Marxism on the White Side: A Subhuman Infiltration into European Future

Walpurgishalle - Wolfgang Willrich

Walpurgishalle – Wolfgang Willrich

This piece is written for today, it is pertinent and is a warning to my Germanic Folk and Nordicist Community. It is related to and almost a follow on from the previous piece Why White is not Good Enough. Together they are a necessary reaction to the derangement and absurdity of our times.

Within the internet ‘white nationalist movement’ lately, there has been a lot of whining by barely white people, desperate to be included. The infection of Marxism or subhumanity has already infected large portions of the so called ‘white race’, they are now presently speaking even for the pro white side. Marxism and equality (the destruction of greatness) has come to and infected very strongly the ‘pro white movement’, and it seems once you are white, that is where the new equality begins. It is being entertained now by many figures.


Not all is what it seems

This levelling of the ‘white nationalist movement’ is a result of teeming mongrels who think they are European even though there is negligible European in their genes. They seek to amalgamate with us, and ride on our backs, like the scorpion on the frog. The history of Europe is much more Nordic than it is now, and the primal white race is the Nordic Race. The aristocracy all over Europe was Nordic, Nordics were responsible for all the high culture, and these fell as mongrelisation set in. You are not preserving the European person without the European man, the Nordic man. All others are invaders. The other races suffer from inferiority complexes, are arrogant and vengeful and would like to annihilate us like the Jews do. They seem to not be able to do anything on their own without having the Nordics also conform down to their ever lowering standards.

There has been mongrelisation with Asiatic Subhumans, and Negro Beasts. These features can be seen in the majority of the latest generation of ‘whites’, that have headed to the internet.

Today the mongrels are blaming the Nordic race for spreading division. They are not the same race as us, and this is obvious or else they would be Nordicists. The lower races and mixtures are consciously attempting to destroy the Nordic Race using the excuse that ‘we all need to band together to fight the Jew’. These mixed whites have of-coarse, suffered against the Jew as well, but if they feel offended by Nordicism, they are serving the Jew, in the devolution of humankind.

The Nordic Race is the most highly evolved and specialised race, and the race most furthest away from the apes. The Germanic People are as a group, the latest wave of Nordic Population, and most modern Nordics are descendants of this ‘wave’ of Nordic history. There has however been communities and still is Nordic individuals in other sub-denominations, take for instance culturally Celtic people, and the many cultures in Europe spanning back 20,000 years that were Nordic. Its the Nordic blood that is the valuable blood. Today the Germanic people best embody this, and until a relatively recent time the German nation held the largest volume of best preserved Nordics. Most older waves have died out in their descendancy, through war, murder or racial mixing. This ancient and noble race, this subspecies, with its Nordic face, the descendant of Cro-Magnon, the highest evolved Humanoid ever.

cromagnon nordic preserved

Madison Grant wrote the most comprehensive history of the Nordic Race and and its decline in the last few thousand years. If people on the internet will not read the books, and will not educate themselves, and argue instead, when the science and the history has been thoroughly researched and much of which in cultural terms, language terms and archaeological terms was widely known when people received classical educations, they are proving they may not possess Nordic scientific spirit. The ability to enquire and learn and think and ability to change your mind once you learn more. It is dogmatic to peddle the same nonsense that White is White is White.

People need to be taught their racial history, or they wont know they have something to preserve.

I have Grants second book, The Conquest of a Continent in real print, found it in an antiquarian bookshop in Adelaide and The Passing of The Great Race as ebook. Grant made a valuable record of European history in terms of our racial history, that today we can all look at, and we are fools if we don’t, to increase our understanding of where people who think like us have come from.


Madison Grant

In those days there was a huge biological eugenic movement not just in Germany but in America as well, as the dogmas, stupid religion and customs were being discarded through science, race could be proven again better. Through both religion (Jewish) and liberal thinking (Jewish) the Jews poisoned the naturally healthy instincts of the people. Liberal dogmas left over from the French Revolution in which the inferior deliberately conspired to and murdered the superior segment of the population, and brought in doctrines such as equality of all and that there are no inherited differences in humanity that cannot be obliterated by education and environment, natural racism had been weakened and suppressed through tolerance and misguidedness by listening to the ill deceit of the Jew, passed off as assumed fact. At this time in the late 19th and early 20th centuries science was finally becoming able to prove what we had already known naturally, and the instinct was finally strengthened as dogmas could be shed away to the point where human inequality and the necessity to stop the decline was again becoming a dominant world-view. It looked then as though the decline and eventual doom of our race could be averted.


Then the Jews did what they did to Germany, and thus submerged it again. They fabricated the holocaust and now that new dogmatic ‘religion’, an extension on the Jewish hold over our souls has again submerged racial thinking.

A Nordic woman from Deutschland

A Nordic woman from Deutschland

These men however in the early 20th century in America and Briton, Galton and Grant, Ripley and Coon (although these two strictly classifying race and racial difference and not making superior-inferior, higher-lower distinctions) and formerly even Darwin and the French de Gobineau, scientists in Germany such as Hans F.K. Gunther, Eugen Fischer on race and Alfred Rosenberg (on history) among many others before them such as Ernst Haeckel wrote some of the best science ever on race, heredity and history and they proved everything they said. True researchers not like today where everything known formally is disregarded as ‘racist’ and popularily enforced by the multitude of mongrels that would get offended by it.

There has been an immense historical conspiracy to mongrelise the race!

The holocaust hoax was the Jewish way of shutting everybody up again after a partial revival had occurred through a scientific understanding of race and inheritance, so that they could go in for the final and biggest kill.

It is a war, Jews against the Gentiles. It has been this way for 6000 years, since they destroyed the Sumarians. The Nordics are the Gentiles before the Jews get the mongrelisation to herd animal started. The Jews mobilise the subhuman multitude. Accusations of racism come against normal and intelligent people, the Jews media forms a mouthpiece of devolutionary degenerate thought. Accusations of ignorance come from those lower down, to disrupt and confuse the independent Nordic Race, to try to kill us off. The Jews Freud and Wilhelm Reich investigate ‘childhood sexuality’. Frankfurt School expands from Freud to say that the family creates authoritative figures and fascist characters that will result in another holocaust. They destroy our families. For Jews to survive, we have to die. It is the way it has always been. We can’t have families, or they might die. Sympathy for the parasite results in death for the host.

Now it seems, the consequences of Jewish mongrelisation and the leveling and destructive Jewish spirit has infected the other side too.

Alfred Bernert “Gleichklang”

Alfred Bernert “Gleichklang”

For a recent similarly themed article see

– Aidhan

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21 Responses to Marxism on the White Side: A Subhuman Infiltration into European Future

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I identify with this piece on a lot of levels.
    My mom is Slavic, but my dad is a Nord. Overall, I look like a Nord.
    My whole life I feel that I have been a target and after finding the WN blogs I understand why. I have been targeted not only by Blacks and Jews, but by other Whites as well due to Anti Nordicism, which I could not articulate until I found your blog and Chechar’s The West’s Darkest Hour.
    I could not find any Nords with whom to procreate and keep my Nord genes going, so I did the donor route. My donor is Norwegian and German. Yeah buddy.
    I wanted a Nord and I got my Nord! There is more than one way to skin the cat!

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Falla_PENITENT says:

    I am also a Nordicist, although I have come to realize this is really not the time to arrogantly dismiss other European Nationalists. I for example greatly respect Golden Dawn even though I am a Nordicist. Sure some of them look pure mongrel and sure Nordics are the creators of the Indian, the Persian, the Greek-Roman cultures, as well as mainly the European and American cultures, but nevertheless most Greeks are still Europeans of good Aryan stock.

    We should also recognize the fact Greeks and other Aryans in the Balkans have through chronic warfare with the subhumans indirectly defended Nordic purity. Historically we find many examples of this magnanimity in the Southern-European Aryans. Golden Dawn heroically continue this legacy with their great struggle against the Jews and their pawns. For this reason I find it despicable to undervalue Greeks or other true to the end Aryans.

    Apart from that I wholeheartedly agree we must dedicate ourselvess to secure the existence and embetterment of the Nordic race eugenically.

    • antisemitenordicist says:

      i totally agree with your post bloke, but let me say this, i saw a documentary on golden dawn here in australia some time ago, the reporter asked a greek golden dawn member ‘ what does it mean to be a nazi? ‘ to which he replied ‘ go back to germany in 1933 and ask them ‘. We all know the NSDAP was centrefold on the concept of the ‘ ARYAN RACE ‘ which was a tern they used instead of NORDIC, all ARYANS portrayed by the NSDAP had blonde hair and blue eyes and where nordic. Check out my nordic site at Cheers.


    • Thankyou for your post, I agree. The thing is though, you have got mongrel commenters on sites such as the Daily Stormer, that are supposed to represent us, writing in their comments that they are going to give up ‘White Nationalism’ because Nordicists won’t accept them and all this rubbish, then the old ‘Germanics are Barbarians and stole everything from the Romans and Greeks’ lie. So they curse us and then say we have to integrate with them! What is another race that pushes integration onto everyone? Jews! They don’t have the Talmudic Doctrines, the ‘religion’ holding them together, or the negative selection for criminal traits like the Jews do, but like all ‘mixed races’ they resent higher types, and they, while often being nationalists, often can’t get past this.

      Ofcoarse you can guess which women they prefer though! Why do they have to bring us down to their level? It’s a psychological phenomenon and is all part of the curse that is mongrelisation. It reminds me of that book Der Untermensch, Nordland Verlag 1942.

      I am all for the Golden Dawn and an end to the decline of their race but not at my expense. If only they (the internet people, not the Golden Dawn) had the maturity not to push their mongrel mentality of whiteness to the rest of the peoples, along with their version of history in which they are actually better than us (their made up version that, according to their complaining, we must all abide by or we are ‘spreading division’), all constructive races could work together with a realisation of their own identity. But as always it’s the Nordic Race that has to put our foot down and keep everything in check, or else the world be engulfed by mongrelisation, stupidity and degeneracy.

      Im not interested at all in internet people or what they think, but I know that its influencing people.


    • “I for example greatly respect Golden Dawn even though I am a Nordicist”. So you are not a real nordicist…that is..a real supporter of the aryan race. You like gold dawn so you like laitn people, laitn mentality and then you are not a real nordicist but a big lier. … ” Sure some of them look pure mongrel and sure Nordics are the creators of the Indian, the Persian, the Greek-Roman …” AHAHAH NO! you’re total wrong. 1) they all are latin mongrels 2)Nordics have not been creators of those cultures/subcivilizations. Nordics have created nordic culture only and nordic high civilization.

      “We should also recognize the fact Greeks and other Aryans ” …You are full wrong here too. You are very confused. Greeks are not aryans. Greeks are a Group of latin mongrels. Dinarics. Aryans are only the nordics…that is…the germanics.

      “…and other Aryans in the Balkans ” .. WHAT ??? There are NO aryans in the Balkans.

      “Golden Dawn heroically continue this legacy with their great struggle against the Jews..” ..Arabs too…so must we be aliated and brothers with arabs ???? Gold Dawns are latins (that is mongrels), mediterranean type of people, dinarics. They are not aryans because they are not germanic (Nordics). So they are foreigners for us.

      “… Greeks or other true to the end Aryans” …AGAIN… Greeks are NOT aryans cause they are not Nordics (germanics). They are latins ..they are mediterranean subrace (dinaric subrace) so they are NOT aryans. There’re not any nordic in Greece…so we are not interested about that Land. It’s like if you talk to me about Indonesia, Somalia or Philippines. The same feeling about.

      • OriginalGermanic says:

        What about?

        The Nordic Race
        The Mediterranean Race
        The Dinaric Race
        The Alpine Race
        The East Baltic Race

        Hans F. K. Günther described them as features of different germanic tribes.

        In Hitler Germany you’ve gotten an Aryan certification with east baltic, alpine, dinaric or nordic features.

      • 1) Mediterranean and dinaric are the same one and they are not a race BUT a Subrace. They are not a real race cause they are a mix by different geentic groups on the contrary of the Nordic race (Germanic race). 2) Aryans are only the Nordics (Germanics). Mediterranean and slavics and Others you have wrote here are NOt aryans. Aryan race = Nordic race only. Hitler and the Whole all Third Reich were ONLY for the Nordic race (Germanic Race).
        Think over.

      • mediterranans (dinarics) and east baltics are NOT a race but a subrace. They are NOT aryans. Aryans = nordics only.

      • The Mediterranean Race is largely niggerised today and hardly in existence, especially in the Mediterranean area. The purest Mediterraneans today are on the British Isles. Mediterranean traits are dominant over and replace Nordic traits so how can they be the same race?

        The Dinaric Race is completely foreign and in most cases people are dealing with Nordics with partial dinaricisation, not true Dinarics, who as I say are a completely foreign race.

        The Alpine Race is completely foreign.

        The East Baltic Race is not a race but a look that is common to Nordic x Alpine crossbreeds.

        Hans F.K. Günther described them as various undesirable admixtures various Germanic Tribes had picked up, not the true original features of the tribes themselves.

  4. I think you should show the full cephalic index map for it to make better sense:

    I.e. it doesn’t really show who is more Nordic and who is less, as the apes in sub-saharan Africa have a similar index to the Scandinavian Nordics.

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  6. CM says:

    I enjoy chatting with you at daily stormer. I just measured my cephalic index at 77.7. Assuming I did it right, kinda hard using a yardstick.

  7. Jacob Strauss says:

    Couldn’t have said it better

  8. Nordic Goths says:

    Where there any other Nordic tribes in history besides the Celtic or Germanic waves.

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