‘Too White, Needs More Diversity’ It has happened to me.

It has happened. It has come to my area. It has been declared as too white, needing more diversity. The powers of racial destruction have come close to home. I see it is going to get particularly uncomfortable in the future, as the niggers move in. The racial decline of the area is now being assisted by the system media. As I have written before the local paper will be happy to see its readership replaced.

I have seen my area decline from what I have heard described over the years as an ‘Anglo Community’ and a ‘German Enclave’ to what I would now consider just a load of sick mentally ill people that walk around the towns. The farmers are getting older, and there must be less young people in every consecutive decade. I have seen evidence of a trickle of individual Jews in the area, and I can see their destructive work. I am even aware of one individual Jew in the local town, and I am aware of the subversive articles he sends weekly into the editorial. A street scene has turned into what I describe as a freakshow. A meal at the pub can be described as a circus. It dawned on me that anyone younger than I must see this is normal. There are now no solely Nordic school groups. Areas with low population density have their higher proportion of German surnames, and as the towns get larger through ‘economic development‘, ‘economic viability‘ and ‘creating new jobs’ as they call it, the area is polluted by the offspring’s of post war southern immigration into Australia, as the cities where their parents lived are recolonised again by Vietnamise, Chinese, Indian and Jungle Creature overfed supply chain dependant stagnates. The primitives roll out like waves, and there is a literal ocean of billions to come yet.

There will be no more areas like this, mine must be one of the last. We must start a Racialist Society now, or risk the time when no member of our race ever comes into contact with any other member of our race, and so never develops his or her character and is able to see any racial difference.

For the time being I live on a farm. How long will it be until they take that off me? I cannot ever imagine my Grandparents being alive here and witnessing what is happening right now.

The Jew is natures defiler, he is a sick and unnatural anti-evolutionary demon and will continue against the instincts of health and life and community until either the people react with righteous wrath and cleanse the Jew from our realm, or the people are killed by the Jew. In years gone by, wherever the Nordic Race has flourished, only the Jew and his mongrels remain. The effects of thousands of years of racial contact with other peoples has been for the Jew, a selection for the most vile and seditious Jew, and a selection for the most base and unintelligent of what other race the Jew happens to be living with. As Dr. William Pierce said ‘nature has made good survivors of them’, the clever, that is the most manipulative and cunning, the Jew able to lie the most convincingly and get away with it, is the Jew that gets out alive and onto the next host. The path of the Jew throughout the years is a perfection of his parasitism. The Jew exerts a degenerate effect on everything and as the years go on becomes better at doing it. Persecution only kills the less adept Jew. The Jew is the ferment of decomposition, and is becoming generation to generation increasingly immune. What our forbears have not finished we must finish.


Now lets dissect tolerance: How can ‘tolerance’ be inspired? Tolerance is forced. If you have to ‘tolerate’ something, it cannot be good. Tolerance is enslavement. It is not anything to be happy about or pleased with. It is a slavish characteristic desired in us by the Jews. We are cattle to them, and we must conform to the breed standard. If I were breeding beef cattle, I would select against any beast that does not move up the race or get out of the truck. Tolerance is dysgenic and means we can’t have anything to do with our environment.

The farmed human being is the mongrel, desired by the system, to maintain its artificial control, for the ‘protection’ of the inferior, for the coming of the Jewish ‘messiahs’. The servile, dumb and contented are rewarded and all others condemned and guilted out of their existence, the Semitic demon Jew calls evil what does not fit his Talmudic protocols.

With regards to Niggers going to school the first question is what is the point? The second thing is that its worse for all the other children that have to put up with the little nigger terror, as we know that they all are. They make everyone behave like them, bringing everybody down to their social level. Then they cry racism to everyone that does not comply.

As soon as there is more than one, say for instance, if there were three, it would be every other child in the school getting ‘bullied’!

The Semitic rag and their emotionalist propaganda won’t be there to report it then!

This paper wants to genocide its entire readership!

Note the stupid woman writers in it, they reckon its all fantastic and they have recently learned all these buzz words!

While the woman that the article is concerned with states ‘we believe a child is not born racist but it is a learned behaviour’ the article later goes on to state that the schools actually follow guidelines to promote inclusiveness and tolerance and that they stage ‘harmony day’ festivals to promote celebrate multiculturalism and diversity; so children are naturally racist and brainwashed and what psychologists call ‘socialised’ out of it. This is blatant hypocrisy. The Germanic tribes used to kill people who thought like this, it was better for the genes.

Couldn’t this woman think of the consequences of her actions which is to have bred with a nigger? She surely knew that these sort of things would happen or would perhaps happen, that her half-caste piccaninny child would perhaps not fit in, not be accepted in a fully ‘white’ school? Is this not idiotic? Why does she pretend not to have known this? She obviously hates her own race, and sees them as valueless. She works for the Jew with zeal, not knowing she does so, for her own self interest, but rest assured I will not have my children go to school with any half apes, and my children will receive a thorough and comprehensive Germanic education with a special emphasis on racial education on the inequality of all life and the natural conditions of the universe, as is so essential for today.

This ‘racism drives little nigger to self harm’ sob story proves exactly that niggers are an inferior race and the Jew is propagating them through their hugely inflated numbers. Racism is natural and is an evolutionary impulse. The complaints by the inferior are merely an expression of inferiority. They naturally feel inferior, and in the case of the father, they all want to breed up. If there were enough white women no nigger would want a nigress of his own and the antiquated but unfortunately numerous and aided nigger race would succumb to being bread out. It is needless to point out that there isn’t and even if there was they would never be anything for us to breed with but, the genetic level of their population would be raised if this natural phenomenon so lusted after by the Negro creatures were to take its course. Not that I suggest this, it is just a scientific fact. The Jews way however is to lower our numbers and increase theirs. What I do suggest is to give them nothing and to not feed them and let them whinge and complain and carry on and eventually they can reduce in number through inability to feed themselves as they are only fauna and eat natural animal populations. They cannot farm without being shown over and over again how.

How can one have ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘inclusiveness’ at the same time. One destroys the other. The Jew waits for the day nobody has the mental faculty left to work this and every other obvious contradiction out.


We get this ‘Christian’ moron every week. I am absolutely CERTAIN no ‘black person’ ever said that. I just have that inkling…

What a surprise no Nigger got his gun out and caused another massacre! That is what we can all expect in not to long where ever you live in the world. Can you really then speak of ‘equality’ Christian?

What is this obsession with freedom, being forced to live around Niggers and having to vote for a ‘representative’ that you know you could do a better job than is not freedom. The free man is a warrior. The fighting farmer.

What have Niggers ever done to prove they are anything near human?
What have ‘whites’ (a term I hate) ever been given to make them ‘privileged’, and how can ‘privilege’ exist for a biological organism, subject to the same laws of nature as everybody else?

Think about it.

I am also sure no ‘white’ ever felt guilty before the end of Apartheid. What ever happened to the ten commandments ‘thou shall not lie’? Does not stop ‘Pastor Bill Wheatland’. If you dislike Apartheid you must think Niggers raping and murdering Afrikaner families is a good idea. You must be a genocidalist.

If Desmond Tutu likes Niggers so much why can’t they all go and live on their own? Because he wants to take from us! So called ‘Christianity’ does nothing to change the true drives of the people, contributing people and subhuman alike. It is a true fact that there were only a few thousand Negroes in the whole of what is geographically South Africa before British and Dutch settlement. It was desert, and a plateau! They mainly moved there as parasites for the free ride!

Once again, evil is anything they don’t like.

Christians are also escapists and want god to sort out all our problems for us. The Jews know he is not going to. Christians are weak.


And this time they get some blow in to prescribe ‘racism’ as an ‘illness’. Another bizarre Christian idiot. Those who grew up in a ‘racist society’ were better off. You would be a mug to not prefer it. You could actually talk to your neighbours and have a conversation down the street. You would actually see people you naturally like. You might actually feel at home in your community. If we end ‘racism’ we end the races. We end everything and eternal misery and stupidity will befall the planet.

The Jews are getting away with the utter degradation and destruction of mankind under the guise of ‘equality’ and stopping racism, and getting away with it (Racism is a word invented by Jewish Bolshevik Mass Murderer Leon Trotsky who wanted to impose Soviet Style Communism on the whole world, not long ago in 1927, and what decline we have seen since!)


The inventer of the term ‘racism’ also suggested mothers eat their own children

Christianity was the necessary prerequisite to both democracy (which is allowing the inferior to rule over you because it would might be ‘mean’ and ‘unfair’ to not allow them to) and Marxism and its offshoot Bolshevism, which is the violent attack on anything higher up through accusations of oppression, and the church has backed the Jew every step of the way!

I have previously written about this paper, including ‘Bills Boomerang’ in the piece How Local Newspaper Wants to Replace all the Locals where Bill tried to tell us in his infinite wisdom that Jews are the same as us because they have eyes, hands, organs and dimensions and that everyone is equal, even though they are different? Figure that one out.

– Aidhan

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18 Responses to ‘Too White, Needs More Diversity’ It has happened to me.

  1. Dark Side of the Moon says:

    These Christian Zionists and these anti-white whites are our biggest enemy. Sadly Nordic, they will not learn until the mooncrickets are at their front door raping and robbing OR maybe never. I can see some of these idiots in their dying breath “oh forgive them lord”.

    I don’t know of any easy answer. I do know you have to be stealth and protect your assets. In public I never ever use my real name, ever. You ONLY have to give your real name if you’re asked to by a peace officer or doing business that requires your real name. Drivers license, etc. Put all items in an LLC. Do it now before they change the laws.

    Negroes and Jews (which I think are light skinned negroes) don’t like really small/ghost towns or places where there are no street lights. There are still small towns all over the country (maybe not for you now in your life but other younger whites) that are groid and jew free.

    • Yes. I absolutely hate them! He and all of them are absolute liars and he should not be allowed to write what he does.

      He obviously does not know, or maybe he does about the thousands of South Africans killed every year by Niggers, the farm murders where gangs of Niggers invade farms and murder entire families in the most savage ways possible to them such as raping the wife while the children watch, then running the bath and drowning the children in scalding water, then writing kill the boer in blood on the walls, then walking away as if nothing happened.

      He must also be unaware that before British and Dutch settlement South Africa was barren like the Australian Outback and only had a few thousand Negroes, Bantu and Zulu tribesmen in certain areas. The overwhelming majority of niggers there today came down from Botswana and other countries in the coming years as parasites to leech. How can he then say then that the whites in 1994 ‘felt guilty for undeserved privilege’ when they created everything they had and had it taken from them!

      How is it freedom in South Africa when the Afrikaners are only eligible for the percentage of jobs that they are in the official population, making them ineligible for practically all job vacancies, no matter how qualified they are or what experience they have, they will pick a nigger over them simply because he is a nigger.

      Actually im sure at his age he would know all of this and chooses to ignore it.

      And I will continue to call them NIGGERS because it’s the most direct and honest name to call them, from the Nigre Latin for black, black person implies that they are people and let’s take away this Christian mindlessness, what have they done to prove that they are people, and what does it mean to be a ‘person’ anyway. I wasn’t raised among them and im never going to make any allowances for them. Im only interested in race and the races should be separate.

      What we need is a planned Nordicist community and a Nordicist Religion. But nobody wants to do that because they are all ‘waiting for system collapse’ or trying to ‘wake up the masses’.

      Good idea you have there, you have got to take your privacy very seriously. They try to form a chain, all the points of ID, drivers license etc, essential for Bank Accounts & address, to phone plan (consequently to internet use), to email address. Even to get a prepaid mobile phone here or prepaid internet you need identification now, and the identification correlates with your drivers license, bank card and everything else.


      • R C says:

        You might want to remember that for two thousands years the Jews were the known and avowed enemies of Christians and Christianity and were known as anti Christs! What you see now is the ever popular “Judeo-Christianity” which is an oxymoron and a contradiction in terms. Don’t be so dumb add to throw the baby our with the bath water. There are tens of thousands of Christian identity members alone who are Christians and can see.

  2. Tina says:

    I escaped Kalifornia and moved to a small Southern town. Much, much whiter. But I see troubling things: one or two Mexicans too many. At least we don’t have people snarling about anything as being ‘too white’; at least not yet. They are trying to replace white Southerners with replacement-level immigration in two neighboring southern states.

    Fight with everything you have. Make as many white babies as you can. Either home school, or have a white person’s house designated as the after-school safe house for white kids to have their culture, where they hang out together after class, do their homework and do white things and relax.

    The Asians do this here in the U.S. If you are questioned, say you have the right to do the same damn thing.

    Are Celtics Nordic?

  3. Yes I would love to make as many white babies as I can but the thing is the women arent interested in me because I won’t follow trends and I won’t change to be like other people.

    I would say these are strong genetic traits but they don’t seem to believe in genetics anymore.

    Celtics is a confusing term for some people as not all celts are Nordic but there are Nordic celts and they were originally Nordic. I answered your question in the comments on https://nordicantisemite.com/2014/09/06/why-white-is-not-good-enough/comment-page-1/#comment-274
    The Nordic blood must be sought from them and we need to use racial terms.

    – Aidhan

  4. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Somehow racially aware Whites must connect. The Internet blogosphere is the first step. The next is to create a network, not only for us, but for our kids.

    As far as reproducing, I can tell you from experience that many women are looking for Nord / Germanic / Celtic types. Any racially aware white male in his youth should donate his sperm to a bank on a consistent basis. I would advertise on Craigs List as well. Sounds crazy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We have to get utilitarian and seek on traditional methods for ensuring the survival of our race.

    Side note: when I was looking for donors, my first choice was a guy with 100% German ancestry, blonde haired blue eyed, and was a surgeon. He had a waiting list of women. My point in mentioning this is that women want Nords and/or Whites, it’s there is a certain amount of cock blocking going on at present via DieVersity and White Genocide. Freeze your genetic material. Donate eggs/sperm. Think outside the box!

    • antisemitenordicist says:

      Yes if only i could pump my dark blonde hair and blue eyes into millions of nordic women, well me, and the millions of other pure nordic males.

  5. Tina says:

    Aidhan: I didn’t see where I could send you a private message. But I can say this here. You probably already know this, but I just read a comment from an Australian commenter on the ‘StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLike blog. Dated today at 3:04 AM, commenter Mary Kilderry says that Queensland Australia is being inundated with WHITE refugees from South Africa, UK and Scandinavia.

    Aidhan: that is your WHITE ACTIVIST ARMY right there: they have already been screwed in the butt by DIVERSITY. They KNOW what’s up.

    You need to contact them and work out a program; they DON’T have to be convinced. They are your help.

  6. Tina says:

    Oh, one more thing. Her name, Mary Kilderry, was highlighted in blue; which means you can contact her directly by hitting her name.

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  9. OriginalGermanic says:

    @Nordic Anti Semite

    Question: Have you heard about, “Telegonie”?

    An interesting topic in context of “breeding” and purity.

    • I have heard about this and it scares me quite a bit.

      I have heard of studies where some kosher system ‘scientists’ found that a variable small percentage of dna could be coming from previous sexual partners of the woman, but we would need to do these studies ourselves in our own Nordicist institutes to find out the truth.

      What do you know about this?

      If it is true or if it has a potential to be true then that means there is more to it with what we always knew to be important, the selection of virgins.

      • OriginalGermanic says:

        I had an experience related to dogs.

        A friend of mine had an Australian Shepard bitch. I had a Rough Collie. The Aussie bitch and my Collie had “fun”. My friend took her bitch immediately to a vet to get an abortion. One and a half year later, the bitch got puppies from a pure Australian Shepard stud dog. And … believe it or not, three of the puppies looked like my Rough Collie.

        A half year after her first puppies the bitch got pregnant again, from an unknown male. No one knew when it was happened (my friend lives on the countryside). This time it was too late to stop the pregnancy.

        The bitch gave birth to 8 puppies. Two were dead already, three looked like her Dalmatian dad, two looked mixed up and one looked like my Rough Collie. Two of the Dalmatian were deaf. The reason was the high white-factor of the Dalmatian male and the Aussie bitch (my Collie had a high white-factor too).

        I’m not sure if this is typically but I’ve heard from different breeders that a valuable bitch will loose her worth if she met with a dog of a foreign breed.

        Honestly, “Telegonie” is highly controversial and no one will grab the iron, but – maybe – it’s the proof that there is a grain of truth.

        Quote, unknown source:

        That’s the reason why owner of purebred puppies should insist to get a DNA paternity test.

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