the best of the Gentiles’ again, everyone that rose up.

      It is our blood destiny to kill the Jew, for if we do not, we will cease to exist. He is a barrier to our higher progress. It is also a necessity for any species that is being held back by anything against its competitors to kill it, so that it may continue to survive. This is a law of nature.

      What we have to do is amass a group, and begin a new period of Nordic settlement on a Nordic Autonomous Community, for those still strong and mature enough to do so. On this post are seven imperative points as to why.

      If we do not, this is the end, as any species needs to live according to its nature, and this is another law.

      Thankyou for your comment, awaiting your reply

      – Aidhan

      • Mr. Nelson says:

        Thank you for your strong reply.

        If I may say, your first paragraph was a difficult read. I actually misunderstood it on my first time through. After reading your entire comment, I re-read the first paragraph and digested it correctly.

        I speak only for myself. I agree with nearly all of what you have said, and you seem to agree with Mr. Laffrey nearly completely. The one statement by you that I don’t agree with is the following:

        “If we were to go around killing every Jew now, most of our people who don’t know about the Jews would not be on our side, and the Jew would be able to ‘kill the best of the Gentiles’ again, everyone that rose up.”

        Don’t be inaccurate. This is important. Mr. Laffrey urges covert killing of the Jews for now. Whatever Jews will say about it in the Jewsmedia will be the same anti-White propaganda they say now, though ever more desperate. This will help wake up fellow Whites. Also, increased anti-White thuggery by the Jew-owned government would also help wake up fellow Whites.

        In the end, it doesn’t matter what reasons/excuses are put forward against killing Jews now, the fact is that nobody ever won a war by refusing to kill the enemy who was killing them. Whites will never win by refusing to kill the enemy Jews.

        And the bigger the organization, the easier it is for the Jew-owned government to burn it (Waco) or bomb it to death, or FORCE integration upon it and do the slow kill as Jewry has been doing to most of our population in every White country around the world.

        Anyway, yours is an outstanding voice on an outstanding website. And this is your website, so the last word will be yours.

        Thank you.

  3. Tina says:

    OK, I have to ask here, and you don’t have to tell me where, are any Whites making white homelands ANYWHERE, as we speak, or are you all just thinking about it?

    What about Orania? Couldn’t whites buy a round-trip ticket to fool the Jews, and then overstay their visa in Orania? I know those people want to grow. And I’ve had invites from online, so they are open to other whites.

    • Excuse me for the late reply. It is a good idea to move to Orania. I don’t know the status at the moment but at one point they were keen to have international people move there the main thing being however visas into South Africa and at another point I heard they didn’t really need international people because they had so many people who wanted to come from SA itself.

      I can’t tell you of any others im sorry because I don’t know of any that are actually in existence.

      People should be making these autonomous communities everywhere. If we want to die then stay in the system! There is no excuse for us. We know the Jew, they cannot help but enslave the world, the mongrels hate us. We have to make a self-sufficient community for our Nordic Folk.

      A land buy up in Tasmania, South Island of New Zealand, Canada or Rural Sweden is a good idea.

      I will be writing much more about this on this site.

      Also, Germans in Australia made many enclaves and German Towns, but they were always incorporated into councils in the end that are part of the system, which aswell as the obvious subjection to media manipulation as everyone else, taxes and laws, this means there has been assimilation pressures, businesses and people with other ideas, so you can’t contain development and subsequently control who comes in. It becomes hard to fully preserve identity against economics and outsider capitalist money makers (who end up being backed to destroy your town or region by the Jewish owned newspapers). They should have (the Australian government wouldn’t have allowed it, they already forced them to speak English at one time) made Freetown’s, running all their own services and run their own towns so that no outsider business can ever come in, nothing ungerman can ever come in, no non German can ever move in etc., being completely autonomous. Or presently they should create an alternate council and a business group that begins own services and in the end replacing the council everywhere, they could then begin an internal trading scheme and strangle any outsider. However this may not work with today’s many idiot residents who believe the Jew and aren’t interested in their races freedom. But this would be the beauty in a planned community where every pioneer was onto Nordic Autonomy, we could go forward that way.

  4. The Jew is the primary (at the moment) problem, but not the only one. Even if there were no Jews left, we would still have to be ultra-militaristic to maintain purity.

    For instance – southern Italians were spawned by niggers way before Jewish influence. Because the niggers came in aggresively and fucked Italian females. No diversity agenda was required there. Same happened in Greece and the Balkan area, but this time most of the guys fucking white females were Arabs, Turks and Persians before that.

    • Yes very true!

      We need to be militaristic to save ourselves against the whining and the lies.

      The Jew will always whine and complain and get everyone worked up over that because it would keep him out and he can weaken people too if he convinces them to feel threatened by strength.

      We need to take what we have while we still have it and get out.

      In our own environment, celebrating our own culture, with the knowledge that culture, values and behaviour are all racially determined, and a knowledge that racial mixing is racial defilment the Jew won’t be back, unless we are all killed. We can save ourselves.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This piece puts it plainly, it being that the Jews want the Nordic races extinct. I have mentioned a number of times how I have intuitively felt hostility and aggression from Jews and other non Whites because of my obvious Nordicness, especially since I have had children.

    I agree with the stance here that it will come down to violence. The Jews want to genocide us Nords and Germanics, why the hell can’t Working Whites see this?

    I have come to realize that ‘seeing’ what is happening is both a blessing and a curse.

    I have come to realize that I have to keep fighting for the sake of my kids, who are Nords, yet it is difficult in America aka Amurkistan because there is no solidarity within the White population. If I fight outwardly, I am outcasted, not only by DieVersity who I really could give two turds about, but by other Jew Think Whites.

    Today in Amurkistan if you are a Nordic White Woman, you haven’t a prayer nor ally. Same applies for Nordic Men. They want us dead. EVERYONE hates us, so it is logical for our survival that Nords unite via social clubs centered around the teaching of Viking History etc.

    I went out of my way to have Nord kids. I have been called ‘uppity’ for doing so and have been on the receiving end of much hostility from White people who are Non Nords along with DieVersity. I wanted to preserve my lineage, but apparently other groups, specifically the Jews are allowed to do this, but no one else. Jews are hybrids though, so are they really a PURE race? They have genetically hijacked White European chromosomes such that they can reap the genetic benefits of passing as White while also trying to claim they are reserved ‘special’ rights because they are ‘Jewish’. I view the practice of Judaism as equalling sociopathic behavior.

    One will never win with reasoning with sociopaths. You kill the sociopath or ge or she kills you, and then goes his or her merry way to produce more sociopaths.

    Nords must start seeking each other out, connecting, reproducing, etc. Then we will have to fight because DieVersity will not want this to happen-we will have no choice.

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  7. JM says:

    As I said in another comment, Greenland would be ideal for this new nation, but I still feel as though we should try to save and cleanse our own nations at home as well…

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  9. angrywhitegoy says:

    What people of the Alpine race don’t count? Adolf Hitler was a Alpine and so am I! I am 100% German BTW

    • No, alpine is a different race, why should I care about them. Why do you want the Nordic Race’s acceptance. We are very different people with very different histories and primal origins. Go and get your own Alpine nationhood.

      If we are different races and we feel differently how can we both be German? The Germanic tribes are Nordic and if your not Germanic descended and still retain those traits your not a true German. You have a different character and would prove that by demanding alpine’s be accepted. That is racial mongrelisation and if you are for it you are inferior and if you think Nordics wherever they form a new society should have to allow alpines to move in with them also if that is not the aim of the society than you would be a psychopath.

      I love my Nordic Race as it evolved without admixtures so I’m not interested in hearing sob stories about next door races not being allowed in and neither do readers of this site, it is nordicantisemite not whiteantisemite or alpineandnordicmiscegenatorantisemite.

      If the alpine race made its own society and insisted on its own race sure we could cooperate as independent societies in a new order of constructive nations that put their people first but i cant respect racial intermixture.

      Wikipedia is also not a credible site, try sites run by comrades like metapedia which is listed on the side.

    • Austria88 says:

      Adolf Wolff Hitler / Huetler / Hiedler / Schikglgruber / Poelzl was NOT Alpine but Nordic Germanic. He was belonging to the germanic race.

  10. Proud to be Helenic says:

    Hello Greeks allowed in your website?

  11. Proud to be Helenic says:

    Just discovered your site. It is awesome

    • OneLineOneCultureOneReich says:

      Greecians have nothing to do with a Nordic race. They all belong to tge latin subrace and slavic subrace but we can be co workers if you respect our nordic blood line. It means you keep in your home and you don’t get nordic girlfriend/boyfriend. That is you don’t must invading our germanic territories and you don’t must mix our blood line with your. This is respect

      • Time Destroyer says:

        And kill every non-Nordic person on Earth? I am not a Nordic but i support the race even as far to destroy anything that poses a threat to it. The jews are #1 in my list.

      • Every race would kill the other races if they could to inherit the earth.The Jew loves to accuse us of it to work up the resentment of the inferiors, when all those bastards would do and do the same to you. The Jew wants to make mongrels out of us, for his own survival. He cant bare independent races. He should keep his hooked snout out of evolution. Racial integration is human interference in the evolutionary progress of mankind.

        I don’t know what race you are, i don’t want to decry it but… the other races are antiquated races. Just look at them they are ugly.

        Let them die out. Don’t feed them, don’t help them, don’t breed with them, don’t live with them. Insist on race, your own traits, your own ways. How can they compete? This planet is meant for intelligent beings only. Not a humanitarian rabble. There will be a lot of wailing when 7 billion of the worlds most worthless ‘humans’ die. By then who knows how many billion will have to die, in their squalor, to make way for positive humanity. No compassion, no tolerance, no pity. Insist on the group and stick to it. Do what is good for it no matter how it affects others. Why hold yourself back for the incompetents, that would have to be a choice wouldn’t it.

        Kill the Jews. They look at everything you do good for yourself at how it affects the others. They are an antievolutionary force. They help the weaker one. They have to die. They are ruining humanity! The whole genetic group should be slaughtered, they are a plague and i hate them.

  12. Time Destroyer says:

    I don’t care if my own goes extinct. I am not interesting in procreating anyway. What matters to me is the Nordic race.

    I am already working on protecting the Nordic Aryan (noble) blood. I am executing all of my plans. Thanks to your blog I am extremely driven to exterminate every cell of the weak and threats.

    The Nordic race must survive at all costs!

  13. Olin Hemmingway says:

    You know, early on in my awakening, I watched Triumph of the Will, and as I watched it, I became aware of the fact that for my entire adult life, I had never seen crowds that looked like me. I grew up in the midwest, where German immigrants were by far the dominant group during my childhood, not that anyone would know, given everyone spoke English and identified as Americans. Going to garage sales I would often buy these massive books in the gothic type of old Germany. I looked at those faces in the documentary, and even though they were far from looking like cookie cutter aryans, I recognized them immediately as my people. To quote from Faith and Action by Stellrecht,

    “Woe to him who wishes to destroy the nations and make people alike. God created the trees, the bushes, the weeds and the grass not so that they could merge into one species, but that each should exist in its own way. Just as a tree, a nation grows as a living whole from similar roots, but becoming one, the strongest of its kind. All of the same blood belong to it. A nation knows no state boundaries. It is bound by the ties of blood that bind all the sons of a single mother. The German nation is a nation of a hundred million. Each German belongs to it, no matter where he may live.”

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