Why White is not Good Enough

Today I write my own article, cite no sources and make my position known on why White is not good enough. The fact is that White Nationalism has turned into a kind of Multiculturalism for White People. I am a Nordicist. I know that the Nordic Race originally had a monopoly on strength, intelligence and beauty, but lost these attributes through union with inferior races. The Nordic Race is the foundation of every great culture on the earth. Nordicism has also been called by some authors ‘true-whitism’.

Peasant Girl from Lower Saxony – Wolfgang Willrich 1935

Peasant Girl from Lower Saxony – Wolfgang Willrich 1935

Normal White People? Stuff Them! What is the obsession with ‘Normal White People’? They are not my race, they are mixed regardless of what their defendants say and stupider than the Jew already, they won’t realise this. Of coarse they curse Nordicism. How many times has one of us been told (over the internet) that we are being divisive, and it is a ‘Jew Tactic’, and that by saying this we are all Jews. In real life you would tell these people that they are not really White, even though they think they are. White is not a race, what it has turned into today in the minds of the ‘Whites’ is a devolved mixture of all kinds of disharmonic traits throwing up many kinds of characteristics from wildly different less developed origins, many primitive ones in place of original Nordic ones. This can be seen as an infusion of non European into the European that is now accepted by many in the white crowd as European. We know that you have got to be Nordic or predominately so. This is the only way to truly preserve the White Race. Their version of ‘preserving the White Race results in non of the original ‘White Race’ being left. If all of the ‘White Race’ bread together, we would become Wogs.

The ‘White Race’ has been in a state of devolution for a long time.

Many believe today, white is white is white, it is like Marxism repackaged, equality in White people. This fallacy will result in further racial decline, as there is no equality in individuals! They are also brainwashed, their only division is White and then, all the Non-Whites and their categories and of coarse the anti-race, the decomposer, the Jew.

Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP and many concerned people knew years ago that the White race had been in a physical and mental and spiritual decline for generations already, with inferior out-breeding superior, and idiocy and insanity taking hold in large segments of the population.

These segments now, according to their graphs, are pretty much 90 or 95 percent by now if current trends continued. As we look around ourselves today, we can see, that they were right!




Strong healthy Nordic Race being outbread by degenerates, most of the modern ‘white race’.

You can see a big difference in the mind and mentality between the Nordic Race and people who think they are ‘White’ just by reading cretinous comments like this below.

It is arrogance like that plus the one I have seen here from the Nordicist crowd that is making my attitude dangerously close to changing from:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children; Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”


I am White but I am not Nordic so I don’t give a fuck; And will not Until Nordics start giving a fuck about me and my Folk.”

I would say to this person; ‘you be white I’ll be Nordic, Ill preserve the Nordics, stop being a parasite. As we can easily observe, mongrelisation is a curse that causes mental deficiencies. There is no logic and no intelligence with ‘not giving a fuck’.

This is one example of many thousands since the creation of the internet. This mongrel swine attempts to tie his fate into the fate of the Nordics and bring us down with him. He is a parasite on us and says we must ‘accept him’. Psychologically this sharp difference in thinking shows a division between ubermensch and untermensch. Who has the strength to say no your are scum and who is a grovelling bastard who gets offended by Nordicism? The inferior demand acceptance, and the superior says no, this is an eternal law of evolution. This only goes to show the inferior mongrel psyche. The mongrel once born has a psyche that is corrupt, it will only destroy.

These so called ‘Whites’ are just racial inferiors and they prove it by not being so specific with their understanding of themselves, their classifications and what they want. They have no consistent traits among them as they are not a race, the only thing that survives with them may be the white skin and even that they make many allowances on. They make allowances for everything that they are, which is not much. They have no definable traits and no definable type. There has been a dysgenic trend that includes a major infusion of admixtures, a reduction is skull length, an infantalisation process, and a general mongrelisation process where the inferior and least progressive has predominated in every mix. What they take pride in was long ago and not of people who looked like them at all. If they were to go back in a time machine even 50 years, they would see the adults of their time looking vastly superior and more Nordic than themselves.

These so called ‘Whites’ are so desperate to be included by us and the end result of that is they destroy us. They take credit for all our achievements and go mad when you make stricter classifications and they express their inferiority.

White is not a race, it is a term that excuses their mongrelisation.

The SCIENTIFIC PROOF that we are not one race is what happens when we breed together!

Mongrels hate Nordicism, and it (the Nordic) is a real race, unlike ‘White’. Most ‘White’ people are mixed racial shit with no reliable traits. It appeals to subhuman whites where as Nordicism appeals to the superior Germanic people. The mongrels will shed no tears and neither notice nor care when we die out, and they will think they have preserved the white race!

Wolfgang Willrich

By Wolfgang Willrich

If anyone seriously wants to preserve the white race, they cannot pretend that the primal White race is not the Nordic race, and that the mongrels prove they are mongrels by their lack of specificness. The mongrels cannot even state what the traits are that they love about the ‘white race’ so much.

So, where does that leave us. The Nordic Race will push for a state, and the others that take credit for our achievements can so to, but they will quickly find they are useless, worse than and more mixed than the original Slavs and the first thing they would do is fire up their computers again and go back to their virtual reality, which really is their culture, and really is all they are good for.

 – Aidhan

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297 Responses to Why White is not Good Enough

  1. Germanicslav says:

    “Rhesus negative is most likely a recessive gene being 40% of Aryans have both pair’s of the genes, then there would be at least another 40% of the population who would be carriers of one of the genes. In the past the rise of the Rh -ve gene was inhibited by the mothers own immune system aborting fetuses after the mother had the first babe, those babes with +ve blood after wards would be attacked by the rhesus -ve immune system.

    Now there are two ways of thinking, the old one restrictionist, I just thought up a hypothesis for Rh -ve bloods future rise. Based on the same rise of the recessive blue eye genes. 😊 Basically the more people with Rh -ve recessive genes being born now because of the anti d revolution. Which bumps up the number of Rh -ve peoples being born. So my grandchildren have a greater chance of having Rh -ve blood, even though there parents are +ve, being they have the recessive genes. So this basically means more Rh +ve parents in the future will have Rh-ve kids. Does that make sense to you? The game changer is the anti-d as it gives the Rh-ve genes the same presence as blue eyes. So it should be an exploding gene pool…..”

  2. Warlord says:

    Obama signed into Law The Care Act (Research) to cure Cancer and AMAPOLO OPIOIDS Addiction cure (Herion Addiction Cure)….More Missing Kids with Rh Negative to be used in Stem Cell Research;also for for many things like Dementia …Alheimers…Missing Kids with Rh negative… numbers will rise like crazy..keep your eyes on the kids….Yeah this War has been going a long long time…THE KIKES with their GOLEM RH POSITIVES that they use as their weapons of mass destruction to kill off all Rh Negative Nordics…

  3. Phillip says:

    How are we to stop this degenerate filth from destroying everything I, as a white, see them destroying. There are net enough bullets.

  4. Germanicslav says:

    Another Nordic Woman practicing such things as herbalism and yoga killed via Golum Groundtrooper:


    “A 29-year-old evil spawn of the mythological “Strong Black Single Mother”. Yeah right. He hails from Upper Marlboro out in Prince Ghetto county and his “momma” probably got him diagnosed with a disability young such that she could “get a check” so she could make ends meet in between blowing ghettofied “white boyz” who cannot get head from Everyday White Grrrls anymore because the Old and Debauched messed that game up and “played out da wimenz”. He has probably been in ghetto special education since age 3 and was doped on ADHD meds to help his mom out with parenting Whatever. He is the perfect pawn in the Kike war on the “Witchy White Women” who in place of donning on oodles of makeup and spending thousands of dollars on faux ugly boobies like the JAPs actually take up natural healthy things like yoga and herbalism. Yikes say the kikes! She is not playing “the game!”. Burn ‘dat White Bitch at the stake!

    This negro was not intelligent enough or coherent enough to do this on his own without some coaxing. This was a “hit” done on Christmas Day to let the Witches know that they need to stay in their place.

    This drama brought to you by The Land of The Free that gave nog males like this waste of flesh the right to vote before “white” European women.

    Fuck you America”

    • Germanicslav says:

      The present details of the case do not fit. She was targeted and this was planned. The nog was just a fall guy.

      She was Witchified by someone who saw her and her presence out in the world as a threat.

      Recall that in the Middle Ages plenty of European women were targeted as “witches” and burned at the stake because they threatened the Establishment, that being The Church, which was run by Pedos Posing as Protective Patriarchs.

      Her apartment was located on North Capitol street where one could easily track her comings and goings. She was an unconventional woman who was “outside the box”. She did not paint herself up nor don fake titters. She did not seek out male attention, but fostered a communal spirit with women via yoga and herbalism. What a witch!!!!

      And the meanies in silence sing to themselves “ding dong the witch is dead.”

  5. Warlord says:

    JOHN TODD said Rohtchilds used Celtic Gaelic Witches and Warlocks to control world…I have read that the Salem Witches were good white witches and were killed by the evil ones using Christianity..Also Malleus Mallificarum is the Witch Hunters Bible….The Romans killed the Druid Priets slaughtered them and also the Gaelic and Celt Witches….Their is good witches White Witches who do good and their is Black Magic Witches who do evil….Check out the siteJOY OF SATAN….they have all kinds of info on this subject and then their is DEMONBUSTERS site…wild…..

    • Germanicslav says:

      The “white woman” has been witichified in the USA. She stays at home with her kids, she is lazy and does not pay her taxes. She works away from home and her kids, she is a terrible mother who leaves her kids. She has sex before marriage she is then a hoe. She waits and then she “values” herself too much. She cannot win for losing or vice versa.

      Recall the Greek myth and the maiden Persephone who was dragged into the underworld and raped by Pluto. Her mother cried for her yet in the background was Hectate who watched and did nothing and who may have actually cajoled the situation.

      The woman who was recently killed in DC was a victim of DieVersity, but not via just race, but by some underlying erotic rage hurled at her by the LGBT community. She cooked, promoted nutrition, was into yoga, and lived what appeared to be a “clean” life.

      Some of the biggest promoters of the defiling of women are other women, just as Hectate watched as Persephone was dragged into the underworld to be raped by Pluto.

      The DC woman (Tricia) was self-promoting and what she was promoting was GOOD and was the antithesis of what is happening today in the world, which is impure, unnatural, and just plain gross. That made her a target.

      There are many more Tricias out there, GOOD WITCHES who are down low and working against the Evil Tide that has swallowed The West. These Witches are homeschoolers, are swap meet moms, are working inside and outside the home, and are promoting Good Things.

      • Warlord says:

        Both Women and Men are brainwashed by the controllers..24 hours a day….What makes me sick is seeing Nordic looking women going with muds and darkey mystery meats..really sick….The same applies to all the white male creeps who go for dark meat….Anyway maybe ZIKA is a pay back for this..These creeps both male and female go on cruises and vacations and dip into the mystery meat..and come back with ZIKA and other STDs..Most Males in USA are feminized and brainwashed…..they deserve what they get…Their Genes if pure should keep them from doing this…Like Martin Lindstedt says..THE THIRD AND FINAL FALL OF ZOG BABYLON is on its way….Be Ready in safee place…..

      • Germanicslav says:

        I agree with that. DieVersity is a hydra that has the following prongs:

        1) Mystery Meat
        2) Refugee invasion
        3) LGBT whatever
        4) Race mixed couples and kids ….that leads back to Mystery Meat…

        Anyway, I do not see the men so much feminized as more psychologically gayed out in the Kwa. They go for the anti-feminine in women via faked out grrrrrls who wear trannified makeup and do botox and fakeness aka RuPaul. Many “white” girls look black now with their boob and butt injections and overdone eyebrows. Furthermore, I cannot tell what is man or woman out there and many younger women wear makeup that makes them look like drag queens. Interestingly, the lower class blacks are not supporters of LGBT and this seems to be a concept/platform that one must endorse in order to “move up” socioeconomically in the Kwa. Be gay/lesbo/Mystery meat, support it, or get lost is the mantra. Those that just want to “be” get harassed or killed.

        That woman who was killed in DC did not appear to be anything but a regular woman. Therein lies the problem….that is why she was killed because DieVersity cannot have “regular vanilla” exist period. She was “too good”.

  6. Warlord says:

    Good Comment Germanicslav……so true about the Mystery Meat….The Mormon Group Second Bokk of Commandments have a good plan to be saved from DIEVERSITY….its Rigid but at least a good plan…

    • Germanicslav says:

      Here is another thing I tried to post….

      Last year I did some research into the Asexual movement that seeks to join with the LGBT community. These are people who do not have an interest in sexual relations with others period. I wonder if this group is just a natural outgrowth to the Oversexualization of people in society, the commodification of poon via porne etc. Anyway, I wonder if his woman murdered in DC was perceived to be asexual and if this drew scorn for her by deviants.

      Really, can you blame her for being asexual? So what if she was alone.

      She was targeted not because she was alone and easy prey, which is what the traditionalist narrative would state. She was targeted because she was eschewing the scene perhaps. And yet dumbass trolls on other sites will paint a woman who does yoga and is into ginger tea a “mudshark” who deserved what she got. Sad.

      Being an outlier in the fields of pathology today is truly a bitch.

  7. Mat Wright says:

    Finding this conversation fascinating GermanicSlav, I have been planning on getting my blood tested for a while to see if I am negative or positive, I also have an interest in haplogroups to know exactly what my European heritage is.

    • Germanicslav says:

      IT IS.

      You really should check out some of the links I have put up, as well as some of the resources Warlord has put up.

      Recall that article I put up on my site that talked about immunity to HIV, Ebola, and Bubonic plague and how this immunity seems to be strong in Viking areas in Scandanavia, some parts of the Slavic countries and in Northern Europe. This immunity may be linked to Rh negative blood and /or rh negative blood alleles, which is more prominent in those areas.

    • Warlord says:

      Julie Mitchell has a different view and she is blocked and censored on net for it. She says Nordic Rh Negs are original race of earth and were on all land masses…The Kikes took the ape family and created the black and yellow races as well as the Rh Pos Whites,,,,,All the Darkies are weapons of mass destruction used by the Kikes to destroy the true Rh Neg Nordics….The Rh Pos Whites who have RH Neg DNA and Genes in them should be given consideration because of possibly producing RH Negs……The Mormons say ADAM was from Kolob and who knows…maybe the first RH Negative.The PTB does not like anyone telling a view of pure Nordics being RH Negative…Their is two branches of Nordics,,The Celtics and the Germanic Scandinavians,,,,Celtics with the red hair and the Germanic Scandinavians with the blond hair…..both RH Negatives…Hope Julie Mitchell reads this and makes comment on this….and does not get blocked by PTB…….

      • Germanicslav says:

        I would like to do some research on the DuPont family and its contributions to the understanding of genetics, etc. THAT would be interesting.

  8. Warlord says:

    You know good and well that Rockerfellesr and DuPonts spend millions on studies of RH Neg…They are Nimrod Rh Neg fakes and inbreds…about DuPonts Teflon C 8…does it target Nordic Rh Negs? C 8 is in 98 percent of the whole human populations blood of whole world.The world is totally polluted with DuPonts C 8…..

    • Germanicslav says:

      I am quite familiar with the home base of the DuPonts. Pretty much the whole state of Delaware in the USA was their plantation. I was told that they had many birth defects etc in their family due to “inbreeding to keep money in the family” and that this was the reason why the family got into big pharma; however, were they really inbred or just folks with bad genetics?

      Amazing how the term “inbred” today has been twisted and applied to men and women who wish to preserve their ethnic heritage. I noted on my own blog how it was not uncommon for Nordics to marry their third or second cousins etc. I cited research off of HBD chick’s blog about this.

      Anyhow, I theorize that the DuPonts were into genetic manipulation to improve the stock within their own family. Meanwhile, on Plantation De La Ware there is a Mystery Meat Mash fest that has caused much race mixing and dumbing down of the population.

      Things are not always what they seem – diabolical

      • Germanicslav says:

        Ok, so here is a story about one DuPont who lost his shyte:


        Also, DuPonts were behind many of the manufacturing of chemicals. The family invented nylon for Nylon stockings as there were many deformities in their womens’ legs within their family tree.

        The altering of physical visage not unlike boob jobs, dye jobs, fake lashes, and lip injections for the Jews in Joolywood.

      • VrilWillComeBackForever says:

        You can follow to write a river of words but you can’t change reality. Reality affirm what the real and only one NORDIC RACE BLOOD LINE IS RH POSITIV.

      • Germanicslav says:

        Look I do not know who is paying you troll but you need to do and then cite some research.

        Anyway, here is something interesting:


        You really need to be discerning these days. The more I read about the proliferation of STDs and Autism, the more I believe this stuff is all a curse due to BESTIALITY. Do not lay down with Mystery Meat and you will not have these problems.

        Race Mixing = destruction of ALL races.

        Families like the DuPonts broke down genetically not because of inbreeding as the biased establishment and/or media would suggest, but because they engaged most likely in Plantation Fetish Fornication. Delaware had / has a significant Haitian Creole population coupled with African blacks. What is cancer but an invasion of foreign cells. Perhaps there was some telegony within BOTH male and female DuPonts that led to a break down in their lines?

        I have seen with my own eyes Cracker White Guys picking up black prostitutes. I also seen a sort of Pocahantas Poon syndrome here in the Kwa with “white” guys ( I hate the term white) shacking up with Mystery Meat. Again telegony going on.

        Nordic women who shag Mystery Meat should be shamed. So should men who do the same. Ultimately it leads to genetic disaster.

  9. Warlord says:

    Back in to the 80s cant remember exact dates… a young DuPont would get drunk in his expensive sports cars and wreck them in South Florida Dabe and Broward Counties….The DuPont woul;d walk away free..no DUI Charges…same with the Politicians and Lawyers and Judges…DUI not applied to them like regular folks…its like Civil Rights for the darkies and gays and human rights of the crappy UN…THE UN IS ANTI NORDIC….

    • Germanicslav says:

      The legal powers know that Nordics have a weakness for drink and they prey upon nordic / germanic men with traffic stops etc for DWI or DUIs. There is a whole cottage industry built around catching and penalizing “white” aka really Nordic men who are drinking and driving. Once one gets a record, employment becomes way more difficult. These men are marked as having anger management and mental health issues.

      • VrilGotBack says:

        Weakness of Nordic people is also Libertinism, liberalism, feminism and materialis. This is aboveall for Nordic girls/women.

      • Warlord says:

        Read Nicolai Lavashov works..He has good write up on history of Vocka and what it has done to Nordic Rusians….As far as the sickness of liberalism etc….etc…its Mystery Meat infusion in the blood that causes this….Only takes just a drop of Mystery Meat Blood and you have all this sickness etc….As far as materialism the old original racist Mormons had the ORDER OF ENOCH or United Order to get rid of materfialism etc….They also dusted and claened their feet off..literally shacked the dust off..and a curse was placeed on the ones who rejected…Also the Rh Positves have this sickness really bad…….

      • Germanicslav says:

        So true about the booze. As a friend of mine said to me once, “with alcohol, you are always the other woman.” I see the rise in addiction, or really it is that more attention is being given to it, as an indicator that many Nordics lack a cohesive IDENTITY. In order to relate others, one has to have a sense of self. Many men who drink and drug, or perhaps are promiscuous, do so because they do not how to bond with others, men and women, without the use of booze. Many use it to deal with anxiety, which is just self-protectiveness and fear masking an unsure sense of self.

        As they say, meet them in the bar, leave them in the bar. Bar= bad news.

        The Rh positive darkies do develop health problems later in life, usually by age 50. Rh positive blacks start drinking LATER than whites on average although they may smoke weed at an earlier age. Even though they start drinking later in life, the course of alcoholism runs quicker and they at the dialysis clinics in droves.

        Alcohol feminizes men. Women get horny when they are drunk because it causes a rise in testosterone, but in men, there is an opposite effect as it raises estrogen levels = gayness.

        Gads of groups of men enjoying libations watching OTHER men in tight shorts and pants rolling about a field. Or better yet, all drunk and doing gang bangs on one woman. That harks of closeted gayness.

        The temperance unions had it right, but of course, people do what they want to do. If self destruction is what one craves, well, it is what it is. Cannot save everyone.

  10. Warlord says:

    I agree with you Germanicslav…the Troll needs to show proof and all he does is cry but shows no research……as far as the Sexually Transmitted Disease….its mostly created by having sex with Mystery Meats….Like all the fools who go south on the Cruises and Vacations..they dip into Mystery Meat and get STDs and ZIKA….One cure for cancer is Chaparrel..The Mormon Tea….but anyway…this DIEVERSITY crap is insane and is death. .Hybrid Vigor is all a bunch of crap….in the end the Hybrid Vigor Critters get sick some way…from the curse for being a Mystery Meat…All these Lesbo Marches today in the big DIEVERSITY CITIES….sick of this crap..The PTB has been shving this crap down our throats for years and years and we are sick and tired of it….Aids will hopefully get most of these evil critters….

    • Germanicslav says:

      Yes. The idea that Hybrids are more vigorous is crap and what many fail to realize is that or Nordics /Germanics, mongrelization weakens THE MALE offspring more than the female offspring.

      I see it with my own kids and the Rh positive / Rh negative hybridization. My girl is much more vigorous than the boys. My eldest son has nosebleeds at the drop of the hat and I swear it is the Rh hybridization coming out. My youngest son had a blood test awhile back and the nurse commented on how he was a “bleeder” and that he did not clot well.

      Look at the link below:


      I am betting that this is the result of Whiggerized “white” males mashing with Mystery Meat.

      None of this is good out here. Soon the whole planet will be populated with drug addled autistic, STD infested Mystery Meats

  11. Warlord says:

    Many sites on net talk about Naendertrals and Jews..in fact some are being censored by PTB…Rh Negative will fit right into this..The Naendertrals were Rh Positive critters…With all the race mixing….it all biols down to MYSTERY MEATS……..

    • Germanicslav says:

      I see those on the Autism spectrum as being today’s Neanderthals. The so called “white” race is regressing via the Mystery Meat mash. These people are not Cromagnon, but Autistic Neanderthals that possess no social awareness or empathy. Their main concern is getting their libidinous needs met and getting fed. Getting fed and fucked and having a place to defecate is pretty much where most of the White Neanderthal Rh Positive Monkey blood race is today. Most of the men just want a place to park their Monkey penis for the night. The “wimenz” just want to fight and fawn over their Mystery Meat Monkey men, not unlike the negresses in ‘da hood who chant “I got a man”.

      Screw IQ. Does not mean a thing. It is simply painting the Neanderthal turd with eyes, arms, and legs gold.

      The other side of race mixing is Antisocial behavior. These Mystery Meats simply want to rape, maim, and kill. Full on low lifes that look human but really are just nogs with white skin. These are the same morons that vote for Trump. How are these dumb dumbs any different from all the ChocoKwans that voted for Obummer?

      Truly Planet of the Apes we have become. See link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_of_a_Black_Planet

      This Planet has Become Black. Think of Black as a State of Mind. State of mind comes from the BLOOD.

  12. Warlord says:

    So true about Mystery Meat Mestizoe world…All Disease have genetic markers and Mysrery Meats are full of them…Take for instance Luekemia…most have Mystery Meeat blood taint or Kike taint…Same with Autism,Cystic Fibrosis and Aids and on and on…all the way to ZIKA…Rh Negative Nordics need to breed only with Rh Nordics…not Mystery Meat…Otherwise Devolving…Like Hellene and Choas site says about the Doberman Syndrome…SKITZO GENOCIDAL RAPERS AND CANIBALS..the mix of White Yellow and Black….

  13. Nordic Goths says:

    Aidhan has Hans F. K. Gunther translated all of his books in English?

  14. Warlord says:

    Hope you get active again.You had great articles..The Nordic Rh Negative Subject is a very censored subject on net…Hard to find any good articles on this because the PTB hates this..subject and wants everyone to think we come from Monkeys and Africa..The problem with Movement is how the PTB Infiltrates it so heavily..

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