Jewish Groups Lead Extermination of Nordic Race

In the recent articles, The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew and Your Defence is the Jews ‘Persecution’ I discussed how the persecution (usually imaginary), that the Jews deserve, protects the Jew and enables him to survive. The Jews use every instance of people not being subdued by them as examples, to further cement their tyrannical grip over the planet. As people strong enough to resist the Jew are culled, the Jew comes closer to a symbiotic parasitic relationship, on a dependant host, wholly altered from its original and natural, independent and self-preserving state, which is one of independent races, preserving their culture, in tribalism. This would dislodge the Jew, whose actions towards the peoples is solely negative, and always results in their eventual extinctions.

Robert Randsell

Robert Ransdell

In America, A man named Robert Ransdell, a former National Alliance organiser is running for the senate in Kentucky. He is making truthful and simple statements about the Jews, in public, where people can see. When you see the information put to you so simply and in so few words, you can’t not see the obviousness in it and the imperative to act. The Jews instantly go into damage control mode, as in all points in history where the enemy of races is exposed, the attacker becomes the accuser and the ADL, Anti-Defamation League sets forth to do what is was designed to do; Protect the Jews and their parasitic occupation.

Grotesque Subhuman Jew Abe Foxman, current chairman of the ADL

Grotesque Subhuman Jew Abe Foxman, current chairman of the ADL

Both the ADL and the American Jewish Committee have preserved the Jew in America and have been at the forefront in reducing the founding Nordic Race to a minority.

The American Jewish Committee for instance states that the best way to lobby for the Jews since they came (and protect the interests) is to lobby on behalf of all minorities and victims everywhere. They are in effect anti natural, anti-evolution, decomposition organisations. Jews drive themselves as a wedge against anyone that is doing well. The Nordic Race will flourish only when we are free from the Jew.


Germanic Race Should be Free

The Jews think they will succeed with their complete genocide of our race, by keeping the influence of people like Ransdell down. The Jews come out immediately to dismiss him as a ‘Nazi’, who Americans fought against. Now, to see where this is going, and to put this in historical perspective, nobody wanted the scum of Oriental Asian Retards and the Jungle Coons they keep importing. This has been led by the Jews and accepted by the weak post war peoples unnerved by the question ‘why did we fight that war’, and the inevitable justifications being ‘to defend Jews against Germans, who wanted racial purity’, they are blocked from their natural state as Jews condemn ‘Nazism’ as they do again with Ransdell. The real reason why Jews condemn ‘Nazism’ is not because of an imaginary holocaust, but because they don’t like it because it’s the natural Nordic reaction to the times, the Nordic Race again breaking its chains. Today with Robert Ransdell bringing it to people’s attention that America is so saturated with Jews, and the country has been stolen, Jews are protecting themselves with their latest and largest made up persecution story, the ‘holocaust’ by bringing up ‘Nazism’, for their preservation and our detriment.

National Socialist Germany represented Autonomy for the Germanic Peoples. The truth is National Socialism harmed no one and we would all be better off today had it continued. The organised unity of the Nordic Race was not to be as the Jews lead over half of the Germanic race against the revival. Our race is blamed for the holocaust, which the Jews invented, so that we can never be free. Guilt for the imagined atrocities assures the Jews future on top of us.

Jews preserve themselves throughout the ages through persecution stories as inevitably happens until the Jews perfect their herd animal, and then it will be too late. The holocaust story will suffice until the Jew needs another persecution story, for instance Ransdell.

The Modus Operandi is always the same. Jews are a parasite; they are unnecessarily attached to us. The Jews need ‘anti-Semitism’ and persecution, to forgive them for all wrongdoings. Jews always condemn anti-Semitism (the natural reaction by intelligent people to Jews). In this case they accuse Ransdell of ‘bringing anti-Semitism to the mainstream public’. Ransdell tells people in America the truth about Jews, Jewish hate group ADL accuses him of evil AND anti-Semitism, made possible due to previous persecution stories from the Jews. The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, as the people try to free themselves, they earn more guilt as the Jew manufactures sympathy for himself, sympathy that will preserve him and get him through the mess he has created for everyone. The Jews are a parasitic race now exterminating our people at full force. Robert Ransdell ought to be anti-Semitic; his people have been decimated by them.


We need to be with our people, on our own

Why should we like the Jew if he is a parasite? Why should we like, tolerate and keep Jews? It is natural to hate the parasite. We should persecute him and cut him off entirely! He suffocates us and he convinces us to accept him (through persecution stories) while he kills us and organises internationally against us. Just for living he calls us racist and anti-Semitic, labelling all of our instincts and beliefs ‘bigotry’. We just want to live our own way, and he insinuates himself upon us. Every way we go, we come up on resistance by the Jew. He is not Germanic. If they think different from us, and always make themselves a pest, they should stay away from us. We are sick of living with them.

The members of the Nordic Race must decide they want to be a nation again. We must end participation in the system, acquire some land, and go through a period of resettlement.

– Aidhan

More on Robert Ransdell and the story of the ADL reaction is at

You can read about the guilt of the American Jewish Committee

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13 Responses to Jewish Groups Lead Extermination of Nordic Race

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    Excellent article man! Abe foxman is such a facially disfigured monster
    that it almost gives me nightmares even picturing his repulsive jew face
    in my mind. The AJC is as toxic and powerful, if not more so, than the ADL.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on. In order for the Nords to be free though, America must die. In fact, America is already dying and whites are awakening.

    I am not from America, but immigrated here. I have always felt intuitively that there was something wrong with this ‘nation’. The last few years of research has confirmed my intuitions that I had as a child and has bolstered my will to survive and THRIVE as a Nord.

    • America exists as a culture destroying entity. The base of the Jew while he defiles the world destroying every independent nation and self-sufficient peoples everywhere. America is a once great pool of Nordic Blood that just like Australia, Jews make sure no culture and no identity can break out of.

      The Jew will not spare us and what we have to do now is get out and save ourselves, and start a new planned Germanic Community. If we don’t do it we are fools and nobody is going to stop us. In a few generations time what we are doing now will be seen as the beginning of what could be seen as a New Germanic Tribe.

      If you could reply to this, that would be fantastic and much appreciated. Thanks for the reblog. Everybody should know about the American Jewish Committee and their blatant conspiracy against races and I will no doubt be writing about them in the future many more times.

      – Aidhan

      • JM says:

        Why don’t Nordics move to Greenland? It is mostly barren, there’s a small white population there already, and it offers the same kind of cold icy climate that Nordics evolved in. It also has a population lower than that of many cities, so if like-minded individuals could migrate there in any significant numbers it would be easy to take control of the nation’s democracy.

      • Can you afford to buy land there mate?

  3. Tina says:

    Good article.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Living debt free is the most efficacious means of starving the parasite. I’ve been debt free most of my life except for brief intervals when I first purchased a house, which I quickly paid off.

    The challenge that whites face is to examine the white character and thought processes critically and reason out why the white race has given the Jews so much power over us. We are marching to the beat of their drum, but why? Self-knowledge for the white race is what will save it.

    But too many are anesthetized by Negro feetsball and Hollywood soft and hard porn. It’s like the race is drugged and only people who post on various pro-white websites are the only ones resistant to the drug.

  5. ELN says:

    Encourage your family members and friends to simply go to their kitchen cupboard and look for the kosher symbols on almost every processed food item (and many non-food packages, eg. dish soap, etc. ) stored there. Look for a “U”, “MK”, “COR”, “V” and dozens of other rabbinical symbols stamped on the wrappings. Assume you paid 1 penny for the “privilege” of buying each one of those “kosher-approved” products sitting in your cupboard, and not just this week, but over many decades of purchases. Now imagine billions of separate food and non-food items stored in ten-thousand warehouses spread across North America, Europe, Australia, etc. and having a paid Kosher symbol imprinted on each item. Manufacturers pay the jewish rabbis for that “kosher-approve” product with the added cost transferred to shoppers. Need I say more?

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