The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew

The ugliest race in the world

The ugliest race in the world

Everything the Jews do to the other peoples is negative. They definitely deserve to be persecuted. They deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. Every time the Jews get persecuted however it gives them more undeserved power as the ignorant people rally to serve them. This struggle has been ongoing and we must all have realised at various times that the majority of the unthinking sheep will always defend the Jew and harm their own people. As discussed in the previous article our defence is their persecution.

Persecution gives the Jew more protection so he can continue enslaving and murdering, the enslaving and murdering rightfully leads to more persecution, as the people react to them and try to save themselves, which unfortunately leads to more power for the Jew. This has been the case for many years, over and over again. What this means is the more harm the Jew causes, the more protection this parasite gets, and the more hopeless it appears that the people will ever be free. The more we protect ourselves, the more their occupation is strengthened, the more untouchable they become, and the greater our misery becomes seemingly insurmountable as the Jew contradicts every natural feeling we ever think.

The Jew is an unnatural cancer in a nation which is supposed to be made up of one race only. The point of having a nation and national institutions is the protection of the indigenous blood. We were a homogenous group with regional variation marking the peculiarities between Swedes, Germans and Anglo-Saxons etc. The Jew currently enjoys a special protection as he robs the peoples of the world of their self-sufficiency and genocides entire races. The Nordic Race is dying out now and the Jew is still complaining that his occupation is unsafe. He enjoys a privileged position in these nations and the governments serve him exclusively. He triumphs by mixing the races. They die out, while he survives. This is why the final persecution must be complete and total and make an end to this unnatural blight on the planet.


Just look at this filthy Yid. This is how they think and this is the power they have.

It is a very pathetic parasitic survival strategy that the Jew keeps asking for more protection, and that proves that they are undesirable. They are such genetic rubbish, and they do such a good job at surviving (at our expense). Is it very savoury that people like this above be allowed to survive into the future? Should we instead earn the guilt ourselves for allowing this group of murderers to murder our children? Remember the Jews can never go away, they can never be alone.

An example of how the Jews use persecution to advance their interests and make themselves safer is going on currently. The Jews are complaining that ‘Europe is going through the biggest period of ‘anti-Semitism’ since the holocaust’ (a creation of Jewish paranoia, to assure their existence, which they made up so we are guilted into accepting them forever). This would be great if it were true, but all it adds up to is more protection for the Jew. (See the story at This current ‘persecution’ is however imaginary. The Jew is protected by all governments of the world, and he is the one race that they condone. No other race is really allowed a homeland, and no other race has its race as its religion!

This imaginary persecution, that hasn’t happened yet, but is long overdue is enabling the Jews to stamp out ‘anti-Semitism’ which is in fact another word for intelligence and enabling the Jew to stamp out any politics and power remaining that isn’t Jewish. According to him we have to live under him, he will make sure that peoples that do not serve him shall perish. He is using this persecution to condemn what he calls ‘right wing extremism’ and their ‘hateful policies’ meaning, policies that don’t have the occupation of Jews in Europe as their centremost policy.

 – Aidhan

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5 Responses to The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew

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  5. Warlord says:

    Great Article about KIKES and comments…The old Mormons believed in the ADAM GOD THEORY…some say Adam was RH Negative Factor….Joseph Smith started his own Adamic Lodges. The Masons went wild over this…and they killed him for doing that, Hitler did all in his power to save Nordics from total extermination…We can also learn from The Old Original Mormons and what they did to multiply Nordic births…with Polygamy,,,But the Crypto Hybrids and secret Marranos were able to infiltrate the Mormons..and look what they have done to change the Mormon Religion out of Salt Lake to a Multi Cult Cess pool…The Amerikwan is nothing but Mongrel Rh Positives led by the Kikes….We are the true Minority in this world. PAY LAY ALE The Mrrmon Mantra….rekindle the OATH OF VENGANCE…

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