Nordic Anti Semite Radio 9/9/2014

christine Nevervik

Hosts Aidhan & Mark.player

We talk about the Jews policy of international mongrelisation, how mongrelisation is thoroughly Jewish. We talk about Jewish dysgenics and ‘killing the best of the gentiles’. We discuss how the Government and the entire system is parasitic and favours Jews and takes from us in continual anti-natural parasitic redistribution. We discuss Jewish poisoning of food, the Jewish medicating of vast segments of the population to genetically defile us and increase dependence, their policies of urbanisation and getting rid of the farming instinct or the capacity to be self sufficient. Their breeding of a herd animal for their Jewish world domination and tyranny and the impending destruction of all intelligence that is left.

We discuss ideas such as a money making venture and again as always Nordic Autonomy for the future.

There is unfortunately a playback issue with voice overlay from about an hour and a half in where I am speaking before my time but it is still all audible.

As discussed on the program, here is the Dr. William L. Pierce Archive; 630 audio files, over 265 hours of; Dr. William L. Pierce

And my apologies, as it was actually President Coolidge who signed the Immigration Restriction Act with Madison Grant.

 – Aidhan

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8 Responses to Nordic Anti Semite Radio 9/9/2014

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    The peasant girl from lower Saxony, she is an extremely pure Nordic strain, i think it’s interesting how the peasantry in southern Germany is so extremely Nordic, Wolfgang wilrich recognized this.

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  3. Gorm says:

    Aidhan, this intro music… It is truly magnificent. What is it called? It makes me imagine, The guardian and eternal husband of mother nature shows himself for the first time in modern memory. The Great White Nord emerging from the sea and into the fjord. Washing away all the degeneracy and filth while bringing his human sons and daughters to safety. They look upon him In a mixture of fear and amazement. Instantly they realize that they are connected to this divine being by blood. That they themselves are gods. He looks upon with serious and sharp glance, then gives them a slight smile in approval for he knows that they are quickly realizing the truth about who they are. Kinsman. Thank you, so very much for posting this.

  4. Gorm says:

    Thank You Kinsman! I am proud to have found this side. I agree to pretty much everything i have heard or read so far from it.

    I have listened to renegade-broadcasting for a long time and i do recommend checking it. They have great quantities of good stuff there, though they are a bit too soft in my oppinion, And they do not really recognize substantial differences between ”Whites”. Maybe its an American thing. But that IS a problem. If a Roman breeds with a Nord. Nordic blood will be corrupted.

    There is also the issue about speaking clearly of what exactly we are going to do, to defeat this Enemy. They are afraid, the law will put them down. It appears that you are bit more daring, if i am not mistaken of couse? Maybe we need something more strategic? Do you know any places for this? What is your oppion?

    I am unsure about what your guest, means when he says god. Generally i do not think Monotheism especially abrahamic, does suite us north folk the least bit. Do you agree to this?

    Thank You for your respond, I hope you and your kind, keep up the excellent struggle.
    Hail Truth and Hail Victory.

    • Was on Renegade a year ago on ‘Hardon Radio’ with John Hardon, Brett Light and Mark.

      I have no regard for any law of any inferior race. The Nordic Race will live that way or not live at all. We will take a core and shake them off.

      I believe in a new Nordic Society. A Nordic Trust, Nordic land buyups, a Nordic Council and permanent leases guaranteeing farmsteading. A self sufficient Nordic Race living out of the system breeding up into a multitude.

      The Nordic Council deals externally, it owns the land and guarantees permanent leases to the settlers.

      The Nordic Council is made up of perhaps 5 or 6 fanatical visionaries and they pool their money in a ‘Nordic Trust’ and buy what an individual would never be able to, as wages are set to consumables.

      The system is continual redistribution from our race to the others, suppressing us and breeding up illegitimate mongrels. It exists to preserve the parasite. It is world wide undermining the independence of peoples, it exists for that specific purpose. So we must detach and create something for ourselves.

      As we create an alternative, they will come.

      We can start a ‘new order’ by recognising other autonomous communities for example Orania.

      We take those strong enough to survive, and we leave the rest who won’t notice anything to suffocate in the system.

      There is no excuse to stay in the system. We go on to create the Nordic Race of the future.


  5. Gorm says:

    Wow. That sounds good.

    I don’t know how much is lost in Denmark… My old Fatherland.

    We’ve become so soft.
    It’s sometimes a struggle to maintain mental health.

    We still have some nordic females.
    They are generally complete racetraitors though.

    How should a noble nord aproach her?
    Do you know of any good articles?

    Thank you once again for responding.

  6. Gorm says:

    Oh yeah, i see, If you don’t already know how to treat our sleeping valkyries then you do not deserve any one of them. Right?

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