Your Defence is the Jews ‘Persecution’

The Jew desires and seeks out persecution. The thought of persecution drives the Jew to destroy their host people all the more lustfully. The parasitic Jew needs persecution and this he has no trouble finding as his actions lead inevitably to the people attempting to defend themselves. This defence is what the Jews call persecution.

The Jews do not need or want this defence, they would rather it not occur, as in a passive herd animal that they are perfecting, but so far it inevitably occurs, and their needed persecution stories is what allows them to move to another host, or to destroy the host.

The Jews cannot live on their own. Even Israel relies on Holocaust reparations from Europe and money from America. Most Jews cannot stay there, they move freely in and out. A large group freely flowing inside and outside of Israel are the young Jews. Young Jews are encouraged to travel for years while they attend universities out among ‘the nations’. These international Jew ‘Israelis’ infect and start up all of the university ‘Hope not hate’ and ‘say no to & unite against racism’ type campus groups. Working with Jews from the area, against the unknowing and innocent indigenous peoples, who think they are going there for an education, they turn universities around the world into hotbeds of Marxism where many an ugly Jew will be found. These Jews make accusations of racism and completely dominate the ‘humanities’, the ‘arts’ and the political areas. They press on into the hard sciences, and turn universities into anti-intellectual perverted messes, and unfriendly places for young Germanics.

The indigenous people now have nowhere to learn. His young international parasitical counterpart however is free to leave whenever he wants. The Germanics intellect is stifled with four years of late nights and debt. Whenever the Jewish people come into contact with another group, inevitably the other group will suffer.


Australian Union of Jewish Students. Many are Israeli. They will get to speak with well-known politicians in Australia including Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek and Christopher Pyne

Most columnists, most actors and most ‘media personalities’ are Jews. They are trying to dominate us and poison our minds with their verminous thinking in order that they can continue sucking us. Anything Germanic will be squashed immediately out of Jewish self-preservation. The Jews grow on our hurt and thrive from our suffering. Conversely our Independence and Freheit would not affect the Jew at all if he would til the soil like every other people. The Jew is a genetic criminal and guilty forever. If you were this guilty, wouldn’t you scream persecution?


The opulent house of a Jewish family before they ‘were forced to flee persecution’ and came to Australia

The Jew is paranoid about all the crimes he has committed in the past and is still committing. This drives him to murder his victims quickly before they can rise up. He expects others to pay for his crimes. Criminality is something he has to do to survive. He is congenitally defective, and this curse on the world has been transmitted through Jewish blood into every new generation throughout the ages. The Jew is responsible for everyone’s suffering. People are noticing that humanity is turning into something quite contemptible, that no one can have pride in, but they can’t name the perpetrator or blame the guilty party. They would rather defend the Jew and condemn the entirety of humanity as being ‘imperfect’ and ‘flawed’. This is not good enough. This is somebodies fault, and we can do something about it.

On top of being responsible for killing the future of mankind, the Jew even says that we have no right to exist and we need to be multicultural. This is Genocide. He came into Europe as a foreigner, and he came to kill.


Thor Drives Over Midgard - Robert Petersen

We will rise, for freedom at any price. Thor Drives Over Midgard – Robert Petersen

The Jew antagonises us and whines to the world about the terrible things we have done to them, such as overthrowing their governments when they take rule over us, or expelling them when they run us dry and make our people destitute, or even simply stating his involvement in destroying our race. The Jew has always had a plan to exterminate the white race. This must be known to the world. If the Jew wants to be anywhere but in the history books, he had better learn to do what he has never done before, and live behind his own borders, but we know he never can.



Jewry should not complain when his anti-German activities, which have no counterpart in any other country, call forth from the people the reaction of anti-Semitism – Adolf Hitler

The Jew is a murderer and the murderer of every great people in history. The Jew won WW2 and now they are doing it again. They needed someone to rise up against them, so they could claim persecution so they wouldn’t have to merely just ride the countries anymore, profit off the wars and controlling their money. Now with Hitler and fabricated atrocity stories they could finally do what they had always wanted. They can dominate us now in every position of power. You don’t want to be like the ‘Nazi’s’? The Jews replace original races with trash everywhere they go.

The Jews think that they can prolong their time on the planet by murdering the intelligent. It is this Jewish race that needs to be gotten rid of in the end. Life is about solving problems, the Jews are the biggest problem, and this problem will be solved. The Nordic Race has always solved life’s problems. Every time we insist on a truthful fact, the more the Jew will counter it with a lie. These lies are building up on the rap sheet of Jewish cultural villainy. The scores will be settled. The more we speak and live the truth, the more the Jew will be hated and the closer we come to the extermination of this antiquated and perverse anti-race.

 – Aidhan

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6 Responses to Your Defence is the Jews ‘Persecution’

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    One of, if not the best, article on jews ever written.

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  5. caesor says:

    This horrible Talmudic Kazarian pest must be dealt with and faced as soon as possible! We all need to unite into -a ONE breathing force, overthrow the corrupt muppet governments set by this vile pest in USA, France, England, Canada etc. We must call for help from Our Russian brothers too and if the Chinese want to help we should welcome them as well. The Western freedom movement must start now.

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