The Problem with Jewish Domination of this Earth


Humanity is in the grips of Jewish defilement. What are our chances of freeing ourselves? The answer it to attain enough intelligence to ‘outsmart’ him. To mark all Jews, for forceful extermination. It didn’t work once before. How to attain power over him, is to identify every Jew on earth more vigorously. Destroy his ‘humanitarian laws’, then rid him of his money ‘banks’. All encroached government places, curtail business and profiteering and deny him any chance. Put an end to his dealing and interfering with non-Jews. To make him a slave instead of all non-Jews, until he subsides into obligation, or extermination.

To do that we must achieve to maintain our intelligence, our intellectual inheritance and it will match and outdo, vile Jews destructive intellect.

Race Mixture is Anti-Evolutionary

The Right Choice of Spouse. Don't Race Mix. The Consequences: Beauty or Ugliness, Intelligence or Idiocy.

The Right Choice of Spouse.
Don’t Race Mix. The Consequences: Beauty or Ugliness, Intelligence or Idiocy.

The Jewification of our spiritual life and denaturing of our mating instinct will sooner or later destroy the white man’s entire offspring, for the powerful children of natural emotions will be replaced by the miserable creatures of financial expediency which is becoming more and more the basis of our marriages. Love finds its outlet elsewhere.

Powerful Children of Natural Emotions

Powerful Children of Natural Emotions

Here we have before us the results of procreation based partly on purile social compulsion and on financial grounds. This leads to weakening and poisoning of the blood. The vices of the parents are revealed in the sickness of the children. They are the sad product of the irresistibly spreading contamination of our life. The sins of the fathers are avenged down to the tenth generation. The race which cannot stand the test will simply die out making place for healthier, tougher and more resisting races, however now in the epoch of the Jew it is replaced by a more favourable herd animal to live under the abominable parasitic sub-human.

Blood sin and denigration of the race are the original sin in the world and the end of the humanity which surrenders to it. The whole attention of a people must be focussed and concentrated on this one question: Survival of the Fittest.

Defective people should be prevented from propagating, equally defective offspring should be executed represents the most humane act of mankind. It will spare millions of unfortunates undeserved sufferings and consequently will lead to a rising improvement in health as a whole. The right of personal freedom recedes therefore to the duty to preserve the race. It will redeem millenniums from sufferings.

Why are we looking for a better future? It is evolutionary to create a better future. If stagnates cannot make their own existence, they aren’t evolving, and should be left to devolve. Joining them into a society, is to sin against the creative forces. But Murdoch’s News Corp rags suggest ‘Evolution is racist’; and so it should be! Its survival of the fittest, for the best race assures human survival. Existence for man is to perfect himself, evolution is to create an ideal person in an ideal environment.

 – Jerry

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2 Responses to The Problem with Jewish Domination of this Earth

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    These idiots that say evolution is racist, everything is racist, i am sick and tired of it, i am a bloody racist, everybody is racist, everybody is fed up, take the Ebola virus, the negroid AIDS of the 21st century.

  2. madeline says:

    jews are a diabolical people. They have introduced unnatural concepts from the Kaballah, black magic, dominated the film and TV industry that creates images to transport minds where they want us to go, and even their banking schemes have us living in a virtual reality we can’t even touch, since there is nothing to back up the “nothing” for which they use to enslave us with their egregious usery. It is no wonder so many are leaders in the fields of psychology and related mind sciences. On some level they are evil magicians. They have warped the minds of children and adults alike by making filth and insanity an American past time of entertainment so that there are no more standards by which to judge. Worst of all, they invade the privacy of our home with this filth. I am grateful for the internet because I could never understand why jews were treated so badly all over the world. One day, I asked myself. “What is the real reason the Germans got rid of them?” The reasons we were given did not make sense until I studied the political, social and economic history on the internet. With that information I can analyse public policy much better than I ever have and I shall never trust a jew again.

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