The Jewish Attack on our Families. Overlooked Points About Feminism, The Jewish Genocidal Strategy.

The other day I was having bonfires burning all of the fruit tree prunings. I was scrunching up and stuffing it with newspapers when I saw the disfigured faces of the columnists and the Aryan faces they use to sell the papers with. It was apparent that the Jews have employed plant women in their media to convince the Nordic Race, and gradually every race, not to breed. Jews are stealing our women, putting them to work for them, and paying them. They shamelessly use them in their publications to convince more women to abandon their natural role in the family. They have destroyed the family, and in doing so, destroyed the culture. I would like to make just a few points that are often overlooked about what the Jews fashionably call ‘feminism’.


A woman reports favourably on a woman who wants to work instead of having children, thus impeding us with an artificial incumbency on our reproduction, thus reducing our genetic calibre as the Jews are uninhibited. These figures are designed to make work irresistible, so that women ‘take the easy way out.’ They show that the woman is often conned to work, she seeks an easy way, and she wants money, Jewish money.

The above front page of the careers guide lift-out is a woman stating all about how easy it is for mothers to go back to work and how career is no impediment. Irresistible figures are shown such as how ‘female business owners work on average only 26 hours per week!’ And ‘70% of mothers dream of starting a business’. Infact the majority of the careers lift out is women! In a police magazine there is now two to three women for every man! Jews have an obsession with the unnatural.

This all comes from the Jews and their Jewish agenda of racial engineering, they own the paper. And they make it so desirable as if its a good thing. Figures and statistics are put there and the woman follows the path into work and not to the family. The Jew has won and the Nordic has lost. The unnatural system again subjugates the Nordic Race.

We know that career is an impediment and the Jews are lying. This is an elaborate scheme to destroy the family. This is proven and controlled in another section in the same paper where you can find articles where women are stating the exact opposite, and complaining how hard the ‘modern work, life, family balance’ is. This is to appease the woman that has fallen for the lie, and is now suffering as the result. The Nordic Race should not have to live like this, and we can refuse. The woman, the man and the children, everyone but the Jew (in relation to his power over us) were all better off when women were in the homes, and the man in many cases worked for the home, on the farm. There is no ‘balance’. A woman owes it to her children to raise them.

There is a series of bus-stops in Adelaide, that all feature women on them, urging them to go to university to study Business, Accounting and Commerce degrees. They want all these women in the universities, and then working, in their prime childbearing years. They want to cull us.

Jews will continue to peddle this feminism that they have come up with, infecting the woman and the man’s heads with sick ideas, until we are all gone, or until they are excluded and gotten rid of. A strong woman would resist it.

A home truth:

If woman are working they are not having children, if they are working instead of raising them the Jew is raising them.

Woman need to love and take care of the family. There is nothing natural with women working, and it is purely a consequence of our Jewish occupation.

It must be asked, what is the point of working women? When the woman works the children suffer. Jews implant sick ideas into the woman’s head, about points that they have to make, they make women work for their own self centred ego. What do they achieve? Nothing. What do they do? They had a picture of some stupid cow sitting in an office in a computer chair achieving nothing. Why don’t you come home and start a herb garden and bake and make cakes and sandwiches and dinner and clean and wash the clothes and teach the kids? They have been programmed to hate doing that. After the second world war the Jews admitted their plan to ‘demean the housewife and make it something low down’. They hate our Aryan families and they hate our Aryan children!

The woman’s work is to the household. Cooking, baking, washing and cleaning are all part of the operation of a happy household. The man works hard too, they work just as hard. It is a division of labour. Both sexes fulfil their sacred role. This is not sacred to the Jew, who thanks to his millennia old inability to keep his hook nose out of our affairs, is our racial enemy. The Jew thinks today he can get both sexes to work for him, and destroy the family. The Jew is doing everything they can to make our race disappear.

Richard Heymann “Friedliche Stunde”, 1943

Richard Heymann – Friedliche Stunde, 1943 There is pride in resisting the destiny the Jew has planned for us.

Does not the woman have an instinct to have children? The Jews tell the woman that once she is told what to do that it is servitude, but she should want to do those things anyway. The Jew knows exactly what he has to do to reduce our birthrates to nil.

It is obviously terrifying to me in 2014 it is I, speaking as a man, have more interest in Nordic Youth than all but one woman I have spoken to in my entire life. This certainly is terrifying to me.

Feminism is a radical plan to destroy the healthy breeding of the Nordic peoples. This genocidal population reduction strategy is now institutionalised, and they fail to recognise the existence of non feminist women, the existence of which would prove that feminism is unwanted and anti-woman and thus anti-race. In robbing us of our best mothers, it is simply another jewish scheme, to ‘kill the best of the gentiles’.

The Jew has skilfully manoeuvred things so an attack on feminism is an attack on women, but we attack feminism exclusively, and we want our women back. The Nordicist movement has no love, and no compassion for weak creations of the Jew. We need the women back to the families, and we need our families back to our race, and Germanic Tribalism must again make our women strong, to produce a strong next generation for the Germanic resurrection.

Women will not respect a race of man that tolerates feminism, and this abstraction weakens both sexes and ultimately destroys them, thus destroying the race and its future. Feminism has proven its ability to genocide a race within a few generations.

'Men can build worlds, but a people stand and fall with his wives.' Every young lady I witnessed today was in a relationship with a mongrel 'white' or wog.

‘Men can build worlds, but a people stands & falls with his wives.’

We were smart when there were rules that women had to give up their jobs as soon as they married. That was when we had our own people, and not the Jews controlling things. The woman’s mother should even tell her. In advocating working women, along with their role in the legitimisation of divorce and the divorce industry, Jews also advocate the existence of single mothers. As well as working women, who’s husbands also work, these single mothers, who have no husband to provide an income, are often forced, and encouraged to put their children into ‘childcare centres’. In these childcare centres the children are minded by carers that have all passed political correctness (marxist) testing by the system, they are not taught any values, instead they are taught the absence of values, as values do not occur unanimously throughout the races. They are forced to be around the other races, and forced to tolerate them while they are brainwashed with the Jewish lies of equality. The childcare minders actively force divergent races to play together, and then claim it is natural. In the past the children were raised by the family, and certainly not communally by a Jewish anti Germanic, anti Nordic and anti European system.

The Jews are guilty of so much when it comes to sowing acrimony between the sexes. Today the Jewish maggots, who have created nothing, also program the women with the very prevalent idea that you have to have a lot of money to be a Good man worthy to breed with. Money is distributed by the Jew, to those parasitic occupations that aid the Jew. Certainly not farming or manual work, where a man can show his health and strength, and they made money no correlation to genetics, which is what its all about, or else we decline. Another thing is the reduction in genetic calibre and the inclusion of foreign ugly races and mongrel sub-humans, in lands that used to be exclusively ours, has made any example of the homogeneous Nordic female highly sought after. An average looking girl in our own race, often thinks she is too good for everyone, when in her own race, she may be simply a common example. In this way, the Jew turns beauty (which he possesses non of), into a curse. If these girls are not taught the facts, and brought up Germanic, they will not preserve what they have.

Feminism is an organised attack on womanhood, motherhood, the family and the race. It is a diabolical plan by the Jews in their extermination of what they see as their competition, the white race, which is really the Nordic Race, as the others are already mixed. The Jews want to dominate and subjugate the world, they have to as it secures their existence. The Nordic Race just wants to survive in it, we are motivated by practical necessity. In feminism they remove the women from their people, and we live for our people, and so as both sexes, we resist.

– Aidhan

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9 Responses to The Jewish Attack on our Families. Overlooked Points About Feminism, The Jewish Genocidal Strategy.

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This is a really good post. I agree pretty much with everything you say. The sad thing is that so many women out there do not realize that they are being used as pawns by the Jews. White motherhood has been denigrated. White women who dare reproduce are denigrated. If you are an attractive, smart White Woman, you are EXPECTED to be out doing the daily grind at some over glorified shit job so that you can work as a tax slave to fund all the social welfare programs engineered by the Jews. Concurrently, you are to dress in tight clothes and screw like a porn star. Sorry for the vulgarity here, but the truth is not always pretty.

    I used to teach and be a school counselor. I chose education because I figured the hours would be conducive to raising a family – boy was I wrong! Instead the profession unfolded into a glorified babysitting and ‘make feel good’ institution to house, clothe, and feed the masses of turd worlders invading America. Forget encouraging literacy. The hours in the education profession grew longer and the work less rewarding. Finally at 33, I said ‘eff this’ and went out and had kids. My so called ‘career’ has been a mish mash of jobs here and there- for about three years I was able to work from home doing consulting, but my situation compared to many Working White women my age is not the norm.

    I have read studies that state that nearly half of Gen X women are childless BUT those women who are having kids are having three to four children, which is more than the average of their Boomer counterparts.

    I almost drank the whole container of the ‘Jew Kool Aid’, but stopped short. Yeah, I am a single mom, but I did they to date out there but many American White Men have had their erotic templates skewed from the watching too much Talmudvision and Hew Tube Porn. Many American White Men are looking for some Porn Tron that does not exist. Many have homo erotic tendencies from watching hyper masculinized White Women receive anal on Jew Porn and so now anal sex is now expected in hetero relationships.

    It is crazy here in the psycho-social-sexual trenches in Amurkistan! White women who have more than one child are looked at with disdain and are openly called ‘breeders’ – I have heard this from friends and have experienced the hostility myself…. Yet I am not yielding to the Soft Genocide that the Jew is attempting to purport on the White Race, specifically the Nords.

    I never fully comprehended the extent of Jewish anti Nordicism until I had children. I have had Jews do double takes and gawk when they see me out with my kids – it was then that I sensed their quest for genocide of the Nords. It was an intuitive and almost gutteral sense that I ‘felt’ from these Hebes as they stared at my kids.

    I refuse to let myself or my kids associate with any Jews because they are malintended when it comes to White People, the goy as they call us.

    As it stands, the White Race can make it or break it in the 21st century. Those of us that can ‘see’ must have kids, whether we are married legally or not. We just have to do what we have to do in whatever manner it takes to do it. Those who are brainwashed into ‘Jew Think’ will scorn us and will just have to endure this.

    We must elevate White and Nordic motherhood and do everything possible to encourage homemaking as something to which aspire. We must look out for our White Children and other White Children. We must support people who do have white kids even if we ourselves do not have any. We must use the social safety nets put in place in the White Nations to produce and support as many White Children as possible in place of fighting the Welfare State – we should use the current anti White zeitgeist strategically to our advantage.

    • antisemitenordicist says:

      Totally agree – womanhood is about supporting your family, providing guidance and emotional support. As for nordic survival, it is very important that we preserve the racial purity of the nordic race.

  3. Tina says:

    I agree with most of this. I have experienced this and have read about it. The denigration of women in the US started with Hugh Hefner and his Playboy magazine. Current authors have explored the magazine, pointing out that the Playboy magazine articles, starting in the late 50s and early 60s SPAT on housewives. Yes, that’s right. On HOUSEWIVES. They wrote snarky articles, asking if any of their readers would like to ‘earn $50,000.00 a year’ Then they would go on to say, ‘then be a housewife’. Meaning that she had her husband’s salary at her complete disposal, while she did nothing at all.

    They went on and on, putting the stay-at-home Mom down. That’s how it started. Do you think housewives felt denigrated by that? Yes, they did. And it was MEN doing it.

    But I want to point out something else crucial to this. Remember that many of the 50s housewife’s jobs were by then, automated.

    What I mean is women no longer had to use a wringer for washing clothes and hanging them up to dry- you had a complete washer/dryer by then. By the 50s, they had frozen dinners, Perma-Press clothes: you no longer had to starch and iron; fully electric fridges, vacuum cleaners, etc.
    And the kids were in a government-run school all day. What was she to do all day? Remember, a housewife was an artificial construct, as were the suburbs she lived in.

    Aidhan, let me contrast the housewife, with the FARMWIFE. In fact let me stack the deck a little: the 50s housewife vs the 30s Farmwife.

    The 30s farmwife (probably) home-schooled and raised the kids and they did chores on the farm. She raised the family’s vegetables that she planted and harvested. She cooked, canned, preserved and dried those vegetables (maybe Aussies call it bottling, not sure). She raised the small animals: chickens, geese, ducks, pigs, sheep, and goats. She milked the goats and dairy cows for the family. Made all cheeses (husband raised and herded the big animals). Raised bees, planted and pruned fruit trees. She sewed and mended the family clothing.
    Why? Because she had to.

    But notice, you would still have to do those things today, if you lived on a FAMILY FARM.

    There is no beating the family farm.

    But if you’re stuck in the suburbs, then have your wife HOME-SCHOOL her kids; there is no finer education than that, and we all know the horrors that await a white child at a gov’t – run school. The husband is gonna have to work like a dog to be able to afford to keep her there.

    Remember, homeschooling takes very little time each day, compared to the all-day affair of public schooling: there are no interruptions, no stupid mandatory meetings, where the administrators snot off at the mouth at the kids, no black kids going violent; just you and your children.

    But notice also: the kids win, and SHE wins cause she’s doing meaningful stuff, not sitting on her ass watching soap operas, or going to endless coffee klatches, which is all they had in the 50s.

    If we get back to the farm, the family is TOGETHER; the husband has the most honorable profession there is, so does the wife; the kids are together with their parents; they are safe (yes, the cow can kick them in the head, but that’s better than being raped by a black human animal); they work together with the rest of the farming community. The kids learn about LIFE that way.

    Aidhan- THAT’S what I’d call ‘woman’s work’. Real woman’s work.

    • antisemitenordicist says:

      I Don’t think that there is anything wrong with a woman doing work, so long as it is in the scheme of her raising her family, certainly the way it is now with the Jews, making women act like men, because they are so oppressed by men, is sickening and unnatural, they think they are like men, they are entirely different by nature, and the Jews, being a sick and vile disease, have completely reversed this natural intuition. The Nordisches have suffered beyond both words and numbers, something that requires rectification seriously.

    • Paladin Justice says:

      Tina certainly has her thinking cap on with this comment. I’m going to look up Hefner’s playboy philosophy and see if I can critique it on my site. That old Jew was certainly a liar doing the devil’s work.

    • I intend replying to these comments at length but I have been exceptionally busy with work and my home farm. There are no excuses for one to send their children to school when they are controlled by Jews. As a house on some acres in the country is the same price as a house in the suburbs there is no real excuse to be in the suburbs either.

      I particularly like what you have stated here that the family is TOGETHER. This must be our plans for the future. We need to forge our White Elite, and resettle our folk.

    • You are absolutely correct!

      There is no excuse for ‘frozen dinners’ and no excuse for television! How so very typically American.

      Hugh Hefner is a Jew, he admitted his goal is to destroy the family. Playboy is absolutely disgusting Jewish trash. Like everything Jewish it promotes dysfunction and abnormality in the goyim. During the ‘re-education’ of Germany at the end of the war the Jews admitted one of their points was reducing the level of the housewife to disrepute. They think they can engineer us as they like.

      If woman want to work so much they should work on the farm! That is the job for the ‘strong woman’. There is nothing strong about going against an entire sex, listening to an alien race, being completely objectionable and destroying the whole race and community. There is nothing strong about ‘making a point’ about making money and contributing to the dependence on the parasitic Jew.

      Being strong is being feminine, and preserving your inheritance.

      Communal education of children was one point of the Jew Adam Weishaupt in 1776, in his ‘Order of Illuminati’ Conspiracy, (Judaism to dominate the world by stealth, let it never appear in its own name), a prequel to the Communist International Organisations.

      If you let your children go to schools today, it is really the end of the line.

      – Aidhan

  4. ryan sides says:

    Dear God,this is depressing I tried to research statistics,I am looking to relocate into the least minority ,Jew controlled state,but unfortunately it seems that America is pretty much monopolized.Im 33 and my fellow men,and women have been indoctrinated by the filth of kike media scum,with the Mafioso peddelers of their drugs and porn,this country has become a joke.I lived in the Netherlands and for the most part it was an aryan utopia. I was deported due to partying,and immaturity at a younger age,but where is a good site,or meeting place to find a single Godly virtuous Aryan women?I’m thinking church since Nordic pride has now become a dying subculture.But agendas in that environment aren’t always pure.

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